The Extinction Of Sikhism In India

Statue of The Nadir Shah the Invader Of India in Tehran

Statue of  Nadir Shah the Invader Of India in Tehran, Iran


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Editor’s Note: This is chapter I from Sardar Sangat Singh’s magnum opus: The Sikhs In History. Chapter I  is a detailed historical examination of the extinction of Buddhism in India. It becomes evident that Sikhs in India are undergoing the same process as the Buddhists did in India and face the same Hobson’s choice. Just as Buddhism became extinct in India  so will Sikhism. When one catalogues the entire panalopy of techniques that were used to exterminate Buddhism in India: physical extermination, destruction of Temples, take-over of the management of  Temples; mixing Hindu doctrines with Buddhism; marginalization and demonization of Buddhists; one can see the same template being applied to Sikhs.  The causa causan of the annihilation of  Buddhism was Brahminism which is nothing more significant than an Aryan ideology of race superiority and social stratification dressed up in the garb of Religion.  Like Buddhism,  Silkhism will only avert total annhilation because it has migrated to foreign countries.

In the West, the prime miscegnators of Sikhism are the Yogi Bhajan – 3HO- Sikhnet Sikhs. This is a RSS front whch completely  miscegnates the Sikh Religion with Hindu practises : including Yoga, Tantra, Shiva Pooja, Durga Worship. demonology  and so forth. This is a vile cult  that is a tool of Brahminism. In reading the Chapter below,  note that the Author mentions that Yoga and Tantric practises were introduced into Buddhism by Brahmins in order to dissolve the fabric of the  religion. In the same manner, the introduction of Sanatan Sikhism. Yoga, the Dasam Granth  and the worship of Sri Chand  by White RSS Sikhs is a bid to confuse Sikhs and dissolve the fabric of the Sikh Religion. A complete dossier on this cult is available here: The Yogi Bhajan-3H0-Siknet RSS Cult.

After reading this article you might want to check out the following article which gives a real world practical example of how the  the template is being applied against Sikhs:  Shiv Shakti Pooja Event.



When the Hindu and Muslim rulers came under the Europeans, the Brahmins collaborated with them and emerged as greatest beneficiaries. Like the previous Hindu and Muslim rulers, the East India Company derived large annual profits from the management of Hindu temples. The English emerged as patrons of Brahminical priestcraft and idolatry and of temple-girls to satiate their carnal requirements in the absence of English women from home. The First Governor General, Warren Hastings’, established Caste Courts, to excommunicate any Hindu  who resisted writing of their caste along with their names. Sir William Jones, was appointed Judge of Supreme Court in 1784.  He emerged as the foremost Orientalist and founder of the Asiatic Society. Sir William Jones in collaboration with the Brahmins,  resurrected the archaic Manu Smriti and other spurious and unjust Shastras, and enforced them as authoritative texts of Hindu law, on all non-Muslims and non-Christians. When the British divested themselves of the management of Hindu religious endowments in 1863; the  Brahmin’s triumph was complete in taking over the management of Hindu temples, and enforcing a graded iniquitous caste and entry system in to the temples.



Chapter I : The Sikh Problem

Sikhism stands today at the same crossroads where Buddhism once stood at the beginning  of the 9th century. Just as the Buddhists and their places of worship came under attack from a reviving Brahminism under the inspiration of Adi Shankaracharya, so too are the Sikhs come under the assault from not very dissimilar forces. Jainism, which was equally threatened, managed to survive by transforming itself so as to be encompassed within the framework of Hinduism.

Buddhism, which had already spread far beyond India, could not compromise its religious tenets and was exterminated. Today, Sikhism has spread outside India and cannot accept the stipulated modifications required to fall within the framework of Hinduism. Therefore, it is faced with a struggle for survival. This has been intensified since Indira Gandhi’s aim of physically liquidating it,  in much the same way as Buddhism was once liquidated.

Gautam Buddha, like the Sikh Gurus, earned the deep-rooted hostility of Brahminism  because of his revolt against the Brahminical caste system, priestcraft and rituals. Buddha’s message of universal brotherhood and equality, as that of Guru Nanak later, was considered subversive of varnashram dharma, of Brahminical hegemony. Also, Buddha, and Guru Nanak later, preached in the popular language of the common man, Prakrit/Pali and Punjabi and gave them their respective scripts Brahmi and Gurmukhi.1 It was designed to break the monopoly of Sanskrit and strike at the roots of Brahminical dominance.

The Buddhist concept of egalitarianism and democratic social structure in the organisation of their Sangha (from which was probably derived the Sikh concept of sangat – congregation) was in sharp contrast to the elitist Brahminical social order. Buddhism in India was at its peak during Ashok’ s reign and later under Kushans. Subsequently, during the Gupta period, which is  considered the Golden period of Hinduism, Brahminism turned the tables on Buddhism. The Buddhist Sanghas which had been centers of political power were persistently attacked in the effort to weaken their power. Buddha and Buddhism were subjected to venomous diatribes virtually amounting to a hate campaign in various Smritis, Puranas and other classical works including those of Manu, Chanakya and others. To cite an instance, Lord Buddha had breathed his last at Harramba near Monghyr. The Brahmins propagated that if any one dies at Harramba or Monghyr, he will  straight away go to hell, or be born a donkey.

The hatred took many forms, particularly, the ongoing and selective attack on the Buddhists and their places of worship. Firstly, Brahmins entered the  Buddhist Sangha to subvert Buddhism from within: The introduction of Tantrakism in Buddhism was a case in point. Secondly, Brahmins  did not desist from cooperating with foreign invaders like Huns and early Kushans to strike at the roots of Buddhist power. For instance, they cooperated with Hun invader Mihirgul, who not only  built Saiva temples but also destroyed Buddhist monasteries and Maths in his Kingdom.1a By the time of Fa-Hien’s visit to India in the 5th century AD, Kapilvastu had become a jungle and Gaya had been laid waste and desolate.2 Saivite Brahmin King Sasank of Bengal carried out acts of vandalism against the Buddhists, destroyed the footprints of Lord Buddha at Pataliputra, burnt the Bodhi tree under which he had meditated, and devastated numerous monasteries and scattered their monks.3

During the next hundred years, because of an intolerant society and constant persecution, there was mass scale migration of Buddhist monks and lay Buddhists to China and East Asia. Jawaharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India) mentions of one such wave of migration in 526 AD when the grand patriarch of Indian Buddhism, Bodhidharma, accompanied by other monks sailed from South India for Canton in China. Nehru adds “that in one province of China alone – the Lao Yang – there were at this time more than 3,000 Indian monks and 10,000 Indian families.”4 All of them and others who followed later to China, Tibet or to Korea and Japan were fugitives from oppressive Brahminism, which threatened their very existence.

Buddhism had a short revival under Emperor Harsha. This was followed by a steady decline. The death of Harsha in 648 AD saw an intensification of Brahmin-Buddhist confrontation and was in a large measure responsible for the political degeneration in north India. It saw the emergence of small principalities and dynastic rulers who favoured Hindu revivalism.

This period also saw the advent of Islam with the invading Arabs. It constituted a retrieving feature for the Buddhists who had, as testified by the  contemporary Chachnama, helped Mohammad Bin Qasim in his conquest in Sind in 710 AD. This was reflective of widespread contacts between the Arabs and the Buddhists, and regular social interaction between the two. Hiuen Tsang talks of Buddhist monasteries in Persia, Mosul and Khorasan, Iraq or Mesopotamia right up to the borders of Syria.5 The Buddhists saw their democratic principles and social egalitarianism adequately reflected in the Islam of the Arabs and there was growing conviviality between Islam and Buddhism in India during the period.

The rise of Adi Shankaracharya in the late 8th-early 9th century, saw the intensification of Brahmin-Buddhist conflict, rather an all-out Brahminical onslaught on Buddhism. The Buddhist Sangha which frowned upon the killing of animals for food (in fact during Harsha’s reign a state edict had been promulgated prohibiting the slaughter of animals for food) provided Shankaracharya-led Brahmins, then voracious beefeaters, with an alibi to mobilise the lumpen elements to attack the Buddhists and their monasteries. Plunder was another factor as the Buddhist monasteries were rich and affluent centres amidst a decadent society. This resulted in large scale vandalism, in destruction of Buddhist personal property, Buddhist monasteries, stupas, their images and idols.

Shankaracharya himself killed hundreds of Buddhists of Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh and in the words of A.H. Longhurst “wantonly smashed” the Buddhist temples there. Nagarjuna, it may be mentioned, had been a great Buddhist missionary and Nagarjunakonda was “one of the largest and most important Buddhist settlement in southern India”.6 Shankaracharya, thereafter, led the group of marauders to Mahabodhi temple in Gaya, and they indulged in large scale destruction of Buddhist monasteries and stupas. The Brahmins took over the temple under their control.7

His appetite whetted, Shankaracharya personally led a motivated group through the Himalayas. The object now was the Buddhist centre at Badrinath. His reputation of wholesale destruction of Buddhists preceded him. The Buddhists chose to abandon Badrinath. They threw the statue of the presiding deity in Alakananda river at the foot of the temple and escaped to Tibet.

The centre was taken over by the Brahmins. Keeping in view its importance amidst a host of ancient places of historical importance, Shankaracharya named it as one of the centres of Brahminism.8 So was with Buddhist centres at Puri, Sringeri and Tirupati.

The fate of Buddhist property and their places of worship especially in central and southern India was similar, when Saivism asserted its dominance through the armed strength. The fact that Shankaracharya travelled widely and converted Buddhist centres into Brahminical centres of learning, maths, at Badrinath in the north, Sringeri (and Kanchipuram) in the south, Puri in the east and Dwarka in the west, the impact of his militant campaign against Buddhism was all pervasive.

Buddhism almost disappeared from India. Over the next couple of centuries, aptly termed The Dark Age, it flickered in different regions before it finally became extinct.

Jawaharlal Nehru (editor: the first Prime Minister Of India)  traces the “cultural unity of India” and the emergence of “common Indian consciousness” to this period of Shankaracharya’s annihilation of Buddhism,9 for India now became a homogenised Hindu state. But the advent of Islam, which, like Buddhism, was already an international religion, introduced a discordant element. It is truism for Hindu historians to say that Shankaracharya defeated the Buddhists because of his superior intellect and arguments, and that was why the Buddhists agreed to give up their faith and be absorbed into Brahminism! The arguments were carried with the help of fire and power, and not logic or persuasion. Jawaharlal Nehru, the acclaimed builder of modern India, was no exception and gave expression to his Brahminical proclivities in his presentation of historical processes.10 He later sought to make partial amends by organising the celebration of 2,500 years of the Mahapari-nirvana of Lord Buddha on national, indeed international, scale. Buddhism was revived in India during the 20th century with the conversion of some backward classes led by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. But this was on a limited scale, and Brahmins intended to keep the faith within the framework of Hinduism.

Buddhism had become non-violent but in spite of that, it took Hinduism, perhaps because of lack of centralised organisation, several centuries to exterminate it. The Brahminical social order was not always successful. The Buddhists, the general mass of them who had been alienated from Brahminism, chose to accept Islam which provided them equality and met their natural instincts and aspirations. That was the reason why north-western India including Kashmir, western part of Punjab and Sind was Islamised. That also happened to the Buddhists in Bihar and Bengal. The contemporary Shunya Purana and Dharm Puja Vithan bear testimony to that. It is remarkable that district gazetteers of the Gangetic valley speak of the existence of Muslim societies in 10th and 11th centuries before the arrival of Muhamad Ghauri.11 Hindu historians, however, plead inadequate understanding of the conversion of the rural elite and large sections of peasantry to Islam in eastern India at that time.12 They fight shy of facing this phenomenon, the upshot of backlash of violent extermination of Buddhism by Shankaracharya.

In Afghanistan -Turkistan, Bamiyan and Kabul – the Buddhist faith and Kingdom were stamped out by the Saivite Brahmin Minister, Kallar or Kulusha, in the second half of 9th century. He effected a coup, overthrew the last Buddhist King, Lagaturman, and founded Hindu Shahi Kingdom.13 In tune with the guidelines laid down by Shankaracharya, Kulusha killed the Buddhists in thousands and levelled their monasteries and citadels. It was during the course of Hindu Shahi vandalism that the Buddhist structures in Bamiyan, Gardez, Laghman and other places were disfigured or destroyed.14

Buddhists, persecuted harshly by Brahmins, now became the followers of Ibn Karami, a local Sufi Pir, and were called Karamis. They placed a statue of Allah on his throne in place of Buddha set on the Lotus.15 The Karami sect was the half-way between Buddhism and Islam, and assumed great importance in the life of Ghur, Ghazni and Qusdar.

Al-Beruni mentions that by 950 AD when the Hindu Shahi Kingdom was at its zenith, Kabul was Muslim.16 That was half a century before Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni began his campaigns in India. Mahmud appointed teachers to instruct the people of Ghur in the precepts of  Islam after his campaign of India in 1010-1011.17 Mahmud Ghazni’s campaigns against the places of Hindu worship in India including the breaking of Hindu idols at Jawalamukhi, Mathura and  Somnath temples were, in part, in retribution to earlier Hindu onslaught on the Buddhist places of worship which rankled in the minds of the people. Brahminism had sowed the seeds of iconoclasm in the sub-continent and now they reaped the whirlwind. It may be mentioned here that Mahmud Ghazni’s general, Tilak or Tilaka, son of Jaisen or Jayasena, educated in Kashmir, was a Buddhist. The destruction of Hindu places of worship from now on became a regular feature with the Muslim invaders of India. For instance, Qutubuddin Aibak demolished 27 Hindu and Jain temples at Delhi and used the material for the construction of Qutab Minar.18 No Buddhist monastery was destroyed as these had already been demolished by the Hindus! Qutab Minar was designed to teach the lesson of subjection to the Hindus! It also marked the end of the Indo-Aryan period of Indian history. The contemporary Hindu was conscious of that. Compilation of Shunya (Zero) Purana during the period was recognition of the Zero sum game.

The Hindus straightaway developed a deep-rooted hatred of the Muslims and in the words of Al-Beruni enclosed themselves in a shell calling the new rulers miechhas, impure. That coloured the Hindu nationalism which was born from a sense of defeat. 19 Buddhism became extinct in India around that time, though Hinduism too was subjugated for next eight centuries. That was the retribution meted out to Hinduism, or was the price paid by the Hindus for the crime of violent extermination of Buddhism from the land of its birth.

With the Indian independence in 1947, Hindu revivalism underpinned by the state power and machinery resumed its onward march after a hiatus of one thousand years. The first task undertaken immediately after independence by the new government, avowing secularism and composite nationalism, was the decision to reconstruct, at the state expenses, the Somnath Temple which, in the words of K. M. Munshi, had served as a galling reminder of the degradation of the Hindus. And, the Cabinet meeting was presided over by Jawaharlal Nehru.20 Only a year earlier in his Discovery of India (1946) he had given expression to his atavistic perception of Hindu revivalism and in the words of Shaikh Mohammad Abdullah (Atish-i-Chinar), he “regarded himself as an instrument to establish, once again, that old dispensation”. It was another matter that he was later acclaimed the apostle of Indian secularism. That was an upshot of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s working on his megalomania, especially after Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel’s death in December 1950. Presently, the mosque constructed at the site in the 17th century was demolished.

It was contended that protagonists of Allah had migrated to Pakistan, and those who stand up for the mosque would be made to do so. Sikhism which came up during this thousand-year interregnum, as a distinct religion, has since been the butt of Hinduism.

The story as to how the Sikhs, who were the third party at the time of Indian independence, have been reduced to a non-existent role, and how using the Hindu card, the leadership of the Indian National Congress (which has been in power during the last 43 out of 47 years) has gradually pushed the Sikhs out of the national mainstream which enabled Indira Gandhi to launch her Sikh war, makes a grim reading.

To begin with, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the acclaimed father of the nation, did not accept Sikhism as a religion distinct from Hinduism; and the Sikhs trustingly – a trust that immediately after independence was betrayed – placed all their eggs in the Congress basket without suspecting the Hindus. They are now paying the price for that trust. As of now, thinking Sikhs all over the world are apprehensive of the very existence of Sikhism in India as a vibrant faith.

With their back to the wall, the Sikhs face Hobson’s choice.

In retrospect, Hinduism’s extermination of Buddhism did not lead to wholesome results. The cost-benefit ratio was in an adverse scale. But the Hindus have learnt one thing from history that they cannot learn anything. This is not the first time that the Sikhs face extinction in India. Attempts have been made earlier as well.

How will the Sikhs fare now? Will history repeat itself? Or, will it be rewritten, this way or that? Only time will tell – the gruesome time that lies ahead.


1. Gurmukhi alphabets for Punjabi language were prevalent even before Guru Nanak. Kabir earlier had used Gurmukhi alphabets when Brahmins of Benaras violently reacted to his use of devnagri alphabets, which they contended was devbhasha, language of the gods. Kabir had picked up Gurmukhi alphabets prevalent for Punjabi language during his several journeys through Punjab for Haj. For Kabir’s acrostic in Gurmukhi script see Adi Granth or Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pp. 360-63. It also appears in the same form in Kabir Bijak, containing the collected hymns of Kabir.

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5. Ibid, p. 125. According to Al-Beruni, the Buddhists had extended their sway upto Syria, but later with the rise of Zarathustra, Buddhists were pushed back east of Balkh. Cf. Edward C. Sachau(Ed), Alberuni’s India, (London, 1888), Vol I, p 21.

6. A.H. Longhurst, Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India, No. 54, The Antiquities of

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7. The formation of Mahabodhi society by Ananganika Dharmpala of Ceylon in 1891 signalled start of the proceedings, and it-was restored to the Buddhists after six decades of litigation, only partially after Indian independence. Brahmins still control some parts of the shrine. They have a strangulating control over the management. The Hindus still emphasise that Lord Buddha was the tenth Avatar of Vishnu, to the chagrin of the Buddhists.

8. The Digambar Jains credibly contend that originally Badrinath was a Jain temple with the idol of Rishabh Dev as the presiding deity. When Buddhists took over the temple from the Jains, they did not break the idol but treated it as a Buddhist one, as Buddhist and Jain idols were identical in sitting pose with both hands at the naval in meditating posture. Shankaracharya had the idol of Rishabh Dev recovered and reinstalled. Later to give it a distinct Hindu frame, two more arms which are quite distinct to the naked eye, were added. The fact that Shankaracharya restored the Jain idol at Badrinath signifies that the Jains, unlike the Buddhists, in face of Brahminical atrocities, by the time, had agreed to function within the framework of Brahminism and accepted Brahiminical ascendancy. Cf, Balbhadra Jain, Bharat  Ke Digmbar Jain Tirath, Part I, (Bombay, Bharat Varshya Digambar Jain Tirath Kshetra

Committee, 1974), pp. 91-93.

The author is thankful to Mr. Justice M. L. Jain, former Judge of Delhi High Court for bringing this to his notice.

9. Nehru, n. 2, pp. 128-29.

10. In a revealing passage about his ‘making’, Nehru wrote, “Behind me lie somewhere in the sub-conscious, racial memories of hundred or whatever the numbers may be, generations of Brahmins. 1 cannot gel rid of that past inheritance…” Jawaharlal Nehru, An Autobiography. (1936),

(Delhi. 1980), p. 596.

In the words of Madhu Limaye, the socialist leader, Jawaharlal Nehru practised both racialism and casteism, despite modern upbringing and outlook. See Madhu Limaye, “A Wealthy Bania and a Socialist Brahmin” in the weekend Telegraph, (Calcutta), November 21, 1987.

Cf. Mohammad Habib and Khaliq Ahmad Nizami (Eds), A Comprehensive History India, Vol. V,

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Afghanistan was disfigured in 856 AD.

Habib & Nizami, n. 11, p. 149.

Cf. n. 15 op cit.

In 1988 while carrying on repairs, the artisans of Archeological Survey of India removed a disjointed slab for refixing and found the sculpture of a Hindu goddess on the reverse side. Nirad C. Chaudhuri, The Auto biography of an Unknown Indian (1951), (London, 1987 p.404.).  Paradoxically, Muslim rule was not an unmitigated disaster for Brahminism. With the overthrow of the bulk of Hindu rulers. Brahmins gained tremendously as leaders of a decadent society, imposing wholesale caste system and ritualism – priestcraft, dark idolatry, rank inequities, black superstitions, &c – on all classes of non-Muslims, given the nomenclature of ‘Hindu’ by the Muslim rulers. This helped to buttress Brahminism which now emerged as Hinduism of modern times. As quid pro quo.  Brahmins cooperated with the new rulers to quieten the countryside, in the process, making the temple with images of gods and goddesses, social inequities and extortion of wealth from a hapless people, as centres of village life. Taking advantage of the Muslim rule. Brahmins also interpolated various Shastras, Smrities, Puranas and whole body of religious texts. They discarded Brahminism of Vedic Age which had been overtaken by Buddhism and introduced Kshatriya Princes, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as apostles of reformed Brahminical faith. That also took care of their alignment with Rajput Princes. That buttressed their theocratic over lordship of Hindu society right from Rajputana to Indo-Gangetic valley to post-Shivaji Maharashtra to Bijapur and Golcunda. The only exception was Punjab which came under the egalitarian influence of the Sikh movement of Guru Nanak and his successors.

When the Hindu and Muslim rulers came under the Europeans, the Brahmins collaborated with them and emerged as greatest beneficiaries. Like the previous Hindu and Muslim rulers, the East India Company derived large annual profits from the management of Hindu temples. The English emerged as patrons of Brahminical priestcraft and idolatry and of temple-girls to satiate their carnal requirements in the absence of English women from home. The First Governor General, Warren Hastings’, established Caste Courts, to excommunicate any Hindu  who resisted writing of their caste along with their names. Sir William Jones, was appointed Judge of Supreme Court in 1784.  He emerged as the foremost Orientalist and founder of the Asiatic Society. Sir William Jones in collaboration with the Brahmins,  resurrected the archaic Manu Smriti and other spurious and unjust Shastras, and enforced them as authoritative texts of Hindu law, on all non-Muslims and non-Christians. When the British divested themselves of the management of Hindu religious endowments in 1863; the  Brahmin’s triumph was complete in taking over the management of Hindu temples, and enforcing a graded iniquitous caste and entry system in to the temples.  That brought to a creeching halt efforts of social reformers to modernise Hinduism. In short, Brahminism throughout history has used all contrivances including cooperation with foreigners to uphold Brahminical supremacy and imperialism over the general body of “Hindus’.

Cf. Swami Dharma Theertha, The Menace of Hindu Imperialism (Lahore, 1946), chapters xii

to xvi and ad passim.

The anther is thankful to Mr. Ajit Singh Sohota of Nepean, ONT, Canada for bringing this to his notice.

20. Cf. V.B. Kulkarni, K.M. Munshi (Builders of Modern India) (Delhi. Publication Division, Government of India. 1982) p. 216. At Gandhi’s instance, t

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      Your just a brahmin who is brain washed – neva mind who cares. Shiva is lucifer go …………..
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      • Seems like you still haven’t recovered from ’84. If you’re so brave, where were your people when your women were being raped and men being killed then? The Jat Sikh’s inability and disdain for subtle thought leads to your disenfranchisement and decline. The intelligence of the Brahmin is what has preserved India from far stronger forces around it for millenia, and what powers India today. Try coming out of Punjab and meet us like we did you at the GT.

    • Shivaji this, Shivaji that, Shivaji this, Shivaji that. The mark of a true Shiv Saniek (or wannabe) is that their answers are always referring to Shivaji. Who is the president of India? Shivaji! Who is the best Indian golfer? Shivaji! Who was the first man on the moon? Shivaji!

      Shivaji was a solid warrior. Many Punjabis may admit that. Just as many central and south Indians (if not the whole world) admit the bravery of Sikhs. The difference is that we have enough humility to admit bravery of non-Sikhs, and see them as fellow warriors. I have known many Pathan Muslims Afghans who say “While we didn’t like Sikhs (historically), we respect them as equal warriors and their bravery against our invasions.” Their comments on Hindus? Nothing but silence, plus occasional joke about Bollywood cheesiness. Not that we need people to remind us of our history. Also, Shivaji was able to fight as he did also because Sikhs and were harassing Mughals in the north through full confrontation as well as a guerrilla campaign…Pretty straight forward and serendipitous battle tactic.

      By the way, humanity progresses forward. One of the reasons why so many Hindus converted to Sikhism was progression, end of caste, equality, intellectual/critical view of blind rituals, spirituality/Love of God, and bravery. Don’t be upset that those Hindus found the bright side and came. Also, there is no such thing as a “Hindu” religion. Are “Hindus” so blind to this? Hindus meant “Indian”, or dweller or a particular geographic region of the subcontinent. It’s like calling people from Atlas region of Morocco the “Atlasians” and saying they are a different religion. The “Hindus” had various pagan beliefs. Their gods, goddesses, books, philosophy, rituals varied intensely from town to town, region to region. Yet here they are today, “united”.

      You cannot recreate a 1 new religion out of numerous mini-pagan religions for political convenience. The Brahmin inner-circle are your masters, and they are not “Hindu” and they do not have the well-being of the dwellers of the Subcontinent on their mind, not even common Brahmin citizenry, who are out of this inner-circle (like the ones that converted). The inner-circle Brahmin philosophy is very racist, ethnocentric, and down-right manipulative. It isn’t all yoga, you know?

      Additionally, of course we have “them” watching us and monitoring our websites. They monitor websites of Christian Indians, Dalit Indians, Muslims, Adivasis, even proud Kshatryas and other “castes”. Promises of money, power, and maya are what keeps them loyal to this heretic inner circle; they are lapdogs. This evil circle is the puppeteer of the enslaved overwhelming majority of Indians, who are too blind with hate and poverty and propaganda to see the truth. Ignorance is such a waste of life.

      India: the writer of Revisionist History, jealous of others’ contributions and achievements. 

    • kiddo ur shivaji maharaj sneaked out of a mughal fort hiding in a fruit basket and you think he came to Punjab and freed us!!! Get the Fuck out of here.
      maratha’s got annihilated at panipat and your women were freed by us sardar’s from being sold ON SALE at ghazni market!! Get Your Fact’s Straightened
      Sikhism today would be nothing without our Guru’s who travelled to vast places and dialogued with philospher’s from four corner’s of the world in their language’s;
      our Scripture’s express gratitude and Respect to other worldily religion’s;
      Guru Gobind Singh write’s ” i feel you presently in the sound of the clashes of sword’s arrow’s spears and sheild’s outside the walls and you were true in buddha and you were true in krishna you are true ”
      Our Scriptures hold the teaching’s of the lowest of low caste hindu’s and Muslim’s our scripture even quote’s “israel”; Our Guru’s were considered Lama’s by Buddhist’s; Our Guru’s are remembered by african’s by the spring they had brought out of the ground;
      we are what we are today Because of our Guru’s and how can hindu’s give’s us military strenght when major battles of our’s fought against mughal’s combined with hindu hill cheif’s and king’s;

      • Asshole ur fckin piggy antenae carriers sikhs were slaughtered in 1984. Complete generation was anhiliated. Go to Pakistan who raped ur mothers and sistas and converted into islam. U fckin sikhs terrorists never forget 1984 holocaust. In India dont even think of Khalistan we will butcher u the way we did in 1984. And talk about Shivaji u terrorists gaddar back stabbrts

        • u r a hindu/thief mlecch – your words are utterly worthless

        • Abhijit must have had a rough childhood. He refuses to understand basic facts and quite clearly seems to be a sadist, and a fascist. Never mind, you don’t affect anybody, except your little brain.

  5. This Hindu is talking of the same Shivaji who was grovelling before Brahmins for Kashatriya status! He truly needs to correct his history. Brahmin never budged and even though it was his coronation ceremony, he applied tikka on his forehead with his left foot toe. And that too in exchange for mounds and mounds of gold. Sardar Patel too disliked Sikhs but Prime-ministership never fell in his lap. it was taken half way by his Brahmin superior. Howsoever much ego he might manifest his very social Shudra caste will take away his dignity before a Brahmin. After all it is Brahman who stands superior to him in caste hierarchy. Not unlike Shivaji, Patel too was a Shudra only. You bet this L.K. Advani will never be made a PM, although these Punjabi/Sindhi shopkeepers have stolen the Kashatriya status and place in hierarchy from Rajputs etc. Their Patander knows all this and it knows how to keep them in place not just in social hierarchy but intellectual hierarchy. it is only when Patander falls will their evil pride will go.

  6. Kuldip Kaur , Mr Fauji you seem very delusional, Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj had the army of the righteous for all regardless of faith , your paranoid ,delusional thoughts are very sad you should read the Guru Granth Sahib and find some spiritual peace , after all lets not forget the goal is to be closer to god not wrapped in hatred

    • Editors Note : this is clearly a comment by a Yogi Bhajan RSS White Sikh. Notice there is no coherent argument to back the conclusion that he has reached. This what their nature is: undeducated, cultish and dogmatic. What an albatross around the neck of the Sikh Religion. Punjabi Sikhs do not ever use the proper name Gobind out of respect for Guru Gobind Singh.

      • Haha , these yogi bhajan chamchas will sing songs of peace, spiritual wisdom , bla bla bla… ..

        They are worse than brahmins , we know brahmins are enemies , but these white sikhs are wearing the fake mask of sikhs and preaching same brahmin cult rituals.

    • And now you will preach Sikhi and teach me what spiritual peace is. I know where to find it.

      And I also know where to find swords and weapons in this modern day; which my father Guru Gobind Singh has told to pick up to teach a lesson to the enemies of my Lord.

      And there are many enemies now wearing mask of a white skin , a brown skin and so onbla bla.

      Who are the lovers of peace lovers from the outside but from within they are my Enemies. And I know very well how to find them in a crowd. As far as delusional thoughts are concerned, my little idiot brother who ever you are; just start thinking right now about who gave birth to these delusional thoughts and what is the solution for me to keep these so called delusional thoughts away fromm my mind.

      1. Hate creates hate……. 1947 your masters sowed the seeds of hatred.
      2. Then again in ………. 1966 again your masters sowed the seeds.
      3. Then again on ……… 13 April, 1978 you sowed the seeds.
      4. Then in ……… June 1984
      5. Then again from …… 1986 to …….. 1996





      2. Those who allowed the Nirankaris to kill more then 13 Singhs in 1978 and have now created more then 5 deras in The Punjab for their next mass murder plan.

      3. Those who are themselves divided in the name of castes and creeds and a multi million gods and goddesses. Who want to further divide the Ssikh Nation in the name of the caste system.. 2010 census

      4. Those who killed millions of my brothers, are planning next how to finish us all now, THE UID PROJECT NEXT IN INDIA…and on and it goes ….


      AND you want me to sing the music of peace and and spiritual peace, you want me to sit down in my home and watch them kill my people and then finally wait when they stand on my doorstep with a gun to kill me.

      You idiot! stop teaching others whether they should be peaceful or not. You prepare and do whatt you are doing and let others do what they want to do.

      The fake drama of India and it’s 100 crore polulation are not my people.

      That relation with the 100 crore population and calling all Indians my brothers is dead since 1984.

      Wake the fuck up or fuck off from teaching others your so called inner peace.

  7. On behalf of the Khalsa with Almighty Deathless Sat-Guru at its back, we warn you to desist from mimicking our Master, Rider of Blue Stallion even in taking up His name. We also warn you to desist from posing as a Sikh. All your remarks too bring up your dark side, far-far away from reality. Come in the open with your correct name and honorable correct purpose, so that Khalsa can deal with you or otherwise off with your lies to your dark pit.

  8. This is in reply to Higgs, 11 May, 2012,
    brahmin when allowed its way destroys and destroys. Commits one physical genocide after another till country comes in the grip of one disaster after another. This happened when it killed Buddhism. it happened when Brahminism killed Bhagati movement. it happened when Peshwa rule ended. The list of genocides physical disasrers of Brahmin are endless over millenia after millenia. And still it has the cheek to boast. This is a symptom e.g. boasting is a symptom that evil devil manifests.It is not Brahmin has preserved India It has brought it from one defeat to the next. Yes, there were great individual Brahminis who were goodso long they remained individuals or joined biophillic forces like Sikhism/Islam etc. But when they start participating in general matters of things they turn the whole thing into chaos. Raping Kundilini Yoga is their profession. If we do not put this truth into their distorted thinking who will put. And we also tell them to stop boasting for raping too is a satan’s work there is nothing to boast about, (then who will tell them). Rivers of blood are flowing ever since they have come into power again. As often as I try to remind myself that Orwellian 1984 is not happening in India, it is only my imagination; as often I come to a road/street side where I felt “I have seen a severed hand lying on the pavement and kicked it into the gutter as though it had been a cabbage stalk,” (p.165). This is the state to which India is brought, (Not unlike Kurukshetra) To this brink Brahminism have brought India all over again in history and still they are boasting!!! .

    • Very good answer a befitting & logical . Brahmins the most crooked class damaged the Indian social structure & equality for their own petty gains throughout the history.

  9. kya bakwas hai
    sikhism will never extinct from india or world
    sikhism is not like bhudhisum

    • This is not a rebuttal of the thesis of the article, Newton. Also kya bakwas hai is Hindi, not Punjabi, Punditji.

  10. This fellow maninder is writing kya bakwas hai for his own lazy convenience but I have found such gems of information on exact reality of India on this very Sikharchives that I cannot help sharing it.
    While European countries have their own illuminanti but in India Hindutva are our Illuminanti without this name. They are already operating as illuminanti under a disguise. A quotation from Myron Fagan on the Sikh archives homepage (on 25-5-2012) read as follows: “The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the difference on those two so called ideologies [Marxism/fascism/ socilailism vs democracy/capitalism] to enable them (the illuminati) to divide large and large portions of human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying eachother.
    Brahmins are doing exactly this. They are using all ideologies to kill Indians with both hands. Indian ruling class may have blinded Indians totally but occurrence of (symptom/sign of this disease of) calamities and disasters have already overtaken India. These are symptoms and signs of this disease.

  11. […] Some of the historical perspective of not accepting Sikhism and Buddhism as separate religions by the majority Hindus in India are also explained in Chapter I of Sardar Sangat Singh’s magnum opus: The Sikhs In History. Excerpts Sikhism stands today at the same crossroads where Buddhism once stood at the beginning of the 9th century. Just as the Buddhists and their places of worship came under attack from a reviving Brahminism under the inspiration of Adi Shankaracharya, so too are the Sikhs come under the assault from not very dissimilar forces. Jainism, which was equally threatened, managed to survive by transforming itself so as to be encompassed within the framework of Hinduism. Buddhism, which had already spread far beyond India, could not compromise its religious tenets and was exterminated. Today, Sikhism has spread outside India and cannot accept the stipulated modifications required to fall within the framework of Hinduism. Therefore, it is faced with a struggle for survival. This has been intensified since Indira Gandhi’s aim of physically liquidating it, in much the same way as Buddhism was once liquidated. The Extinction Of Sikhism In India | Sikh Archives […]

  12. WELL DO YOU ALL KNOW THAT THERE ARE “SPECIAL CELLS” IN INDIAN GOVT. ? who do the job to look after 1.How the Sikhs can be merged into Hindu people.
    2. How the identity of Sikhs be eliminated permanently from India and abroad.
    3. Top minds of Indian scholars are put into this job. Audit of past/current policies to achieve the target are reviewed at regular intervals and accordingly they are again remoulded and yet again put to get their targets.
    4. The best way is the of renowned policy–Divide and rule. Try to get the Sikhs who will do your job consciously or unconsciously
    5. These cells are immune to any Govt changes. let it be BJP or congress or any else.
    6. Try to change the history and Culture of Sikhs and bring it to folder of Hindus.
    7. Dasam Granth and other many controversies are on the top Agenda of these cells. they watch you very closely, your every movements , and make their move accordingly just like a CHESS PLAYER.
    8. Sikhs are just like sanitary napkins to them- Use and throw, whenever needed.
    9. Believe in slow but study movements. and have the Target for next decades/century.


  13. Rana hindu pandava March 17, 2014, 05:20

    sikh! sikh have not invented a pencil! they are stupid people with low IQ! Sikh have done nothing for science,language ,astronomy,mathematics,physics,chemistry ETC mostly sikh are low cast hindus who use surnames of suryavanshi RAJPUTS! suryavansi is a hindu term! You are farmers only farmers! low cast dasa!

    • Farmers nurture you ….hope u don’t eat pencils, mathematic books, astrology books or papers

    • gurmohan preet singh November 20, 2015, 15:36

      freak pandu!! sikhs have not only invented pencil they have invented a whole set of language and script a tons of literature but u dumb fanatic can’t understand. Sikhs have own mission , vision and strategic and warfare policies. And which fields u have mentioned sikhs are everywhere. And u calling about surname … who are you ….???? aren’t u the same pandu from mahabharta whose mother has to go elsewhere to a so called sage for conceiving.
      Rajputs aren’t the same who offered jodha bai to akbar for sake of ….chal chad …u know who u are ..
      And apart from ur phony suryavanshi and all we are SINGHS .
      Just google our history .
      or read a secular poet like baba Bulleh Shah
      “Baat kru na ab ki
      Agar na hote GURU GOBIND SINGH
      to sunnat hoti sabb ki”
      Ask from ur forefathers who have saved ur foremothers from sale like chattels in mandis of Abdali.
      And now question urself who is dasa….?
      We are Farmers ,we are landlords , we are kings who bow head only to one thy GOD.

  14. If this is the case.. Not even Hindus have invented pencils…. If we take a look on inventions Hindus stand nowhere… It means you people have lower IQ than Caucasians…. Your submissive part of brain is very dominant… Chidi hum pe se Udd jaye toh hum darr jaye Mughalo se kaise lad pae……. If we take caste into account …. Caste is Brahmin invention… “Yes you people invented cast” how can I forget…. It’s not our cup of tea…. Caste is not natural. ,.. It’s synthetic….low cast high cast is for Hindus we are not Hindus …. So low caste or high cast is meaningless…. No Sikh is against Hinduism or any other religion, no religion….. One person commented Sikhs are from Hindus …buddy this is evolution…. Humans have evolved from monkeys…but humans ain’t call themselves monkey……from where Christians originated or Muslims originated that’s pointless…. I hope Hindus were not first humans on earth… They might have originated from some culture……

  15. A purge is due, and a cleansing of Mother India is coming.
    “Those who doubt be aware we shall not see what stands in our way but will clear the way for equality, fairness, decency and truth like our Fathers before us. This is not a time for sheep but for Lions to roam Punjab again. Let no man impose himself on any other man – it shall not be tolerated “

  16. I have read all the comments. Its sad, really sad. If all the people in this world follow this attitude then this world will get annihilated within no time. Thank God, some sensible people are there. Please don’t spread hatred. Every community, religion, ethnic group should have freedom, pride, respect. But we can’t guarantee there are no subgroups, sub-classes etc. Take any religion, it is further divided in several sects, classes etc. Fighting will never stop. It will be endless. In India, there are several religions, languages, and ethnic groups. Everybody wants separate state, then we will reach 1000 years back where invaders plundered chaos called India. Please listen from the history. Don’t waste the lesson we learned through all those sufferings, oppression.

  17. Well, Sikhs will not extinct, rather they will come back in one form or the other. It is just a matter of time when people will realize that message of god have been with them all along. Any one could be Sikh, you don’t just have to be born in the religion. Remember, people came together in the past to fight the common cause, they will come together again.

    • RSS cannot decide who will stay in this country and ho will not.
      they should mind there political business and they are no one to decide the religion pple will follow.
      Sikhism has always been the part of India and will always play an important role. The RSS and team should be banned in India for such thinking and sayings. Seriously this is most horrible thing to know and the most pathetic thing. RSS SHOULD BE REMINDED OFF THAT THEY ARE IN INDIA AS A TEAM BECAUSE OF US AND CAN BE THROWN IN BETTER WAY FROM US. They should check how to improve the country not how to bring the change in the religions. Sad to know that such parties are entertained, really against RSS for such thinking.


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