The Yogi Bhajan Cult : The Billion Dollar Wow Guru Mantra

Yogi Bhajan And His Mentor The Hindu God Ganesha

Yogi Bhajan Was A Devotee Of  The Hindu God Ganesha


By The Poet Warrior


Yogi Bhajan, the Grandmaster Of Tantric Sexual Yoga was a follower of the Hindu God Ganesha. In the picture below you can see an enormous statue of the Hindu God Ganesha standing guard besides the main gate the “white Sikh” gurdwara in Espanola, New Mexico

Statue Of The Hindu god Ganesha besides the Gurdwara in Esanola, New Mexico

Statue Of The Hindu god Ganesha guards the main gate of the Gurdwara in Espanola, New Mexico


Note: read the sign in front of the gate: NO GUNS ALLOWED. Weirdos.



3HO Sikhs are now fighting amongst themselves in a lawsuit over the millions of dollars in profits made from using the sacred Sikh religious symbols and scriptures for their own personal gain. 3HO Sikhs, who follow Yogi Bhajan, funnel the money to support Yogi Bhajan’s tantric cult church which 3HO Sikhs have deceptively camouflaged using names like “Sikh Dharma International“, “3HO foundation“, “Sikh Dharma Stewardship“,”“,”Sikh Dharma Worldwide“, “Unto Infinity Board“,”Khalsa Council” and “KRI(Kundalini Research Institute)“. See “Sikhnet’s” and “Sikh Dharma International’s” slick new websites which were produced with the millions in ill-gained profits using the name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for profit in commercial enterprises.

The Fight Over Yogi Bhajan's Billion Dollar Empire

The Fight Over Yogi Bhajan’s Billion Dollar Empire


There is a vast collective business enterprise tied to the use of the surname Khalsa by these White Sikhs. These enterprises include Kundalini yoga lessons, pretty websites that pump up Sikhs in order to solicit donations, jewelery web enterprises, websites that promote astrology, numerology and other occult practises and so on and on. The financial empire is worth over two billion dollars (as indicated by on-going litigation in Eugene, Oregon pertaining to the division of the empire).

This financial empire is based on deceit. fraud and a complete misrepresentation of the Sikh Religion. It easily falls under the provisions of the RICO anti-racketeering statute. Fundamental to the promotion of these enterprises is the propaganda that the purveyors of these products have secret and mystical knowledge. This aura of secret and mystical knowledge is packaged by these White Sikhs giving themselves the name Khalsa, wearing turbans and so forth. This nicely dovetails into the false Occidental perception of Indians having mystical knowledge.

see:  White Sikh Heretics: Penis Worship

The Yogi Bhajan Empire Serves God's Chew

The Yogi Bhajan Empire Serves God’s Chew


We Always Take! We Never Give,  Ever!

Sewa is a cardinal defining pillar of the Sikh Religion.  Sewa is defined as engaging in charity without any expectation of gain. Sewa is very virtuous. If you inquire into the sewa performed by Yogi Bhajan, the self styled leader of the Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere. you will come up with nothing. Despite all of the billions that this monster accumulated. he never engaged in one single act of sewa.  This is the litmus test which exposes him as a charlatan and a rogue of the highest rank.  Yogi Bhajan accumulated fabulous wealth. Built himself  a King’s place in Espanola, New Mexico but he never performed a dime’s worth of sewa. It was only Me! Me! and more Me! from this sexually depraved perverter of the Sikh Religion. I won’t display pictures of his fabulous palace, you can see these at the Gurmukh Yoga website:  During his miscreant lifetime,  Yogi Bhajan accumulated a fabulous fortune in rare jewellry.  I wrote a lengthy article about this. You can read it here:  A King’s Ransom In Jewels.   And when the controversy erupted that this fabulous horde of jewels was accumulated by financially raping innocent and  clean-hearted Americans; the assistant White Sikh web-master of  a main Sikh website asserted that everybody knows that Guru Tegh Bahadur was a jewel thief and he was executed on this account.  You can read the sordid account here:  Guru Tegh Bahadur Was A Jewel Thief.    This is the caliber of these black-hearted knaves.

We Always Take!  We Will Always Take. We Are Yogis And Priests!  It’s Your Duty To Feed Us!  We Only Dispense Spiritual Wisdom! Think about this. This is the Hindu practise that has being going on since time immemorial in India.  Guru Nanak said No!.  There can be no interlocutor between a Sikh and his communion with God. A Sikh must earn his daily keep by honest means. The point is this, White Sikhs have built up a billion dollar empire by selling Yoga and misrepresenting the  Sikh Religion. They took advantage of the fact that Sikhs were subjected to pogroms of genocide, were hunted down and had to flee their homeland.  They filled the breach and decided to milk the religion and misappropriate it. They did this knowing full well that the Sikhs had been shattered and the Sikh Lion lay gravely wounded.  It was a dastardly act of complete evil.  How many of them earn a honest living by the sweat of their brow. Imagine this hypothesis, that you as a webmaster,  can sit in a tiny, remote village high up in the mountains, not do a stick of work and simply make $100,000 a year by putting  up  a virtual Nishan Sahib on your website and soliciting donations. And never publicly  account for how you spent the money. How sweet! How Evil!

Neelam Kaur from Sikhi Zone has this observation (see:

 I knew all this and never gave them money. they sucked  and fooled all the Sikhs and they use money (the donated money) for building empires of their own. The money they have!  they could employ so many Punjabis, they could rebuild cities in Punjab, they could send all Punjab orphans [to school]. but rather they have security companies worth billions of dollars. And who can tell me or not if they are not part of the aggression on normal citizens.  About time people stop giving them money. They have bought so many big land deals in the USA. They also made one of the biggest land deals in the USA, was it this year or last year? Where is the dasvandh from them to Punjab but without the Hindu yoga ? They give money only to promote yoga and make the Khalsa a hindu brand product

A Vicious Fight Over A The Billion Dollar Empire

The Story So Far

As Yogi Bhajan came to terms with the inevitability of his death and finally understood that he too would  die off; he started to re-organize his vast empire of business enterprises. Like Ozymandias, Yogi Bhajan had the delusional grand plan of a megalomaniac  to perpetuate his empire and name into infinity. Not bad for a person accused of being a  sodomist and a rape artist (see: White Sikh Heretics: A Rapist Called Yogi Bhajan).  But step back and think about it for a second. How trivial and mundane this imposter was. As the Messenger Of Death came knocking at his door; all that he could think about was providing for his progeny, perpetuating his business empire after his death and propagating his name forever. So much for all his lofty talk. Death has an exemplary way of  chastising men. As the great  Poet Percy Byshhe Shelley observed in his sonnet of the same name; all that is left of Ozymandias are a few trinkets in the sand. Death has a sweet relish off it’s own.  I wrote an obituary detailing the cowardly manner in which the Greatest Mahan Tantric Of All Time died; it is here:  The Messenger Of Death, Yogi Bhajan And A King’s Ransom In Jewels.

I would be amiss if I were to fail to contrast the mendacious, mundane and sordid materialism of Yogi Bhajan in the face of death with the conduct of Real Sikhs. In the wake of the 1984 genocide of the Sikh Race, one Satinder Singh was picked up in a police dragnet  on the accusation of being a terrorist. He was transported to the Ludhiana Central Jail. Satinder Singh told his captors that he had nothing to say and would never speak. The Superintendent Of Police eyed his prey and told Satinder Singh that he would torture the information out of him. As Satinder Singh awaited his session with the torturer, he used his teeth to bite his tongue off. Satinder  Singh died in custody. He never spoke. That was love! He never saw his wife or family again. He preferred martyrdom in the cause of the religion of Slave Nanak.  Satinder Singh is one of the countless, unsung martyrs of the Sikh faith who have preserved this divine religion of Slave Nanak. Satinder Singh never called himself a Khalsa, did not give himself grand titles and did not touch with a wrong hand this exalted religion.

Now once again.  As it became apparent to the Sikh Race that the Indian Government would attack  The Darbar Sahib (known by it’s secular misnomer: Golden Temple) and that the Lion Bhindranwale would not relent or cower; a Sikh reporter asked the Lion Bhindranwale how he would like to be cremeted upon his death. Bhindranwale replied that he would be happy if his body was burnt in a small funeral pyre in front of the main gate  of  The Golden Temple and his ashes scattered there so that pilgrims could walk over his ashes. Love! Love! Love!     Twenty Six nightmare years later, one complete generation later,  the Lion Bhindranwale is still held tightly to the breast by Sikhs. There is a ballad on youtube: Bhindranwale nu loki ue ne yaad karde:  It means: There is a reason why people remember Bhindranwale.  Like Ozymandias, there is a reason why people will forget Yogi Bhajan.

My bonnie lies over the ocean
O’ Where, O’ Where  is my bonnie!
   –  Robert Burns, in immortal adoration of  Bonnie Prince Charlie

The Empire Falls To Pieces

I fall to pieces over you
– Patsy Cline


Yogi Bhajan called himself Siri Singh Sahib, The Chief Administrative and Religious Authority Of The Western Hemisphere. He just gave himself this title. Ordinary Punjabi Sikhs have no idea at all that this jackass was their  self-appointed Head Priest.  The giving of ecclesiatical  titles is completely forbidden in Sikhism. In fact in Sikhism there is only one title – Jathedar Of The Akal Takht (Regent Sitting On The Throne Of God). This particular position has historically been a political and military position with a like responsibility. It was not historically a yogic or preacher’s position (because a Sikhs’s communion is directly with God without the intervention of an interlocutor). One became the Jathedar Of The Akal Takht by the expressed will  of Sarbat Khalsa (the will and consensus of the entire Khalsa Nation, duly convened).

In 2004, this jackass created the Unto Infinity LLC Corporation in Oregon. The purpose of this   organization was to perpetuate his business empire and name after his death. Shades of Ozymandias!  At this time, Yogi Bhajan also bestowed a mere white mortal Amrit Kaur Khalsa with the grandoise title of  The Siri Sikhdar Sahiba. The Siri Sikhdar Sahiba Amrit Kaur Khalsa Of The Western Hemisphere was charged by the Mahan Tantric of The Universe with the duty  to to lead the Global Sikh Nation.  Talk about a  megalomaniac and psychopathic liar!  Yogi Bhajan was also the sole owner and director of Siri Singh Sahib Corporation which was essentially his private bank vault.

Then in 2005, the Mahan Tantric of The Universe died and Unto Infinity became the corporation that owned the whole shebang.  By the way according to the Yogi Bhajan Sikhs there can only be one Mahan Tantric in The Universe (see: Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh).

In 2009, members of the  Board Of Directors of Unto Infinity publicly renounced  the Yogi Bhajan brand of Sikhism and  started charting a new navigational course for the empire of the  Mahan Tantric Of The Universe who was going to live unto infinity. It was a devastating blow. The name and legacy of the Mahan Tantric Of The Universe was being purged from the annals of posterity by a mere resolution of the Board Of Directors of Unto Infinity. It was symbolically equivalent to flushing the Mahan Tantric Of The Universe down the toilet.   The exquisite irony of the event could  not have evaded the notice of even the pea headed White Yogi Bhajan numbskulls.   History can be cruel. Ask Ozymandias.

Unto Infinity Board Members Kartar Singh Khalsa And Peraim Kaur


In the above picture, Unto Infinity Directors Kartar Singh Khalsa and Peraim Kaur Khalsa attend a Masquerade Ball. Holy Batman! Is this some type of weird Freudian symbolism  that they were always masquerading as Sikhs.

Meanwhile Bibiji, the long suffering wife of the Great Mahan Tantric of The Universe, pops up out of the woodwork and says that the Great Mahan Tantric actually left the entire shebang to her and her progeny. So here is part of her extended family:  White Sikh Heretics: Gay Wedding.  It’s always a big, ugly  mess when you have a cat fight.

So what we have here is a snake pit full of poisonous vipers fighting over a billion dollars.  Then there is the ugly charade of the Yogi Bhajan Sikhs pretending to be holier than thou while they lust for a share of that billion dollars. Money has no country and money has no religion. I would not be very far off if I was to assert that the Yogi Bhajan Sikhs are nothing less than a truck load of starving leeches that have been dumped onto the corpus of the gravely wounded Sikh Lion by the Great Mahan Tantric Of The Universe  and are busy devouring the host. Call them leeches or locusts or call them vampires, the result will be the same; the blood of the mortally  wounded Sikh Lion will be heartily supped on.

Kartar Singh Khalsa Proudly Displays His Svelte New Look

Kartar Singh Khalsa Proudly Displays His Svelte New Look


High Noon At OK Corral :  The Court Battle

So Mukhia Singh Sahib Guru Singh Sahib takes the stand under oath. Swearing to tell only the truth!  Haah!  Sure! Do fish sleep! Do Italians wear concrete boots!

Right of the bat there are two big questions which come to the mind of your humble sewadar. Firstly who exactly gave this pompous title of Mukhia Singh Sahib to Mr. Guru. Secondly did he take his oath on the Bible or the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The correct answer is: (i) if you are a true Sikh you cannot take an oath on the Bible since you  cannot accept it’s veracity,  (ii) a true Sikh will never desecrate the Sri Guru Granth Sahib by swearing upon it. Therefore you will only affirm to tell the truth. I’m pretty sure that the Siri Mukhia Singh Sahib Ji Of The Western Hemisphere flunked this one. For this High and Mighty Poobah’s  self education, I would add that during the time of the British Empire in India, the Sikhs were exempt from taking an oath when giving evidence in a Court Of Law.  Actually real Sikhs are offended by the mere thought that matters of this divine religion can be subject to adjudication in a secular Court Of Law.

The pompous Mukhia Singh Sahib Of The Western Hemisphere says  that he represents The Sikhs  at  interfaith events, including ones with the Dalai Lama. He lectures internationally on Sikhism.This should immediately raise a red flag. He represents twenty five million Sikhs. Who ever heard of him.

The Mukhia Singh Sahib then swears under oath that Guru Nanak was the first of the Sikh Gurus. And he was a yogi. And Guru Nanak was in the  Udasi tradition. In this tradition you practise  yoga while being a householder. It is an outrageous lie. Completely contrary to Sikh History and practise.But the worst is yet to come.

“All the Sikh Gurus were Udasi,” he boldly lies under oath from the witness stand.

“Kundalini Yoga mantras and postures are all mentioned in our (Sikh) scripture,” he  slyly lies under oath from the witness stand.

Now get ready for the shocker. The Lawyer asks the great Mukhia Singh Sahib who has written books on Sikhism and lectured internationally on the Sikh Faith on the meaning of Waheguru. Here is what he says:

He explained that ‘Wahe’ means ‘Wow!’ and ‘gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ means light.
“Does the term have significance for Sikhs?” the lawyer asked.
“Yes, Sikhs say it all the time,”

Khalsa said. “It can be an exclamation or a greeting!”

Comical and Tragic.  What we have here is the self-styled leader of the Sikhs, who parades around with  pompous titles pretending to represent Sikhs at International Shindigs and he does not even know the meaning of Waheguru. Every second  grade  Sikh pupil  knows that Waheguru is the Sikh term for God when used in the first person singular tense and the honorific Hail God when used in the third tense.  So much for Mukhia Singh Sahib who claims to have been a Sikh for at least 30 years. Perhaps the Great Mukhia Singh Sahib Of The Western Hemisphere drank too much kool-aid before taking the stand.

Excuse me while I attend at the vomitorium in my lavish Roman Mansion.


The Siri Sikhdar Sahiba Sardarni Amrit Kaur Khalsa Ji

The Siri Sikhdar Sahiba Sardarni Amrit Kaur Khalsa Ji Of The Western Hemisphere


The Siri Sikhdar Sahiba Sardarni Of The Western Hemisphere

Next up on the stand is Siri Sikhdar Sahiba Sardarni Amrit Kaur Khalsa Of The Western Hemisphere.  Oh No! Not another title. This is too much. Germanicus  have you cleaned  the vomitorium?

The Great Siri Sikhdar of The Sikhs is asked to explain her title:

She says  “Siri”  stands for great  “great” or “chief,”.  “Sikhdar” stands for  “one who serves or protects the Sikhs,” and “Sahiba” as “minister.” The title  gives  her a lifetime appointment as “the chief spiritual minister who upholds the mission of Sikh Dharma (International).”

This is absurd. Nobody has ever heard of her in the twenty five million strong Punjabi Sikh community.    Can she even speak Punjabi?  Does she lecture in the highly clannish Global Sikh Punjabi diaspora which uses the Punjabi tongue as a language sub rosa?

But let’s put Siri Sikhdar Sardarni Amrit Kaur Khalsa to the test. Sardarni, As a leader of the Global Sikh nation, you should know that  over a 150,000 Sikhs have been genocided since 1984 and an average of three Sikhs a day have been killed since 1947 in the cause of Sikhism. I want you to make a public pronouncement on this and  seek redress. By Sikh history, the title of Sardar or Sardarni automatically imposes obligations. There obligations are social and political and not religious. They oblige you to represent the Sikh nation politically and socially. So you better speak up. Do you understand me.  (by the way Sardarni,  for your education;  Sardarni is a Persian word and it means Female Overlord)

Don’t hold your breath folks. The White Yogi Bhajan Sikhs have a valuable 18 acre property near Amritsar which is worth at least 8 to 10 million dollars. They are not about to jeopardize this valuable asset by raising a volatile political issue. What does it matter if 150,000 Sikhs were murdered. What’s more important Yogi Bhajan’s property, hob nobbing with Hindu Popes and representing the Sikh Nation globally at fancy international conferences or asserting justice for innocents crushed  by the jaws of tyranny.

The Orwellian hypocrisy of  Yogi Bhajan 3HO Sikhnet Sikhs is staggering and screams like a rank obscenity in the face of devout Sikhs.

Anti-Climax: All Quiet On The Western Front

Kartar Singh Khalsa took the stand on behalf of the Unto Infinity Corporation.  His testimony was simple and direct. There were no megalomanical pretensions and titles. He was asked whether he was a Sikh. He replied insofar as Sikh meant a seeker of truth he was a Sikh. A breath of fresh air in a dungeon of rotting corpses.

Yogi Bhajan White Sikhs Perform A Shiva Dance In Espanola, New Mexico

  A complete lack of compassion and decency:  Dancing unto  infinity while Sikhs are tortured and genocided.


HEE HAWW!  Welcome To Jackass Central


In case you do not know. Jackass Central is the village of Espanola, New Mexico; which is nestled high up in the mountains. This is the head-quarters of the Yogi Bhajan anti-Sikh  cult.  There are more jackasses in this goofy village than  normal, decent human beings. If you visit the fake Sikh Gurdwara in this goofy village, remember, NO GUNS allowed. Actually somebody should tell these goof-balls: WRONG!  GUNS ALLOWED!  It’s Sikh Tradition.

Do you want to know how Real Sikhs feel about Guns, then see this:  The Revolver Of Martyr Udham Singh.




Yogi Bhajan Sikhs Are The Problem, Not The Solution

I am The Guru

Yogi Bhajan to a student while at the Golden Temple

Never in the annals of human history has complete evil come so close to getting complete power over all of the world.  What is at stake in the world today is truth itself. Will power determine truth or is truth ultimately outside the realm of power. As the good Bishop rightfully observes, we are at a point in history where falsehood has almost completely overwhelmed truth. Truth is relative and power will determine what is true; so screams the mantra of the new age.  This hearkens the dawn of a  dark era.

It should be amply clear that the Yogi Bhajan Sikhnet White Sikh Heretics are on the wrong side of truth and history. They are nothing less than the hand maidens of tyranny and oppression. They are not going unto infinity; on the contrary they are going to the dung hill  of History where they can practise Brahminical rites such as drinking urine and plastering their  huts with cow dung.


The Soul Eater, Yogi Bhajan And A King’s Ransom In Jewels

Did you enjoy reading about  this  wacko nutjob, Yogi Bhajan?   He has the unique distinction of being the first Sikh who was totally off his rocker.   Now follow the antics of this greedy little thief as he purloins a King’s Ransom in jewels and  jousts with the Messenger of Death, only to have his head stuck in a toilet bowl as he tries to flee  through the wrong exit. Along the way you will have a hearty chuckle as the World’s foremost  Grandmaster of Tantric Sexual Yoga   throws lissome lassies lovelorn and lovely at the Grim Reaper and  as he tries to traduce the  Messenger of Death with dainty fairies, delectable and delicious.  You are guaranteed to have a session of royal mirth  and merriment as you follow the antics of this weirdo nutjob and his merry band  of psychos.  Please click here :  The White Sikh Heretics: Yogi Bhajan, The Messenger Of Death And A King’s Ransom In Jewels.



Cult ensnared in criminal solicitation of child case
Phallus worship by cult
Fire Worship, Tantric Sex Yoga and Yoga lessons with backs turned to the Guru Granth Sahib
Rape, Anal Sex , Urination On Females, The Pleading Of Katherine Felt
More information about the cult : YouTube Channel Of Gursant Singh


Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan Cult

The SikhArchives Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan Cult


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  1. Joginder Singh Foley February 26, 2012, 15:12

    I always felt that 3HO would come apart once yogi bhajan departed in to the next life. It is becoming clear that my feelings are right and it is not gonna be pretty regarding what is happening to 3HO at the moment

  2. Having lived in a 3HO “Ashram” for a year in the early 70’s, I find this most interesting reading. Although I was young and naïve I was astute enough to see what a bunch of bullies and thugs led this organization, and what a fraud Yogi Bhajan was. I would never have guessed though that he was as evil as he turned out to be. I cannot even imagine the wasted lifetime of those who spent 30+ years there.

  3. Joseph Stefurak March 13, 2017, 17:53

    I am so glad that the downright evil Yogi Bhajan cult is being exposed ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak


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