Sardar : The Sikh Scythians

Scythians From Pre-history
Scythians From Pre-history On The Battle-field

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 By Sardar

 Note: nothing in this article should be construed as racialist. The Sikh Religion and History is unambiguously clear that the Sikhs constitute one Race and Nation (“quom  (rhymes with Tom — the Persian word which means one race and one nation“). The Sikh Theory is that one becomes part of the race and nation by becoming a Sikh and assuming the common surname Singh.  In any event, the Scythians were tribes  from Central Asia. Furthermore the very first converts to the Khalsa Order were personages from the most deprived and oppressed Hindu castes. This however does not bar any inquiry into the racial and prior religious affiliation of the perverters of the Religion of the Keeper Of The Hawk. It also does not  negative the fact that the Sikh Scythians  have been among the fiercest defenders of Sikhism.


Prelude:  The City Sluts Of London

Gursant Singh, is a devout White Sikh who is the son of a Marine Corps Officer.   The valiant Gursant Singh is leading  an international campaign to expose the 3H0 Sikh Cult.

In August, 2011 a leading personage of the Yogi Bhajan  Cult was invited by City Sikhs Of London (, an organization located in London, England  to speak on Yoga being an essential part of Sikhism.  The Yogi Bhajan  cult is a virulently anti-Sikh cult which is trying to destroy fundamental Sikh  principles and merge Sikhism into Hinduism. The extent of  the egregious  miscegnation extends to changing the meaning of words in the English translation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  Gursant Singh requested City Sikhs to permit him to speak so that a rebuttal could be given to the audience.  The reply from this front organization was swift and brutal: “if you or your wife attend we will have you arrested“.  Tough words from a weasel with a million man army standing behind him. Gursant Singh’s wife is a practising Psychiatrist in London and racially a  Jat.

A RSS Front Organization

One Runjeet Singh states the truth about City Sikhs on facebook:

City Sikhs are paid and funded by the RSS to spread snatan hindu dharm here in UK and to divide the sikh youth.Just google their websites and read their skewed sikh history, and their kirpan di pahul for bibian, and that its ok to eat from Mcdonalds and KFC as long as you do ardas first. All these views are put out by Niddar and his group of cronies.”

I replied to Gursant Singh and my reply was much more brutal.  I attacked the racial genetic pool constituting this miscreant organization.  Are there any black, dwarf-like miscreants leading a bunch of City nominal Sikh Sluts who were a few generations ago  the off-spring of Hindu Castes?  I will say no more. I also replied that it was almost certain that City Sikhs were not composed of real Jat Sikhs. Least you are offended by the implicit racism, let me say very bluntly, I cannot tolerate a wrong hand being laid on this religion of Slave Nanak.  I  have implicitly started to correlate the perverters of Sikhism with their racial and prior religious background.  This is a very  interesting and instructive exercise in profiling. The results are startling unless you have studied revisionist history.

This article then is about that breed called the Scythian Sikhs – the real Jat Clans who have left an inedible footprint on the history of Sikhism. So much so,  that Sikhism is wrongly attributed to be a tribal religion of the Scythian Sikhs.

You can learn more about Gursant Singh’s campaign here:


The Scythians

The Scythians were a collection of related nomadic tribes who inhabited the vast steppes (prairies) of Central Asia. They are the product of the inter-marriage of mongoloids and caucasoids. Though culturally cohesive, the racial admixture changed as one traversed from east to west through Scythian lands.

They were distinguished by very strong tribal ties, the fierce independence of their females and a nature-like religion.  A warrior race, the Scythians have been mis-characterized through the course of  history.  They have been demonized in European History as savage barbarians who would have laid Europe  to waste if they had been afforded an opportunity.  The Irish, a bete noire of England,  have been falsely characterized as having savage Scythian blood running through their veins. Scythians have been slandered as cannibals whose favourite culinary delight consisted of  eating their own children. They have been demonized roundly in the Christian bible as unrepenting heretics who deserve worse than Hell.  So Scythians are in very good company along with the  other favourite demons of European History such as Attila The Hun,  green-eyed witches, Caligula (my Favourite god) and  the current monster du jour : O{bs}ama.

Scythians have entered the lexicon of the English language. A scythe is a curved knife that is used to cut crops.   To scythe means to mow down or cut.

Reference to Scythians and the lands dominated by them persist up to the 15th century.  The period after the fifteenth century is characterized by their absorbtion into the lands and races which they conquered. They have almost disappeared from the pages of  history except from one small spot where the racial memory is still alive – the Sikh Scythian Clans or the Jat Clans.


The Scythians
The Scythians – native dress

The Scythian Empire

Map Of The Scythian Empire
Map Of The Scythian Empire


The Indo-Scythian Empire
The Indo-Scythian Empire

Click on the map for an expanded view


The Sikh Scythians

The Scythian tribes called Jats had over-run parts of Northern India by 200 A.D. However since their numerical strength was minute it was only a matter of time before they were culturally absorbed into Hindu India. The Jat tribes adopted Hinduism but fiercely retained their tribal customs.  If one travels in Sikh Jat villages one is struck by the persistence  of cultural artifacts which are completely alien to Hindu tradition. And then there is the very distinctive Jat look – very tall males and females, light golden brown skin color,  and children who have a tawny blonde hair color until they are about two years old.  The latter is a dead give-away of Scythian racial heritage.

The Hindus who were aghast that the Scythian converts did not adhere completely to Hindu customs and social constructs,  invented the mythology that the Jat tribes were Khastryias (the Hindu Warrior Caste)  who had been made into Sudras (untouchables) by the gods for some transgression.

With the coming of the muslim invaders into India, the forcible conversions of Hindus in  Northern India led to many Scythian tribes converting to Islam due to social pressure,  material inducements  or plain physical coercion. With the coming of Guru Nanak, the majority of Hindu Jat clans adopted Sikhism en mass and voluntarily. The conversion process was very simple. The Clan Chief changed his religion and the clansmen followed willingly. It is called clan loyalty.  There was a quality of Sikhism which instantly appealed to the Jat Clans who had very long tribal and racial memories. It was the fierce independence of the religion, the equality of females,  the over-powering and transcending Word providing a direct channel  to the ether. And with the sanction of the Sikh Religion, the long war to assert the supremacy of the Khalsa Knighthood  started.  A hidden, silent and brutal little war  which is continuing on today.  It may have something to do with Scythian racial memories.  But you will not know anything about this, unless you study and understand a secret racial revisionist history.

Note: (1) Jat clans in India outside of the Sikh Jat clans are not truly Scythian. Racially they have been absorbed by the Hindu castes and only retain Scythian tribal clan names.

(2)  Due to the historical prestige of the Jats many non-jats adopted Jat clan names such as : Mann, Bhullar, Sidhu etc. These personages are not racially Scythian.


Major Jat Sikh Scythian Clans

The major Scythian Sikh clans are:  Bhullar, Dhillon, Mann, Bains, Ghuman, Bhattal, Brar, Sidhu, Grewal, Dhaliwal, Sandhu, Virk and Gill.

Historical Aside:  The Grewal clan considered their females to be so beautiful that they would not permit them to marry outside the clan. In response to the on-going resentment of other Jat (Scythian) clans, the Grewal (pronounced Garehvaal) clans formally met in convention in 1912 to debate and resolve this prickly issue and decided by resolution to continue the policy. Even today, if one travels through pure Grewal villages, one is struck by the beauty of Grewal village girls.  The Grewal clans also buttressed their Hawkish attitudes by not permitting females to work in the farm fields and constructing their villages as forts with high walls.

Racial Memories

So today, the original Scythians are either Hindus, Moslems or Sikhs. The Hindu Jat tribes have largely inter-married with the native Hindu populations along caste lines and thus lost any memory of lineage and for that matter they do not contain any significant Scythian genetic material.  The Scythians who converted to Islam lost heir culture and language and memories which were supplanted by the idea of the Ummah – universal muslim brotherhood.  They also lost their genetic pool over time since marriage in Islam had less restrictions and social barriers.

The Sikh Scythian tribes located in a small part of India  maintained their racial memories. Firstly the Sikh Jat Clans had very distinctive looks and they have always been aware of this. Secondly they have always almost without exception married into other Scythian Sikh clans (this has changed after 1984).  Lastly Sikhism which accorded with Scythian tribal ideology very well,   helped buttress their conception of  Jats being a race separate and apart.


 Archetypal Sikh Jat Scythians



The Sikh Turban - Patiala Style

A Jat Sikh army officer – classic Jat Sikh Scythian looks. Soldiering has always been a favourite Jat profession. Is  this a Scythian, racial memory.



Major Sandhu And Patiala Style


Major Sandhu (right)  and Jaskaran Singh have classic Sikh Jat Scythian looks


Sikh Belles Celebrate Baisakhi

Sikh Belles Celebrate Baisakhi


Sikh village belles (Scythian racial heritage).  They would never touch the Sikh Religion with a wrong hand.


Singhni In Bana 1

Singhni In Bana 1

Another proto-typical example of a Sikh Jat Girl with Scythian racial genes.


A Scythian Beauty


A Scythian Beauty






Modern Sikh Scythians


Sikh Scythians In History

The Jat Sikh Scythian Clans have an outstanding history of valour and courage. They have fiercely defended the Sikh faith and continue to do so today. So much so that the faith has become very wrongly associated with being a tribal religion – the religion of the  Jat Scythians.




Illuminated Forever: Nawab Kapoor Singh, Sikh And Scythian racial heritage, who turned back the tide of the Muslim extermination of  Sikhs.





General Labh Singh – Insurmountable odds, total resistance to the very end.  Painting of General Labh Singh, Sikh and Scythian blood, who resisted the invasion of  Darbar Sahib (known by its secular misnomer – Golden Temple).



Martyrs Beant Singh And Satwant Singh



Sikhs, Scythians  And Martyrs, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh who killed the Prime Minister Of India, Indira Gandhi. On the background of the picture is the Persian word Qom in Gurmukhi script – meaning one race, one nation.


Martyr Balwant Singh
Balwant Singh Rajoana


Balwant Singh Rajoana, mastermind who planned the  killing of Chief Minister Beant Singh for the mass murder of 200,000 Sikhs.

A Sikh And Scythian by racial heritage. The final photograph and the the final words while on death row. This great Sardar requested the Akal Takht so ensure  that his heart and other body parts be donated after his death. That his eyes in particular be donated to a blind Hazoori Ragi.


Enemies Of The Sikh Race


Yogi Bhajan And His Mentor The Hindu God Ganesha

Yogi Bhajan And His Mentor The Hindu God Ganesha


Yogi Bhajan is the fake meister  par excellence. His favorite saying was “Fake it and you will make it”. A glib tongued, lying son of a snake, he had the propensity to say one thing and do exactly the opposite. He was the leading anti Sikh RSS agent in the Occident until his much appreciated and timely death in 2005. His real name was Harbhajan Puri and he was  from a very traditional Hindu caste:  Puri.  This is of course  not a Jat or Scythian clan.

The Puris are a priestly caste of Hinduism.   By the way, Jaganath Puri is a  major Hindu religious center and it was also a major religious center when Guru Nanak visited the place (on his first travels) and observed thousands of priests performing utterly meaningless rituals.  The major festival celebrated at Jagannath Puri is the pulling of a Huge chariot carrying a massive statue of the Hindu God Lord Jagannath. The festival consists of hundred of devotees ritually pulling the massive contraption through the streets of Jagannath Puri to the medieval temple.  In medieval times devotees had been known to have thrown themselves under the huge wooden wheels of the massive chariot (the wheels being up to twenty four feet in diameter).  The English word juggarnaut  is derived from the massive chariot which moved inexorably  like, well .. a juggarnaut.  The caste Puri  refers to the hereditary  priests of this temple. To be a Puri means that the ancestors of the person were at some point in time priests of this temple.

So here we have a jackass whose ancestors were Hindu priests at one of the largest Hindu Temples in medieval  India. And what does the jackass do, he starts idol worship, tantric sex yoga, nostril breathing rituals, sacred mantra chanting for hours on end.  This jackass hated Sikhism and it’s purity. And he had a lot of jackasses following him; so many in fact that he collected over a billion dollars. Yes, I said over a billion dollars.

Yogi Bhajan is followed by a rag tag bunch of spaced out jackasses who practise Yoga, Secret Mantra chants, Tantric  Sex Yoga and who use the Sikh religion to make a boat-load of loot by milking Americans.  The 3HO cult started by the Puri Hindu Priest completely misrepresents Sikhism.  Sikhsim is at it’s heart and core a Warrior Religion, in fact the only Warrior Religion in the world. Thus Yogi Bhajan’s  life can be summarized as an attempt to dilute and defang the Warrior Religion (probably at the behest of his handlers – the Indian Intelligence agencies or the Hindu fascist RSS party).

You can get more information about this anti-Sikh cult here:


Khushwant Singh - I am the Slipper Of Indira Gandhi

Khushwant Singh – “I am the Slipper Of Indira Gandhi”. Cheer up Handsome! She’s finito


Now let’s look at the charmer above.  Yuck! why do I have to suffer the indignity of looking at this ugly monster. Ursilus Horribilus!  He has the ignoble visage of a toad and is actually a toadie as is  his  wont.

Khushwant Singh is bandied about by the faux Brahmin media in India as a leading author. He is not a Scythian.   His daughter married a muslim. He has bragged with pride about being the slipper of  the late prime Minister Of India, Indira Gandhi.   Unfortunately he was not around when Indira Gandhi received her ticket to Hell. He has lived the life of a boot  licker. He was a vehement opponent of the Lion Bhindranwale who he lampooned and ridiculed as a village buffoon. He was a monkey dancing for his organ grinder, Indira Gandhi.  His father and grand-father  were immensely wealthy constructors in Delhi.  Their son Khushwant Singh idled his life away in self-loathing and writing tirades against Sikhism. Which is one of reasons the Brahmin media in India just loves him. He is very vain and actually believes that he is a good writer. Personally, I only use his novels as a toilet rag.

He is distinguished for having written a mediocre novel called Train To Pakistan in which a Scythian Sikh girl is raped by a muslim. His books, particularly his later ones, are full of lengthy, graphic sexual descriptions, and his greatest regret is that he didn’t sleep with enough women.  He has dedicated his life to dragging the Sikh race and religion into the sewer. What more can be expected from a sewer rat.  He is a pernicious example of a morally degraded obscurantist who serves the ulterior purposes of his Hindu Masters.

His progeny have faded into obscurity and he is ninety five years old. He has had a very long wicket which he has used to destroy the Sikhism of the Lord Of The Falcons  and I can only  hope that he will be meted a fitting chastisement by way of savage retribution. He is a caricature of a Sikh who hates Sikhism. He is to repeat not racially a Scythian. His time is almost up.  He is a classic example of a nullity who has extolled the virtues of perverted nihilism to the cheers of a Brahmin Media which adores a  monkey that knows how to dance for peanuts.  He is proof that some real monkeys are smarter than some men.  It would however be inappropriate to call him a man because he does not have any cajones and is actually a weasel who has learnt how to survive  by ingratiating himself to his masters. He is a Sikh hater and a boot-licker par excellence. He is also responsible for starting a trend of Sikh and Sardar jokes in India and I believe that he wrote the first book on Sikh jokes. He is scum.



Hey Grasshopper! Read Up On Your Scythian History


History Of The Scythians

History Of The Scythians





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  1. Such a treat I got to my eyes (and my heart), on reading this article and on seeing my brave people in it that I am muted. I am in total agreement with poet warrior and grateful to him from my heart. I can only say that present fate of my people is going exactly Roma way. Fighting the anti-Buddhists forces there was a great exodus of my people who became Roma gypsies. In eighties there was a conference in Chandigarh in which these Romas participated. All I know of that is, as they declared that, we Romas are the Jats from Punjab, the interest of the press that was giving good coverage to the conference vanished. The Indian press took flight (if not fright). To my mind Brahman/lala Indian media has very clear hatred of (not just Sikhs but) Jats, the brave Scythians.

    • Kuldip cheema July 22, 2014, 10:25

      Which of your brothers look even 1/4 europeans? None of us look like these scythians.

      • we are talking about ancededents and racial history. Which of your brothers looks like a madrasi?

        • kuldeep cheema July 24, 2014, 07:46

          Sorry to offend all but I am not of an asian extract.
          I recently became a sikh from christian background with French ancestry. My husband is of asian background. I have never visited your country.

          • I can understand you taking on the name ‘Kuldeep’ after becoming Sikh but your surname ‘Cheema’ gives away your lie. If you are Cheema, behave like one, not like some lalaji..

  2. Kushwant singh is a traitor , boot licker of brahmin elites.Big Dramebaaz, A big hypocrite , A terrorist hidden under a clown , enemy of my poeple.

    Bloody old idiot , chamcha of India terror state.

  3. don’t know what to say….never heard of these things….need to do research.

  4. What a load of hogwash! This myth was circulated by the dumb British christian missionaries to the illiterate Jatt population of Punjab during the end of 19th century that they are progeny of Scythians or Greeks – the British aim was to enslave the Jatts & make them disloyal to their own Hindu race & heritage of bullshit & mere speculation. But then Jatts would believe they are from outside of India. Carry on dear Jatt brothers!

    • duga duga, genetic haplotype studies had been conducted. Jatts do have genetic material from present ukraine.

    • This scythain information is so new to me. Were scythians different from aryans? Please somone enlighten me. Thanks.

    • kuljit khalsa July 8, 2014, 13:34

      I don’t believe this. The recent studies have shown that the Roma people are the ones that were kidnapped and enslaved by the Moslem invaders because no one cared to save them. They are basically the bastards of the kidnapper invaders that is all they are and this is why they wander about from one place to another and can never settle down anywhere because the indeginous people donot want to have these ugly and dirty looking people around them because still they not only steal but also rape and kidnap others to this day. They are the most unwanted people all over the world for who they are.

      • mother was Roma and my father is Sikh..they are both noble people from respectable lineage. All roads lead to the land of the 5 rivers

  5. If you see the Scythia map and geographical location of Indo-Scythian kingdom you will easily realise that they are more Indians and protectors of India than this RSS dug-dugia. In any case Jatts are outsiders for Duga-dugias as their age old efforts to domesticate Jatts have failed on the rocks. Read Kanugo, The History of Jatts. He is however right in saying that they are the original inheritors of Indian culture as Duga-dugias from Chach down to this day are not stopping from cutting them from their roots. What do these Duga-dugias know of loyality, eh! Killing Indians in the name of Hinduism is not loyality. it is evil Even their promotion of divintity of Hindu religion is false and stand in contradiction of very theory of evolution. But Jats are promoters of biophilic growth. I have heard that Buddha was a Scythian?

    • @kuldip:
      Buddha is from Shakya tribe(still found in nepal), smiilar sounding to Saka

      British always mis-pronounce the indian name , such as gordaspur(gurdaspur),indus(sindhu)etc.

      In nepal , we have a community called Khas(one of the non-mongolied looking people of nepal) ,now called Chetris after converting to hinduism in late 16th century by immigrant indian brahmin.
      Area having khas stornghood stiil called KHASAN in west nepal

      Although converting to hinduism , they retain a lot of practice , which is totally opposite to hinduism.

      I am also from same community, and always felt that we khas have connection with Jats of India because, a lot of there culture is identical to jat culture such as dewali worship(similar to Jathera),
      and also a lot of us, especially those who still don’t mixed with local mangolian, phijically looks like jats

      i have no idea, but always felt that, Khas and kushan are same
      british just mis-pronounce it ,
      and felt that these Jat of india are also related to ancient Khas(kusan)

  6. Also I remember now an incident my uncle told me long time back…..a jew tested his genetic material and told my uncle that his genetic material is close to punjabis. If we look into history, jews migrated to east europe i.e. ukraine andparts surrounding it when they were driven out. This ukraine and areas surrounding it are also said to be inhabited by scythians.

    • What is all this nonsense. Sikhs are Punjabi full stop, east or west. All humans share the same genetic material and the arya/scythian thing I just nt sure about as its what the Brahmins and Theosophists would want you to think. SO who cares, humans are all the same if not regional creatures. Its just some of us hv the nice gene some do not.

      And admin – still no login email received?????

      I wonder if yor nt a hegel type yourself? No bill cooper only alex jones or webster tarpley.
      Bill Cooper was a singh in heart and reality. study his life and principles. he died for his principles of justice.

  7. With due respect, I would say few things….

    I was bewildered by this article. As I am a jatt, I was curious to know more about it….know about my ancestory….this article has little to do with religion.

    Indeed all humans are equal.

    My personal thoughts are that caste system is dravidian way of life not Indo -Aryan.

    Gurmat Singh ji, genes alone do not matter..genetic pool is taken into consideration and then there are also environmental factors. What is wrong in the want to know about one’s geneology? What is the relation between knowing about genealogy and justice? Should mankind refrain itself from this crucial knowledge?

    • Wrong. Dravidians are the negroidal races of the south and are related to the Australian aboriginal people. During the continental shift due to plate tectonics, a portion of “India’ broke off and this piece is now Australia. The caste system is an invention of the Aryans who invaded India.

      Jats are not a caste. They are a tribe. There is a difference between a caste and a tribe. Caste is a social construct of the Hindu religion based on the color of one’s skin. It sets up apartheid on skin color and the lighter your skin color the higher your caste.

      • To admin :

        Please correct me – Indo-Scythian kingdom was formed after the invasion of Aryans.

        • As far as I know correct. As you see from the article, the Scythians never adapted into the existing caste/varna classification of the Brahmins.

          • Thx for the reply.

            ..but I doubt all sikhs are scythians….Punjab has been invaded so many times. There is a strong possibility of aryan -scythian admixes in present sikh population. What do you think?

        • one point is to be noted:
          scythians ruled in India for the majority time present day Gujarat state. In fact it is there that the historians refer to it as the “long-lived saka rule”. The rule ended with Gupta emperor Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya). It is the Indo-Greeks, Persians and Kushans (Yue-chi Turks) that rule the north-west India for the major part.

  8. Amardeep Singh April 19, 2012, 21:41

    Gurfateh. Oh my lord, when I read up on aryans a long time ago, I thought they could be somehow related to us. And OMG I read up on this today about us Sikhs being related to Scythians, we Sikhs are descendants of Scythians.

    What an honour. I am blessed to be a son of the Greatest King Guru Gobind Singh Ji, now I have found out even my Gurus were descendants from a great warrior race. So that makes my ancient ancestors scythians, wow just wow.

  9. Answer to Swaran. All Sikhs are not Scythians. The first converts to Sikhi were from the untouchable and “low” castes because Sikhi is a revolutionary religion of emancipation and liberation. Jats are Scythian but there is an admixture of blood from other peoples. Remember that Sikhi does not place credence in the false virtuosity in blood relations. Sikhi is all about the domain of action – take Sardar Rajoana as an example. Unfortunately this role model is a Jat also. As the article says, it has to be stated that Scythian Sikhs have been the greatest protectors of Sikhi. They still are.

    • Thanx a lot again for the reply.

      I have a question. Indo -Aryans invented this caste system to undermine people from Indus valley civilisation or dravidians? or was low caste – high caste prevalent amongsts aryans?

      • Yes. If you read the article Original Buddhism and Brahminic Interference, you will notice the author’s statement that the Aryan’s brought Varna (differentiation based on skin color) into india. The Plain reason was to prevent inter-marriage. This was later codified into the Caste System. If you read the article, “The Extinction Of Sikhism in india” you see a lengthy description of how Buddhism was extirpated from India. That template is being repeated on Sikhs. A close study of history of the pre-historic settlements of Mahenjo Daro and Harappa indicates that these dravidian (dark skinned) civilizations were exterminated by the Aryans.All the inhabitants of Harappa were slaughtered. Harappa had a farming civilization, the city had granaries and roads and shops. The Hindu God Indra (he was probably an Aryan chieftan) is referred to in Hindu Religious texts as “The Breaker Of Dams” – this is a reference to the fact that the Indo-Gangetic plain had a settled civilization where farming used dams for irrigation. Indra destroyed these dams to break up that civilization. You can read The article “The Extinction of Sikhism In India”

        • So these hindu gods and godesses are aryans?

        • shubham balyan August 7, 2015, 06:31

          I am really dissapointed with your views on Hindu jaats we are not the so called negro looking people in my family 11 people are above 6 feet and we are mostly white wheatish in complexion so who are you to say that our ancestors intermixed with the local tribes. Please don’t make assumptions about us. I just want to say come and look at us. I am a jat from district muzaffarnagar.

  10. To the admin:

    The buddhists who existed long time back in Punjab and Afghanistan were Dravidians?

  11. Curiously, although human race should be one but value system of Jats is poles apart from city dwelling people who have suddenly become very fond of calling themselves Punjabis. Sirdar Kapoor Singh has also made a note of it. Once few non-Sikh Jat people came to see me from a Haryana village and as I got busy arranging for some eatables for them, they started laughing at me and telling me from since when have I started behaving like shopkeepers, placing value on feeding and not sparing time for a good healthy talk. We people in the village visit a people to meet, to talk and exchange views but well fed city traders who are now the ruling upper castes, lay a great stress on food and type of food. After filling their stomachs before leaving for somebody’s place they will again start talking of food and eating on reaching there. The whole value system from food, dressing language speech and behavior everything is poles apart. i know Sikhs are a nation but I wonder if there is a racial tinge somewhere along the lines.
    My second point is that we people take a genuine pride in our lineage, culture, language, poetry folk songs Dhadi Warran with which city dwelling non-Sikh Punjabi shopkeepers have nothing to do. So much so our heroes are totally different from them. In short there is a whole world of diffeernce between these two people from history down to literature everything.

  12. In addition to the post above – yes, there is suddenly an influx of people in Panjab who like to call themselves punjabi, even though they might only be the 1st generation living in Panjab. These people are typically hindus and the watered down Sikhs. I’ve known 2 non Jat Sikhs, one went on to marry a hindu and the other speaks hindi and was surprised when I once said that Panjabi is our pride and speaking it will ensure it’s survival to which he answered quite confused, ‘ you really act like this ?’, had had it a been Jat I think the answer would have been ‘ Kithay nayee jandi Panjabi !”

    Also Jats have never made good shop keepers, they build enterprises, empires but I’ve never heard of a Jat owning a shop his or her life.

    So even though I’m not very hung up on tribes, I can’t help but notice the difference in attitudes.

  13. hi.. i’m a sikh diaspora in south east asia.. from my mum’s side i dont think there has been any intermarriage. my maternal grandma came from taren taren in punjab and relocated in south east asia after marrying my maternal grandad (he was a shergill). my dad is of half chinese ethnicity but his father was a gill. i saw old pictures of my young grandma recently and she looked russian..? like, very fair. and my mother’s sisters look like they are jewish.. is there anyway to trace the genealogy of my family? i have read so many things and they are all confusing.. can someone here recommend me any books so i can trace by the location and surname? thanks a lot.

  14. hi.. i’m a sikh diaspora in south east asia.. from my mum’s side i dont think there has been any intermarriage. my maternal grandma came from taren taren in punjab and relocated in south east asia after marrying my maternal grandad (he was a shergill). my dad is of half chinese ethnicity but his father was a gill. i saw old pictures of my young grandma recently and she looked russian..? like, very fair. and my mother’s sisters look like they are jewish.. is there anyway to trace the genealogy of my family? i have read so many things and they are all confusing.. can someone here recommend me any books so i can trace by the location and surname? thanks a lot. oh and my dad’s side’s from present day lahore pakistan i think

  15. Wow…

    First of all Jats are not Scythians nor are they from Punjab, Jats are originally, farmers from Sindh(in Pakistan) they have been living in North India and Pakistan long before Scythians invaded north India. Even when Alexander invaded India, Jats were living in India. Scythians married with some north Indians and mixed with the local population, but no particular community can claim that they are descendants of Scythians.

    Second, majority of Jats are Hindus, followed by Islam and then Sikhism. ‘Jatt Sikhs’ of Indian Punjab only represent a small share of Jats.

    Third, most high profile figures of Sikhs are not Jats, they are Khatris, including the ten gurus and Hari Singh Nalwa, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a Sansi, First warriors Baba Banda Bahadur, was a Rajput.

    Roma people are not ancestors of Jats, they are descendants of Jats, who ran to Europe, when Ghazni attacked Punjab

    • “Roma people are not ancestors of Jats, they are descendants of Jats, who ran to Europe, when Ghazni attacked Punjab”

      Roma people are called gypies in Europe … Called Banjaras in India … Ghaznis raids into India were in the 17th century. King Henry IV passed a statute in the 12th century banning gypsies from the realm. Gypsies are completely different from Jats.

      The article states that among Hindu “Jats”, Muslim “Jats’ and Sikhs Jats, it it only among the Sikhs that you find the strain preserved. Simply look at the Hindu Jats in Haryana they are negroidal.

      It is only in Sikh Jats that you will find men who are 6′ 3” + and women who are 6′ tall. The pictures shown are not from your list but known Sikh Scythians. Height and skin color are a tell tale sign of Scythian blood. Scythians were very tall. Contrast this, for example with Brahmins who are typically short. You will never find a Brahmin who is 6 foot tall unless there is a blood admixture. You will easily find many Sikhs over 6 feet tall.

      • Real NOT Hegelian August 29, 2012, 14:14

        Certain etymologies propose that the word Scythians, from “Sacae”,
        in turn is derived from “Isaac Sons” or “Sons of Isaac.” Isaac, Abraham’s son,
        had two sons, Jacob, the father of the nation of Israel, and Esau, the forefather
        of the Edomites. In the Bible, Esau was the son of Isaac and Rebekah, who
        tricked his brother out of his birthright, the leadership of Israel. Esau was a red
        haired, or “red all over like a hairy garment”, and called Edom, which means
        red.9 Likewise, the Scythians, according to Herodotus, “have all deep blue
        eyes, and bright red hair,” and practiced mystery rites dedicated to Bacchus,
        a Greek version of Baal. The legend persisted, such that, during the Middle
        Ages, German Jews regarded southern Russia and Central Asia as the location
        of the Lost Tribes, known to them as Red Jews, and identified with Gog and
        Magog.10 In the History of the Nation of Archers, by Armenian historian of
        the thirteenth century AD, Grigor Akner, corroborated the legend that the
        Scythians were Edomites:
        The Esavites, who are the Scythians, descended from Esau, son of Isaac. They
        are black, wild, and strange looking. From them descend the Boramichk’
        and Lekzik’, who dwell in holes and traps and perpetrate many crimes. And
        it is said that the Edomites who are the Franks also are descended from
        him. These three peoples, descendants of Hagar, Ketura, and Esau, mingled
        together and gave birth to another people, strange looking and wicked, called
        Tatar [Mongols], which means sharp and light.11
        Along with the Edomites, the nation of the Scythians is also closely
        related to that of the Tribe of Simeon. Apparently, there were only nine tribes
        in the northern kingdom of Israel, after the Levites joined Judah. Simeon too
        was still settled in the portion of the tribe of Judah although part of Simeon
        had immigrated to various other locations outside the Holy Land. 2Chron.
        4:43-44 describes some men of Simeon who immigrated from Judah to Edom:
        “And some of them, even of the sons of Simeon, five hundred men, went to
        mount Seir, having for their captains Pelatiah, and Neariah, and Rephaiah, and
        Uzziel, the sons of Ishi. And they smote the rest of the Amalekites that were
        escaped, and dwelt there unto this day.” Thus the kingdom of Judah, after the
        fall of Samaria and before the Babylonian captivity, consisted of four tribes:
        Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, and Levi.12

      • hello nambypambies!! I am a roma and not 8 ft tall. so stop bullshitting about jats being 6ft 3 and the rezt. I have seen many indiens who don’t fit into this critaria. so just shut up.

      • Harpreet singh cheema October 20, 2014, 03:20

        sikhism and jattism has nothing to do with height and all….and you grown up people if talk like this it would look highly immature….yourself find out the height of SRI GURU GOVIND SINGH JI MAHRAJ….you will come to know that my great lord my tenth master was was also not very tall….and one of his singhs Singh Saheb Bahi Bachitr Singh ji was just 4feet 8 inches tall…and admin saab you can see many hindu jatts very good looking and very tall as well…most of their female are very beautiful more beautiful then sikh sluts who are least concerned about their religion and teaching of our great gurus ….so you and should better not b proud of whatever we are

        • Dude just stfu and back to india man i don’t like indians and no hindu or any indian looks better than sikhs because they’re jealous so stfu

        • And sikhs are far better than ugly smelly hindus because hindus are very racist people who bleach there skin and who wish they were not indian and sikhs are nice people who are better than indians so stfu because you’re not even a sikh lol you’re fake and nobody likes you indians so stfu and go home

    • Harpreet singh cheema October 20, 2014, 03:29

      martin you r right but one thing i m sure about is that mahraja Ranjit Singh was a jatt for sure as there are many of my relatives from village guranwalla and the clan and linage that he belonged to ….my naani was of waraaich clan the same is the clan of mahraja Ranjit Singh and she was from the same village guranwalla in pakistan now where mharaja ranjit singh was born and dear friend for your kind information saheed BABA DEEP SINGH JI was also a jatt sikh


    I knew this scythian thing was BOLLOX. Read the book linked to the above u will realise that brezinsky and many thought heroes were double agents. Much the same as Brahmin games or games of a satanic establishment.

  17. U hv stopped my comments. U hv a hidden agenda to whip up all kinds of hysteria and u are defo a hegel character. U prove it by sensoring me. I know ya game, so now ya stop my comments ADMIN. Sikh are u? I doubt it very much.
    Scythians – do u know history is all bollox unless u forensically examine it – like a scientist.

  18. Yesterday, I stopped a Jat off-duty Police Officer from beating a civilian. The result? He got a few of his Jat buddies- supposedly sworn to the law- to beat me up and threaten a fake criMINAL CASE. Once a Jat gets angry, he seems to have no central cortex over emotions/actions and he reacts like an ape. I have traveled across the world and only met some West Africans with the same Impulse Control problems as Jats. If European Gypsies have the “Jat Mutation”, I hope there is a pill to cure it.

    • Harpreet singh cheema October 20, 2014, 03:10

      mr. Gupta stop talking nonsense about jatts as you very well know that we are the people who sacrifice ourself for the well being of others ….and this is history my friend ….what else do you want to know after knowing the names of Sardar Bhagat Singh and Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha… was a Sandhu jatt the other was Grewal….and there are many such names … keep your nonsense in your dustbin sort of mind only…plsssssssss

      • Rupesh Indian(free from race and religion bullshit) December 11, 2016, 03:14

        LOL. Why get so butthurt at one criticizing comment, while no issue with full site and comments bashing other races of India. Chill, you gotta expect some rascism back when you’re spreading some, dear noble/warrior/saviour/protector-of-other/tall/blue-brown-green-red-pink-yellow-white(all except filthy ugly Black indian color)eyed/scythian/european/alien and what not 😉

  19. I can’t believe that there is still ignorance and scepticism about our Jat origins and history. It is evident that we have descended from warrior races that are of origin and Scythian origin. The languages of Europe, Iran and northern India are all related and this also includes Latin, Greek, Sanskrit and ancient persian avestan. Also DNA tests have been carried out in Punjab and northern India to prove this and thus showed that punjabi Jat people have the same DNA markers and halpolytes as people from Ukraine, southern Russia and central Asia. Not forgetting the fact there are many Jat surnames that are the same as European people, eg bains,gill,Mann,dhillon,judge etc. It’s quite obvious that they were of the same tribe and thus migrated from Ukraine/central Asia to Europe and then later India at different times in history. So just wise up to the facts!

    • I agree the Languages, DNA markers and surnames all are linked to European similarities. Jatt Punjabi’s have at least one of their relatives with natural blue/green eyes. Anthropologists say that Indian skulls that are descendent from northern India are more similar to Caucasians than any other race.

  20. The aryan invasion theory is bs. Author is not a sikh, says negroid like insult f him.

  21. What an article, it is more like dividing theory among sikhs on basis of jat and non jat.

  22. It is what is, statistically jats gave the most shaheedis. Jats are a race, not caste, if others feel left out of sikh history and its prestige then maybe they should contribute instead of leaving bullshit comments. Stats dont lie, Jats did the most for sikhi post 1699 sikhi.

    Dare i say it others have diluted sikhi into some wishy washy shit. Thats not to say Jats are what they used to be, those real Jats are the minority. Today’s majority are too busy raving it up getting pissed till they puke and driving their daddy’s Mercedes picking up young girls. I will say this though, the ones that are solid….are solid. Overall i’ve come to learn Punjabis are f****d. They sold their Sikhi and souls for material wishes.

  23. Sikhs are Scythian April 12, 2013, 23:55

    and thats all that they are, barbarian and untouchable..out of the Indus; ye mleccha shudra.

  24. Who said Haryana jats are not 6 feet tall…am haryana jat with height 6-3″.
    my village is sonipat district in haryana…any body who has doubt can visit it..the majority are 6 feet tall
    Village Jharoda Kalan…
    Jats are only 21 % in haryana…not every haryanvi is jat
    jats of sonipat & rohtak are most orthodox jats accepted by historians(decendants of mann jats)
    Boys belonging 95% families in this village are indulged in two profession(they are neither dark skinned)-
    Indian Army

  25. IS HINDU GOD SHIVA a SCYTHIAN ? As far I know Drinking canabis and having Uncut Long Hair is Ancient scythian Tradition. Do we know SHIVA was scythian or NOT ?
    As far I read about him i can say he was great scythian General Ruled the Northern Gangis Plains and Tibet Plateu . Kicked the Brahmins a** so hardly that they Made him their GOD.

  26. a buddhist boy May 27, 2013, 13:01

    Unfortunately though references to sikh and jat glory are great the jats are NOt scythians. Rather they are on oppsoite side of history. The true decendents of scythians and related tribes i.e huns, assyrians in India are (hold your breath) the untouchables, chamar/chura/meghwal etc of Jammu/HP/Punjab/Delhi/Rajasthan/UP. This fact was known to british historians (alexander cunnigham et all). Regarding their decent into present state, it is natural course of time.

  27. Haplogroup J2a-M410 in India was found to be largely confined to the castes[20] with no occurrence in the tribals, but a new study has found it at higher percentages (10%) among the Tharu indigenous people of Terai, Nepal.[31] In India, the J2 haplogroup is almost absent from tribals. Haplogroup J2b is associated with the Neolithic Greeks that spread agriculture. It has been found in the Dravidian middle classes in high frequencies also in the Northwest of India.(((((The frequency of J2 is higher in South Indian castes (19%) than in North Indian castes (11%) or Pakistan (12%).[20] Haplogroup J was found to be even more common in India’s Shia Muslim community, of which 28.7% belong to haplogroup J, with 13.7% in J2a-M410, 10.6% in J1 and 4.4% in J2b.[32] The high variance of J2b2 in South Asia indicates a probable pre-Neolithic migration.(wikipedia)



    Main article: Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA)

    Haplogroup J2 It is composed of several sub-Haplogroups representing several different countries like Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Aegean, Balkan, Italy. One sub Haplogroup M172* is mainly found in the Northern Fertile Crescent, the Mediterranean, Iran, Central Asia, and Southern Europe. Is is though to have originated in Anatolia (Turkey and Kurdstan) ie North Mesopotamia, and spread to Europe and to other Middle countries like Lebanon Palestine Iraq, Syria. J2 subclades is found also in Armenia, Azerbaijan), Iran, Central Asia, and South Asia: for example, (((((Muslim Kurds (28.4%), Central Turks (27.9%), Georgians (26.7%), Iraqis (25.2%), Lebanese (25%), Ashkenazi Jews (23.2%), Sephardi Jews (28.6%), Iranians (23.3%), Tajiks (18.4%), and Pakistanis (14.7%). J2 is not regularly found in Semitic-speaking populations of Africa, such as the Amhara and Tigrinya in Ethiopia (Semino et al. 2004). However, J2 has been found to encompass several subhaplogroups (22 subhaplogroups, including 5 that have high frequencies) that originated or expanded in different regions: Italy, the Balkans, the Aegean, Anatolia (Turkey and Kurds), the Caucasus (Georgia), and Somalia (see ref: Semino et al. 2004). Haplogroup J2 was used to be considered a genetic marker of Anatolian Neolithic agriculturalists. It is also very frequent in the Balkans (Greeks 20.6%, Albanians 19.6%) and in southern Italy (16.7-29.1%). Its frequency rapidly drops in the Carpathian basin (Croatians 6.2%, Hungarians 2.0%, Ukrainians 7.3%) and in Southeastern Iranian-speaking areas (Pashtuns 5.2%, Pamiris 6.1%).(((((((((((((((( A significant presence of J2 (J2b2+J2a) was detected in western and south-western India (the highest being 21% among Dravidian middle castes, followed by upper castes, 18.6%, and lower castes 14%; Sengupta et al. 2006).



    Haplogroup J2 is widely believed to be associated with the spread of agriculture from Mesopotamia.[1][9]

    “The main spread of J2 into the Mediterranean area is thought to have coincided with the expansion of agricultural people’s during the Neolithic period.”[2] The age of J2 has been estimated as 18,500 +/- 3,500 years ago.[1] Its distribution, centered in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, its association with the presence of Neolithic archaeological artifacts, such as figurines and painted pottery,[21] and its association with annual precipitation have been interpreted as evidence that J2, and in particular its J2a-M410 subclade belonged to the agricultural innovators who followed the rainfall.[22] However, Di Giacomo stressed the role of post-Neolithic migratory phenomenon, specifically that of the Ancient Greeks, as also being important in the dispersal of Hg J2.[7] Haplogroup J2b on the other hand is associated with the Neolithic Greeks that spread agriculture. It has been found in the Dravidian middle classes in high frequencies also in the Northwest of India.


    The Mediterranean Peoples (Dravidians)

    (Extracts from ‘The Original Indians — An Enquiry’ by Dr. A. Desai)

    How the Mediterranean people came to be called Dravidians makes interesting story. The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asi Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. Another tribe of this branch in the island of Crete was known by the name Dr(a)mil or Dr(a)miz. In ancient Sanskrit writings we find the terms Dramili and Dravidi, and then Dravida which referred to the southern portion of India.

    South India was known to the ancient Greek and Roman geographers as Damirica or Limurike. Periplus Maris Erithroei (Periplus of the Eritrean Sea) in the second or third century AD described the maritime route followed by Greek ships sailing to the South Indian ports: “Then follow Naoura and Tundis, the first marts of Limurike and after these Mouziris and Nelkunda, the seats of government.â€

    Dramila, Dravida and Damirica indicated the territory. Then it was applied to the people living in the territory and the language they spoke, in the local parlance Tamil and Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam.


    Another interesting characteristic in the distribution of M172 and more specifically, M410, in India was its higher frequencies in Upper Caste Dravidians. M410+ chromosomes were found in 13% of Upper Caste Dravidians. Sengupta goes on to suggest an Indian origin of Dravidian speakers but from a Y chromosome perspective, the paper seems to acknowledge M172 arriving in India from Middle Eastern and Indus Valley Civilizations.

  28. Wow I might be a scythian. This is just amazing and I am flatterd.

  29. Hello everyone, I am a bit confused, as a Slavic person the topic of Scythians always fascinated me since they roamed Ukraine and South Russia as Sarmatians. When reading the history of Northern India, there are mentions of Aryans that came from north and conquered the ancient Mohendjo Daro and Harrapa cultures which were native Dravidian culture (sorry if spelling is wrong). Those Aryans brought Sanskrit language and wrote the Vedas. Texts mention that gods Agni, Indra, Rudra, Vishnu, were the principal gods of those Aryans. So were those Aryans in fact Scythians? If so arent the Vedas considered the ancient form of Hinduism, and Aryan Scythians were originally proto- Hindu in a way, and not converted to Hinduism later on as a result of mixing?

    • The history of the Aryans described by you is correct. In particular, the decimation of the Mahenjo Daro and the Harappa Indus valley civilizations. However, the Scythians were not part of these Aryan invasions and invaded India much later. It is indisputable that the Scythians originated in The Steppes and Scythian tribes migrated eastwards and westwards. In India, though the Scythians merged into the Hindu religion, they refused to adopt Hindu customs. This made them outcasts in the Hindu system. Hindu mythology characterized them as a warrior race who had been made outcast by the Gods. The very distinctive cultural difference of Scythians can be readily discerned even today in Sikh villages in the Punjab. With the coming of the Sikh religion, the Scythians quickly converted to the new religion; partly because it comported so well with their customs and ancient beliefs. The Chief in each village adopted sikhism and all owing loyalty to the Chief followed in turn. The Sikh religion morphed over time into a warrior religion. It is important to understand that Sikhism is not a semitic religion. Since 1699, the Sikh Scythians have waged a long slow war to assert Sikh sovereignty – something you can see at this website. The religion itself is under attack today by semites and semitic religions – the most prominent instance being a three hundred year long war with Islam.

  30. Real Sikhs do not dabble in Astrology. Guru Gobind Singh forbids it in his long. poetic description of the Khalsa.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Hukumnama (in 1699) to the Sikh Sangat in Afghanistan in 1699 states that they can eat meat as long as it is not Halal.

    Iranians are not Semitic, they are Aryans. Even the word Iran is a transliteration of the word Aryan. Please do not use profane words. Please argue rationally from knowledge.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji was learned, spoke four languages and was a master of the Persian language. The composition Zafarnama is in Persian, and is patterned after Firdousi’s Shah Nama (Epistle of The Kings, 10th century). ShahNama is generally acknowledged as the greatest poetic work ever rendered in Persian.

    Sikhi is supposed to be a modern religion which is profound and rational. Please try to uphold this.

    Your previous comment that the Guru Granth Sahib derives from the Vedas directly contradicts the assertion that the Granth is a divine revelation (Dhur Ki Bani). It is sad that Sikhs cannot progress. Especially since in the West everyone can acquire knowledge and become a millionaire. It is so damn easy. Instead of dabbling in Astrology, you could have used that time to make more money, improve yourself, and then use a portion of that money to fight the tyrannical Indian State and portion just to enjoy yourself. What a terrible, terrible waste of time. And not the way a directed warrior of Guru Gobind Singh would have conducted himself. What a terrible waste of time arguing about meat when the Indian Government is murdering your bothers and sisters.

    Why would you demonize Persians and Afghans especially when Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself did not do so. And furthermore when we need them geo-politically. It just make absolutely no sense at all. Every Afghan I met, including a direct male descendant of Abdali (who owns a portion of the Palace in Kandahar) has expressed great admiration for Sikhs. You are doing a dis-service to the Sikh Quom. You are destroying all the goodwill that the Sikh Nation has built up.

    The duty upon you is to represent the Majestrium of the Nation created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, not curse profanities. It make no sense at all.

    Please do not take this as any personal criticism, it’s only a suggestion to direct your precious time carefully, in a time when the Panth is in danger.

    • Can you all ignore the 40% majority Ancestral South Indian (Dravidian) genes in your constitution? And fight for miniscule percentage of historical admixture components as your original genotype? They are all phenotype expressions. External expressions of admixture, find what percentage of those minority genetic contribution to your profile has made you seek external sources for your progeny!
      Its sad.

      • Lol, its not 40%, it’s 27% in Sikh Jatts and is not their majority component. Majority is Gedrosian Baloch, an Iranic East Scythian component (38%) and also North-Eastern European+Caucasian (22%) which is a West Scythian component.

        Look at the Harappa DNA Project.

  31. George Manning PhD January 14, 2014, 14:41

    I am requesting permission to use the Scythia and Parthia map identified as for my book “The Origins and Future of America, Britain, and Germany.” The Scythians were kindred to the Parthians and came to their aide when needed. My email address has been provided for a reply.

    George Manning PhD

  32. Jatt race descent from Aryans and Aryans descent from Abraham and his second Wife Keturah. For example Ishwaku dynasty established in India around 1500BC in the older Tora records Ishwak is one of Sons of Abraham and Keturah. Zoroaster founder of Achaemenid Dynasty and also of Anshan kingdom in Parthia he was royal of Judaism house. He descent from king David and Hyksos or Midianite/Gypsy priest. Zoroaster was from Bene Moshe tribe which this clan became Hyskos. Bene Moshe tribe descent from Moses and his midianite wife Ziporah.

  33. This site is not suitable for a follower of any semitic religion. we are offended by your continuous propensity to lie.

  34. Why you offended? Veda people or Brahmin and Rajput descent from Abhiri or no? Abhiri or Habiri or Hebrew! Ishwak was descent of Rama and Rama is Sargon I or biblical Nimrud my love! Deal with it ! Rama founded Akkadian empire. Ketura second wife of Abraham and was Ramas daughter. Brahmin elite was form by Abraham .All Aryans descent from Abraham and Ketura . Keturah was daughter of Sargon I or Rama or Nimrud He was from suryavanshi clan my love. Zoroaster founder of Zoroastrianism and Achaemenid dynasty and Anshan kingdom, he was from Juda royal family also from Hyksos royal he was Sinti Gypsies.

  35. sukhvinder singh cheema March 1, 2014, 10:47

    vjkkvjkf dear gypsy man would also you have us believe the earth is only 4,000 yrs old
    go away and never come back [lord of the rings]

  36. There is clearly a bundle to realize about this. I suppose you made some good points in features also. egkdbdcfekag

  37. Eddie the Aryan Jatt October 11, 2014, 09:00

    Khushwant Singh was a Khatri not to be confused with Khastriya. The former was a sub-caste of the Vaisya caste, the caste of shopkeepers and from historical times mostly of mixed Dravidian ethnicity. The Jats were a Scythian and Europoid race which explains why they alone among all the races in India share names identical with Germanic peoples to whom have been attributed Scythian origins ( the Saxons originated from the Sakas, the Goths from the Getae, the Jutes from the Jats ) i.e, Virk, Baines, Dhillon, Gill, Mann, Bhullar, Hayer, Baring, etc. This is why over time the Jats in India established themselves as Kshatriyas being of a purer racial origin than Khatris, Aroras or the like and having the martial characteristics deficient in the other castes. Furthermore, 66% of Sikhs are Jat, all the maharajas of Punjab and Haryana were Jat ( Nabha,Jind, Kapurthala, Faridkot, Patiala ). Ranjit Singh, founder of the Sikh Empire was Jat as was the ruling aristocracy of Punjab ( which at that time encompassed all of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and more ). Today, Punjab is still controlled by Sikh Jats. Khushwant being a Khatri suffered from an inferiority complex realising that as a Sikh he was second class. He had the shopkeeping mentality of his ancestors, sense of loyalty to money and fame alone but not duty and honour, a fawning loquacity and unmitigated obsequy for his superiors. In fact another Sikh Khatri fits into the same mould – a spineless puppet on strings – former PM Manmohan Singh.

  38. I am a Ramgariah Sikh and live outside India and given our Indian history, I think all north Indians are all mixed up with no true blood line. My father has brown hair and pumped more iron than any ‘Jat’ in the village. My 6 year old son has blue eyes and brown hair and easily passes as ‘Caucasian’.
    But one think is very clear most of Sikh Jats have abandoned their sikh faith (shun their kesh) and girls preferring clean shaven guys, sikh as we know will become almost extinct, except in the hand of Khatris. So this subject in couple of decades will acquire a new twist by the author

    • Harpreet singh cheema October 20, 2014, 02:50

      Jay you may b right according to your perception . But being a sikh you can’t talk like a ramgariya or jatt or khatri or brahmin or rajput…a sikh is a sikh who has shun his past gotras and varn vavstaa …..and as far as girls are concern let me tell you most of the sikh girls are not true to their faith they are the most charcterless girls on this planet …… they have become international porn stars even…n they are with males of every region and religion..

    • Jatts were never Sikhs they came from East Europe and Central Asia and they’re far from being Indian

  39. bhaiyo this article is wrong all the gurus in sikhism were rajput like guru gobind singh ji was of minhas clan………

    • As you know, all Sikhs are required to maintain only the surname Singh. The purpose of this is to eradicate all caste and clan distinctions forever, Mr. Singh Sahib. As you probably don’t know, captured Rajput princesses were forced to dance naked in front of Moghul emperors in order to humiliate Rajputs. As you probably don’t know, the Emperor Aurangzeb, before attacking Rajput Kingdoms, used to send his slipper on a Elephant. Giving the King an opportunity to avoid annihilation by kissing the slipper. As you probably dont know, it was Guru Gobind Singh who said; ‘Tanners, weavers, heavy ladden toilers, take this divine light, it is for you and you alone.’ Guru Gobind Singh was a divine prophet above linkage to Rajputs or any one else. But you denigrate the Guru by calling him a Rajput. Just terrible.

      Rajputs are the biggest cowards and fakers who ever existed. I am surprised that you uphold Hindu systems of mythology and oppression especially after the cold-blooded murder of 200,000 Sikhs. Hindus have seized power from the stupid Sikhs and now they are extolling all of their false virtues. Anyways, perhaps you should read Sukha and Jinda’s Second Zafarnamah (on this web site)

    • Nah they were just hindu converts because a sikh is a aryan warrior or scythian and have something to do with being Persian

    • One thing i note, in my history book in red a line that “all north people how have white skin, they are the followers of European warrior, their fore-father came from Europe and settled in india, only south india is a indian breedv indian people are negro

  40. Who ever said the Aryan invasion is bullshit is an idiot. Prior to the Aryans showing up, India was full of dark skinned little shits. In regards to who posted a comment about Shiva, who gives a flying fart. Are you kidding me? Shiva lopped his son’s head of and replaced it with an elephant head and his son goes by Ganesh. Who on earth believes this crap. That just shows how stupid primative cultures are. As for the Sikhs, I do have some respect for you because you are fighters but the reality is that Aryans traveled to India an dicked some local dark meet and fashioned you lighter Indians. So a thank you would be nice. LOL.

    • Your racism is appalling. You must not understand the wisdom hidden in myths. Take for example the Norse myths or the Egyptian and others. Decoding myths and reading the mysteries in them is not for the egotistical
      or those with small minds. You have to think from your bones to get to the truth. The Truth shall make you free.

    • Hahahah Aryans were central asian and the fact that India has older R1a1 than Europe shows who d/cked who.

  41. Dear admin, it’s been few years you have put up this post. I am little late in finding it. I was searching the geneology of the Jat Sikhs and came across Scythians, Massagetae and still searching. Could you provide some timeline and reference sources for this migration. I am not doubting your article, I have come across the same from other sources as well. It’s just I’m looking for the main source which can give the detailed migration of the Scythians to Punjab..

    • And also you mentioned the Mann clan was the hindus taking the name, which is the part I disagree with. searching the Mann lineage took me to Massagetae, I don’t know who is right but that’s what I found. My maternal side is Mann and believe me they are all over 6’2″ tall and my cousin nephews and nieces have golden hairs (or tawny blonde as you said) in the young age. and that’s your own parameter.

  42. Jaimon Joseph June 24, 2015, 13:29

    Interesting read. I am Christian and from Kerala. Very proud of my Dravidian ancestry. From what I read here, even though the Sikh religion teaches the tenet of One nation, One People – its OK for people of a certain “race” to claim first rights on it. Fair enough – different strokes for different folks like they say. But what stood out was the unabashed admission that this “race” invaded India. If that’s so, why fight the “tyrannical Indian govt” today? Why not go back to wherever you guys came from? Today, that would be Southern Russia and the Balkan republics. Best of luck 🙂 Meant only for the unabashedly racist here – I’ve seen a few balanced comments here. To them, Respect 🙂


  44. Interesting…not only is my family tall, light skinned, etc….we are from Gurdaspur, which is the heart of Scythian conquests…..

    Furthermore, our caste name is a Scythian loan word (Tarkhan).

  45. Prince of Jatts February 2, 2016, 14:41

    Hi, thanks very much for posting and doing research into the true origins of the Jatt people.

    It’s empowering to know your roots and where your ancestors come from.

    To all the naysayers, its quite obviois just from visual analysis that panjabis ans Jatt people are not the same as rest of india , will all due respect. There has obviously been an agenda to supress the panjabi culture , and now to twist Sardari into this ghetto culture singh is bling type trash.

    Peace out!

  46. Guru Gobind Singh creates the Quom (race and nation). One becomes a member of the quom by becoming a Sikh and assuming the common surname Singh. As he article states the Jats are a group of clans.

  47. Jatts are mix of these either through philosophy war alliance trade marriage

    Persia n

    Jatt have been marginalized in the nw sub continent ie punjab – from Delhi rajasthan to kandahar to khazakistan

    from punjab to the steppes? the steppes to Mongolia, the steppes to Europe and tbe steppes to persia people mixed and developed
    these people arayans scythian etc warrior’s settled and their stories are captured in things like the rig
    ie inder the general titled god of war, shamanism, zoroastrianism
    these people invaded further to the middle india and created a caste system for aboriginal
    some of these now flowed to punjab
    but pali, sanskrit punjab I came from the north west and steppes
    this culture and education spread to the rest of India but indigenous aboriginals still push back

    Theres too many fake ass jatt wanna to recognise you have to know


    Jatt have been marginalized in the nw sub continent ie punjab – from Delhi rajasthan to kandahar to khazakistan

    by religion Islam (arab) and hindi (baman bania rajput etc)

    and now trying to in Sikhism

    and by the respective non jatt groups

    to remedy this

    do what comes natural

    be a jatt – warrior philosopher

    don’t let anyone else assume leadership over you

    educate train and organise yourselves

    take over or create your own institutions or organs of government

    the world is yours

    jatt di pashaan

  48. A costume and name change don’t make a genuine warrior philosopher

    Let’s take a closer look at vasakhi

    a gathering was organised by the guru out of the existing warrior philosophers ie jatt and others non jatt warrior philosophers

    A challenge was thrown out

    Who – ‘out of you gathered here are willing to give your head for the cause and for vahe guru’

    ‘Who has the faith beyond the studued philosophy in vahe guru to give their head’

    Who is brave enough ?

    Many were called few answered

    Out of those few – 5 men – some of whom were not from the traditional warrior philosopher background answered

    But they proved their worth they were brave enough to be considered khalsa warrior philosophers

    They answered and stood up and walked towards a perceived imminent threat and probably fatal danger

    The powerful guru stood with an unsheathed sword

    This test of their spirit was the only way to confirm authenticity

    The next time raising the risk as the guru stood with a dripping sword

    And so they were transformed
    In form and character
    With 5 ks and warrior philosopher character ethic to be practiced

    They were signed up for life to risk their life and practice the warrior philosopher ethic

    Thus was the authentication ceremony and high standard set which confirmed their elite status

    To be absolutely crystal clear
    Anyone who hits this very high standard is equal to each other
    They are all elite

    But you have to hit this very high standard ……. by the taking the test

    Compare that to today’s fakers
    Would they, do they fight against tyranny and oppression ?

    Would they give their heads ?

    At the contemporary initiation are they tested on their

    Character (warrior philosopher)

    And tested and Initiated and practicing the warrior philosopher ethic ?

    Now people cheapen the ideal by pretending they are khalsa with a costume and name change

    Form without substance

    and deceive for money or try to use it to improve their caste image ………. beware fakers

    I doubt these credit hoes or fake image wannabes have the ability to practice the warrior philosopher ethic

    Yet they cry out to be recognised as genuine and equal

    Do not be fooled
    Man is known by his actions

    Warrior philosophers are known by their practice

    By analogy
    Do not compare uneducated couch potatoes to navy seal phd educated peoples with dutiful characters
    Because they add dr to their name and Wear combat fatigues

    Equality, openness, no caste what do these mean in sikhi
    People conflate their own views and have politics agendas to blatantly lie …….

    There is no mandate to mix races or not to use surnames or be identity – less

    But you are a complete idiot if you treat people like shit or as angels without knowing them

    Man is judged based on his actions

    Don’t prejudice bad qualities on people or good qualities on people

    Judge people on action

  49. gurvinder singh October 23, 2016, 17:36

    jatts are touchable shudras……. they betrayed during kalgidhr patshah time, played an active role and betrayed sikh raj under maharaja ranjit singh… during mudki and sabhrawan jang …. pahada singh jatt got faridkot raj for that ….. other jatt sardars which betrayed were lehna singh majithia…… they were never with khalsa panth . when ahmed shah abdali put price on heads of sikhs, jatts of punjab notably sahib rai sandhu , rama randhawa, karma cheena and khtris of punjab killed atleast 40000 sikhs and took 195 carts full of sikh heads to lahore to get reward money placed on head….. they are anti guru nanak, anti khalsa people , obedient sons of manu or brahmin… and can go to any extent to remain in power…. REAL KILLERS OF SIKHISM>>>> IN PAST,IN PRESENT , AND WILL REMAIN FOR GENERATIONS … it is bitter truth……..

  50. Rajendra Kalkhande October 26, 2016, 12:19

    Interesting reading of comments. Jat is a Jat first before being a Hindu, Muslim or even sikh for that matter. Jat is not a caste for sure as jats have their own traditions. jats don’t bother too much about Brahmins and treat them in the category of alms seekers. I myself is a Jat who happens to be a Hindu. However, I don’t care about my religion. For me my being Jat is more important than being a Hindu. I feel more close to a Jutt sikh anytime. Jats are widely dispersed all over world. There are Gills in Ireland. There are two provinces in Denmak called North and south Juttland ( Non jats are mostly anti jats and this is why Jats rarely get favorable media coverage except during wartime.

  51. great article I have also done research abot this


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