The Coldstart Doctrine And Operation Kurekshetra

 The Coldstart Doctrine And Operation Kurekshetra

The Coldstart Doctrine And Operation Kurekshetra


The Coldstart Doctrine is a NATO military plan for an attack on Pakistan. The primary objective of the plan is to remove Pakistan from the nuclear club.  A second and equally important objective is to balkanize Pakistan and create a number of vassal states.  Presumably this plan will be actuated after  Syria is dismembered, Hezbollah reduced to a nullity  and then Iran itself reduced to a vassal state status. These three events are a precondition for the Codstart doctrine. Once this chain of dominoes is completed, Coldstart can be put into effect. 

The Coldstart Doctrine  requires the participation of India to succeed.  This is where Operation Kurekshetra comes into play.  If you are unaware, Kurekshatra is a city in the State Of Haryana, India. This is the place where the legendary battle of the Mahabharata allegedly occurred.  The Mahabharata is the primary religious text of the Hindus. It was penned in thr 14th century by Tulsidas.  In the Mahabharata, Thirteen Aryan invader armies, confronted 17 aboriginal and  Naga armies ( nag- literally meaning snake, the Mongolian tribal inhabitants  were called Nagas by the Aryan invaders because of their  slit eyes) . The prize of the battle was the ownership of  India.  According to this Hindu religious text, the Gods were actually helping the Aryans and the charioteer of one Prince was a god. Lucky for the Aryans!  Of course,  if one was to dig to the centre of the earth from the city of Kurekshetra one would not find any relics of the epic battle.  The primary Hindu religious text is a work of fiction. After the momentous battle, the chief Aryan warlords and princesses  became Gods and Goddesses; and bards began waxing eloquently about the greatness of these warlord   gods. Eventually, these warlords and princesses were canonized  into the Hindu religion. There was a well established agarian civilization in India at the time of these events. The gangetic plain had a lot of dams to control flooding and store water for agriculture.  One of the warlords proceeded into the gangetic plain and embarked upon  breaking  all of the dams so that the aboriginal inhabitants would be rendered into a state of starvation and enslavement. This charming warlord was known as Indra and is canonized as one of the trinity of main Hindu gods. Hindu religious texts frequently refer to Indra as the breaker of dams.This is in a nutshell, the real beginnings of the Hindu Religion. The conclusion that you may be inclined to draw is that Hinduism is  trash. But this is a tautology. The actual surmise is that  the persistent vain glorification of such egregious infamy presages  the fact  the human race is  utterly doomed.

Operation Kurekshetra is a secret battle plan to be used by India in an attack on Pakistan. In effect NATO will attack from the West and India from the East.   Operation Kurekshetra is a detailed operational plan.

One can hazard a calculated guess that the Codstart doctrine can become a reality with the next three to five years.

The Sikh Position

This coming war is not for the Sikh nation. Sikhs are not stakeholders in any future Coldstart war.  The Sikhs must not take any sides but hope that India and Pakistan will both be utterly  destroyed in such a war. This is an opportunity to create a Sikh Nation as clearly stated by Guru Gobind Singh. It is worth reminiscing that at the Respected Castle Of  Anandpur Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh had asserted to his soldiers: “Khalsaji, if you will be  patient for a little while longer, I will deliver Khalsa Raj into your hands“.




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  1. Can you please post a reference to the statement that was mentioned on the last line
    “Khalsaji, if you will be patient for a little while longer, I will deliver Khalsa Raj into your hands“.

    Nawjwan Khalsa

  2. Remember though, where does the road into ‘pakistan’ really start from? Our land, we’ll be caught up no matter what. If this does turn nuclear, where do you think they’ll strike first? Maybe punjabi to punjabi they won’t strike another part of punjab, but don’t count on it. NRI have to have supply ready now to be there and help in the after-math.

    If they nuke, Darbar Sahib.. Pher pata lagna ke ladlian di foj kiddaaaa ruflah chuk diya.

  3. Why would Pakistan nuke Darbar Sahib? Please refrain from paranoid fantasies. Pakistan would nuke strategic places to inflict maximum damage, not Darbar Sahib for God’s sake!!!


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