India Tries Draconian Censorship

Kapil Sibal - India's Censor In Chief

Kapil Sibal – India’s Censor In Chief


By: Anant Prakash Kaur


Editor’s Note:At a certain point the rank hypocrisy, state murder and double-talk becomes odious. The mind recoils in repulsion at the heart of darkness.  The last refuge of the absolute tyrant is to still the tongues of all critics and bring them within the ambit of criminal sedition and custodial murder.  This is India. A country where 900 million people live on the edge of starvation. Where 500 million people live on a bare subsistence of cooked onions, unleavened bread and a thin lentil soup. A country where people would starve to death  if the price of onions were to inflate less than modestly.  A country where over 200,000 Sikhs were murdered in cold blood during the Sikh insurgency  from 1980 to 1995. A country which continues to brutally suppress Sikhs. A country where over a 150,000 muslims have been murdered in the State of Kashmir. A country where a progrom of genocide was carried out in Godra in 2004 against muslims  by  Narendra Modi,  the chief minister of the State of Gujarat.

A  nation that has perfected the statecraft of small scale genocides to pacify troublesome minorities.  A country where bullets and heavy calibre weapons are used against indigenous tribal women fighting with bows and arrows for their aboriginal rights in the State Of Jharkhand. A country where programs of genocide have been hatched against religious minorities, Christians, Sikhs and Muslims, at the very highest  political levels. A country obstinate in it’s insistence that Hindus are first class citizens and every other religious minority must  live at their sufferance. An odious regime that refuses to bring genocidal murderers to book.

A ravenous, genocidal Killer State.  They have the bloody cheek to talk about Internet censorship. Winston Churchill was once asked whether India was a country. He replied ” India is no more a county than is the Equator”.  The emerging Geopolitics indicate that this country will be utterly finished by  the year 2018.

On December 12, 2011, Kapil Sibal the Minister Of  Telecommunications has  summoned senior executives of Google, Facebook to pre-screen and block all content concerning India which is offensive to India.  He has further advised these executives that India will not be satisfied with machine  based content analysis but wants human censors on the job.

The ostensible cause for their ire is an article of about Sonia Gandhi which they deem to be offensive. That’s it. Sonia Gandhi, racially an Italian,  is a dual Indian and Italian citizen who does not hold any elected office. Her husband Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India and during the  first year of his tenure he instituted the state sponsored liquidation of Sikhs.  Sonia Gandhi’s son, Rahul Gandhi, is slated to assume the Prime Minister’s seat in  India; though he has no qualifications other than being a playboy.

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