Sardar : Letter From Death Row : Killing The Beast

Shaheed Dilawer Singh Babbar

Shaheed Dilawer Singh Babbar

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By Sardar

Every year in December, The SikhArhives honours a great Hero. This year we are proud to have been afforded the gracious opportunity to seek shelter in  the shadow of those  Immortal Lions,  Shaheed Dilawer Singh Babbar, Balwant Singh Rajoana and Sardar Jagtar Singh Hawara, Babbar Khalsa.


History By Sikh Archives

During the period of the Sikh insurgency from 1980 to 1995, over 200,000 Sikhs were murdered by the Indian Security Forces. The Indian Government consistently denied International Agencies the right to enter The Punjab to investigate the extent of the atrocities. Not one Human Rights NGO was permitted entry while the genocide proceeded.  Individuals who have since tried to gauge the  extent of the genocide have  been liquidated or ‘quieted’. Instrumental in the genocide was the Chief Minister of The Punjab, Beant Singh. Beant Singh was a notorious killer who had the explicit sanction of the Indian Government to implement a regime of terror and murder. His reign of terror  was marked by extensive torture, rape,  custodial disappearances  and the mass liquidation of Sikhs.

The liquidation was particularly marked in the case of Sikh youth. In many border villages in the Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur districts of the Punjab,  all of the Sikh youth were murdered. It was a time when it was dangerous to wear a turban or keep your beard full flowing. It was during this reign of terror that Sikh youth started cutting their hair to avoid torture and death.


This video will give you a quick background on the events in heroic poetic form (warning – graphic horror)





Martyr Dilawar Singh Babbar Kills Beant Singh

Martyr Dilawar Singh Babbar Kills Beant Singh


In 1995,  Shaheed (martyr) Dilawar Singh, a police constable, tied a bomb to his body and detonated it while approaching the heavily guarded car  of the Chief Minister.  Jagtar Singh Hawara  and Paramjit Singh of the Babbar Khalsa were tried and  convicted for masterminding this act of high  valour. They were  awarded the death sentence.


Shaheed Dilawar Singh Babbar

Shaheed Sardar Dilawar Singh Babbar


Noble Warrior!  Sardar!  Great!  Great!  Great! Shaheed Sardar Dilawar Singh Babbar you are garlanded for eternity! We bow at the Temple Of Your Greatness!   You prove the worth of Sikhi!  



The Beast Scene from the film Sadda Haq where the valiant Dilawar Singh Babbar kills the genocidal beast



Chief Minister Beant Singh Is Killed By Shaheed Dilawar Singh Babbar

Chief Minister Beant Singh Is Killed By Shaheed Dilawar Singh Babbar



Chief Minister Beant Singh - A Mass Murderer

Chief Minister Beant Singh – A Mass Murderer


The Indian Government has erected this statute honouring a genocidal killer responsible for the death of 200,000 Sikhs along with his cohort, the notorious terrorist police chief – K.P.S. Gill


Statue Erected By The Indian Government In Honour Of Beant Singh - A Genocidal Killer

Statue Erected By The Indian Government In Honour Of Beant Singh – A Genocidal Killer


Shaheed Dilawer Singh - The Visage Of An Immortal Hero

Shaheed Dilawer Singh – The Visage Of An Immortal Hero


 The Letter Of Faqr-e-Quom  Sardar  Jagtar Singh

Jagtar Singh Hawara is often given the honorific title:  faqr-e-quom.   This is the letter of Jagtar Singh from death row.


Ik Ongkar
Shri Akaal Sahaaey
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Cowardly terrorists belonging to “Hindu Suraksha Samiti” of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with some misconceptions and under an immoral mindset tried to attack me at the Chandigarh Court complex on November 11, 2011 at 11:30 AM. This was a very big mistake on their part. I want to make it very clear that the Sikh Nation has always been fearless–in fact it is the people of “Hindu Suraksha Samiti” and their leaders who are fearful. The people who tried to attack me and their RSS masters should have first read Sikh history: whoever has tried to attack the Sikh nation has been taught a lesson. I also want to relay this message to the cowardly people that they should have also looked at their history and their status before launching the attack.

I invite these ingrates to try once again, they will see what happens. I do not need any security as I very well know that the failed attack was jointly schemed by RSS, BJP rulers and the gangs of Hindu Suraksha Samiti with the help of Chandigarh Police. There is no doubt that the Chandigarh Police was also involved in this attack. These cowardly people had attacked under the misconception that I was shackled and bound. But with the immeasurable mercy of Guru Ji, these people learned a good lesson. We promise our heroic nation that with the mercy of Sarbans Dani Sahib Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, we will never let it down.

It was the motive of the cowardly attackers and their RSS masters that LK Advani’s tour of Punjab should start with an attack on the Sikh Nation. It was done to send a message to the Sikhs that if they do not recognize their slavery to the RSS, the same will happen to the entire Sikh community.

I thank my nation, especially the brothers in their youth who have always sided with me in all aspects–even during the day of the attack, when the police tried to humiliate me many times, they stood by me. I feel the heartfelt wishes of my brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters and the empathy of the Khalsa Panth–for these are my sole source of strength. We request the entire Khalsa Panth to keep this flame alive.

We do not long for the tranquil shores;
our ship yearns for  hurricanes instead.

Your servant, Jagtar Singh Hawara
Lodged: Tihar Jail, Delhi
Dated: November 15, 2011


Original Letter Of Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji In Gurmukhi Script

Original Letter Of Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji In Gurmukhi Script



The Attack On The Great Singh By A RSS Hindu Fanatic



Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji On His Arrest Over A Decade Ago

Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji On His Arrest Over A Decade Ago


Noblesse, great virtues and God ordained courage.  In the radiant flowering of youth and Sikh manliness,  Jagtar Singh raises the sword arm to avenge the Sikh Nation.


Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji In Jail

Sardar Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji In Jail



Shiv Sena worker attack on Jagtar singh hawara at distt Court CHD

Shiv Sena worker attack on Sardar Jagtar Singh Hawara at distt Court CHD



A Vile Desecretion Of Memories

On 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011) while White Sikhs who dare to call themselves Khalsa were performing pooja, fire worship ceremonies and worshipping Lord Shiva in Hindu Temples (in celebration of the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius),   the great Jagtar Singh Hawara was attacked by a RSS Goon.  These White Sikhs have their head-quarters in Espanola, New Mexico. Only  five or six of them can read Punjabi or speak it.

This cult is tasked by Indian Intelligence Agencies with  with hinduizing the Sikh Faith and promoting it’s absorbation into Hinduism. The top leaders of this sect are undoubtedly on the RSS/RAW/IB payrolls.


Jagtar Singh Hawara's Sister Visits The Great Sikh On Death Row

Jagtar Singh Hawara’s Sister Visits The Great Sikh On Death Row



Paramjit Singh And Jagtar Singh Hawara, The Masterminds

Sardar Balwant Singh And Sardar Jagtar Singh Hawara, The Lions






The Firebrand Balladeer Moranwali  talks about the RSS attack on the Lion Hawara.


Fakhe-e-Quom Jagtar Singh Hawara

Fakhe-e-Quom Sardar Jagtar Singh Hawara



The Sikh Diaspora Continues


The Sikh Diaspora Continues

The Sikh Diaspora Continues



The reason The Babbar Khalsa exacted killed Beant Sinha.







In the event that you do not understand Punjabi, towards the end of the discussion, the lady on the left says: “Sometimes it is necessary to give a reply. It is a sin to be a tyrant but it is an even greater sin to bear tyranny.”






Tribute video for Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana


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  1. If someone could make a hollywood version of THE SIKHS IN HISTORY BY SANGAT SINGH,( maybe peoples understanding would fall into sharp perspective. It would also be a massive 3 to 5 films long. Charting the struggle upto the British mischief and battles.
    That would be the best way to mass educate people.
    And of course great article.

    • Anant Prakash Kaur December 25, 2011, 02:44

      We can’t rely on somebody else to make the film. One person has to take the responsibility and then starting with a small film project work his/her way up to the ultimate goal. The route is feasible – use digital technology. Digital Tech can be used to emulate much larger film budgets. Fox example, Beowulf was shot inside a school sized gym with a couple of digital cameras. The backgrounds were entirely digital; though this is not evident at all. So the route is that someone undertake a series of projects – each larger than the last. Along the way, she will gain expertise, credibility and a following. This is the only way to make a three volume film based on Sangat Singh’s book.

  2. Gurmat Singh – Yes, you are right, if Sikhs preserved and propogated their ideology in cinematic form, we would be more successful in educating and propogating Sikhi. Unfortunately punjabi cinema in India has only followed the classical narrative model of cinema to display mindless entertainment. There are a few movies from 1950s – 70’s however, only about a couple are based on Sikhi (Nanak Naam Jahaz Hain etc), there are also a few low budget movies done in documentary style on the moghul/muslim rule in india. The only other type of punjabi cinema to be produced came out of pakistan, which is purely co-incidental due to punjabi being spoken there too.

    Reconstructing such glorious history would require vast amounts of money and effort. Is the Sikh sangat willing to do this? Or will they continue filling their own pockets. Perhaps this is why we have very little cinematic works of our own.

    • Thankyou M. Kaur. Noted with much thanks.
      Someone needs to directly interpret Sangat Singhs very real version of history in an epic 3 movie blockbuster. I reckon that someone needs to talk the director of Immortals into this, if in fact he
      is a true Sikh at heart. I think he would strive to get it done.
      Then, maybe the Sikhs world wide will realise their silly bickerings are actually rooted in the subversion tactics of the Brahmins and oppositions.

      • Thanks for the comments Gurmat. It is great to know that some people are standing with us. Though SikhArchives gets over 23,000 visitors every month, most are just passers by and voyeurs. Many are mucho scared to give their opinions. A Statistical analysis of page views seems to indicate a deplorable lack of reading skills. The Quom cannot move forward without education and knowledge. Knowledge of authentic History is crucial to keeping the Sikh Quom alive. Having knowledge of authentic history is the most important tool that a Sikh can acquire, Sikhi has been applied and proven in the crucible of history. We must proceed on the basis that 95% of Sikhs are traitors and cowards. They will not speak the truth and they are not interested in hearing it either. They WILL BETRAY YOU. This is the hypocrisy that defines them throughout their entire trivial lives. They are very far from being the sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Most are just scum. They have been dragged down to this level by their masters and now it is up to the overseas youth to use knowledge, education and derring do to turn things around. If I was to give a piece of advice to young Sikh lads and lassies, I would say get the best education you can, remain united, follow the path of Bhindranwale, do not worship your parents – they are wrong most of the time, and do derring do. You will see then how you fly high and strike fear into the bosom of the enemy. You will feel like you are at the top of the world.

        • Thankyou Poet Warrior – I knew there was a reason why I feel so isolated in my understanding of Sikhi lol. After my own heart.

      • Sikh history like immortals is very much a classic story of good vs evil. One of the many frameworks of classical cinema narratives.Victory in the most dire circumstances,collective bravery, sacrifice, resistance and revolution (the same was present in Immortals, except not to the extent as it presents itself in factual Sikh history). With a good script and screenplay it is possible.

        The level of Punjabi cinema right now is that of assimilation and integration. For example ‘ Breakaway’ (2011) raises themes like old generation vs new generation, the turban as a symbol of disturbance/cultural artifact that comes in the way of playing hockey and inter faith marriage.

        Most of the actors representing Sikhs are not actually Sikhs, the turban is displayed as a traditional artifact etc. However in my analysis of cinema as it exists today is not to judge what the director was thinking but rather what is working and what is not. And what this says about people and culture in general. After all why would people pay money to watch something revolting.

        Movies such as Breakaway and others (mostly starring Harbhajan Mann and Babbu Mann outside of India) do well because they appeal to the remnents of a sub culture that exists within Punjab. For example drinking lots of alcohol, pride in assimilation and buying houses abroad, Bhangra and so on.

        What this reveals is this: Sikhs do not know their history and have established a sub-culture for themselves where the main indicators are primarily : assimilation, inter-faith marriage, drinking, Bhangra, weddings and nostalgia. Therefore reaffirmation of these indicators in cinematic form appeals to them. Contrast this to Sikh history and tradition who’s main indicators are vastly different.

  3. What has happened is that through the intervention of Satan itself in Sikh affairs the battle between good and evil has reached its limits. A no more magnificient event has happened on this earth than the men that Sikh teaching has thrown up to face Satan. Actually immediately after taking rule of India Satan had started with blasphemy of the Khalsa/Sikh personality. It had started abusing insulting Sikhs as soon as authority of Hindu nation came to its hands. it became abusive and slanderous towards the protagonists of Sikh teachings at increasing scales till it reached the present level. We are now witness to the Satan – Khalsa (Guru Gobind Singh) fight at that scale which is called the cosmic scale in Sikh religion. From blaspheming Sikh literature and the holy Guru Granth it has come to manhandle the literature and holy Guru Granth. It has in fact not just come to manhandling it is clearly resorting to mass murders of Sikhs and has taken to insulting and destroying whatever is sacred to Sikhs from Scriptures to other signs. It is in fact not able to tolerate Khalsa signs. Thus as Satanic attacks having reached its edge, the Sikh essence has started throwing up perfect saint soldiers ready to lay down their lives to save the teachings if not dignity of Sikhism and Sikhs.

    Now this has rarely happened with any other teaching. And as believers in holy Guru Granth we can clearly see that Sikhs alone will be able to reestablish Dharama even though Satan is thinking that it is destroying the correct leaders of Sikhs. As the Chandigarh court episode of 11-11-11 shows Satan is raving and ranting at those saint soldiers who have appeared in the very image of Guru Gobind Singh exactly as intended in the teaching. Now there is no escape for Satan, as our saint soldiers have taken up the issue right from 1984 in earnest. They indeed have achieved immortality as the Guru Granth ordains. jana maran dono mein nahi jan parupkari aaye. If Sikh people do not respond to the present scenerio which Guru is himself gracing with required enthusiasm and support, then when will they do it. If they do not participate in the present cosmic scene of Khalsa then Gurbani words will squarely apply on them – bhai rey kahey jag aaya (why you o’ brother have taken birth in this world).

    • Did anyone spot the above photo with chand tora? the chand tora is a brahmin symbol to propogate the nihang cult – where they used a name and turned it into a label for a type of sikh. When there is only one type of true sikh. The symbol of shiva is in the chand tora, meaning lucifer – lucifer is shiva (albert pyke – morals and dogma); and the half moon is isis. The Brahmin religion is paganism much the same as gnosticism.freemasonry/mystery religion of babylon.


  5. Harvinder singh May 6, 2016, 06:27

    Khalistan zindabad


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