The Yogi Bhajan Cult : Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga And Astral Rape Technology

Yogi Bhajan - Rapist?

Yogi Bhajan – A Rapist And A Sodomizer – Katherine Felt


What Do Both Of These Predators Have In Common?


Billionaires:  Both Yogi Bhajan and Sai Baba were billionaires. They built cult religion empires. They were psychopaths and enunciated rules for their flock, which rules did not apply to them.This is akin to the Roman Rule that the King’s law does not apply to the King.  Both Sai Baba and Yogi Bhajan were highly autocratic and demanded complete subservience from their disciples.


Whippings, Beatings And Involuntary Servitude:   Both Yogi Bhajan and Sai Baba made their disciples work long hours for no or little pay. This involuntary servitude was necessary to get the cult’s financial prosperity secure. Recalcitrant disciples were beaten, subjected to humiliation in front of other cult members,  false imprisonment and so forth. Sai Baba was particularly known for keeping what can only be described as child slaves. A favourite Yogi Bhajan technique was sleep deprivation in order to keep his flock dis-oriented. He would force them to wake up at 3:30 a.m. Katherine Felt who got a huge secret settlement from Yogi Bhajan alleged whippings, false imprisonment, rape, battery and  sodomy.


Rape And Paedophilia:  Sai Baba was a confirmed rapist and paedophile. The charges outstanding against him were serious. There were numerous arrest warrants out for his arrest in Germany, The Netherands, France and England.  But due to his political connections in India, he was never extradited. Just so that I am perfectly clear – some of the allegations against him were child rape. Yogi Bhajan had numerous allegations of rape and sodomy against him – which he settled quietly out of court for huge sums of money – see:  A Rapist Called Yogi Bhajan.


Yoga Masters:  Both Sai Baba and  Yogi Bhajan claimed to be Yoga Masters. Bhajan claimed to be the Maha Tantric Yogi of the Universe. Sai Baba claimed to be God.  Both predators used Yoga to trap innocent young people. Yoga was the snare used to trap and ruin innocent lives.


Protection By The Indian Government: Both Yogi Bhajan and Sai Baba had the political patronage of the Indian Government.  India steadfastly refused to permit the extradition of  Sai Baba to face charges for child rape in Germany. Yogi Bhajan was a petty criminal and practised liar who was recruited by Indian Intelligence agencies to do his part in destroying Sikhism.  Though he was unable to penetrate the Sikh Diaspora in the West, he managed to create a mongrel cult of whites in the West who  miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu practises.

There is an extensive set of resources available on the paedophile Sai Baba, you may want to start here: Sai Baba The Paedophile

Yogi Bhajan And Kundalini Yoga Technology!?

One of the most egregious transgressions of the 3H0 Sikhs  is the claim that Yoga is a technology and that it’s use is sanctified in the Guru Granth Sahib. In particular. these Anti-Sikhs claim that the Guru Granth Sahib sanctifies the use of Kundalini Yoga to  realize God. This is a completely spurious claim that can find absolutely no validation in the Guru Granth Sahib.

But what these miscegnators have done is to deliberately change words in the English translation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib by inserting the words Yoga Technology. This  is a provocation and a treasonous act against the Sikh Nation. It is  supremely egregious and has been done to falsely sanctify Yoga as part of  the Sikh Religion. The motivating factor  is the need   to perpetuate their billion dollar empire and trap innocent youth in their snare. They are using religion for their private monetary benefit. The word technology has it’s origins in the birth of the Industrial Revolution in England. It refers to the use  of machines in a systematic manner to produce goods. The Guru Granth Sahib is not a technology and the use of this word in this context is disingenuous.

As most traditional Sikhs know, The Guru Granth Sahib does not translate well at all. The Guru Granth Sahib is poetical and highly emotional. It is that emotional connection and bond which leads to liberation.  Any translation of the Guru Granth Sahib does NOT carry across the EXTREME  ETHEREAL EMOTIONALISM  of the Guru Granth Sahib. That experience is emotional, over-whelming and transformative.  And this is exactly  why the only  practise which is sanctioned is prayer and listening to the Gurbani. You do not need to advert to anything else (except in the domain of action – where you practise your religion through right action).  If you read the Guru Granth Sahib in English you will COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY miss this ethereal emotional connection. YOU CANNOT CONNECT EMOTIONALLY TO THE SHABAD EXCEPT IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB.  Once you are connected on the ethereal, emotional plane; that is it, you will know.  Other religions DO NOT connect you on such a high emotional plane; which is why they revert to ritual, religious law, yoga  and other techniques.

So the first thing to do is to start learning the language. Learning languages is always good. And Punjabi is not that difficult to learn. It is logical. Gurbani is multi-lingual and has an extremely terse sentence structure. Every word is non-superfluous. The Punjabi script (Gurmukhi) was specifically and consciously designed by Guru Amar Dass to transmit The Word. It is the only script which has been consciously invented. Gurmukhi is logical and meant to be easily acquired. In Punjabi, Females can naturally express themselves in the male tense and speak in the male tense. This was the normal way of speaking until Sikhs got “culture’. So as a language learner you can immediately cut out fifty per cent of the verb conjugations.  At this stage in Sikh History, I would say that it is de riguer that females return to one tense usage.  By learning Punjabi, you learn one of the most quaint, gutteral languages in the world; a language which is very naturally  warlike in tone. And I can assure you that speaking this language puts iron in your blood. You will also gain membership into one of the most insular groups in the world. Punjabi is understood by the Sikhs, Muslim Punjabis and the Pathans (erroneously called The Taliban). I have even spoken to Hazara tribesmen from  Northern Afghanistan   who can follow it.  Bear in mind that the Guru Granth Sahib is not pure Punjabi. It is an  admixture of medieval, formal Punjabi, classical Persian, and Hindi (but virtually no Sanskrit).

Second listen to good Shabad Kirtan performed well by Masters. Finding good Shabad Kirtan performed properly is not easy.  I started with Shabad Kirtan performed in an Afghan style of Kirtan called raw raag. It’s classical but very raw and emotional. The beginning is always a lengthy invocation to God and you can very well imagine yourself  on a battlefield before the start of a battle.  The invocation connects the Word Of God to the neccesity of a True Sikh’s presence in the domain of right action. This is kirtan which expresses the classical Sikh ideology.   It is a Kirtan style with authentic historical roots and it is heavily intoxicating. I tried to obtain several references for this article from Youtube but could not find any.

To say that the Guru Granth Sahib provides a technology to reach God or a mechanical set of practises is to completely miss the point.  The understanding in the Guru Granth Sahib is an emotional and intuitive  understanding. It is not a riddle which you must spend a million years trying to comprehend. Anybody leading you down the path of riddles and mystification is a damnable liar. You do not have to do any yoga, nostril breathing exercises or any other insanely weird rituals made up by a fake meister to enslave you and empty your pocket.  Gurbani is easy, listen with devotion and love and connect on the ethereal, emotional level.

The Yoga Technology of the White Sikhs betray them as people who cannot read or write Punjabi, cannot read the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and simply cannot connect on the ethereal emotional plane of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  It must be borne in mind that very few of these so called “White Sikhs” are actually conversant in the Punjabi Language; perhaps no more than five or six; and they are afraid to learn from the 25 million strong Sikh Nation. But beyond this their arrogance is stunning. Many Punjabi Sikhs have commented upon them as being arrogant and having a superiority complex.  The Sikh Quom would be much better off if they did not exist.


Yogi Bhajan And Astral Rape

Now concerning Kundalini Yoga which was used by Yogi Bhajan to trap Americans.  There are persistent rumors that he had a form of rape that he called Astral Rape. He is reputed to have promoted Astral Rape as a secret Kundalini Yoga Technology which only very high level Kundalini Yoga masters could use.  Quaere: does Astral Rape involve sodomy?

Kundalini Yoga is Tantra. Tantra is well known for it’s  excursions into finding a Hindu God or Godddess (like the Goddess Durga) by deviant sexual practises. For example, you can google:  Tantra, Hinduism and  cannibalism to inquire into corpse eating tantric practises.  Tantra and Yoga are completely disavowed in Sikhism.   I would almost hypothesize that astral rape is nothing more than drugging a girl with bhang, sudakkar or some other tantric concoction and then raping her silly. She can then be told that she was astrally loved by a being from Uranus. Was This is the type of stuff this predator was involved in?


The following is an extract of a Facebook discussion on Yogi Bhajan being a traitor to the Sikh Panth and a rape artist.



Runjeet Singh:-


” First we had Guru jee as Dusht Daman in Hemkunt,now we have Guru Sahib as Yogi in Los Angeles! where has common sense gone? Yogi refused to wear a kirpan and wore a lapis necklace, he only condescended to wear the kirpan at Bhai Jeevan Singh’s behest to save himself from pending court cases in 1986, where was miri and pi ri and bina shaster kesang naraang bhed jano spirit then??”




Manvinder Singh Chadha :- “and I was in LA at the time the impending cases were rape cases and it was Bhai Jeevan Singh who saved his hide from Pritam singh who brought the case to court”




Runjeet Singh


how can these people who claim yogi to be Guru Sahib even consider that Guru Sahib has entered the cycle of birth and rebirth? If Guru Sahib has not attained Mukthi then what chance do the rest of us have? These people propagating this view are heretics and need to answer at Akaal Thakht for their abysmal thoughts.


Manvinder Singh Chadha


Its a shame I am shocked that 3HO is allowing this to carry on, I have met Sikhs from 3HO who are true Sikhs to the core, is this now becoming a cult, like Rev Jim Jones. Will some one from 3HO please put the record streight so we know where they stand.



Aman Deep Singh

yogi bhajan was a govt agent like baba virsa singh , as yogi bhajan was virsa singh’s chela , if u want to know the hidden facts about yogis treachery to sikh panth go and visit this website and get the latest articles on what’s going on …in the 3ho and their established businesses.




this website is created by one of yogi’s follower who is now a pure sikh and he spent 30 yrs with 3ho and he exposed every details about inside of 3ho. Please also read that e book which is available in that site u can download it.

gurfateh ji



Runjeet Singh


@Aman Both Manvinder and myself are aware Of Yogii as we stayed in LA back in 1986 and spent much time with him, so we are aware of his antecedants i.e sadh virsa, his stay in canada and abrupt departure to US and his promises to Bhai Jeevan Singh and his compromises with Pritam singh of florida. It is not Yogi we are discussing but the 3HO people now,and their beliefs. Thank you for your input.


Siri Sundri Kaur


WOW!!!!!!tks so much Aman because of you I know the true, tks for been an instrument of God to show me the right way, love u a lot son.

also tks to Manvinder Ji and Runjeet Ji.Gurufateh jio.

over a year ago


Also from the Facebook entry above, the following sex kit:

Displaying the only post.

aman singh





website. you won’t believe

This site promotes at the bottom gay sex using kundalini yoga “Yogi Bhajan’s teaching on sexuality often refer to the male and female.While Yogi Bhajan was from a culture where sex was restricted to a union within marriage between a man and a woman, he later came peace with homosexuality. Within his teachings, when he refers to ‘male and female,’ it is perfectly acceptable to look at these as creative polarities, rather than gender specific requirements. The Kundalini Yoga for Sex Kit supports all loving sexual relationships between consenting adults, however you choose to define them.


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  2. Astral Rape: think MKULTRA Monarch Mind Control Programming.
    It makes being raped and murdered look compassionate. It is a torture technology of excruciatingly painful ECT shocks to the brain combined with rape and other psychological and undetectable physical torture to create multiple personality disorder in the victim who ends up as a completely mind controlled slave.


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