The Story Of Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria (the one from Lahore)

Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria

Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria

From The Sikh Organization For Prisoner Welfare


This is a rare picture of Bhai Kulbir Singh Barapind, and the family of Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria.

Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria has been incarcerated in Tihar Jail Delhi since 1997 and is the co-accused in the same case as Professor Devidnerpal Singh Bhullar. His wife, Bibi Kamaljeet Kaur Lahoria spent over 11 years in prison and has still a case pending in Calcutta.

Her torture by the Indian authorities is alarming and disturbing. Whilst she was pregnant with her Son; Surinder Singh, the police officers continued to torture her. In her own words :

As I lay on the floor, the policemen searched me and found some, medicine tablets. Responding to questions of the policemen in charge, I explained that 1was pregnant and that the tablets were for morning sickness. He chillingly stated to the others “take care of her.” One of the other policemen pleaded to no avail that “we must be careful, because she is pregnant,” but his statements had no impact. The officer stated, “I want you to beat her good.” Another policeman stated, “Kick her in the stomach! !!”

The Sikh Organization For Prisoner Welfare  have been supporting both Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria and Bibi Kamaljit Kaur, by providing monthly support, prisoner welfare, medical aid and paying for the legal aid (bail, lawyers etc).


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