Sardar : The Long Slow War

Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh



The  Knights Of The Khalsa

Ever since the Lord Of The Falcons (“Baaj Guru, Baaj from the arabic word baz, meaning Falcon“) created the Khalsa in 1699,  there has been a  long, slow war to assert the supremacy of the Knights Of The  Khalsa.

In the Jungles Of Nandehr, shortly prior to his merger into God, Guru Gobind Singh imparted  the final command to the Sikh Nation :

By the Order  of God
I have created  the Khalsa

To all Sikhs this is the final command
The Guru Granth Sahib is your teacher

The Khalsa shall rule
Those who oppose the Khalsa shall be vanquished
Blessed shall be those who seek sanctuary of the Khalsa

The name of the boat is Nanak
This will ferry you across the world ocean

At devout Sikh Gurdwaras, all over the world, these instructions are recited by the congregation at the end of every day. Of  course  if you do not believe this command (and the majority of Sikhs today fall into this category) then you are not a Sikh or you are a  hypocritical fake Sikh.

And thus with this, the final command,  began  the long, slow war of the Knights of the Khalsa. Wars and Battles in which the Khalsa has never once mustered a majority on the battlefield.  In the darkest periods, the Khalsa has battled virtually alone with the spectre of defeat a dead certainty.  The last flare up in the long, slow war was when  the Lion Bhindranwale challenged the might of the Indian Army. They never took him alive to be paraded and mocked in Delhi. The Lion Bhindranwale married the Messenger Of Death and thus cheated the tyrants.  As will become evident in near future history, the long, darkening shadow of the Lion Bhindranwale will haunt the tyranny that is India.  Very rarely is a Lion like Bhindranwale  gifted onto this world.




Once Upon A Time ... A Lion Called Bhindranwale

Once Upon A Time … A Lion Called Bhindranwale


The war continues today.   The Sikh Lion  lies mortally wounded but  is not dead. The issue to which this article addresses itself is whether the Sikh Lion can be killed?  That is, can Sikhs be finished off,  can Sikhism be merged into Hinduism  or can the religion of The True King Nanak  be transmuted so that it loses it’s vital essence and identity?   Can the enemies of Sikhism change the implication of the religion?


The  Fanatics


Extermination Of Sikhs By Mir Mannu

Extermination Of Sikhs By Mir Mannu




In the mid-eightteenth century, Mir Manu tried to kill all the living Sikhs  and destroy all copies of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh religious scripture. Sikh women  and children who fell into  Mir Manu’s extermination camps , used to recite a ditty:

We are the fodder for Mir Manu’s sickle
The more he reaps the more sows

For some reason, these Sikh females knew that Mir Mannu could not exterminate Sikhi or the Sikh Race. What was the reason?

In 1983,  a reporter queried The Lion Bhindranwale  to the following effect:  given that an attack on the Golden Temple is certainly imminent; what are your thoughts on this?  Bhindranwale replied evenly:   many  governments and regimes had tried to exterminate Sikhs and Sikhi in the past and failed and that the tyranny that is India would disappear from the pages of history before Sikhi  is destroyed. What did the Lion Bhindranwale know that  led him to assert that the Indian tyranny would fail in it’s attempt to exterminate Sikhism?


A Genocidal Killer Called K.P.S. Gill

In the period from 1980 to 1995, the Hindu Indian Government exterminated at least 200,000 Sikhs in a campaign of rape, murder and genocidal killing. That killing was led by K.P.S. Gill, the nominally Sikh police chief of the Punjab. A tool and a stooge put up by the Brahmins to  mask the real architects of the genocide.

During a  rampage in which many young Sikhs were murdered   Gill remarked to this effect: “They do not understand the Guru Granth Sahib, how can they be so fanatical and ready to die?

Gill was fighting a brutal war of extermination. At one point he did not know whether the Sikhs would prevail and  his only judgment was that the outcome was in the hands of history. Then he added,  it is a game of terror and counter-terror;  we will see who can apply more terror.  In other words,  in an insurgency where the insurgents have the support of the general population, the key to defeating the insurgents is  one of the application of  massive  state terror on the general population.  An American reporter watching the rape, mass murder and mayhem unleashed by Gill, commented that Gill liked the smell of Napalm in the morning.

Now Gill was not a real Sikh and therefore  obviously he did not know the answer to his query. Nevertheless it puzzled and worried him.  But the females in Mir Mannu’s extermination Camps and the Lion Bhindranwale knew the answer. And before you read any further, see if you can decipher the answer to the riddle. Of  course, if you are a real Sikh, you will  know the answer immediately. The question is: Why are so many Sikhs so fanatical? Or  Why can Sikhi never be annihilated?  Hint:  The answer to both questions is identical.


The Answer To The Riddle


You may have answered: a lot of Sikhs are fanatical because they are misquided and do not understand the Guru Granth Sahib and it’s message of universal peace and love. True, but the answer is facile and wrong.  The query troubled Gill because certainly the genocidal rampage of killing  Sikhs would destroy the insurgency and break the back of the Sikhs, but such an insurgency could rise  up again at any time in the future  unless the root cause of the insurgency was exterminated. What made the Sikhs so intensely fanatical?  What troubled Gill was this question: what was the root of the insurgency? If he could destroy the root, he could extinguish the insurgency and annhilate Sikhs forever.  The Hindu Brahmin media insisted that the insurgency was due to the lack of  economic opportunities for the youth. But Gill knew that this glib answer was not the real reason.  Unknown to Gill, Mir Mannu (who was Gill’s eighteenth century  mentor)  had the  answer. Even though Mir Mannu may not have known or appreciated that he held the key.

Now for the answer. The Guru Granth Sahib  is an extremely ethereal and emotional composition. Terse and poetic. It is designed to completely over-power  and transform you. Here there are no histories,  no rules and regulations codified and no scientific theories.   The Granth is simply an extremely profound emotional wave that unifies  and purifies you.  The understanding of the Guru Granth Sahib is intuitive and emotional. There is nothing in this Scripture that  requires the study of riddles or intellectual puzzles.  You need only ride the emotional wave and the emotional understanding.  This is a scripture of pure, unadulterated and intoxicating love.  Guru Ram Dass asserted to the Emperor Shah Jahan  that the Granth  is Dhur ki Bani (meaning the Word that has come from far away). Many Sikhs say that the Granth is poison. It can kill you. Which is also true because if you give it a chance, it will devour you.   This is a 1432 page poetic composition that is meant to be recited in classical form. It is the revealed and divine word of God subject to only one interpretation.  And when the shabad is properly recited by bards who know the magic of  The Word;  the effect is  immediate, overwhelming  and transformative – because all of that pure unadulterated love flows like a Niagara into you.      Therefore  even the most illiterate and uneducated person can dive into  this divine ethereal ocean of love. Guru Gobind Singh, the Lord Of The Falcons said it very simply: “the name of the boat is Nanak” ;  that is, the Guru Granth Sahib is the boat that will ferry you across this terrible world ocean  into the divine plane.  But The Guru Granth Granth  does not translate well into other languages  and no translation of the Granth can convey it’s extreme emotional and ethereal impact.

Therefore unbeknownst to him,  Mir Mannu had the key to the riddle;  destroy all copies of the Granth.  And Gill, the alter boy and acolyte of Mir Mannu,  may have completed his mentor’s task,  if he had known the answer to the query posed by him or studied the tyrant Mir Mannu with more diligence.

It is one of the greatest paradoxes that the Guru Granth Sahib which is pure love and contains not one letter of enmity,  can give rise to such fierce fanatics, defenders and warriors. The illiterate and innocent Sikh youth who fell prey to Gill had connected on the ethereal and emotional plane of the Granth and they were transformed into fierce warriors.  Warriors who knew that certain death and torture awaited them.  They knew that there was no chance of winning and death was writ large before them. That did not deter them from resisting. They fought with all the might they could muster.   It was incandescent and those who knew the Game Of Love were held in thrall. This is the power of the Guru Granth Sahib. The Granth does not demand intellectual understanding.  Love is outside the domain of  rational computations. Love is Love. And when you love, you sacrifice and sometimes you have to marry the Messenger of Death.  Now perhaps you will understand:

We have taken a draught of The Name
And  have lost our sensibilities.
The Path Stands Intoxicated.
The Pillars along the Path Are The Martyrs

    – Sardar (The Path  – Panth, Sikh Nation).


The Guru Granth Sahib can never be the object of Occidental Rationalism or Brahminical Mythology, ritual or yoga.  This is a beast of a completely different order.

The very first day that Guru Nanak gave his first sermon, the enemies of Sikhi stood up.  For this reason alone, the  Guru Granth Sahib has been inextricably attached to Sikh History and Sikh Politics. Devout Sikhs consider the Guru Granth Sahib as the Emperor on Earth.   Guru Gobind Singh asserted that:  Sikhi cannot flourish without Kingly Dominion and without such dominion all is lost (“Raj bina dharam nehi chale; dharam bina sab dale male“).

Therefore as long as the Granth can be safe guarded, Sikhi will survive and Sikhs will not be exterminated. It is the vital essence of the Guru Granth Sahib to breed warriors and  Defenders Of The Faith. The Sikh Lion lying mortally wounded cannot be killed or destroyed root and branch as long as the Ethereal Guru Granth Sahib lives.  As long as the Guru Granth Sahib lives the long and slow war will continue.  There will always be at least one Sikh Warrior and at least one “fanatic”.  The Indian Government has some vague notion of the power of the Granth;    and the danger is that they are going to try to change it’s wording.  As The Yogi Bhajan Sikhs,  those  leadership is on the payroll of the RSS and Indian Intelligence  Agencies,  have changed words in the English translation of the Granth.

Now once you  connect on the ethereal, emotional plane of the Guru Granth Sahib. You will just know.  You will look dispassionately at the world and it’s players as fools. You will become a real Saint Soldier in the image of the beau ideal of all Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh.  You will recognize that there is no difference between life and death. You will give up nostril breathing exercises, yogas, astrologies,  rituals and other delusions. The dimensions of virtuous action are infinite. But they are all hued in colors of nobility  and  courage. This is the realm of Prince Valiants.  You might just turn around and battle a legion.

In the Jungles Of Maachiwara, our Master Rider Of The Blue Stallion, reminds us that the Khalsa will fight on regardless of the adversity of circumstances . We hold this close to our hearts.   This is the talisman of the Knights Of The Khalsa:  the Khalsa will never submit.

Now if per chance you meet a nostril breather, a practiser of rituals and rites,  or a fool who is tying to explain the eternal riddle of the Guru Granth Sahib, you will know that this fool has not connected on the ethereal, emotional plane of the Granth. He is trying to drink from the goblet of  divine love by ritualizing, intellectualizing or technologizing.  The Granth is the divine word for the common man, it is not meant to be the hand-maiden of a brahminical priestly caste who spend a life-time explaining it.  Which also explains why  a priesthood is explicitly prohibited in Sikhism.

Look Up! The Night Has Fallen. It is a Hunter’s Moon…


Unknown Sikh Tortured By K.P.S. Gill

Unknown Sikh Tortured By K.P.S. Gill




Shaheed Sardar Ajmer Singh Lodhiwal

Shaheed Sardar Ajmer Singh Lodhiwal


 Shaheed Sardar Ajmer Singh Lodhiwal murdered in police custody by police forces under the direct command of K.P.S. Gill.


Kindly listen to the Babbar Khalsa anthem:








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  2. Poet Warrior nailed it right on spot with this article. SGGS just cannot be intellectualized, it gives power to transform man both into a saint and soldier. The phonetics and prose of Gurbani truly feels like its from the ethers, so how can it be destroyed by man.

    • A snake man can destroy it quite easily same as they destroyed Hazur Sahib. The common english translations are crap and give conotations of hinduism. Also the mainstream explanations of bani are also tainted. So, man can destroy its true meaning and simple, natural beauty quite easily. Washing out the doctrine.
      Not for the informed though!

  3. Very well written, very nice article.

  4. The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. A nation cannot cross a desert of organized forgetting. The struggle of man against power is the struggle against forgetting.

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