Poet Warrior : End Game For The Sikhs? End Of Sewa

Ranjit Singh Bharpur - Editor Of The Akali Patrika

Ranjit Singh Bharpur – Editor Of The Akali Patrika. The Greatest Sikh Speech Rendered


In  the videos infra, Dr. Webster Tarpley talks about the nexus between the Indian Intelligence Agencies and the RSS.

Sikhs, The Indian Intelligence Agencies And  The Afghanistan Drug Conduit

Firstly,  virtually every Sikh institution from the religious institutions like the Akal Takht, the SGPC and the DGPC are under the control of the Intelligence Agencies. The people who run these institutions are either on the payroll of the RSS or on the payroll of the Intelligence Agencies.Therefore nothing they say or do  can be taken at face value.

The Badal Regime and the RSS- BJP Combine  hatched a unholy plan in 2004 to set up Amritsar as a checkpoint in the opium and cocaine drug conduit from Afghanistan to Europe and America.  Some of the drug lords are based in Brampton, Canada  and have acquired wealth in excess of 10 million dollars each. A portion of the drugs transhipped through Amritsar end up in Brampton where they are transported across the Sarnia and Niagara Border points by Sikh Transporters. At my last count through hearsay, there were 177 Sikh Transporters on the American side of the Sarnia crossing awaiting trial. Most of this trash,  are recent immigrants to Canada; and we can safely presume that some of these transporters were recruited by the Indian Intelligence Agencies prior to their departure for Canada. They constitute a hidden fifth column of the Indian Intelligence Agencies that are to be used to infiltrate the Sikh Diaspora. In Brampton and Mississauga, most of the Punjabi Press is on the payroll of the Indian Intelligence Agencies and actively disseminate false news.

Thus Brampton and Mississauga in Canada have become a world center for the Punjab black money trade. We are talking about Hawala Transactions.  some Hawala operators appear to have deep connections to the Politicos and the ruling elite in the Punjab. They are used to funnel black money into Canada and make black money “white”. The scheme which  was hatched in 2004 by Badal and the RSS Political Machines  was designed to siphon around a billion dollars per annum from the Afghan drug conduit. IB and RAW which have a deep involvement in Afghanistan are players in this scenario; but their exact involvement is unknown.  Nevertheless it can be very safely conjectured that they have to be  involved in this trade and the trade has their sanction.  The idea was that drugs from Afghanistan would safely transit through Amritsar on payment of fees.  The money would be divvied up between the RSS and the Badal Political Machine. The BJP-RSS Political Machine would use this money to finance National Elections; the Badal Political Machine would use it to maintain it’s political stranglehold in the Punjab. The RSS-BJP would collaterally benefit by seeing the Punjab being flooded with drugs and a generation of Sikhs destroyed.

Today, drugs are being sold at the doorstep of  the Holiest Sikh Shrine, The so-called Golden Temple. Today the flower of Sikh Youth in the Punjab has been destroyed by drugs. The Gurdwaras in the Punjab which are under the control of the SGPC  are reputed to have a donation income of over 1 billion dollars per annum. There has never been an audit. The SGPC reports directly to the Prime Minister’s Office.  This money is used to destroy Sikhs and perpetuate the Badal Political Machine. They are all traitors to the Sikh Race. The head of the Akal Takht is an uneducated  village idiot.  He is told to jump and he replies; “How high“.   The School set up by Guru Gobind Singh, the Damdami Taksal, is under the direct control of  RAW. It is endgame. The Ruling Hindu elite has the media and a murderous police under it’s control. The Punjab has been deliberately flooded with completely different races and cultures  from other states and Sikhs are being reduced to an insignificant minority in their Homeland. Sikhs are fleeing India.    In India, only the bravest of Sikh dissidents dares to raise his voice. A generation of Sikhs has arisen, with their hair cut, with no morals; with no belief in their faith and with no iron in their blood. They are all jackals.


The Control Of Sikhs In India : The Pervasive Spy System

This system of control is pervasive. I’ll give you just one example. Afghani   my friend is a multi-millionaire. He is best described as an extremely intelligent Scythian Jat.

“The problem with the Sikhs is that they do not have knowledge about Sikhism. I am going to help them.”

Very Good“, I replied. “What do you intend to do?

I am going to go to India and set up ten one room libraries in my village and the surrounding villages. I will stock them with good books on Sikh History. and install a computer in each library”

“I like it! this is good Sewa”

So he went to that cesspool called India and to the Sikh heartland of the Majha . I was day trading foreign currencies on my own account in those days. I would start trading at a half hour before Midnight. And trade until   7:30 in the morning. It was exhilarating. Like warring on a battlefield. You can make a five thousand dollars in a minute; or loss the same amount. And you are playing against sharks,  banks, brokerage houses, speculators with fifty million dollars; entire countries for that matter.  I took advantage of my knowledge of Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, using back-propagation neural networks, spectral decomposition of  time series data,  Fourier Transforms  and so forth. I didn’t realise it but I was playing what is now called high frequency trading.  There is a book by an Electrical Engineer in Nevada on Spectral Trading;  There also is a book by Bishop on Neural Networks  And Pattern Recognition. Neural Networks and Spectral Analysis worked for me. I never used moving averages, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands or anything like that. I read each and every book ever written on day trading. Had them all.  So the days and nights rolled on. I would wake up at one o’clock in the Afternoon, recite Japji Sahib while doing other things and then head to a fancy restaurant for Brunch. It was all good and I made a lot of money.

Then one day, The Afghani came back and I met him. “So how did it go. did you make the libraries“, I queried. ‘No‘, he replied, ‘Can’t be done‘.

Why not’, I inquired.

I would be dead, if I had tried to do it‘.

I don’t understand‘, I replied. I was puzzled.

Well‘, The Afghani replied, ‘they have a spy in every village. I was going to start with my village, and build the first library there. They would have known instantly, and probably would have killed me.’

This is not possible. There are at least 10,000 villages in the Punjab. They can’t have spies in every village. It’s too big an undertaking‘, I said.

‘Oh Yeah’, said Afghani.  ‘You see there are still a considerable number of Sikhs in the Armed Forces. So when they retire they go back to their villages. The Intelligence Bureau puts them on the payroll and they  report back on what is happening in their villages.’

Neat. It’s Chanakya niti (statecraft by  deceit and deception)’, I said. ‘Have a Glenfiddich‘. ‘Let’s do some brunch‘.

This shows how pervasive the spy system is in India. The Sikhs who defend India are traitors. They are enemies of Sikhism. For many,  the price of betrayal is no more than a bottle of Whiskey. It is that bad.


The Control Of  Sikhs Outside India : The Spy System

The Indian Intelligence Agencies are confident that they have bottled up the Sikhs in India like drugged  cockroaches and it is only a matter of time before they perish. I think that this is a correct supposition. Sikhism in it’s pure form is finished in India. The only concern for the Indian Intelligence Agencies are the Sikhs outside India. The first foreign objective of the Intelligence Agencies is to confuse Sikh youth and feed them a Hinduized version of Sikhism.  The overseas Sikhs will become hinduized and the whose who refuse to submit, will abandon the faith in disgust (“amrit vishwas uth jaoo ga“). The second objective of the Intelligence Agencies is to cultivate the image of Sikhs as terrorists and undesirables. This works well in Canada which has a large Sikh diaspora and ignorant Canadians can be easily mislead by the turbans and beards of Sikhs.  Racism against Sikhs in Canada is systemic and ferocious. The Indian Intelligence Agencies have succeeded in demonizing Sikhs and at least in Canada appear to have some journalists on their payroll. Particularly one in British Columbia, who has a visceral hatred for Sikhs and is reputed to be on the payroll of RAW.

In the West,  and more particularly Canada which is a hotbed for the Khalistan Movement, the  Indian Intelligence Agencies have been unable to penetrate the big Gurdwaras which are by and large under the control of Jats from  villages in the Sikh Heartland of  The Punjab. The Indian Intelligence Agencies have resorted to financially supporting Naamdhari Temples and the temples of other virulently Anti-Sikh Sects.  In Toronto for example, the Indian Intelligence Agencies have spent 30 million dollars building a Hindu Temple with artisans from Southern India. It is meant to compete with the Big Sikh Gurdwaras. You see, Hindus never donate with the same love and generosity as Sikhs.

As for the Sikh Youth they are being controlled and led into a sea of confusion by Internet Websites and forums. There is a deluge of Websites promoting the Dasam Granth; Sarbloh Granth and other fake Hindu Texts. Then there are forums which are controlled by Indian Intelligence Agencies where educated Hindus masquerade as Sikhs and hinduize the Sikh religion. They lead innocent young Sikhs astray.   It is obscene.  If you want to be a real Sikh,  learn to understand your enemy.


How To Recognize Fake Websites And Forums Run By The Indian Intelligence Agencies

This is actually a no brainer. But how many Sikhs have a  brain?  The first thing you must do is recognise the Rule Of Occam’s Razor. Occam was a sixteenth century English philosopher. Occam’s Rule is that when there are several explanations of a phenomena, then the simplest explanation is to be preferred. The Laws Of Nature are known to follow Occam’s Razor. For example, consider two hypotheses on how light travels: (a) Light travels in a straight line between two endpoints; and (b) light travels in a zigzag between the endpoints. Occams Razor says that the correct answer is (a), which is in fact true. Occam’s Razor states that simplicity is preferred by nature over complexity.

Thus whenever anyone starts explaining the Guru Granth Sahib in a long convoluted manner with reference to Hindu Scriptures, he has violated Occam’s Razor. The Guru Granth Sahib is a simple, emotional wave. That is it. There is not much to understand here. It is a simple enunciation of creed. It was meant to be so. Sikhism is also a complete denunciation of Hinduism. The Guru Granth Sahib does not laud or praise Hinduism, it critically abhors it. Understand this clearly.  Any authentic explanation of the Guru Granth Sahib has to be couched in the context of Sikh History. Not Hindu mythology or religious precepts. The Praxis of Authentic Sikhism lies in Sikh History. The moment a person starts explaining the Guru Granth Sahib in terms of the Hindu Religion or  Hindu Mythology you know that you are  looking at a traitor to the Sikh cause..

I think I come from a very well educated, patrician, Sikh family. We upheld Sikh virtues. My mother who was a medical doctor and a specialist in Tropical Medicine, fair skinned, very tall and very pretty. She recited Japji Sahib in the Morning and Rehraas in the Evening; everyday of her life.  Nobody in our circles ever heard of the Dasam Granth. And we came from good, chaste Sikh families.    The injunction of Guru Gobind Singh is : ‘Guru Maneyo Granth‘.  This injunction means exactly what it says. The Guru says that the only  ‘book’ that is to be observed by the Sikhs is the Guru Granth Sahib.  There is absolutely no qualification to this and that  is the end of the story. Occam’s Razor applied.

The reason that the  Dasam Granth is being promoted is because it  is a profane and vulgar tract which  directly contradicts the Guru Granth Sahib. The Dasam Granth essentially asserts that the unitary doctrine of the Guru Granth Sahib is false. It sets up an opposing paradigm of multiple gods, demons and sorcery. It is of unknown authorship and no more than 80 pages can be the work of Guru Gobind Singh. When these enemies try to justify this vulgar tract, apply Occams Razor to their arguments. Words mean exactly what they normally mean and there is no need to resort to a convulated contrary explanation. Occam’s Razor applied.  Any portion of the so-called dasam granth which contradicts any part of the Guru Granth Sahib is patently false.  However, beyond this, no work of Guru Gobind Singh can be given any authority equal to the Guru Granth Sahib. And the articulator of this dictum was Guru Gobind Singh himself.

The lessons of Guru Gobind Singh are all found in authentic Sikh History, not in some vulgar and spurious book. Large parts of the dasam granth are vulgar and pornographic. Noble browed people do not countenance or listen to vulgarities. A man of honour never permits his personal honour to be impinged upon by any vulgarity.  Any person promoting the Dasam Granth is a traitor to the Sikh cause and is in the employ of the  RSS or the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Furthermore, the very last Slokas written by Guru Tegh Bahadur before his arrest and transportation in chains to Delhi (which verses were compiled  into the Guru Granth Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh himself); make it abundantly clear that the Guru Granth Sahib has come to it’s logical conclusion and these verses in fact constitute  the seal on the Granth. Not a single letter, let alone a word  can be added after this seal. Which also explains why the so called Rag Mala is a  forgery. If Guru Gobind Singh had in fact wanted any granth he had written to be a part of the corpus of the Guru Granth Sahib he would have simply added it after Guru Tegh Bahadur’s slokas. The reality is that Guru Gobind Singh never composed any granth.

Afghani laughed and said: “I feel sorry for these stupid Sikhs on these forums.  The Intelligence Bureau  has specialists who study Sikhism and Hinduism for years and they all have University  degrees. They know how to mix up Sikhism and Hinduism. It’s like a cat playing with a bunch of  mice.”

Yes‘, I replied, “They sit behind a computer in India playing with these mice. and they can always backtrace your IP address to find out where you live. They can even use Google maps to see where you connected from and what your house or street looks like. They can do all of this while you are typing on your computer. They are smart. They are using the forums to obtain lists of  Khalistanis and Sikhs who sympathise with dissidents. They can also profile pro-India Sikhs on their forums. They can then approach them, put them on the payroll and use them to infiltrate actual communities.   You got to admit it’s neat.”

Ha. They got them by the cajones. Bunch of cowards and roaches. All their sickly, sweet Ji Ji. If ever a war starts up they are going to run with their tails in between their wet legs!

I like the way these Hindu forum moderators sitting in India  give themselves names like bhindranwale 84, or Sarkar E  Khalsa. When mice play with cats we know what happens!”

These forums and websites control and censor free discussion. They exist solely to sow discord and misinformation. Actually any forum that controls and molds a dialogue is a RSS front”

Have a Silver Patron! Lets do a brunch“.

“Salut! Live Forever!”‘ , Afghani replied.

Actually if you visited this site previously, you know that I got death threats. It was simple for us to trace back to the house address and even look at it with Google Maps. You can try the same with the Linux Backtrack ISO. Using a fake email address does not help you; because the moment you connect to the forum your IP address is logged along with your activity. We do it; and we are not an intelligence agency. So hard can it be? If you want to really protect your identity, you must use TOR (“The Onion Router”).

One of the simplest things that you can do is what is called a “WhoIs” Search. If you have a Linux Distro this is easy. On Linux at the shell prompt simple enter:  whois  domainname. For example, if the domain name is sikhsangat.com,  you would enter whois sikhsangat.com at the command line.   This should give you the owner and address information of the domain. Most of the time this information will be false or hidden for Indian Intelligence front sites. You can also use Google Maps to view the actual physical location. Try another example: whois shastervidya.org.  The Internet is a new frontier for Chanakya Niti.


 These are the simple rules to determine if a forum or a person is a RSS Agent or an Agent Of The Intelligence Agencies

if the forum or person insists that the Dasam Granth is a genuine composition of Guru Gobind Singh he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

if the forum or person explains the Guru Granth Sahib by reference to Hindu Mythology or the Hindu Religion he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

If the forum or person does not accept the principle of Raj Karega Khalsa, he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

If the forum or  person does not accept the principle that The Guru Granth Sahib is the revealed word of God, he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

If the forum or person does not accept the principle that the Guru Granth Sahib is subject to only one unitary interpretation he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

If a person talks a lot about Sikhi but cannot recite the Japji Sahib from heart, he is suspect. This is an excellent test. Ask him to recite the Japji Sahib, standing up.

If the person does not know or ever discuss Sikh History or steers you away from Sikh History, he is a RSS Agent or the forum is a RSS  front.

If the person or forum steers a discussion away from real politics to mysticism and religious obscurantism he or the forum  is a 100%  RSS Agent or an agent of the IB.

Any so called Gurdwara which refuses to fly the Nishan Sahib, the flag of the Sikh Nation is a RSS or IB front

Any Gurdwara which has idols or pictures in the Darbar Sahib and in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib is an RSS or Intelligence controlled “fake gurdwara”. No idol or statue can be located on Gurdwara premises or in it’s vicinity.

Beware of  people with a conflict of interest. For example, people with property in India. Their personal selfish interests will conflict with the interests of the Quom. They are easy to blackmail. This is one technique that K.P.S. Gill loved to  use. He simply murdered the family members of suspected terrorists or used this threat to coerce people to do his bidding.


The understanding of Sikhism lies in the study of authentic Sikh History. This is where the application of the Guru Granth Sahib is proven.  And these Anti-Sikh  elements and agents of the Indian Government do not want you to know anything  about Sikh History. They don’t want to talk about the fact that 30 % of the Guru’s Army was composed of Afghan Muslims. That Pir Buddhu Shah fought along side the Guru.  Why do you think that was so?  Muslims, especially Afghans  are not like the Sikhs of today,  they don’t betray faith. So why did they fight with the Guru against the Sultanate?  Why was it that no Hindu every fought alongside Guru Gobind Singh?

Why do you think that the Guru’s children were betrayed to their deaths by a Brahmin for a few pieces of silver.  You need to understand Guru Gobind Singh’s utter abhorrence for the Hindu Religion,  it’s corrupt practises and  the deeply flawed Hindu character that it produced in consequence.  You need to know about the incident in Dehradun when Guru Gobind Singh rounded up all the Sants and Nirmalas and was going to burn them to death? This is why the study history is important. You need to understand the Guru’s prayer; “O’ Lord, grant me this one boon; that I may die on the battlefield in mighty strife“. You  cannot understand Guru Gobind Singh unless you understand the ideology of the Guru and how the praxis of Guru Gobind Singh relates to the Granth Sahib. This praxis has got everything to do with how the Guru lived his life in accordance with the dicta of the Guru Granth Sahib and it has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called dasam granth.

As a true Sikh, you are supposed to emulate Guru Gobind Singh as your beau ideal. Well, he was educated, was a man of letters, spoke four languages. Parleyed as an Emperor with Emperors. Fought on the battlefield throughout his lifetime. Spent a lifetime in Army Encampments. And his first language was Persian.

At a tender age, I was no more than a boy, I fought for this religion. I could not believe that the Hindu Government  would enter the Darbar Sahib with their shoes. It was totally beyond my comprehension. This was beyond the realm of my imagination. This is the reverence with which we held Darbar Sahib.    Today, it is obscene to see Sikhs talk about Yoga and follow Hindu rituals and practises. This is not Sikhism, it is enslavement. This is not what I fought for and so many Sikh Shaheeds laid their lives down for. This is deceit, treachery  and unconscionable conduct. And while I am it. Most of the self-appointed leaders of the so-called fake Sikh Dharma of the West are Jewish. They cannot speak the  Punjabi language, can’t read the Guru Granth Sahib,  are in bed with the RSS and  are not interested in upholding a single Sikh virtue. The only measure of   truth that they have is money and the power of money; even if it destroys Sikhism.  They are hinduizing the Sikh faith. Why would they  spill any of their chosen people of God  blood for this religion of the oppressed and wretched of this earth. They are actively propagating a Brahminical form of Sikhism.

Afghani said. ” you know that Guru Gobind Singh said: ” ‘Tanners, weavers, heavy laden labourers, take this divine light from me. It is for you’.  They want everybody to forget this. They want everyone to forget that the praxis of  Sikhism is in the domain of action. Sikhism is about a just social order. Sikhism is about shelter for everybody, medical care  for everybody; food for everybody. Everybody would be taken care off. And then after this, liberty, freedom of opportunity for everybody. That’s what Degh, Tegh Fateh means. Who ever said that Yoga was a part of this.  ” 

I added.  “These Yogi Bhajan Sikhs. It is such an obvious RSS cult. They are openly mixing Hinduism and Sikhism. They do not even bother to hide it. Do Yoga they say. It will liberate you. They are trailer trash. Yeah!  your daughter just got raped!, the whole village got genocided! Just do Kundalini Yoga!  you will be just fine. Give us all your money! we will teach you Kundalini Yoga!  You will have a better sex life! We promise! Really, we promise! Do not worry that your mother was hung upside down and butchered  like a pig. Do Kundalini Yoga!  The Khalsa loves everybody. The Khalsa is only meant to serve!  We are the Khalsa!  Look at our names, you must follow us! . The world will be saved by Kundalini Yoga and McDonalds Burgers. You can use Kundalini Yoga to make a million dollars. Why work hard, when you can do Kundalini Yoga. Breathing into your left nostril and breathing out of your right nostril for hours on end is cool. Give us your money and we will teach you the great hidden secrets of Kundalini Yoga. Give us your daughters, we will teach them speed prostitution, oops! sorry!  speed dating. The fact is that if you examine their lineage they all come from what is called in the Deep South : trailer trash.”

And Guru Nanak did Kundalini Yoga. Did you know that Guru Nanak used to wake up every morning at 3:30 a.m. and breathe in his left nostril and out of his right nostril for 4 hours every day. Can you imagine that ugly 130 lb. scoundrel swearing under oath that all of the Sikh Gurus did Kundalini Yoga and The Guru Granth Sahib  says that Sikhs should do Kundalini Yoga. He is a RSS agent. Can you imagine, these traitors, hobnobbing at International shindigs spreading these utter lies. And they cannot even read or speak Punjabi. Yet they pose as divines of the Sikh faith.  Down in the deep south, they call these types of Whites, Trailer Trash.”

Afghani said “Easy now! They are leeches!  They are just perpetuating a false dialogue. They are being paid for it. It’s just business for them. They  are preying on a generation of young Sikhs who have lost the plot. It’s easy pickens for them.”

I replied: “Sorry. It is a RSS strategy. They are here to worm their way into the Sikh Diaspora and then attack Sikhs psychologically. They have RSS handlers helping them. It is sophisticated. They want to change the implication of the Religion. The RSS must change the implication in order to destroy Sikhism”.

Afghani replied: “Look at the speed dating stuff. The RSS knows that the Sikhs are very closely knit as a clan, a religion, a Quom and a family. So they attack the core of the cultural fabric of the Sikhs, the marriage institution of the Sikhs. It is just a  constant, relentless attack. They won’t even leave the sanctity of Sikh daughters alone. Then they are busy promoting  homosexuality to Sikhs and selling homosexual toys. They just wormed their way into our thing. But don’t worry, they are hated.”

“Enough of this. It is too sickening.  Have a Silver Patron. I think we need a super brunch”

“Salut, Live Forever”, Afghani intoned.


Is It Endgame?

You lose a war when you are out-classed and out-gunned. You lose a war when you are out-brained.  It appears that it is pretty much endgame for the  Sikhs. They are like Menachem Begin said: “Drugged cockroaches in a bottle“.  No Attila The Hun to be found among these cockroaches.No Great Khan here. Just a bunch of fagged out cockroaches with their thick rubbery lips applied to the wrong appendage.

I think it is the end of the Sewa. Time is too precious to waste on fools. I might write three more articles. A Simple Explanation Of How The Sikh Nation Was Betrayed in 1947. An article on how I escaped the death trap in Delhi on the day the whore, Indira Gandhi was killed and my time with the Lion, Surinder Singh Sodhi. Finally for my few patrons, I thank you. Thank you Joginder Singh Foley; I like you. I would like to write one article on how to live like a Real Sikh. How to be fearless like a Lion, how to make tons of money and how to work only for yourself. And how to live free and proud. This is the formula I used on myself.

As the profile below shows, we are proud that the Sikh Archives has received a huge number of educated Sikhs with post-graduate degrees as it’s audience. This was our objective and it is very cool. We have also focused on trying to impress upon this elite category the importance of understanding Geopolitics because this is a valuable tool in the creation of a Sikh State in the future.

Sikh Archives


Afghani!  It is the end of this sewa!”

I told you it was a waste of time“; Afghani replied.

You tried. I tried. Do your best and leave the rest to God. It is the Sikh Way“, I replied.

Then I added: “Let History take it’s course. Even Webster is coming to the conclusion that in the next  seven years the sub-continent is going to erupt with 220 million Muslims in India seeking freedom from India. It is an infested cauldron, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It’s a witches brew. It is inevitable. It is going to be a bloodbath. A real mess. The Sikhs need to get smart because they are going to have an opportunity to achieve the goal of Guru Gobind Singh.   You know it is said “Roos Punjabe Ayaa. Bara kos te  Diya Balo Ga. (Russia will come to the Punjab. The land will be ankle deep in blood and a light will be seen only every 12 miles)”.

You are talking about the Sau Sakhi written in the mid seventeenth century“. Afghani said, “anyway Sikhs don’t believe in Prophecy. Everything has to be realized by applying one’s will and strength.  And the Sau Sakhi was changed by the British, so it cannot be relied on.

I continued, “But it is uncanny. How some events are coalescing. The Sau Sakhi says that the descendants of the Nehar Wala (“The Canal Dweller”) will destroy India. It is strange, Banda Bahadur, killed everyone in Sirhind. It is recorded as the only time the Sikhs engaged in slaughter. A good old-fashioned slaughter. Killed everyone connected with the entombment  of the Young Sahibzadas. Tore all of the houses down, pulverized all of the bricks  into dust. But he could not get his hands on Gangu Ram, the Brahmin who sold the young Sahibzadas for a few coins of silver.  Banda, looked all over, looked up and down in vain, but could not get his hands on the wily brahmin.

Afghani replied, “I know, Gangu is thought to be the Canal Dweller. And Sikhs say that Nehru is the descendant of the Canal Dweller”.

“It is strange”,  I added, “Nostradamus in his last quatrains says that the White turbaned one would lay waste to Europe. And then the Blue turbaned one and the white turbaned one would war with each other; and the blue turbaned one  would prevail.”

The Afghani replied, “I know this, but it is just a prophecy by a Jew who disliked Christians and was hounded by them”

But it is strange“,  I replied,   “The Sau Sakhi says that India will be invaded by a person wearing a blue turban. The Sau Sakhi gives a hint that his proper name will start with the letter ‘D’. Maharajah Ranjit Singh named one of his sons  in this manner in the hope that he would be the Blue Turbaned one. And according to the Sau Sakhi he is supposed to be born somewhere around  the years 2000 to 2004 in Afghanistan. So right now, he is about eight to 12 years old.  If  the Sau Sakhi is to be believed. And then the Sau Sakhi says Roos Punjabaye Aaaya  – Russia will come to The Punjab; the land will be drenched in blood up to the ankles and a light will be seen only every twelve miles.  You know during the 1984-1985 times it was common to see bumper stickers in the Punjab with the words ‘KGB Out Of Punjab. ‘ Sikhs were  aware of the Sau Sakhi and felt that the milestone  enunciated in the Sau Sakhi had arrived  ”

The Afghani replied: “That part about Russia has to be false. The British must have put that verse in the Sau Sakhi. Actually, it was  Israel who helped plan the attack on the Golden Temple. The Indians made a full scale replica of the Golden Temple at a secret location and it was the Jews and the Israelis who trained the commandos. And now they are pretending to be the leaders of the so-called Sikh Dharma!  You will note that the Jewish White  Sikh leaders  were totally against Bhindranwale during the 1984-1985 genocide. Even today the the Jewish White Sikh leadership  are doing everything in their power to change Sikhism.  The want a judaized form of  Sikhism. People who have associated with them say that they are very racist. But jews are like that – racist.  In any future war between the Sikhs and India, Israel will be 100% with India. We should understand this very clearly. 

The Afghani continued,  “the French Ambassador in Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s court reported back to Napoleon in 1812 to the effect that ‘Sire, a new Lion  has arisen in the East”.  The English invasion had stalled at Delhi in 1792 and they were blocked by Sarkar-E-Khalsa. General Zorawar Singh wanted Maharjah Ranjit Singh to attack the English and finish them; but he was out-voted in the Lahore Darbar. General Nalwa felt strongly that the Sikhs had to chastise their traditional enemy, the Afghans. So Maharajah Ranjit Singh sent General Zorawar Singh to conquer Ladakh And Tibet. And General Nalwa attacked Afghanistan. It was a fateful error. The English were biding their time. They waited almost fifty years before attacking Sarkar-e-Khalsa (the Persian Name Of Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s Empire).

The Afghani continued: The English were afraid of an alliance between Sarkar-e-Khalsa and the Tsar of Russia (Tsar : Slavic short form of  ‘Sir’ (pronunced ‘Ser’,  the Aryan-Persian prefix meaning ‘Head’. Also Sirdar , the suffix dar meaning holding authority. All Sikhs representing the Sikh Quom are Sardars. The title among Sikhs can be hereditary but can also be given by the informal consenus of the Sikh Nation to a military or other  (non-religious) person, important to the Quom (race or nation). Sikhs call a female Sardar – Sardarni”)

I replied, “Yes, in 1952, Nehru passed a decree that no Government Of India correspondence addressed to a Sikh could use the world, Sardar or Sardarni. It hurts, what they have done to us.”

The Afghani said, “Its well and fine, but at the end of the day, no real Sikh believes in prophecy, astrology or the power of precious stones. So the Sau Sakhi is just that, one hundred stories. The duty of a Sikh is to just do and leave the rest to God”.

I replied: “I have to agree, it’s all about the domain of action”, I replied,  “But I think that Webster has got it right. It’s  not endgame for the Sikhs, it is endgame for India. It’s going to be one big, nasty, bloody,  genocidal mess. Two hundred and  fifty million Muslims in India, one billion Hindus, thirty million Sikhs, the on-going India-Pakistan rivalry, Pakistan with  180 million Muslims, all of that  too proud Punjabi Blood, the  Warrior tribes like the Pathans, The Balochs, The Afghans, Kashmir with it’s  94% Muslim population, Mongoloid Nagas in Tripura and Nagaland, the untouchable and low castes of Hinduism constituting at least 50 %  of the population;  China disputing the McMohan Line, China disputing the so-called Arunachal Pradesh which happens to be populated by  people racially similar to the Han of China. China is blocking all radio transmissions in Arunachal Pradesh; and when that nominally  Sikh Prime Minister of India visited Arunachal Pradesh last year, China  jammed all radio transmissions and sent him a diplomatic note that he should never visit the area as it was Chinese Territory. He was having trouble making a simple telephone call. A violent tribal Maoist/Naxalite insurrection that stretches from Nepal down to Andra Pradesh, a 1000  kilometer crescent. Then there is the racial divide. Black, negroidal inhabitants in South India and fair skinned northern Indians. Then on top of this, everybody is nuclear armed. Then there are 900 million Indians living on the edge of starvation. For 100’s of millions of poor Indian Families,  daily meals consist only of  unleavened bread (roti), a thin  soup of lentils and a piece of  onion.  It’s a witches cauldon!  You got to admit Sonia is smart, she and her kids never gave up their Italian citizenship. I’d be worried if I was her, after all her kids are the descendants of the Neharwala!  And the kids  are devout Catholics who married Catholics. Talk about  a witches brew!   They know the score. You would think that India would just leave the Sikhs and their religion alone. They don’t  seem to understand, nobody is allowed to touch the religion of  The True King Nanak with a wrong hand. Particularly Brahmins!

Talk about hubris of empire!   Winston Churchill summarized the situation so simply, India is no more a country than the Equator is. The  Hindus have made a fatal mistake. The Sikhs were the sword arm of India. They are going to pay a dear price for their genocide of Sikhs. This is unrepairable and they better get this through their heads. It is like Webster says, a tinderbox. The problems of India are too big and India has devolved into a classic fascist state.

The Afghani  replied: “India and Pakistan are both about to disappear!  And not a moment too soon. These countries do not make any sense any more.

“Bhindranwale saw all of this in 1982”, I continued, “He told the Indian Government that the only road to prosperity and security was the devolution of federal powers to the states. Sirdar Kapur Singh drafted the Anandpur Sahib resolution which dealt with this devolution of powers to all states. The response of the Brahmins was hysterical. They branded him a terrorist. An agent of Pakistan. And it was they, who starting a regime of extra-judicial killings to silence all critics of their policies. This was all fed by their ingrained Brahminical hatred of Sikhs. The genocide of the Sikhs changes everything and is unforgivable.  The fig leaf that India is hiding behind will come off.

Afghani said, “Ha!  wake me up when the shooting starts!   I’m not doing much till then!

“for sure”

The Afghani said: “well anyway, I returned yesterday and have scouted the places.  It’s looking good. Lets buy 2,500 acres each in   xxxxxxx South America”

“I like it! I like it! time to make a million bucks! I love the smell of freedom!

Apni zameen, apne ghoree, apni bandookaa” (Our Land, Our Stallions, Our Guns), replied The Afghani.

Have a Silver Patron. Lets go for some brunch, maybe some Skeet afterwards?”

“Sounds pretty  good!’

“Salut! Live Forever”, I said

End Of Sewa.
Know Yourself. Know Your Enemy.  A Thousand Battles. A Thousand Victories. (Sun Tzu) 
Long Live Khalistan!  Raj Karega Khalsa! It is a privilege to be born into a  Sikh family. It is a privilege to die in the cause of the religion of The True King Nanak.
The Khalsa Belongs To God! The Victory Belongs To God!








Mae Brussel’s broadcast on November 4, 1986; five days after the whore was killed.







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  1. No RSS or any other indian funded group can undermine Bani or Sikhi. There are lots of Sikhs with their hearts in the right place but unfortunately fall victim to propaganda, because there’s a vast array of mumbo jumbo on the net. Alot of it propagated by yogi bhajaners , they only reason they don’t discourse here is because they know they’re sell outs and only in it for the money. This sewa has been great.As Poet Warrior has succinctly put it , the understanding of geopolitics is essential for the foundations of Sikhi and a Sikh nation.

  2. Economic base system design to kill social sense set to fail human being as Communism spreading social & environment junk around the world through powerful media & wars. Punjab suffer for 10 yrs it was Indira Gandhi’s politcal agenda & West welling to get rid of Indira Gandhi wasn’t open market for their social & environment junk. Same intelligencies are active in Muslim world. Economic base system is againt human instinct, human is a social animal need social sense & good environment to survive; can’t eat gold. Christian religion based upon someone born from virgin women is a lie & base of sick social values is creation of Economic base system.

    Was watching documentary “500 Nations” invaders loot Mexico Natives slaughter whole tribes. Those natives looks alike hindu even has arrange marriages very peaceful, hard work, prosper even invaders were stun to see their architect skills. Was wondering what kind system create these kind “human”. Kids don’t know their parents develop anti social behavior, family minded person can’t be used go around the world kill people for Economic base system. Since Christian religion came in this world created hell for Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jews & everyone between.

    Shame on 21 century thousands of people can be killed for economic reasons by East India Company, oil companies, Opium Market under Human Rights, Women Rights, Weapons of Mass destruction still can say “We trust in God, God Bless America” as it was thousands of yrs ago; its barbaic.

    Economic base system, Communism, Muslim & Christian religion are design to expand rather than acceptance & tolerance as Hindu, Sikh, Jewism are. White people has illusion what ever they believe is world orded Crusaders, Communism, Economic base system will fall on their face as well.

    12-13 yrs old single mothers under stress abusing drugs alcohol, women circle around metal pole in bar full of drunks is free-dom for women of of west. Drugs may be produced in Afghanistan consumed by West or so called developed world’s broken social system full of stress

    How many people die in Mexico around the world to feed drugs to west. Millions of people die fight against this Economic base system lost everything they has because it was natural human instinct, people die for are soldiers, Mr. Dick Chenny’s are in oil business.

    Economic base system & Communism creation of same civilization circle around wealth should be spread equal or not, no soul or social sense created social & environment hell for this world through Atom or Nuclear weapons. Priests aren’t allow to merry whole Christian structure doesn’t support family sense. How Christian parents can stop their daughters not be single mothers. People fallow Christian religion not just loose faith social sense as well, Russia is a example. Chruches has great Real Estate value doesn’t has +ve contribution to this world.

    Need social or family sense take us close to humanity, mother nature God means peaceful world

  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Thank you Poet Warrior for your tireless work in supporting true Sikhi. I have used many of your articles at Gurmukhyoga.com and really do appreciate your valuable insights into Sikh history and Indian politics.

    Gursant Singh

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  5. dr dalvinder Singh grewal March 16, 2012, 07:52

    Dear Sir,
    Will you meditate on Gurbani for sometime and then find the answers in peace! You may get real answers to your questions. It appears you have lost peace of mind ad are unable to make 4+4=8. It is all going in sixes and sevens. Be calm and try to find the real Sikhs. They are not i the open market. You got to find somewhere doing their best kirat karna naam japna ad vand chhakna away from all the eyes.

    • I have far too much money and freedom to lose my mind. I also have far too much Sikh Arrogance.

      I do not understand your comment. It appears to be the articulation of a synthetic Sikhism which has grasped Sikhs by the throat. Who exactly propagated this heresy to Sikhs that the domain of action could be substituted for by personal meditation?

      What is your exact opinion given that over 200,000 Sikhs have been murdered. What should the correct response of the Sikhs be. Is this subject taboo for you? A lot of Sikhs do not like to talk about this. It is called cognitive dissonance.

      I do not recall Guru Gobind Singh responding to the Moghuls by meditating in a jungle. I dare say, Sir, that you you do not know any Sikh History. It takes a lot of money and freedom to write articles like the above. Are you brave enough? are you free enough? Do you know Sikh History? Are you man enough? What Sewa have you performed for this Quom. aside from your personal meditation? In the future we will see a lot of so-called Sikhs sailing their ships to the Yoga Safe Harbour as dissent becomes ever more dangerous. Better to do yoga than be dead! What the Jewish White? Sikh Elite is doing is changing the implication of the religion. They want all Sikhs to follow them to the Yoga Safe Harbour and keep their noses out of Politics or Human Rights. You need to learn to breath from your nostrils. It is a secret art that can take ten years to master! The Nostril Breathers will lead you to Nirvana!

      As I said in my article above, I am wasting my time in this Sewa. Time is too precious. A real Sikh goes for the gold. And I need to go for the gold .. like fifty million dollars. If you can learn one lesson let it be to stand with the Quom and speak with one voice.

      Lastly, I do not meditate on Bani. Meditation is some new type of term. I do Path – it is called prayer not meditation. Real Sikhs do path not meditation. There is a difference between path and meditation. I recite the Japji Sahib by heart everyday.

      No offence to is you is intended.

      • WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!!!!! If you do paath everyday and actually understand what japji sahib is saying then you will understand the true meaning of meditation.
        e meaning of

  6. Veera u doing good job everone trying to destroy us but we need to fight back they gonna make us hindu but I will never become I got your web info from Sher e Punjab radio 1550 I’m with u

  7. to your list of hinduizing spam filter I would add sites that absolutely insist that to be Sikh is to be vegetarian.
    By the way your use of trailer trash for followers of yogi bhajan is not really appropriate. I would suggest “Idiot” one can come from a white trash background and not be an idiot but you can’t be a follower of yb and not be an idiot,

    • Joginder Singh Foley March 20, 2012, 09:06

      I use the term “THE BORG” from star trek SNG “resistance is futile you will be assimilated” for 3HO followers

    • There’s no absolute rules on eating other living things however the indication is not to for obvious reasons.

  8. Joginder Singh Foley May 18, 2012, 18:55

    Thanx for the commendation Poet Warrior Sadarji just curious as to why I earned it??

  9. balwant singh June 7, 2013, 03:06

    we are with u.w e will do in our own little ways to awaken sleeping sikhs. sadda haq! sikh Haq! sat sri akaal! strategies needed…thank u. will inform others abt ur articles.

  10. Thanks for sharing this information. It is an eye opener.

  11. 1. Cover your head at all times except during kes ishnan.(Surrey Gurdwarda order)
    2. Do paath and simran (one hour Waheguru recitation preferably with cotton mala as the all important sense of “Touch” is utilized in God remembrance.
    3. Even if you haven’t taken Amrit do the above. (Surrey Gurdwara order)
    4. Actively work towards the creation of Khalistan with the correct borders.
    5. Shun the entertainment industy.
    6. Abstain from all intoxicants
    7. Drink cow’s milk – make pneer – make your own bread girls!
    8. Boys/Girls: marry once only – the ethical life (chaste/veg/no gambling/no drugs) is the only one worth living. We must enshrine Anand Karaj in Law. Always remember Our Martyrs.
    9. Study hard for purpose of kirat – share – Naam jap – Learn Gurbani in Rags – Love Punjabi culture – nothing higher than Punjabi Culture – do no murder unborn daughters
    10. You must be physically fit – in mind keep Waheguru – with body exercise/work-out hard – sweating removes toxins
    11. Stay away from fortune tellers and abstain from the evil of the banking world -ie. interest – charging interest from poor farmers or anyone is EVIL.
    12. Shun Semitic philosophy – these so-called American Sikhs are evil – do not marry your daughter to a man of non-Sikh ancestry. Sooner or later you will repent and lament.

    Khalistan Jindabad!

  12. Well sikhs have been stragically destroyed in Punjab .. Khalistan has to be made a reality.. It’s not a place where non sikhs will have no place albeit it will be a place where sikhs will not live as a second grade citizen or centre of jokes or easy prey to government or mob. It will be a place where khalsas the pure will live n let live the followers of humanity live in harmony live for peace live with love much above the truth reality of this fake nation India where people are divided first on basis of religion color caste state language and in every baseless thing..


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