Sardarni Dr. Kuldeep Kaur On Guru Nanak’s Real Message

Guru Nanak And Bhai Lehna

Guru Nanak And Bhai Lehna

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 Rumilet Verdecia : Sikh Archives is very grateful to Dr. Kuldeep Kaur for presenting the following article. This is a joinder to the article : Of Burqa-Clad Historians, Puerile Approaches, Sycophantic Opinions And The Destruction Of The Sikh Ethos  by Sirdar Gurtej Singh. Sardar Gurtej Singh (IAS, commission resigned) is the leading Sikh ideologue of this era.  He is a prolific author. Sardar Gurtej Singh resigned his commission in the IAS in protest of the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 and thereafter. He is the inheritor of the mantle of Sirdar Kapoor Singh who was the foremost Sikh ideologue and political theorist of the pre-1984 era. Sardar Gurtej Singh comes from hereditary Sardar lineage.


By Dr. Kuldeep Kaur


Mariya sikka jagat vich Guru Nanak nirmal panth chalaya.  Guru Nanak is far away from those naked mendicants who wear other worldly dresses and go about in an utterly self centred manner . But Guru Nanak is not addressed by Sikhs as ‘Patshah’ or ‘Sacha Patshah‘  for no reason. Listen carefully to those like Professor  Darshan Singh who know the exact manner in which Sikhs should conduct themselves in regard to addressing Guru Nanak.  Scholars of his standing always address Guru Nanak as Sacha Patshah or Patshah.

I came across this in the holy S.Guru Granth Sahib;  Guru Nanak’s most astounding message, which reads, “You should understand that it is the kingdom of  the (true) one over the ages, (Sache ki sirkar jug jug janiyey||) G.G. P. 142.  What is even more astonishing is that the words of this declaration started being translated into action in the Sikh revolution and later Sikh tradition. And Sikhs are seen carrying this message (the words of the Ruler), forward. Guru Nanak affirms this decree of Sache Ki Sirkar in this message in The Guru Granth in a veritable instruction  form to be carried out by Sikhs. It reads, “…The master has ordered us into the world with a job, (furmani hey kar khasam pathaya||).

This well considered message is propagated  by striking his resounding words on a drum (musical instrument), (tabalbaj bichar shabad sunaya||). Guru Nanak calls himself a tablachi (a player of a musical instrument) as he announces this message to the world through the Holy Guru Granth. And the courtiers in attendance (dari deebanhiye) are spurred into action, to execute the message, (hukam maney sirdar(u) dari deebanhiye||), Guru Granth p. 142.

Let the readers decide whether Guru Nanak was a mere naked mendicant with self centred interests or he had come to this world not to just deliver a message but to see that message carried out as he launched the Sikh revolution. We can give several more such references from the Holy Guru Granth Sahib.

Bodhisattva (saints) of the order promulgated by Guru Nanak are the courtiers (Sirdars) in his attendance. They were engaged in practices of spreading this message and removing impediments coming in their way in the spread of this message. Mind you, when one conducts himself or herself in such a duty one has to be armed which is part of the decree.

Thus it is this declaration in Guru Granth and it is in obedience of this decree of the Dharma King (Sachi Sirkar) that activates the revolutionary saint soldiers who are ministers in His attendance.   They are asked to serve the Dharma King at the cost of their lives. They played the role of upholders of the teaching with their lives and this comes out very clearly  in Sikh history.

Let people decide whether Guru Nanak was the Dharma King (Sacha Patshah) or a medicant with no worldly concerns. But as one learns  about the sickness of the Academicians of this day,  we are reminded of Scott Peck’s words, “The evil are pathologically attached to the status quo of their personalities, which is their narcissism they consciously regard as perfect. I think it is quite possible that the evil may perceive even a small degree of change in their beloved selves as representing total annihilation…,” (p.74).  No change has occurred over the ages in the evil personalities in repose in India as its ruling class.

The question here is whether Sikh scholars should waste their precious time in trying to wake them up or correct them or  should they learn from these attacks and be just watchful!  One truly does not understand who is in a position to correct a snake in utter repose. With money and the media of the state in their hands with the added authority of this murderous nationalism they have become too swollen headed to be corrigible.


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