Surveilling Russian Internet Traffic

Virtual Machines Berkeley BSD

Virtual Machines Berkeley BSD

About 80% of Russian internet traffic transits through Sweden. A draft law has been tabled  for internet and telephony spying from the Swedish department of justice.

wikileaks states:

The legislation is aimed at giving Swedish police and domestic intelligence the power to automatically intercept internet traffic that passes through Sweden. After a heated debate, a related mass-surveillance law was passed late last year, allowing the Swedish National Radio Defense Establishment (Sweden’s “NSA”) to intercept internet traffic. About 80% of regular Russian internet traffic, as of Dec 2008, passed trough Sweden, giving Sweden a bulk intelligence exchange position with the United States and other powers.

The bill is expected to be passed in a hurried manner without any publicity (probably during the holiday season).

Chenghiz Singh: The presumed  intent of the legislation is the surveillance of Russian IP Transit. However the Russian Federation can just as easily transit the bulk of it’s traffic through the Ukraine, India, Serbia or some other country. How effective is the legislation going to be in it’s intelligence gathering role?   Sensitive traffic  is bound to be encrypted with multiple layers of  high grade encryption and  it is unrealistic to presume that it it can be decoded in real-time.  Perhaps the main target of the surveillance is to map the volume and the source/destination of the traffic (traffic analysis). Traffic analysis can be easily done in real-time.  Most likely the purpose of the  surveillance is to perform data mining in conjunction with other databases.  Data mining is based on heuristics, heuristic statistical analysis  and bayesian inference. Data mining requires massive quantities of data in order to predict content and relationships (inductive inference).

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