Sikh Population Distributions By District In 1947

Sikh Empire Under Maharajah Ranjit Singh

Sikh Empire Under Maharajah Ranjit Singh


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By Tejveer  Singh Khangura


Sikh percentages in The Punjab districts prior to 1947:


*Amritsar District 75%
*Lahore District 61%
*Gujranwala District 10%
*Sialkot District 30%
*Jalandhar District 75%
*Hoshiarpur District 50%
*Kapurthala District 70%
*Ludhiana District 50%
*Firozpur District 30%
*Patiala State 75%
*Ambala District 10%
*Gujrat District 10%
*Rawalpindi District 15%
*Attock District 5%
*Jhelum District 10%
*Shahpur District 20%
*Shiekhupura District 45%
*Lyallpur District 45%
*Karnal District 5%
*Jind State 25%
*Nabha State 70%
*Faridkot State 75%
*Pakpattan 20%
*Okara 19%
*Multan District 2%
*Jhang District 15%
*Mianwali District 5%
*Bahawalpur State 4%


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  1. Sir, If you mean before 1947 then this is totally wrong. Before 1947 Overall in Undivided Punjab Sikhs made 15%, Hindus 30%, and Muslims 55% of total Population. Sikhs were a majority only in Ludhiana District with 41% Population. Mostly Hindus and Sikhs were a majority in East Punjab from Ambala to Lahore Border. Muslims had a Majority immediately as Lahore City started to end. Amritsar District had 47% Muslim Population. Lahore District had 64% Muslim Population although Rural Lahore District was dominated by Sikh Jatt Farmers and Lahore City was dominated by Hindu Khatri Businessmen. Please read reliable sources before making some comment. Sorry to say but your figures are totally dreamed-of and wrong 🙁


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