Sardar : The Yogi Bhajan Reptile Cult : Eulogy For A Raper

Yogi Bhajan, A Rapist And A Sodomist

Yogi Bhajan, A Rapist And A Sodomist



Prelude: A Slick Talking Raper Weasel Has Fun With His Harem

As early as 1977, Time Magazine took notice of rumors about Yogi Bhajan’s assistants. “Bhajan has repeatedly been accused of being a womanizer,” it said in a story about 3HO. “Colleen Hoskins, who worked seven months at his New Mexico residence, reports that men are scarcely seen there. He is served, she says, by a coterie of as many as 14 women, some of whom attend his baths, give him group massages, and take turns spending the night in his room while his wife sleeps elsewhere.”


Question: So If Yogi Bhajan Was Such A Big Bad Raper Reptile Why Have None Of His “Secretaries”  Spilled The Beans?

Simple. There is a term for it. It is called hush money. The Reptile provided huge monetary settlements for his victims provided they kept quiet. He made a billion dollars from raping the Sikh Religion. So he could throw a few crumbs at the females he raped.



 Katherine Felt Sues The Raper Reptile For Rape, Sodomy (ANAL RAPE),  Beatings and Imprisonment



KATHERINE FELT,  Plaintiff,  


HARBHAJAN SINGH KHALSA YOGIJI, a/k/a “Harbhajan Puri”, a/k/a/ “Yogi Bhajan,” a/k/al “Sin Singh Sahib“,

Paragraph 66 of the complaint of Katherine Felt against Yogi Bhajan pleads:

During the period between June, 1978 and February,1985, the plaintiff was repeatedly struck or touched in a manner which any person of ordinary sensibilities would find to be highly offensive, and which caused the plaintiff pain and physical harm, as well as fear, apprehension and resulting mental and emotional harm. These incidents include, but are not limited to, beatings; involuntary sexual intercourse, sodomy and other sexual attacks; administration of ostensibly medical treatments; administration of bizarre rites; urination upon the plaintiff; and other particulars.


So here comes Katherine Felt with a mega lawsuit against the Rattler alleging rape, sodomy, urination on her, false imprisonment and fraud. And what does the weasel turned holy man do?  Well, instead of vindicating his innocence before a jury of his peers  he decides to pay her off with some big bucks. So he says to poor Katherine:  here is a boatload of cash; just go away.  And Katherine in order to   save herself the trauma of reliving the nightmare in a costly trial, takes the money. This weasel was one cunning raper badger.

Check out the Katherine Felt Writ against the raper here:


The Raper Weasel  Kept ‘Em Hungry

The tantric serpent, Yogi Bhajan, instructed the inmates of his insane cult asylum that the inmates could only have sex once a month. His idea was to keep the female inmates hungry so that it would be easier for him to rape ’em.


 By Poet Warrior

Editors Note: Mahan means  Mega


A Rapist, A Sodomist And  A Reptile Called Yogi Bhajan


Notice from the picture above that Mr. Mahan Tantric of the Universe is good at rapin’  but not so good at turban tyin’. He looks like a jackass from Mars with  a bath towel wrapped around his head.  Oh Well! thats what happens when a A  Hindu Piggie of the Puri Priest  caste  masquerades as  a Sikh. Fe Fi Fo Fum!  I think I smell the blood of a RSS mun!

Similarly, White Yogi Bhajan Nostril Breathing Jackasses  do not know how to tie a turban that makes them look manly and authoritative. When a turban is tied properly, a man   looks very masculine and evokes admiration.

And here is how a turban is tied properly :  The Sikh Turban Tying Academy


The video below is titled:  Hari Jiwanna  B.A.  The Kundalini Yoga Crook.  Yup! Jiwanna Boy does not know how to tie a Sikh turban either.  Oh My God! Jiwanna looks like a lizard with a bath towel wrapped around his head.





Aerial View Of The Huge Castle Yogi Bhajan Built For Himself

Aerial View Of The Huge Castle That The Rapist And Sodomist Yogi Bhajan Built For Himself


Editor’s Note: rattler is  American slang for a rattlesnake – an extremely poisonous snake up to four feet long.



 It’s Rattler Time!

It’s rattler time folks. Time to take a gander at Rattler Yogi Bhajan’s Castle.

The above is a photograph of the cozy little home that  this Schizo Pimp built for himself in Espanola, New Mexico.  Yesiree!  A Mahan Tantric Pimp’s  home is his castle!  Puke Face Yogi Bhajan was a lowly customs agent in India barely ekeing out a living until he decided to become an asset of the RSS and the Indian Intelligence Agencies. He was shipped to the USA where among other things he became a billionaire, a godman and a rape artist. He was  one slick puppy; or should I say sick puppy. He controlled a secretive maze of profit and non-profit corporations worth over a billion dollars.

 Siri Singh Sahib Cow  Dung For Brains,  never contributed to any charitable Sikh cause in his lifetime. Yeah! He liked to keep all the loot for himself.

The Mahan Brainiac of the Universe never called himself a “Singh” and although he created a fake order of “Khalsas”, he himself never took amrit and never wore a kirpan.

Gotta love the U.S of A; even a Puke Face like Yogi Bhajan can make a billion bucks!

Yogi Bhajan Sikhs are famous for milking the Global Sikh Sangat.  Sure they look like spaced out jackasses from the Planet Pluto but when it comes to milking Sikhs they get real serious.



Fake It And You Can Rape It

The favorite saying of the raper was “fake it and you can make it”.  He sure made it with his billion bucks; only thing is, he couldn’t take it with him .

HeeeHaww! The Mahan Jackass And Raper Of The Universe still has a lot of jackasses and creeps who worship him;  they are called Bhajbots.

Robin:      Holy Cow, Batman! We got a serious infestation of Bhajbots and other creepy Tantric Reptiles
Batman    Quickly, Robin! Into the Batmobile before we are run over by a wild horde of Bhajbot Reptiles!


Question : How do I identify a Bhajbot
Answer   :  This is an easy one. He looks like a lizard with a white bath towel wrapped around his head!


HeeeHaww! Did you know that Jackass Central is  located at Espanola, New Mexico and is the Bhajbot Capital of the world.

The Mahan  Slime Ball of the Universe is alleged to have  been a world class raper.  His motto was “Fake It And You Can Rape It”

Question : What did the Mahan Slime Ball Of The Universe say to the seventeen year old White Chicklet
Answer :  Do Kundalini Yoga!
Question: and then what did he do?
Answer:  What Tantric Slime Balls usually do!   Rape, Rape, Rape!


Be sure to read the following article which exposes the vicious fight over the billions of dollars that this Mahan Donkey’s Ass collected by milking the Global Sikh Sangat:

The Billion Dollar Wow Guru Mantra


Shopping For Jewels On Beverly Hills

Shopping For Jewels On Beverly Hills


The World Famous Weirdo Tub Of Guts


In the above photograph, the world famous weirdo tub of guts, Yogi Bhajan (in the background), shops for  jewels at a fancy Beverley Hills Jewellery Shop in Hollywood.Why did this Wacko  Nut Job always walk around wearing a bed sheet?  Can someone explain this to me?  Personally, I would’nt have the guts to walk around in public wearing a bedsheet and a bath towel wrapped around my head.





The World Famous Bhajbot Reptile Mantra


Yeah!  your daughter just got raped!, the whole village got genocided! Just do Kundalini Yoga!  you will be just fine. Give us all your money! we will teach you Kundalini Yoga!  You will have a better sex life! We promise! Really, we promise! Do not worry that your mother was hung upside down and butchered  like a pig. Do Kundalini Yoga!  The Khalsa loves everybody. The Khalsa is only meant to serve!  We are the Khalsa!  Look at our names, you must follow us! . The world will be saved by Kundalini Yoga and McDonalds Burgers. You can use Kundalini Yoga to make a million dollars. Why work hard, when you can do Kundalini Yoga. Breathing into your left nostril and breathing out of your right nostril for hours on end is cool. Guru Nanak did it everyday. The Guru Granth Sahib says that Sikhs should do Kundalini Tantric Yoga. Give us your money and we will teach you the great hidden secrets of Kundalini Yoga. Give us your daughters, we will teach them speed prostitution, oops! sorry!  speed dating.


Talking about jewels be sure to check out the following article where a famous dothead webmaster of a famous fake RSS controlled Sikh website,  calls Guru Tegh Bahadur a Jewel Thief and that the Guru was executed for stealing jewels. The article will also show you the  rattler’s huge collection of jewels.


Guru Tegh Bahadur Was A  Jewel Thief


 Sorry Guys, I have to stop writing this article. I just ran out of  expletives to describe  The  Mahan Puke Face Of The Universe and The Mahan Tub of Guts Of The Universe. Oops! Just Got an inspiration!  Rattler Time Extended!


Yogi Bhajan - The Mahan Tantric Of The Universe Gets Ready To Drop The Remote Control

Yogi Bhajan – The Mahan Tantric Of The Universe Gets Ready To Drop The Remote Control


Eulogy For A Reptile :  The Death Of A Reptile


note: mahan means mega

In the picture above, the Lord And Master Of The Universe, Reptile Yogi Bhajan is on his death-bed looking very frail and  Very, Very Fearful. Wow!  the Mahan Dothead Of The Universe looks really scared!    The Mahan Tantric Jackass Of The Universe is about ready to drop the remote control for the last time.  Puke Face looks terrified out of his Mahan wits. He is about ready to puke his brains out on the floor.  Oh boy! fear has got this Fat Old Cobra by the cajones.

“Try your tantric tricks now, Fool!  Listen up, Puke!  try to die bravely like a Real Sikh.  Quit whimpering, you Slick Talkin’ Raper Weasel, you don’t have a date with a seventeen year old white chicklet; you got a ticket straight to Hell on the death train. Try to weasel your way out of this,  you Yellow Bellied Satnam Rattler. Try your secret mantras now Fool!  Quit that! Quit that! stop biting at my leg you Mangy Critter. Stop that whining,  you Barnyard Mongrel. I can’t help you, everybody has to go.   Stop it! quit howling and licking my feet. I told you, everybody has to go. And everybody includes you, you Filthy Little Beggar.  Stop it! I am not a fire hydrant; damn dog!  Quit howling you Psycho , try to be a real dog for once in your life, I am really getting tired of your barking, whining and howling you Lousy Pest.  When are you going to become a real dog?  Damn Radioactive RSS Polecat!  If you don’t stop your howling, I am going to leave you at the nearest dog pound and you know what is going to happen to you there.  Damn mangy critter wants to live forever!    You  Tantric Sicko! I’m throwing the biggest goldarn all out party  in the Universe the moment you kick the ol’ tantric bucket. What a Criminal Psychopath. A real Slick Talking Raper Weasel.”

In the photograph above, candles are being lit in preparation for a Hindu  fire worship ceremony  to seek the blessings of some puke faced Hindu god or goddess. In the background, the Respected Messenger Of Death awaits patiently, club in hand to bludgeon The World Famous Raper And Tantric Reptile  into oblivion.

Now that the Mahan Tantric Jackass Of The Universe has dropped the remote control;  which BhajBot Rattler is going to pick  it up and become the next Mahan Tantric Dothead Of The Universe?  Man O’ Man! there are a lot of rattler’s hissing around the remote.



OK Girls And Guys! It’s Time To Rock n’ Roll With The Respected Messenger Of Death

The Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan And The Messenger Of Death

The Mahan Tantric Of The Universe Yogi Bhajan And The Messenger Of Death


Now check out how the Satnam Rattler tried to fake out the Respected Messenger Of Death.


Click on this link to  Rock n’ Roll With The Respected Messenger of Death

 You Can Follow The Latest Antics Of This   Reptile Cult On This YouTube Channel  :

Gursant Singh’s YouTube Channel

We Have A Extensive Dossier On This Snake Cult Here:

The Yogi Bhajan Cult Exposed

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  1. gurmat Singh April 9, 2012, 17:59

    I have sussed this noveau histoire neo retro sikhi with girls wearing turbans.
    Pls write a proper article admin – pls.
    1. THERE IS 5 Ks. KES, KESHARA, KHANGI, KARA, KIRPAN – no where does it say dastar. Also its Singh and Kaur as equal counterparts not singh and singh/ni.
    2. Also, in history there is no real record apart from when girls wanted to join in the fighting and had to disguise themselves as men. Covered head is the article of faith – nt turban – its false/twisted equality of recent times absolutely.
    3. The elite are trying to destroy all religion so they can then converge it and girls wearing turbans is the sign of cultism and communism. Plus its alreday happening – all religiou sgirls seem to be wearing turbans?????
    4. So, from my knowledge i hate and despise this new fashion of girls wearing turbans. As the real issue is there is a vital K missing – the kirpan should be worn by both sexes not turbans. But the Kalki and Bhanjans hv taken over.
    5. Its over really nt nice to see but the elite will have converged all religion by first destroying it in about 50 years.

  2. Neo retro sikhi sikhi with girls wearing turbans is a convenient pose that enemy of Sikhism can take to dupe the gullible. Although we respect the genuine bana with a turban of a singhani specially on the war front. But even this genuine spirit gratifying historically valid ‘bana’ has come handy in the hands of enemies. Sikhs have to swallow it with a pinch of salt for there are three things with which enemy of Sikhism is attacking Sikhism. One of these is pose and turban wearing she-snakes (mimicking our respected genuine Sikh mothers/sisters/daughters). They are penetrating Sikhism through this disguise. They serve to put a veil on genuine Sikhism. Besisdes a false pose which works to disguise an ugly enemy, deception and false claims are two other lies with which enemy is playing with Sikhism. pose, false claims and deceit lie heavy in enemy’s basket like a cobra.

    • Wow so much hate,biasdness and racism on these forms. Everybody needs to calm the fuck down. I know a alot brown singhnia wearing dastaara but when someone other than brown people start wearing dastars then it’s all ‘they are fake Sikhs this fake Sikhs that’ just shut the fuck up. Saleyo bandaro koi baani naal judan dee koshish karda par thode arge loke ohnanu apnaun de bawajood sikhi tho door karde aa thodee jee sharam karlo baach pher hanji asi baaja waale de aa Lanat aa thode arge loka the. Sant jarnail Singh JI noo koi problem nahi sigi yogi bhajan naal oh taa wadia milde see wadia bolde see, ptaa thonu saareyan noo kyon chitardan de wig mircha lag deeya ne. Oh and btw don’t go around thinking that I’m yogi bhajans Sikh Or a fake sikh or whatever you retards think about. I only bow my head towards guru sahib and no one else. Oh 1 last thing, there were many of these so called’ fake white Sikhs’ that also gave lives for darbar sahib. So stop hating and embrace. Peace out .

      • Uh Uh. So you think that rape, sodomy, urination on Kathereine Felt , false imprisonment and fraud are uber cool. Wow! you are something else!

        No White Sikh died in 1984 defending the Darbar Sahib. Nice try though. If you are going to be a liar, at least try to be good at it. This story of White Sikhs dying to defend the Darbar Sahib is a fairy tale. There is a world of difference between the revolutionary ideology of Guru Gobind Singh and being a nostril breather who promotes speed prostitution, oops sorry, speeding dating of teenage Sikh girls. It’s all about money for them, fool. They mix up religion and money; that is what turns their goddamn crank.

        Before White Sikhs can call themselves Sikhs, they do need to learn Punjabi. There are only two of them who can speak Punjabi. They teach themselves Sikhi by listening to the tapes of the World Famous Raper, Yogi Bhajan. And one more thing bigshot, it is a big NO NO to have a picture of a raper, sodomist, urinator on females, glowering over the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in that fake Sikh Gurdwara in Espanola, New Mexico. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib needs to be removed from that cesspool.

        I don’t think you know Real Sikhi, because you are a product of the mind control matrix that is a slave breeder reactor.

        Concerning Bhindranwale and Yogi Bhajan meeting once. It means nothing. The slut Gandhi (and I almost died because of the whore) sent a lot of emissaries to negotiate with Bhindranwale. You are slandering a great martyr by trying to insinuate that he approved of a sodomist, raper and a person who urinated on females. You have absolutely no moral standard. Furthermore, all wannabe new age prophets like this raper are publicity seeking houndrels (hound + scoundrel) who seek photo-ops the way a great white shark seeks dinners like you. Just keep your nose in your slave job; politics is not for you.

  3. There are two sides of hate as there are two sides of Love. To hate people posing as Sikhs who actually hate Sikhism or mean to harm Sikhism is the job given to me by my father Guru Gobind Singh. To hate evil/devil is exactly within line of our teachings. No false cover, no lies. no deceit is to be tolerated. These are absolutely not to be tolerated. Yes this is my hate Yes i hate evil for what it is.

  4. Oh come on now don’t you think that you should at least look at the accusations from both perspectives and point of views and then make a judgment or statement. I mean Sant ji had accusations against them as well but we know what the real story is and how the sikhs were being treated as second class citizens. I dont mean to cause any altercation between us but at least don’t point fingers at someone until you know their side of the story, oh btw you’re right politics is not a place for me because it is a shit hole in which i don’t want to be sucked in. LOL and my slave job is to help people by any means I can. Kuldip Kaur why don’t you try to fix this problem by letting your voice being heard out in the public and not by writing down posts on websites that people barely get time to look at and then see how many positive and negative responses you get. On personal level I’ll gladly support you if you fight for the betterment of the community or humanity or speak nothing but the truth. So once again look at from both points then make a judgment. Peace OUT!

    • Dharmi Fauji May 28, 2012, 15:33

      Idiots and brainwashed people do have time to sit in front of their pc’s and visit different sites,forums and then even write down few lines against those who speak truth.And then again giving suggestion ,advice others to do this and do that.
      I ask you a simple question who gave you the right to give your advice to other people who expressed their views on this site on any topic.Don’t you think you should keep your wisdom to yourself and let others do what they are doing.
      Keep the volume of your tapes low and stop telling others how to make betterment of community or humanity.We know since 1984,1992,2002 who is committed in making betterment of humanity ,community and at what level. INfact whole world knows.When to speak in public ,that time will also come you just wait for that too.
      and finally keep this peace in Dhotti of ghandhi and be prepared.
      Till then fuck off.

  5. LOL why the fuck are you hating on me for just because I suggested to look at both points of a story and making a judgement. I ain’t giving no gaddamn advice to nobody cuz I don’t really give a shit what others do, but pointing fingers at someone who gets people closer to WaheGuru is fucking injustice. It’s fucking people like you that confuse the shit out of the panth then instead of accepting your mothafucking mistakes you retards point fingers at others. Fuck this biased piece of shit site and fuck you people on hating people who are trying become Sikhs fuckin shits. Peace out you biased hateful fucks. Oh and btw dont go around thinking that I’m a Hindu or member of the RSS cult or a Muslim. I’m a Sikh and fuck you. Thank you very mothafucking much. Bitches

    • May I suggest you finish high school before posting on forums. If you’re trying to be a sikh you’re doing a pretty bad job. And before you attempt to become a Sikh, learn to use your brains. Drugs can help you get closer to God too, so now are you going to sanction that? Dimwit.

  6. Oh and btw I am not a yogi bhajan follower or whatever the hell you retards think I am. My head only bows down to gurusahib and the people who help me connect to guruji.

    • Dharmi Fauji May 28, 2012, 19:35

      Whoever shit you are be who you are, noone is asking you who you are.
      You write you bow down before guru sahib , i wonder how can a person who bows down in front of guru sahib write such hatred words as you wrote above.
      but then that’s not your fault that only shows basic home education that you got from your family.

      Shame on me that i am replying to dirt like you.

  7. This is my reply to Mr. Baagi:- ‘Khalsey naraha chhardi taraf da laiya hai’:-

  8. Jaspreet Kaur June 8, 2012, 16:36

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    Now i dont know about all of you…but you all sound older then me…What is this with all the hating and the swearing and i am sorry but having a name like Dharmi Fauji (sorry just an example pajji or penji) and then swearing…really does show that everyone is all talk and no action…Why curse at someone and speak filth when you do paath out of the same mouth…just something to think about and anyways thankyou for the information on this article really appreciate 😀

  9. Harminder kaur July 16, 2012, 11:23

    Why is everyone cursing so much here? Writing curse words and Waheguru together is like the ultimate manmat and succumbing to 5 chor..if you want to tie a turban go ahead..if you don’t then you don’t have to..just remember when you have a turban on your head you represent the Khalsa Panth of Maharaj Ji, not some yogi or cult etc. I’m so glad to be a lady who ties Dastaar. I admire Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhinderanwalé ji’s family and all Gursikhs who support Dastaar on Sikhs regardless of gender caste creed age etc. Kaurs in Taksaal tie turban..doesn’t mean they’re followers of yogi bhajan now.. They admire Guru Ji and His Saints like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and Warriors like Mata Bhaag Kaur Ji.. We are a warrior race Saint soldiers following Miri AND Piri. Thanks.

  10. Shiva Singh Khalsa January 19, 2017, 00:44

    Sat Siri Akal Ji,

    I agree with the Bain Ji, Hariminder Kaur, that all the swearing is just rude, even though I tend to agree with Mr.Baagi, to don’t hate communicate.

    So I’m one of those what you refer to as fake Sikhs who has walked around for 45 years in America with my Kesh and Dastar.
    I have spent my life serving the Guru (Not any other Guru than Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and the Khalsa Panth. I was one of the founders of what could have been the first Gurdwaras with both non-Indian and Punjabi Sikhs. I find it amazing that people still refer to an article a 1977 Time Magazine article as legitimate resource for information. You may not know but every week they would pick a “cult of the week” and write disparaging sensationalized articles. I remember they said we “practiced forbidden sexual practices” – we all laughed and said how did we miss that! Please understand there are thousands of people in the world who are reciting JapJi Sahib every morning and chanting Naam Simran because Yogi Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Ji shared the love of Guru Sahib. By the way he never allowed us to touch his feet until he was too weak to stop visiting Hindus to do so. Understand, he never once called himself a Guru nor permitted us to do so! Again he never once put himself in the same category as our Gurus – I was there, I still am. We didn’t realize at that time that he was teaching us to be Khalsa. My 17 year old son is a born Sikh, keeps kesh and turban. He has done seva at Harimandir Sahib over 200 times. He climbed down into the Boali of Gowindal reciting Gurbani that took him 15 hours (13 years old).
    Khalsa has no gender I am amazed that Sikhs would complain that Ladies wear Guru’s Bana. I don’t see anywhere in SGGS Ji that says women are not to be Khalsa, Guru Roop.
    I am Caucasian but many Indians take me for Desi.
    As we say in the west – give it a rest.
    Oh yes,. the alleged Castle! The house he stayed in was one story about 2000 sq. ft. He had a geodesic dome, maybe 800 sq. ft. that was his meditation room. Otherwise the rest of the property is public, a beautiful gurdwara, a swimming pool where our son and his mates would swim. In the image shared above many of the buildings house offices both for our foundation’s operations and Akal Security which guards federal government buildings including courthouses (Look here - as well as a langar hall to serve langar daily.
    I honestly am heartbroken that there are just such terrible words spewed about us.

    Mention my name to any Punjabis in the Midwest, they will tell you I am a sevadar. I cleaned the toilets at Oak Creek Gurdwara after the shooting. My wife also Sardani, spent 6 weeks doing therapy with the children in Palatine Gurdwara Sahib when there was a murder of a child in the Darbar. The thing that shocked them was the police going into the gurdwara with shoes and no hats. When a Sikh cabdriver was murdered we were asked to liaison with the media. For the last 20 years we are regularly called upon to represent the (Punjabi) sangaat at Interfaith events both locally and internationally. At the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993, we were asked to speak to security for permission to carry our Kirpans and Siri Sahibs. They permitted it.

    When 4 of the Jethadars from 4 Takhats came to visit the USA, I was the one who arranged for a police security detail because I was part of the Sangaat’s delegation at the Chicago superintendent of police’s Hate Crime Forum after 9/11.
    Yes, we participate in Interfaith events to show respect other other traditions. We may do arti with the Hindus, but only as a show of respect. We don’t believe in Murtis or idols. They are JUST inspirational art. We rise in the Amrit Vela, bath, recite Japji Sahib and then exercise so we can sit alert and do Naam Simran.
    We live by Seva, Simran Bana Bani, Kirat Karo, Naam Japo and Vand Chakho and fear no one and make no one fear you.

    In closing – I am heartbroken about all the harsh accusations and vulgar language about YogiJi. He taught us to follow and bow ONLY to Guru Nanak Dev through Guru Gobind Singh and the SGGS Ji. Just please meet some of us and see we are part of your sadh sangaat. Gur Fateh.

    • As Gursant Singh’s videos make it amply clear, this is a cult. It does not follow orthodox Sikh practises.
      Yogi Bhajan was a Hindu and was cremeted according to Hindu rites. Being a hindu
      he had only a superficial understanding of Sikhi. He was of course a rapist. Read the dossier on him carefully.
      He also tried to murder one of the most important personages in Sikh History. Being indoctrinated in a cult, you
      are appear to be blind to the truth.

      • Just a further comment

        Sikhs do not enter into the places of worship of other faiths. The SRM forbids it. Sikhi is great, we cannot debase ourselves by participating in useless interactions in so-called stupid inter-faith gatherings.Only you “yogi bhajan sikhs do it. At least have the humility to acknowledge that you do not know enough about sikhi to grandstand at these cheap shows. Try to understand that there are great Sikh luminaries like Dr. Udhoke, etc. who do not cheapen their prestige by going to these dog and pony shows. We are aware that your guru Yogi Bhajan called himself the pope of the Sikhs at these shows. Follow Sikh tradition or get out and create your own religion.

      • Arranging security for the four jathedars.

        you amaze me, these scoundrels are enemies of the Sikh nation, puppets installed by the Government. Why would you arrange security for the enemies of the Sikhs.
        Stop your yoga nonesense and try to understand politics.


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