Rajoana TV (in English) : Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana Ignites The Sikh Maelstorm

Bhai Jatinder Singh Ballader Group

Bhai Jatinder Singh Ballader Group


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Rajoana TV (in English) from the United Kingdom  has very  perceptive analysis of Sikh politics. This channel is excellent in regards to it’s understanding of the political landscape.

Here is the collection of the latest episodes from Rajoana TV:











The following video (in English) discusses the genocidal killer Sumedh Saini who has been recently appointed the Director General Police of  the Punjab Police and thus is the head of the Punjab Police.   He is a notorious murderer anbd torturer . The video below provides some precise information of  the torture and killings committed by this maniac. He has been deliberately appointed to this high post by the Indian Government.  The intention  is to  deal harshly  with Sikh who dissent. With his appointment we can expect to see a rise in the extra-judicial killings of Sikhs by the Indian Government.

I disagree with Rajoana TV concerning appealing to Amnesty International for assistance in the genocide of the Sikhs. In 1987  Amnesty International refused to raise it’s voice in the on-going genocide of Sikhs. And in fact refused in 1991,  to hire a young Sikh lawyer  who had fled the Punjab for a summer  internship as a lawyer;  simply because he had knowledge of the on-going Sikh Genocide. They did not want to give him a possible platform or potential contacts. That is the politics of this fake organization.  Amnesty International is a jewish organization and is set up as a gatekeeper to determine who passes through the genocide gates.  As far as  Western NGOs are concerned,  most of these organizations  are  appartchiks of the political and corporate elites and can’t be trusted.  You have to look at the religious background of the leaders of the NGO  and who is funding the NGO in order to gauge the authenticity of  the organization.  This is a very accurate litmus test.  In the West, Human Rights NGOs are in the business of color revolutions and filtering reality and any actual concerns for human rights is a tertiary issue.




The only  way out of the ethnic cleansing of the Sikhs that is occurring is by the creation of Khalistan.





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The virtuoso performance continues here:




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