USMediaCanada : Indian Intelligence Agencies Penetration Into The Sikh Media In Toronto, Canada

Inside Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana's home in village Rajoana

Inside Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana's home in village Rajoana


USMediaCanada offers greetings on Vasakhi day according to the Nanakshahi Calendar and discusses the tout media in Toronto, Canada which  is on the payroll of the Indian Intelligence Agencies.

Also discussed  is the revelation in General Sunderji’s recent autobiography that the intelligence agencies  subverted  7000 Sikhs and Hindus prior to the attack on the Golden Temple in order to have them spy on Sikhs in the Punjab. They were all dressed up with long beards and turbans. The attack on the Golden Temple was meticulously planned and involved Israel and the Mossad.

 In this regard,  it is well known history that servants in the homes of Sikh civil, police  and military officers were pressed into service to spy on their employers and family members. I once attended for dinner at the home of a senior Sikh Police officer  for dinner and he warned me to be very careful in what I said, since the cook and bearers (Bhera) were spies for the Indian Intelligence agencies. If you have read history, you will know that this is classic chanakya niti and was part of the spy apparatus maintained by the King Chandragupta Maurya.

The Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga area is a hotbed for the Khalistan Movement and the Indian Intelligence Agencies are particularly active here; especially in regards to buying touts in the Punjabi Media.  As a litmus test a red flag should be raised if a media spokesperson has property in India or makes frequent trips to India. Such a person has a conflict of interest. 

Public meetings of Sikhs where the Khalistan issue is raised are video-taped by Intelligence Agency touts. These videos are then passed on to the Indian Intelligence Agencies for identification purposes. This of course puts any relatives of identified persons at risk.   Sikhs must videotape suspicious persons who videotape these meetings and then post the videos on YouTube. This will help in tout identification






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