The Yogi Bhajan RSS ‘Sikh’ Cult : Dr. Amarjit Singh On Sikhism And Yoga

Dr. Amarjit Singh Of The Khalistan Affairs Center

Dr. Amarjit Singh Of The Khalistan Affairs Center


In this video presentation Dr. Amarjit Singh explains with  verses from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib why Yoga is disallowed and abhorred in Sikhism. In this lecture, there is a historical  recounting of the position of Yoga in the Brahminical System and why Yoga is an intrinsic part of the Hindu Religion. Then Dr.  Amarjit Singh quotes verses uttered by Guru Nanak, Sache Patshah, where Guru Nanak explains why Yoga is pernicious.  And once again Dr. Sahib demonstrates his compendious knowledge of Sikh History and the Sikh Scriptures. Notice his ability to quote verses from the Guru Granth Sahib off the cuff.


Dr. Amarjit Singh is a medical physician in Washington D.C. and has been running the Khalistan Affairs Center in Washington D.C. from his own pocket for the last twenty years.

 Please support the Khalistan Affairs Center financially. Visit the website at : Khalistan Affairs Center  (be very careful there are many Indian Intelligence Sites with similar web names).


The Yogi Bhajan RSS  ‘Sikh’ Cult was started by Yogi Bhajan a agent of the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Yogi Bhjan also had deep connections with the RSS. This cult has manufactured a version of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in English in which they have inserted verses  that state that  Yoga is part of Sikhism.




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  1. It’s very simple: any organization, religion, or political party for that matter is much stronger when there is unity. Perpetual criticism of white Sikhs further destroys the Sikh impact in the name of perceived righteousness. It’s self destructive at it’s core. Wise up brothers!


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