Rajoana TV : K.P.S. Gill, The Genocidal Super Butcher (In English)

K.P.S. Gill - The Super Butcher

K.P.S. Gill – The Super Butcher


Original Publication Date: April 21, 2011


This is a detailed analysis of the torture and genocide committed by Gill. A Sikh police officer associated with the SikhArchives and previously with Gill has knowledge of the facts enunciated in this video presentation. These facts are true. Gill is wanted desperately  for numerous atrocities committed in the State of Jammu  from 1981 to 1983 when he was the supreme commander of the Border Security Forces in Jammu. The allegations include the rape of innocent Muslim girl in August, 1983. The eye witness is alive and can be brought to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.





 Editor’s Notice : The sentence of Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana having it’s roots in the genocide of 200,000 Sikhs from 1983 to 1995 has left the  Sikh Archives with no choice but to speak out. It has shaken our conscious that this odious country called India would have the temerity to  sentence a man to the gallows for  trying to halt the second largest genocide in the last 30 years.  We are aware that  Intelligence Agencies review this site for “terrorist content”. We know that they look for key words like martyr. All this content is scrutinised by a practising attorney. We are aware that there is a VPN tunnel in California operated  by  Indian Intelligence that tunnels the content of this site to India (because the edge gateways in India block this  site).   The issue of the genocide of 200,000  Sikhs, the continuing ethnic cleansing of Sikhs, the direct interference by the Indian Government with the  conscious of devout Sikhs has become morally repugnant. We can no longer in good conscience remain silent. It is a matter of moral duty to speak out. We are Sardars and not slaves!    Until the day that this matter of the Sikh Genocide is  investigated by independent  human rights organizations and the matter is brought to the International Criminal Court we will continue to speak out. The duty of a true Sikh is to obey the dictate of his good conscience regardless of  any personal cost or danger.


Counting  The Genocide : The Numbers

Khalra before his murder by Gill, had counted 25,000 to 30,000 secret cremations in the two districts of Amritsar and Gurdaspur. At the time of the torture and killing of Khalra by Gill,  there were 10 districts in the Punjab. On this basis, the extent of the genocide is around 150,000 people murdered by Gill. From personal knowledge of the killing, we estimate the genocide at about 200,000. A study by a student at Osgoode Hall Law School in Canada  had statistically estimated the genocide at 250,000. As far as we know the study was for some reason suppressed. In the  Sikh out of band channels  there are persistent rumours that some  individuals have copies of this scholarly study.

Bring this genocidal killer to the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Gill runs www.SATP.org (South Asian Anti Terrorist Portal) along with his  Hindu son-in-law who is common-law wedded to his daughter.

The source of the information given herein was a  young Sikh police officer who was about 22 at the time of the events. He had close contact with Gill and was privy to the on-going genocide. He does not want his name disclosed until the appropriate time. He does not accept the position of The Sikh Archives that legal proceedings should be initiated against Gill for Genocide in the Hague. His position is that the International community cannot force India to relinquish Gill. Some commentary has been inserted by the editor at the end.  The officer says in effect:

 “Jaswant Singh Khalra was killed because he had accumulated credible evidence of the genocide. After Khalra was picked up, the torture of Khalra was led personally by Gill. I believe that four persons including Gill were in the torture room. The torture was brutal. The body was disposed of by throwing it into an acid bath at  a metal plating factory on the outskirts of Amritsar. The factory was owned by a Hindu of the Bania caste  (this is reliable police hearsay, only Gill knows the details of the actual disposal of the body).  One of the police officers involved in the torture ( I do not recall his name) was suspected of  being ready to “sing like a canary”. He was killed and his body dumped on the railroad tracks. The person with the most motive is Gill.  I do not know what happened to the other two police officers.

Gill has the Supreme Commander of the Border Security Force in Jammu in 1982 to 1983. While in Jammu he raped a 10 or 11 year old little Muslim Girl.  After the rape he returned to the BSF Campus in Jammu City. He was completely drunk.  I do not know whether the young girl was murdered by Gill after the rape but I have sufficient knowledge of the rape itself.

The young Sikh Policer officer recounts that Gill had to go regularly from the Punjab to Delhi to give an accounting to his masters. He would always stop over at the ashram of a Hindu Yogi in the neighbouring state of Haryana. Despite the appearances of a Sikh, Gill was actually a believer in tantric occultism. A real Sikh could never do what Gill has done. He is one of the great butchers of this world still at large. As for his personality, he is very intelligent and is a criminal psychopath by nature. He is an extremely heavy drinker. He is very well read and has a large library of books mostly on military and police matters.  The library may number a few thousand books.  He is very careful and circumspect in his speech, a trait that he has acquired from his Hindu Brahmin masters. He has an impeccable command of the  English language.  He likes ghazals (or at least did the last time I was around this butcher). He always analyzes and assesses you for weaknesses. This is second hand nature to him; a skill acquired from spending a lifetime in interrogation rooms.

He is very dangerous, you cross him and he will kill you without thinking twice. Like any sophisticated psychopath he is cunning and manipulative. He can go on the charm offensive when the need arises. Life means nothing to this brutal killer.  He has spent a lifetime killing in Nagaland, Assam, Jammu and finally in the Punjab. It was in the Punjab that he committed the worst possible atrocities.   As a classic genocidal maniac, he likes killing for the sake of  killing.  Some psychiatric studies have indicated that some killers get sexual pleasure from torture and killing. Gill may be in this category; but I am only speculating since  I am not a Psychiatrist.  But one aspect is certain, he has absolutely no regard at all for human life.  The life of an ant and the life of a man are the same to Gill. In 1984, a  small group of Muslim Freedom Fighters from Kashmir hijacked a plane and demanded that it be taken to Pakistan. The plane was forced down in Amritsar.  The plane was then stormed by the Punjab Police. The hijackers could have killed the passengers but chose not to harm them.  After the hijackers were captured, Gill got on the plane with the Punjab Police.  A hijacker those hands were bound behind his back, spat into Gill’s face as he walked past him in the aisle. Gill took out his service revolver and shot him in the head and then calmly walked on. This event did not reach the newspapers,  of course. Only a select police circle and those present when the murder was committed had knowledge of it. That should give you a picture of  the deviant nature of this coward.

He is virulently Anti-Sikh. He and the Indian Government have created such a pervasive culture of fear that even a generation later, Sikhs are afraid to speak out against him. He is a terror master  and a borderline psychotic. He has sowed such a magnitude of terror in the hearts  of Sikhs that even  20 yeas later, few dare to speak out against this genocidal maniac.   Gill is in an echelon populated only by History’s most elite  killers.  In many ways a rare if odious feat. He is old and wants to escape a date with the gallows. He is lucky in that  he has a helper in the Brahmin elites who control India and protect him. He needs to be repaid  with the same horror he has inflicted on countless Sikhs.

Sometimes, matters become so rancid with decay and deceit and  the machine becomes so odious that truth itself is threatened with extermination. At such a time, it is the moral duty of every Sikh  to stand up and say ‘No More’.  I am ashamed of  Sikhs, particularly educated Sikhs in the West, who have failed to raise their voices to bring this murderous butcher to book. But then it is recounted in Sikh History that the educated city dwelling Sikhs have always been enemies of  the Sikh Nation.   I am proud to have had the companionship of the sons of poor Sikh farmers in my life. Illiterate but so strangely proud, so unflinchingly forthright and so big hearted. The misfortune of  the sons of farmers, unable to express themselves in  English; unable to articulate to the world that a  monster was devouring them. Where were these Sikh Elites, these well fed, pompous and fatuous lemmings; these brahminic carnivores in Sikh garb.  Nobody stood up in the light of the entire world and screamed:  No! They are Lying! They Are Committing Genocide!    The pure and simple mind recoils with shame. Is life so precious that truth itself has to be chained  in the deepest, darkest and most abysmal dungeon so that one more morsel of life can be enjoyed.   This wilful silence by Sikh Elites, educated and not pressed by daily wants,  is a cowardice of the greatest magnitude, a cowardice unparalleled in Sikh History.  In my  eyes any Sikh who refuses to raise his voice against this  murderous genocide is not a Sikh. A genocide that exceeds the atrocities  of that killer of Sikhs par excellence, Mir Mannu.  Sikhs who do not speak up against this barbarity  have turned their backs on their moral conscience. How can such a person be a son of Guru Gobind Singh?  This genocide is a litmus test of  the caliber of  a true Sikh. Those who claim to be Sikhs but have turned their back on this horrific  genocide are not Sikhs in the least measure. They are enemies of the Sikh Nation. This genocide is a litmus test of the hearts of Sikhs.”

Long Live Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

Long Live Khalistan!



The Latest Killing Statistics


USMediaCanada on the reports of the latest killing statistics on Sikhs In The Punjab  from data collected from various reports


From the Report Of  Citizens for Social Responsibilities, A Foreign Based NGO:

“In the state of Punjab where the rising number of missing persons has alarmed human rights activists, 10,869 persons went missing during the last five years of the Parkash Singh Badal regime. During the regime of Amarinder Singh between 2002-2007, 3409 persons went missing as against 2403 persons during the Badal regime between 1997 and 2002.”

The Government Of Prakash Singh Badal in the five   years 1997 to 2002 : responsible for the unaccounted disappearances of  2,403  Sikhs

The Government of Amrinder Singh in the Punjab 2002 to 2007:  3,409 unaccounted for disappearances of Sikhs

The Government Of Prakash Singh Badal from 2007 to 2012 : 10,869  unaccounted disappearances of Sikhs.

Government of Prakash Singh Badal from 2010 to 2012, in three districts of  twelve districts of the Punjab (Bhatinda, Amritsar and Hoshiarpur) : 834 Sikhs have disappeared.

Total disappearances of Sikhs from 1997 to 2012 :  16,681  murdered .


Disappearances mean a person who just vanishes and never returns home. This technique of killing was perfected by the Butcher of the Punjab – K.P. Gill.  The person is picked up  by the police and killed. His body is discarded secretly.  This is the technique used in the Punjab to silence dissent.


Why Are The Killings Going On

The  strategy is to completely extinguish the Khalistan movement in the Punjab. Any person who  raises his voice simply disappears. In order to maintain the facade of democracy, the leaders of the Khalistan movement are allowed to live on. But the killing occurs at the grass roots support base. This is immensely useful to the Indian Intelligence Agencies which can keep on killing Sikhs at a low intensity while maintaining the International pretense  that India is a democracy which permits freedom of speech. What is the use of freedom of speech when the supporters at the grass roots are silently killed and intimidated. It essentially creates a neutered movement which is just a hollow shell. This is classic chanakya niti ( statecraft by deeption) and it demonstrates how crafty the Brahmin mind is. This silent kill strategy has been an incredibly useful process for the Indian Government which has not only finished the Khalistan freedom movement but is now in the process of invading and completely changing the religion itself.  Once they have changed the religion they will have essentially finished the Sikhs. This is why it is so incredibly important to preserve the Guru Granth Sahib and authentic Sikh History.

The Indian Government is confident that it has killed the Khalistan Movement in The Punjab.  It has now turned it’s attention to Canada. Last year the nominally Sikh Prime Minister of India came to Canada and sternly advised Prime Minister Harper to reign in the Sikhs. Uh Ah!  He really knows nothing about  freedom of speech. Toronto is a hotbed for the Khalistan Movement. The Indian Intelligence Agencies are fighting a hidden war in Malton-Brampton-Mississauga with Sikh Patriots.




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  1. This man is a psychopath. He has anti-social personality disorder. It is not surprsing to see such personality disordered people holding important positions. History is filled up with such distorted minds.

    The solution lies in recognising these disorders and in their managament.

  2. KPS Gill is a Psychopath, clear, plain, and simple.

    If you do an analysis of most politicians and “power elite” (with exceptions such as Ron Paul–who isn’t an elitist), you will see that they generally fall into the broad definitions of Sociopaths, especially Psychopaths. Read about it.

    Lying, using deception, counter-arguments, justifying hypocrisy, “do as I say not as I do”, being anti-social except to get what they want, disregard of society as a whole, greedy, not turning away or rejecting violence…list goes on and on. And guess what? Most mainstream politicians fall into this category. Wouldnt someone who wants to “rule” other sovereign beings seem a bit crazy by this desire in itself? A “ruler” is not a “leader”, and most politicians are the former. As soon as they are elected, they give favors, kick backs, contracts, etc.

    Wikipedia, on Psychopathy: “Psychopathy (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/[1][2] from the Ancient Greek ψυχή “psyche”, -soul and πάθος “pathos” – passion) is a personality disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others
    and the rules of society. Psychopaths have a total lack of empathy and remorse, and have very
    shallow emotions. They are generally regarded as callous, selfish, dishonest, arrogant, aggressive,
    impulsive, irresponsible, and hedonistic.”

    This Wikipedia definition speaks volumes.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B27OfcrkLI

    Oh my sisters/mothers and brothers your tears will get justice , life of their raam rajya called india is short , infact God gave them chance to rule this part of the world for a short time but they can’not handle that power, they are not diffrent then mughals . what they did or are doing is the same carbon copy of what mughals did back in history.And history always repetes itself , infact History repetes itself under divine conciousness and trust me what they did with sikhs and are doing ,its not that they are doing with sikhs its they commiting their sins against their own conciousness.
    Trust on waheguru he will do justice here in this century itself.

    Halle te shuruata rabb de ditte taaj diyan ….
    Be prepared for final battle…
    Gur fathe

  4. raping priests and police officers have grown like mushrooms in Punjab since the rule has come in the Indian hands. i have read that such like evil/psychopathic/necrophilic personalities are there in every society. But what is very intriguing is, how they are found in such numbers in Punjab. It looks some hidden hand is hunting them out and collecting them in Punjab under a special sort of acumen for it, and fora purpose. The purpose is to commit gruesome murders of adversaries of high enemy. Ever since political power has
    fallen in the hands of present rulers, viciousness is mounting in the atmosphere. A hidden master mind seemed to have impressed special viciousness in Punjab. And KPSGills are close allies of this mastermind-sharer of his power(s). Khalsa alone can contend with it and it is a matter of time before the whole process will start reversing.

  5. I am agree Kuldip Kaur ji. Evil minds are omnipresent..what checks these minds is the control of these minds by few good people.

  6. Dharmi Fauji May 1, 2012, 23:34


    see how this butcher is used by media to prepare illeterate sheeps , who depend only on tv instead of their brain…

  7. Harpreet Singh Bhatti October 9, 2013, 12:01

    I have been looking into the life details of this monster.I have read some books and did some study related to Gill.What I found is that there were two aspects.First one was that he wanted to kill Khalistan supporters.So he did.Second was,by killing countless sikh people he developed some anti-human feelings in the left side of his brain(we call them vampires).They suck blood,he sucked lives.
    Now I am writing this in 2013 when he is in 79th of his worst life.He should be dying with some traumas recalling every single moment of his life,every single bullet he used for innocents,every single beg someone did to him for mercy before he killed them.And Waheguru will not let him die peacefully I bet.

  8. Few questions that i wanted to ask

    A. Do you really think that a seperate country for Sikhs will lead to happiness and prosperity?

    B. If you really think so, on what basis you feel that is feasible? As i really feel once religion is brought in all logic goes for a toss. Hope you agree with that?

    C. I agree that Gill killed a lot, but the militants were no less. Innocents were killed ultimately in the end.

    D. If you really want the well being of Punjab is this the right way? By propagating religious/ethnic hatred towards others. Where do you think this will end?

    Hope to have a normal & a balanced conversation.

    • Parminder Singh November 8, 2013, 10:08

      Hi Srikanth,

      The questions raised by you show me that you are not aware or you pretend to be ignorant about the reasons which led to the cause to of this conflict. I nutshell, I want to inform you that Sikhism is the study of truth. But India came into existence by lies and treachery. So how can a person who loves truth can live in lies.
      Secondly, same question was asked to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale that you want a separate country out of India. His response was that he doesn’t want a separate country. If you can give me then give me Ram rajya. (means where Sikhs have equal rights as predominant Hindus).
      The militancy in Punjab was created by Government at Delhi by not fulfilling the promises and later handling the remorse in people by heavy hand. I will quote a true incidence that occurred in 1993 in Punjab police station in Amritsar
      If in front of you in a police station your whole family is picked under the garb of militancy and during the interrogation your father is slapped and abused in front of you and then you sister is unclothed and raped by police,you tell me if you love your family what will you do? Live as a coward or kill those evil doers.
      To increase your knowledge search for the role of “black cats” in the Punjab police. I am sure that after getting more educated you will not ask these gullible questions
      Hope my conversation is normal and balanced.

    • The same question can be put this way?
      A) Do you think that so far living in India has lead to happiness and prosperity for the sikhs ?
      You should be able to answer this question as there is 66 years of experience but there is not even single day of experience living as a separate nation.

      B) There is no relevance to the second question you are proposing as we dont know the answer of the first one.

      c) You agree that Gill killed lot , and do you agree that he killed lot of innocents also ?
      So under which constitution , Gill killed so many innocent’s and is still not punishable.
      As far as militants are concerned , i agree that they killed so many , but they got the punishment for that and went to jail.
      but what about those who were innocent in any crime and were killed in fake encounters , their women were raped.
      What about the one who killed innocents in Delhi and other parts of India during Indira’s assassination?
      d)No body is propagating hatred, they are just speaking against the injustice.
      If you think that one should not speak against injustice just because the future might not be good , then you are right.
      But Sikhs deserve justice and they will fight for justice , you can read their history to see millions of examples?

  9. so long as big and little satan exist there is not much point in establishing Khalistan – one day though, ik din…


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