USMediaCanada : The Ongoing Genocide :The Total Number Of Sikhs In The Punjab Who Have Been Genocided From 1997 to 2012

The Ongoing Genocide Of Sikhs In The Punjab

The Ongoing Genocide Of Sikhs In The Punjab


Editor’s Notice : The sentence of Sardar Balwant Singh Rajoana having it’s roots in the genocide of 200,000 Sikhs from 1983 to 1995 has left the  Sikh Archives with no choice but to speak out. It has shaken our conscious that this odious country called India would have the temerity to  sentence a man to the gallows for  trying to halt the second largest genocide in the last 30 years.  We are aware that  Intelligence Agencies review this site for “terrorist content”. We know that they look for key words like martyr. All this content is scrutinised by a practising attorney. We are aware that there is a VPN tunnel in California operated  by  Indian Intelligence that tunnels the content of this site to India (because the edge gateways in India block this  site).   The issue of the genocide of 200,000  Sikhs, the continuing ethnic cleansing of Sikhs, the direct interference by the Indian Government with the  conscious of devout Sikhs has become morally repugnant. We can no longer in good conscience remain silent. It is a matter of moral duty to speak out. We are Sardars and not slaves!    Until the day that this matter of the Sikh Genocide is  investigated by independent  human rights organizations and the matter is brought to the International Criminal Court we will continue to speak out. The duty of a true Sikh is to obey the dictate of his good conscience regardless of  any personal cost or danger.



The Latest Ongoing Genocide Statistics

 The world is in a big tizzy because a female  Brahmin Hindu appointee from India to the United Nations claims that Assad in Syria has killed 5, 00o persons. Hillary Clinton is making a lot of fatuous statements. Well the world is weeping crocodile tears; though there is credible evidence from Russia Today that the figures are vastly exaggerated.

What  the world and this woman do not want to talk about is that fact that India murdered 200,000 Sikhs from 1983 to 1995. And that killing has not stopped, but continues on a daily basis even today.


USMediaCanada reports of the latest killing statistics on Sikhs In The Punjab from data collected from various reports


From the Report Of  Citizens for Social Responsibilities, A Foreign Based NGO:

“In the state of Punjab where the rising number of missing persons has alarmed human rights activists, 10,869 persons went missing during the last five years of the Parkash Singh Badal regime. During the regime of Amarinder Singh between 2002-2007, 3409 persons went missing as against 2403 persons during the Badal regime between 1997 and 2002.”


The Government Of Prakash Singh Badal in the five   years 1997 to 2002 : responsible for the unaccounted disappearances of  2,403  Sikhs

The Government of Amrinder Singh in the Punjab 2002 to 2007:  3,409 unaccounted for disappearances of Sikhs 

The Government Of Prakash Singh Badal from 2007 to 2012 : 10,869  unaccounted disappearances of Sikhs.

Government of Prakash Singh Badal from 2010 to 2012, in three districts of  twelve districts of the Punjab (Bhatinda, Amritsar and Hoshiarpur) : 834 Sikhs have disappeared.

Total disappearances of Sikhs from 1997 to 2012 :  16,681  murdered .


Disappearances mean a person who just vanishes and never returns home. This technique of killing was perfected by the Butcher of the Punjab – K.P. Gill. The person is picked up by the police and killed. His body is discarded secretly.  He just disappears from the face of the earth. This is the technique still being used in the Punjab today  by the Indian Government to silence dissent. 

We openly state that India is responsible since 1983  in the genocide of over 200,000  Sikhs and this  genocide  is continuing as we speak. Since 1983, India has never allowed any International Human Rights Organization to enter the Punjab to conduct an independent investigation of the genocide. It will never permit an independent international investigation of the genocide.

K.P.S. Gill was the chief architect of the genocide. As the Rajoana affair has exploded across the Sikh landscape, he has been recalled to the Punjab to quell the unrest. Sumedh Saini who is a notorious killer of Sikhs and is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Sikhs has been appointed the  Director General Of The Police in the Punjab. India has made up it’s mind to crush the Sikhs once again.

 Why Are The Killings Going On

The  strategy is to completely extinguish the Khalistan movement in the Punjab. Any person who  raises his voice simply disappears. In order to maintain the facade of democracy, the leaders of the Khalistan movement are allowed to live on and actually speak. But the low intensity killing occurs at the grass roots support base. This serves a very useful purpose to the intelligence agencies, the act of the leaders of the Khalistan movement speaking in the Punjab permits the intelligence agencies to catalogue who at the grass roots level is supporting the movement.  Then  selected  supporters at the  grass roots can  be killed.  I think that the term that the Indian intelligence agencies use to describe   this process of selecting and killing at the grass roots : pruning.  Think about this for a second : the leaders of the Khalistan movement inside the Punjab are innocently without realizing that they are assisting a low intensity killing machine.

This is  second  immensely useful  benefit that  the Indian Intelligence Agencies derive in the pruning process is that  it lets them  keep on killing Sikhs at a low intensity while maintaining the International pretense  that India is a democracy which permits freedom of speech. What is the use of freedom of speech when the supporters at the grass roots are silently killed and intimidated. It essentially creates a neutered movement which is just a hollow shell.  The leaders of the Khalistan movement end up shouting into an echo chamber.  This is classic chanakya niti ( statecraft by deeption) and it demonstrates how devious and crafty the Brahmin mind is.

This silent kill strategy or pruning, which is the euphemism  used,   has been an incredibly useful strategy  for the Indian Government which has not only finished the Khalistan freedom movement but is now in the process of invading and completely changing the religion itself.  Once they have changed the religion they will have essentially finished  off the Sikhs. This is why it is so incredibly important to preserve the Guru Granth Sahib and authentic Sikh History.

The outcome of the silent kill strategy has been  to create an ambient fear in the Punjab. The Sikhs in the Punjab have been cowered and beaten into submission. They dare not speak about anything meaningful. There is an unwritten code of what should not be discussed. In the Punjab only the bravest of Sikhs raises his voice in dissent. I have travelled in Russia a number of times; and the situation in the Punjab is similar to Stalinist Russia. If you speak too much, you will receive a knock on the door after India. This is what the 13,000 disappearances above mean.

Now I do not want to denigrate the Bhai Sahib Rajoana movement. Slow kill or pruning does not work here because Rajoana created a massive uprising not only in the Punjab but internationally. When movements of such a gigantic scale are created then the very foundations of the state are at risk. Which is precisely why the genocidal Indian Government backed down and declined to send Bhai Sahib Rajoana  to the gallows.The critical issue is how does one sustain the momentum created by Bhai Rajoana. I do not discern any cognizance of this on the part of the Sikh nation. The Sikh nation is unfortunately riven with  traitors, cowards and dullards. And  the nation does not have a leader of the stature of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

 The Indian Government is confident that it has killed the Khalistan Movement in The Punjab.  It has now turned it’s attention to Canada. Last year the nominally Sikh Prime Minister of India came to Canada and sternly advised Prime Minister Harper to reign in the Sikhs. Uh Ah!  He really knows nothing about  freedom of speech. Toronto is a hotbed for the Khalistan Movement. The Indian Intelligence Agencies are fighting a hidden war in Malton-Brampton-Mississauga with Sikh Patriots.


Now listen to the USMediaCanada Report:




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  1. kuldip kaur May 6, 2012, 07:47

    We are living the Jungles Of Macchiwara everyday with Guru Gobind Singh ji. While in the jungles of Machiwara a messenger arrived to inform Guru Gobind Singh that his two sons Sahibzada Jorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh singh aged nine and seven years old have been bricked into a wall alive upon their refusal to convert to Islam. The Guru was uprooting a small shrub from the ground as the tale of martyrdom in the cause of religion of slave Nanak was recounted by the messenger. The Guru then said, “Just as I uproot this shrub so shall I extirpate the Turk. I shall set fire under the hooves of their horses and I shall not let them drink the water of my Punjab. I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and make one man fight a legion. Then only shall I be called Gobibnd Singh.”
    Guru ji’s sons have encountered the worst enemy since then. Everyday Jungle of Machiwara is receiving the news of younger and older sons of Guru Gobind singh ji dying, Guru ji should help His sons and daughter to uproot the roots of the most vicious kingdom that Guru’s sons have ever encountered. The Satan itself put on the garbs, Guruji prescribed for his own sons. And it (the Satan) is ever inventing the more and yet more gruesome methods of murdering His sons on the sly.


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