Sardar : Wisconsin Gurdwara Sikh Massacre : The White Bedsheet Cult Does A Quickie Vigil

White Sikh Yogi Bhajan Cult – Prayer Vigils In D.C. – Cockroach Yoga

 We are just a bunch of jackasses who do not anything about anything and we are reinventing the Sikh Religion so that we  can feel too good


The White Bedsheet Cult Does A Quickie Vigil

Or The Wham  Bam Thank You Ma’am  Quickie Vigil



Note : This is a continuation of the article:  Wisconsin Sikh Massacre; where I was accused of being too harsh on Whites. This article does NOT apply to the one Sikh who turned around to confront the killer bare-handed. Yes folks, we do have a hero here.


The Lesson Sikhs Must Learn


Cockroach Infestation In The Gurdwara Sahib 

This is the Symphonie  Pathetique. So here we have a commentator on YouTube  breathlessly telling the world about how the survivors hid themselves in the kitchen and the pantry,  while the killer  roamed the Gurdwara Sahib killing people. Wow! They are actually proud that they hid themselves.   I feel sorry,  not for the sangat   but for the Sikhi of Guru Gobind Singh.  Bhai Mani Singh was captured by Muslims and tortured. He told them defiantly: “you can cut me limb by limb, but I will not let you touch a  single hair on my body“. So the torturers proceeded to kill him by cutting him one joint at a time. Bhai Mani Singh suffered indescribable torture but refused to renounce or compromise Sikhi. Mani Singh knew that the practise of Real Sikhi was fraught with peril.  Fast forward 280 years and here is this obese and putrid cow  proudly telling the world that she hid  in the pantry. Wow!  Sikh history is unambiguous. The Guru Granth Sahib is not a book, it is to be considered as a living Emperor on Earth and must be treated as such. Higher than all temporal powers.  How does a valiant patriot defend his Emperor? By hiding in a pantry? I do not expect her to have the courage or the presence of mind to play chess with the killer in these circumstances. But one would expect her not to open her fat yap and broadcast  her cowardice to the whole world. Have some shame, woman!

Mark my words. this Sikh Sangat deserves no sympathy. They are nothing more than ritualists. In 1740, a Hindu Chaudhry, Massa Ranghar, occupied The Golden Temple,  where he desecrated the Guru Granth Sahib. Mehtab Singh and Sukha Singh brought back Massa Rangha’s head to the applause of Sikh Females. There used to be a time when there were real Sikh Females.  They died by the thousands in Mir Mannu’s death camps but they never abandoned the divine religion. This is  the ditty that they sang

We are the fodder for Mir Mannu
The more he reaps the more he sows


And this  pathetic, fat, slobbering  carcass of a woman, slithering like a blob of fat across the video screen, has the audacity to proudly tell the world that she hid in a pantry.  The Pantry Pantywaist who likes to go to the Gurdwara Sahib every Sunday and feel too good.

In a certain way this Sangat  is worse than the American terrorist. Wade Michael Page  was just killing people; these people are killing a religion. Thank God for  the Sikh Jat Gurdwaras in Greater Toronto.


A Gurdwara,  A Church And A  Totally Terrified Sikh Female

So here we have this  half-hysterical and pathetic  woman on YouTube  who has been terrified into a blubbering mass of incoherent hysteria.  She is calling a Gurdwara  Sahib a Church. Have some shame, woman! Have some respect for Guru Gobind Singh Ji!  A Gurdwara is not a lollipop where you go on Sunday with your kids so that you can suck a little bit and feel too good.  If you want to suck on a lollipop; go to a carnival for jackasses; or better yet go to a Shiv Shakti Worship Festival.  Sikhi is hard, it requires correct action. And you just failed the test. A fat lady who likes to wear too much gold jewellry.  A Fat Lady with too much gold jewellry who likes  defanged Sikhi.     Talk about slavery.  She has absorbed the general hostility of the American against the turban and is trying  very hard to conform to the diktat  of the  System.  She wants to assimilate just enough to ensure the  survival of her 190 pounds of blubber. If that means changing the terminology a little,   the religion a little; so be it. A little tweak here or there wont do any harm.

Fatso also exemplifies a certain relatively well known  point in Sikhism – Sikh women are largely responsible for the  slow destruction of Sikhsim.   Sorry to say this, but  it is a fact. Have a child and the first thing these fat chow down  experts, good for nothings and  n’eer do wells will  do, is to  insist that the hair of the child be cut.  Rare is the Sikh woman who wants to preserve Sikhi. Most of them don’t even want to marry anyone with long hair.  This is a FACT.  Sikh women are seducing men into  drinking from a poisoned well. Generally, Sikh men are much more genuine in their attitudes.  Hand the religion over to these females and you will see Sikhism finished in one generation. Sorry, but it is reality. Before Sikh females can assume positions in political Sikhism they need to put some iron in their blood and they need to have the courage to speak for the interests of  the Quom.   Once they do this, gender is of course irrelevant.   In the Sikh Jat dominated Gurdwaras in North America, the issue is not gender discrimination; the issue is the fear that Sikh Females cannot protect the Quom. Before any one can protect the Quom, he or she must have a grasp of the ideology of the Quom.  All of these  pseudo-modern Sikh feminists can’ t cut the mustard. So quit howling. Sikhs are not interested in fake Feminism Studies. We have our own things – which are better and time tested.    If the right female leader comes forth; then the entire Quom will stand behind her. But the Quom is not going to tolerate any lovey dovey female (or male) compromisers. Knock Knock! We just got genocided – 200,000 dead.   You want power – earn it!


Prayer Vigils in D.C.  – Imported Rituals  Teach Sikhs The Rituals Of Slaves


White Sikh Cult – Prayer Vigils In D.C.


I would laugh out aloud, if this photograph was not so utterly pathetic.  There they are,  standing like a bunch of  weird looking beggars, begging for help. “We are mucho terrified! Please Help Us! We are just a bunch of jackasses who do not know anything about anything. Please help us! Once there is peace we can go about our business of selling Kundalini Yoga, teaching White Tantric Sex and making mucho monero”

Let me just say this, Sikhs never protest like this. This  candle ceremony is an invention; utterly foreign to Sikhs.  These sorry excuses for humans do not know one iota about the Real Sikh ethos. Sikhs laugh at death. Even today, Sikhs laugh at the genocide of 200,000 Sikhs and write unremittingly proud poetry. They are bloodied but unbowed.  The Sikh Lion lies mortally wounded; but is not dead. Sikhs expect to be genocided. It never registers on them in the same way as  it would on a person of some other faith or culture.  Because Real Sikhs know that Sikhi will prevail but the path is sharper than the edge of a dagger.   In adverse circumstances like this, real Sikhs of the Guru do this: “dund dekhande nee (bare their teeth)“.   The Lion bares his teeth  because he has just been roused from his peaceful slumber.  Real Sikhs  never, ever beg; they would rather perish.  Begging is for beggars, virtuous  action is for Prince Valiants.  Sikhs always laugh when they face death.  This is the power of Sikhi.  And when you laugh at death; even your enemies admire you. But when you stand  like a pack of miserable beggars wearing fake ‘I am holier than thou’ whites; then the world laughs at you. Because the world recognizes you for what you are: a bunch of jackasses.

It is  sad to say that  these sorry excuses for human beings are dragging Sikhi into the gutter. They do not understand that a Sikh wearing a turban has to of the utmost good conduct because he is representing not only himself but the Sikh Nation.   This white bedsheet cult  is too busy being holier than thou.   They don’t know any  Sikh History.  They are too proud to learn.   They are mucho scared and they will  do anything for one more bite of life. This is the end product of Cockroach Yoga.

Note On The Picture:  The duty of a Sikh is to be in utmost presentable form and conduct because he represents not only himself but  the Sikh nation. So the first thing these people should do is to  learn how to wear a turban properly. Project the image of the Quom properly. Secondly, stop wearing those silly  I am a holy saint white clothes. The world is very, very tired of religious hypocrites.  Thirdly, and this applies to the “Indian” women. Lose some weight. Your body is a temple.  When a woman does not do any exercise in her whole life, except for chowing down four times a day –  her body becomes decrepit. You ladies look decrepit.  You should be ashamed off yourselves. I would never pose for a picture, If I looked decrepit or wore a goofy looking turban. But then I understand that the Sikh Nation deserves better presentation.


Cowards,  Liars And Pathetic Nominal Sikhs

Sikhism is in a very bad way. And as I like to articulate:  The Sikh Lion Lies Mortally Wounded.  After a while, I just had to stop watching videos on YouTube. It was just too disgusting.  A person who respects truth is offended by the articulation of lies. And these Wisconsin Sikhs are telling a lot of lies on media to the  American Public. Let’s go through them, one lie at a time.

Sikhism Is Peaceful And Sikhs Are A Peaceful People. Wrong. The Sikh Scriptures are peaceful but Sikh History is easily one of the most violent histories in the World.  The scope of the  brutality is breath-taking and staggering.  Sikhism has been marked by almost continuous war, declared or undeclared since 1699.    But to the credit of Sikhs,  I would say that they have almost never been instigators of violence and to their  further credit, Sikhs have except for one incident (Sirhind), never targeted women or children. The YouTube Videos on Sikh history are credible.   Sikhs are expected to resist tyranny and so far genuine Sikhs have done a good job.  Sikhs were so feared that they constituted 38% of the British India Army, and   that at a time when they  never numbered more than 1% of the population of India. So here we have a pack of jackasses who are totally bewildered. They know the real essence of the religion and they don’t like it. But they don’t want to leave Sikhism and at the same time they want to deny the doctrines of the religion. And out come the lies from their hypocritical mouths.  These people are lost, bewildered and pathetic. 

Give Us Gun Control, Please Give Us Slaves  Gun Control! : Give us gun control weeps this idiot who can barely speak English. The number of jackasses in the world keeps on increasing at an exponential rate. Put one jackass in the garbage can and another jackass pops up. All great mass murderers agree: Gun Control Is Cool. In India, the Government swept the Punjab in 1984, confiscating Guns from Sikhs. The government then murdered 200,000 Sikhs in a campaign of genocide. They missed this jackass.  The Sikh religion requires Sikhs to be armed – with the Kirpan of the Waqt. It is one of the most important obligations of a genuine Sikh. It was very plainly stated by Guru Gobind Singh. It is unambiguous.  The requirement has a rational foundation.   The circumstances of the world are far too vitiated ; a Sikh  must be ready to  to defend himself, his family, the religion and the Sikh Nation.  This is a practical dictum. These Wisconsin Sikhs  know this dictum. They are of course extremely cowardly.

The American system provides  complete rights to defend oneself, including lawful carry rights. This is great.   If these very ignorant and stupid people can’t be bothered to defend themselves then they should not go around crying. NOBODY is interested in their whining and nobody in their right mind is interested in gun control.

Please Defend Us We are a Bunch Of Jackasses Who Don’t Know Anything About Anything: The world is full of jackals. Guru Gobind Singh, their last Guru gave the command; tyaar-e-tyaar – Be Ever Vigilant.  Sikhs should not expect peace, the circumstances in the world are far too vitiated. A Sikh must stand ever vigilant to defend himself, his family, the Sikh religion and the Sikh Nation. This is real practical Sikhi. Not rubbing your snout on the ground like a greasy pig.   Guru Gobind Singh  would be ashamed of these jackasses.

 The Temple Harlots:   Is there something wrong with these pathetic  excuses for human beings?  On and on they rant on YouTube about their Temple. The last time I looked at  a dictionary, a temple was described as a place where idols of deities are installed  and worshipped.  Such ignorant slave like greasy pigs.  Idol worship is the greatest heresy in Sikhism.    They  are afraid to call a Sikh Gurdwara a Gurdwara.

And then on and on they rant about the priests. Now educated Sikhs who understand basic Sikhism know that Sikhism prohibits a priesthood. It is absolutely prohibited. Let me again reiterate. Genuine Sikhism absolutely prohibits a priesthood in the religion. They say that this “Temple” has priests.  Perhaps this is a  “Fake Sikh” temple – such as  a Nirankari Dera.   Wow!  talk about ignorant, cowardly people. If Islam catches these mice by the throat, they will become Muslim very, very quickly to save their skins. Totally pathetic people who don’t know much about Sikhi. They are as I have said, ritualists.

 Final Analysis From Canadian Sikhs: USMediaCanada analyzing the consensus of the 300,000 strong Sikh community in Greater Toronto hit it the jackpot. Toronto Sikhs have no sympathy for these jackals.

Please do not donate any money to this fake “Sikh Temple’.  Punish them for being giddars – cowards. Sikhs should instead donate generously to the Police Officer who was shot eight time while defending these  cowards.  


 How To Laugh At Death

Real Sikhism teaches us that the Universe is a wall of sand that will ultimately collapse, the affairs of man are false and that there is ultimately no difference between life and death. Real Sikhs drenched in the transcendental ideology of the Guru  Granth Sahib and the ideology of Guru Gobind Singh understand this. Real Sikhs laugh at death. There are many, many examples. You can look at photographs  of Shaheed Udham Singh – he is smiling.  A recent electrifying example is: Bhai Rajoana – he just laughed – that  unique laugh that only Real Sikhs can do – when he was awarded a date with the gallows.

So here are the Sikh jackasses in Wisconsin:  flailing their arms, weeping in public and carrying on like  a bunch of jackasses. And next Sunday, they will back to their idol rituals at the “Sikh Temple”,  rubbing their snouts on the ground and being way too religious.


Advanced Course In Laughing At Death

(especially for the Sikh cockroaches at the Wisconsin Gurdwara)




The Sons Of Lions Have  No Fear!


                            lowdown! lowdown!
                           The sons of Lions have no fear 
                            ….. revolver shot fired …..
                            … lion growls ….. aaahhh!! yes!
                          The sons of Lions have no fear
                         They show the stars in broad daylight
                        … a lion growls…


 How Shaheed Udham Singh Laughed At Death


In  918,  Brigadier General O’Dwyer  murdered over 1100 Sikhs protesting peacefully at the garden called: Jallianwali Bagh. Twenty one years later the great Sikh Shaheed,  Sardar Udham Singh, travelled to England to settle the score. Now watch how the great Shaheed scoffed at death:






The Doctrine of Chardi Kala Applied To The Total Fear And Cowardice Of The Wisconsin Sikh Sangat

The Chardi Kala doctrine refers to a state of mind where a fearless, brave and optimistic attitude is maintained,   even in the most daunting and oppressive off circumstances.  It is a requirement imposed on Sikhs as a religious obligation to maintain the Chardi Kala spirit. At the core of the concept is the idea that there is no difference between life and death and that the material world is ultimately of no consequence. The concept was articulated by The Keeper Of The Hawk, Guru Gobind Singh.   It was a psychological weapon used by Sikhs to fight armies that vastly out-numbered them.

The greatest  treasure of the Chardi Kala spirit  is the saying  of Guru Gobind Singh in the jungles of Macchiwara:

I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and I shall make one man fight a legion
then only shall I  take the name Guru Gobind Singh.


The context of this saying and the  complete verse is as follows:

While in the jungles of Machiwara, a messenger arrived to inform Guru Gobind Singh that his two sons, Sahibzada Jujhar Singh and Sahibzada Zorawar Singh aged  seven and nine years old had been bricked into a wall alive upon their refusal to convert to Islam. The Guru was uprooting a small shrub from the ground as the tale of martyrdom in the cause of the Religion of The True KingNanak (Sache Patshah)  was recounted by the messenger. The Guru then said:

just as I uproot this  shrub  so shall I  extirpate the Turk.  I shall set a fire under the hooves of their stallions and  I shall not let them drink the water of My Punjab. I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and make one man fight a legion. Then only shall I take the name Guru Gobind Singh.

After this incident, Guru Gobind Singh composed the epic poem Zafarnameh (Epistle Of Victory) in the Persian language and dispatched two warriors to ride 2000 kilometres southward into the Deccan Plateau to deliver the Epistle to the Emperor.

The Zafarnama  is similar in style to Firdousi’s Persian  epic medieval  ballad Shahnameh (Epistle Of The Kings) composed  around 1000 A.D. and is written in very chaste Classical Persian. It is off the same stature as Beowulf.

Nihang means crocodile in the Persian language. Nihangs were the shock troops and  Shaheedi warriors in Sikh armies and have a mythical status in Sikh lore.



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  1. Joginder Singh Foley August 12, 2012, 04:14

    Wouldnt those Borg standing outside the white house with candles be better of learning Gatka,Judo or any other form of martial arts to defend the Sikh panth and Sikh places of worship. Or are they too busy with yoga or maya to bother about such things as Gatka and Sikh history and how Sikhs still managed to privail against overwhelming odds as a search of Sikh achievement in the british army since 1849 will soon reveal

  2. Yes. But I hate to be offensive even when circumstances are so egregious. The old adage is: Never throw pearls at swine.

  3. Just read your article-couldn`t agree more with you!My first reaction that day was-oh but why and how could they hide,I winced each time those jackasses were interviewed…what a shame.I understand this Baisakhi,they could not find Panj Piare for Amrit pahul in the mid-West!!!Sad state of affairs!There were no Amritdharis in the Sangat other than the Ragis.You are right, it is the Punjabi women to blame-everything you have stated is the bitter truth.As for the candle-light vigil by 3HO,I can only laugh.
    The sole solution to Wisconsin incident is to take Amrit and be tyar bar tyar with training of firearms,nothing less.Akaal Sahai!

    • Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

      I second all you’ve said. You said it all to well!

      Just read your article-couldn`t agree more with you!My first reaction that day was-oh but why and how could they hide,I winced each time those jackasses were interviewed…what a shame.I understand this Baisakhi,they could not find Panj Piare for Amrit pahul in the mid-West!!!Sad state of affairs!There were no Amritdharis in the Sangat other than the Ragis.You are right, it is the Punjabi women to blame-everything you have stated is the bitter truth.As for the candle-light vigil by 3HO,I can only laugh.
      The sole solution to Wisconsin incident is to take Amrit and be tyar bar tyar with training of firearms,nothing less.Akaal Sahai!


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