Englander Kaur : High Kick Girl Gives Shri Hindu Takht A Beating

Shri Hindu Takht

Shri Hindu Takht

Photograph Of The Shri Hindu Takht (?!?!)


In the wake of the Sadda  Haq Film,  The so-called Shri Hindu Takht, a concoction of the RSS, asked the Indian Government to provide it with guns and Helicopters so that it could use these against Khalistanis (meaning kill them).  This is my response. But first, take a look at this very disturbing video  about the Gujarat genocide of the  Muslims; all done with the active connivance of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, and RSS thugs.  Do not watch the video if you are squeamish.


 A Video On The Nature Of These Beasts (Gujarat Genocide)



OK!  Enough!   Listen You Genocidal Murderers!  If you don’t  keep your mouths shut, China is going to  beat you into a pulp.  You deserve NO MERCY. The whole world knows that you  have killed 200,000 Sikhs.

If you don’t want to get a beating from The High Kick Girl, you better learn to crawl – quickly. Your end is coming pronto.  China needs to beat you down.  You know you are so ugly looking, no girl in her right mind would want to marry you. Shri Hindu Takht. What A Joke. Stop making up stories. Your whole stupid religion is a stupid story.   What a joke!  If I looked as ugly as you, I would be ashamed to show my face in public. And get out of the Punjab, it belongs to Sikhs only. You dogs don’t look like Punjabis. And take those dirty high caste marks off.

Sikh Girls need to get smart. Right away.  Don’t listen too much to your elders. Most of the elders are traitors who were too cowardly to defend Sikh rights. Get educated and study the martial arts.  Always be armed and prepared.  Be  daughters of Guru Gobind Singh.  Use your brains and never forgive the enemy. Remember this always – knowledge is power.

To All SikhArchive fans, please enjoy the High Kick Girl in action:



High Kick Girl Training To Take on Shri Hindu Takht



 High Kick  Girl doing Nanchuku Training to whip Shri Hindu Takht And The Genocidal Indian State Which Murdered 200,000 Sikhs




 High Kick girl showing what she intends to do to Shri Hindu Takht



High Kick Girl In A Simulated Fight With Shri Hindu Takht (also known as Cow Dung For Brains)




Advanced Techniques To beat  Shri Hindu Takht


Bonus Shri Hindu  Terrorist Takht  Beating  


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  1. Dharmi Fauji June 23, 2013, 10:43

    They are demons of this age, Khalsa is tyar bar tyar to deal with demons of this age.

    Let the demons and their rat army read it. 1984 was awakening.

    Khalsa is awake , let the right time come.These rats won’t even find a hole to hide when time to fight comes.


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