The Story Of Shaheed Sulakhan Singh Babbar

Sikh Martyr - Shaheed Sulakhan Singh Babbar_khalsa

Sikh Martyr – Shaheed Sulakhan Singh Babbar Khalsa


Shaheed Bhai Sulakhan Singh Ji Babbar Khalsa was a member of the Babbar Khalsa. He was a young and very devout Sikh.   Sikhs in  the Babbar Khalsa were strict followers of the Rehat (code)  instituted by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  During the period of the Sikh genocide from 1984 to 1995, the Babbar Khalsa fought with great ferocity.   They were responsible for killing many  anti-Sikh government officials,   fake human Gurus,  the genocidal  Chief Minister of The Punjab Beanta (whose assassination is the central event in the film, Sadda Haq). They also killed Govind Ram who had the dubious distinction of being the most vicious torturer in the employ of the Punjab Police. 

The great martyr Brother Sulakhan Singh was taken into police custody in 1988. During the torture session. Bhai Sulakhan Singh Ji’s body was split apart into two pieces like Bhai Mati Das Ji who was the companion of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

The Babbar Khalsa has now dispersed internationally, is still in existence and are loved and  revered. 



Genocide And Postlogue

In the immediate aftermath of the killing of the witch Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister Of India, an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 Sikhs were murdered by thugs led by the leaders of the slut’s political party (the Congress Party).

Shortly after the witch’s dispatch to Hell,  the Government of India launched a calculated campaign of genocide in which over 200,000 Sikhs were murdered in cold blood by the state security forces. This campaign of genocide lasted from 1984  to 1995. The human rights activist, Jaswant Singh Khalra, had accumulated evidence of 30,000 Sikhs having disappeared in two of the ten districts of Punjab. At that time there were ten districts in the Punjab.  If we extrapolate Khalra’s numbers we estimate that at least 150,000 Sikhs were murdered.  Jaswant Singh Khalra was himself  murdered by the Punjab Police shortly after his return from Canada. Khalra had traveled to Canada to implead Canadian Parliamentarians to intercede to stop the genocide of  the Sikhs.

Patently, the Government Of India which had been waging a very successful public relations  campaign characterizing the Sikhs as terrorists could not afford the serious allegation that a genocide was in progress and part of it’s calculated state policy. So Khalra was murdered by the Director-General of Police K.P. Gill who was one of the prime architects of the genocide. In his sordid lifetime, this incarnate of evil  has left in his  wake, a trail of  blood and tears in Nagaland, Assam, Jammu, Kashmir  and The Punjab.  A relentless and remorseless criminal psychopath,  he has used brute terror and murder to implement the Indian Government’s implicit policy to hinduize the country (“hindutva“).    Any international investigation into the genocide would prove Gill’s culpability in extremis. Gill holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most prolific mass murderers of the twentieth century.   The Government of India continues to shelter him and use it’s propaganda machine to call him the super cop of India.

The Government of India has never permitted any foreign human rights agency  to enter the Punjab to investigate the genocide.  Not a single conviction has been registered for the genocide an in fact many of the perpetuators of the genocide were rewarded with seats in Parliament and other high positions.   This genocide constitutes one of the great unrecorded genocides of the twentieth century.   The honour of the Sikh nation demands that this matter be resolved by any means necessary.

Amnesty International a controlled opposition organization, has steadfastly refused to investigate the  genocide. As informed persons well know, this is a gatekeeper organization whose real mandate is to determine  which genocides should be recorded and which genocides should be ignored. If it strikes you as fantastical  that 200,000 Sikhs could be murdered in cold blood without attracting international scrutiny then you need to advert to the following record of history. Over one and a half million Armenians were  murdered in cold blood at the turn of the century by the Turks but this genocide has never been acknowledged by any government or official body other than the Armenian government.





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