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Fire Worship At A Hindu Temple

Fire Worship At A Hindu Temple


Recently  a  fake Sikh website called Sikhnet which is operated by members of the Yogi Bhajan Cult had the audacity to prominently republish an article from  The Hindu wherein Sant Jarnail Singh  Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was called a terrorist and the Sikhs who laid down their lives opposing the genocidal Indian State terrorists. 

This cult was started by Yogi Bhajan who  had criminal antecedents in India and who was an  asset of  RAW (Research And Analysis Wing) , the RSS and  Indian Intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism.   The cult  has  it’s headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico.

Yogi Bhajan was a rapist, a sodomist, urinated on females and lived a life of financial fraud. See this link about the Katherine Felt case:  Yogi Bhajan. The Rapist.  The shameless hustlers of this cult who are defiling Sikhi  have the utter feckless audacity to dare to call Sant Jarnail Singh  Ji Khalsa a terrorist. 

This cult is instrumental in mixing Hindu rituals and practises into the Sikh religion.  What is so egregious is that this cult mixes a religion as noble as Sikhi with a vile religion such as Hinduism.

The videos below show the real nature of Hinduism and the ongoing atrocities of the caste system which is a fundamental precept of the religion.  There are 800 million untouchable,  low caste and tribal peoples in India.   The upper castes constitute no more than 15% of the population of India.

There are two  integral pillars in Hinduism: caste and yoga.




Untouchable women arm themselves to protect themselves from rape and murder:




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