Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann : War Cries Of Sikh-China Alliance Raised In The Punjab

Simranjit Singh Mann

Simranjit Singh Mann


Recently a number of  “mainstream” newspapers and web-sites have been propagating news that the Khalistan movement is fading away.   In the mean time the Government of India is carrying on a low key campaign to discredit a bi-artisan U.S. congressional committee which has been set up to voice legitimate Sikh concerns.  Contrary to the false and misleading propaganda peddled by the mainstream media where fact mixes with fiction in a seamless manner, the ground reality of the Khalistan movement is quite different. Craig Paul Roberts, one of the last thinkers in the classical mold of the Age Of Reason, simply calls the mainstream press, presstitutes

There are reasons why the Khalistan movement will not ever fade away. Firstly,  the creation of a Sikh state is embedded in the Sikh religion and devout Sikhs recite everyday in their daily prayers: Raj Karega Khalsa (“The Khalsa Shall Be Sovereign”).  Sikhsim is a political religion. Secondly, Sikhs have  a separate religion, a separate language and a completely separate culture. The Sikhs have their own calendar like all major religions of the world (the Nanksahahi calendar). Sikhs are also racially distinct from  other Indians. Sikh History is nothing but a long struggle to establish a a sovereign Sikh nation where the great humanitarian and egalitarian ideals of Sikhi can be put into practise and dignity for each and every Sikh be finally realized. Sikhism in it’s pure form is radical and completely different from all other world religions.

Coming from a landed and historical Sikh family, Simranjit Singh Mann is the head of the Akali Dal (Amrisar) political party. Prior to 1984 he was the Deputy Inspector General of the Punjab Police (Ferozepur Range).  A devout and very political Sikh, he is remembered by his admirers as giving political speeches of the same stature as Cicero at wedding receptions.  He also issued gun licenses to all Sikhs who requested such from him.  Eventually, he came to the attention of the Government Of India which shifted  his assignment from the Punjab Police to the Central Industrial Security Force and in charge of guarding  naval dock lands.  After the assassination of the demonic Prime Minister Of India, Indira Gandhi,  Simranjit Singh Mann was branded as the mastermind behind the killing. These were actual headlines published by the Presstitute media like the Times Of India, The Hindu and so forth.  He was arrested on the India-Nepal border and brought to Jodhpur where he was incarcerated for a number of years and subjected to brutal torture. This torture included the spitting of chewing tobacco into his open mouth. In other words his mouth was used as a public spitoon. After his release, he was feared to have gone insane from the torture. And he was for some time not in good frame. After his release he was elected to Parliament from the Tarn Taran Constituency; a hardline Sikh area on the borderlands with Pakistan.

Contrary to the artful propaganda of the the presstitutes, the Khalistan movement is not dead.  It has gone underground to avoid political repression, murder and torture by the Indian State which portrays itself through it’s Ministry Of Propaganda as a liberal democracy.  The dictum of Guru Gobind Singh is tyaar-e-tyaar (“Ever Ready”).  A dictum repeated by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale  reminding Sikhs to bide their time until the time to strike comes to fruition. The Sikhs are biding their time. Their resolve is unshaken. They will settle accounts; particularly for the cold-blooded genocide of 200,000 Sikhs over the period from 1984 to 1995. Khalistan shall be established. Guru Gobind Singh Ji reminds us: “Raj bina dharam nehi chalee, dharam bina sab dale malee” – Without sovereignty, the Sikh religion cannot flourish, without the Sikh religion all is lost”. 

In this video, Sikhs raise the war cry of a Sikh-China Alliance. Indicating to China that in any war between India and China, Sikhs will stand with China. China claims the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh (a synthetic name invented by India). China calls the state South Tibet. Most of the inhabitants of the state are mongoloid in race. China disputes the entire McMohan line of control.   The McMohan LOC was a colonial boundary established by the British to  separate India from China.   Approximately 15% of this demonic  “nation” is disputed by China, including the massive state of Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, parts of Kashmir bordering Russia, the states of Nagaland, Tripura as well as portions of Assam State bordering China.  India will  be dismantled. 


War Cries And A Message To China

 The Sikhs must establish a liaison office in Beijeng.




A Physical Altercation At A Police Post

Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann at the age of 70, leads a physical altercation with the police. Demonstrating one of the inherent principles of Applied Sikhi: true Sikhs do not factor age into any equation when in the the domain of action (jang de madaan) . Baba Deep Singh, led Sikh Warriors at the age of seventy seven years.

The protest starts with a march to object to the installation of a rapist by the Indian Government as Vice Chancellor of Punjab University. A direct insult to Sikhs by the Hindu Government.





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  1. Sikhs should have go with Communist China in War Cry situation and Islamic State of Pakistan that and made sea of Pearls more strong and Sikhs should have treaty of No Visa to travell to Pakistan and China is with us than Nobody will stop Punjab’s Independence And Sovereign in 2019 not 2020


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