Dal Khalsa : Important : Death Squads Unleashed In The Punjab

The Flag Of The Dal Khalsa

The Flag Of The Dal Khalsa


This is breaking news.  The Indian State Security  Agencies have unleashed death squads in The Punjab.  Sikhs must be armed and prepared to defend their families and the Khalsa Panth.  This policy is similar to the Salvador Option used by Negroponte in San Salvador: see The Salvador Option and also see  The Phoenix Progrom

In the Sikh genocide from 1983 to 1995, the Indian Intelligence Agencies concentrated on liquidating the Sikh Youth so that the Sikh movement would lose it’s continuity and momentum.  Sikhs must be particularly vigilant in protecting Sikh youth.  All young Sikhs who wear turbans must exercise utmost vigilance because they are in an extremely high risk category for targeted liquidation.





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