USMediaCanada: Mother Of Dr. Amarjit Singh, Director Of The Khalistan Affairs Center, Passes Away




We regret to inform that the mother of Dr. Amarjit Singh, Director of The Khalistan Affairs Center,  passed peaceably away on August 3, 2012 in India. Dr. Amarjit Singh, philosopher and political ideologue, was unable to see his dear mother since vacating India in 1988.  Dr. Amarjit Singh’s mother was denied the right to visit him in the United States over the last twenty five years.  Her last wish to see her son once very briefly.  We bow our heads to Dr. Amarjit Singh who has steadfastly made great  sacrifices for the benefit of the Sikh Nation.  We are very proud of Dr. Amarjit Singh.

This is USMediaCanada’s tribute to Dr. Amarjit Singh’s mother. The Sikh Quom bows it’s  head towards Sikh mothers who give birth to lions off Dr. Amarjit Singh’s calibre.

Dr. Amarjit Singh’s TV Channel is available: TV 84 Channel

 Every young Sikh who considers himself  or herself the son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is requested to follow Dr. Amarjit Singh’s channel assiduously.



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