Sikligar : The Weapon Makers Of The Sikhs

Sikligar - Weapon Makers Of The Sikhs

Sikligar – Weapon Makers Of The Sikhs


This is a documentary on the Sikligars, the weapon makers of the Sikhs. The term was originally applied as a honorific by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the Sikhs who made weapons for the Sikh Misls and Armies.  These weapon-makers were originally very  low caste Hindus who converted to Sikhi during the time of the Gurus and brought with them their valuable skills  as iron-smiths and foundrymen.  After the British conquest of the Sikh Empire in 1849, they fell on very hard times as their skills could not be used by the Sikhs. After the partition of India in 1947, the corrupted and Hindu subservient  SGPC and other  sold-out Sikh institutions have failed to uplift them and bring them fully into the Sikh nation. These hated institutions gather the daily donations of the Sikh Sangats with shovels, but these vicious, mean and inhuman blood sucking leeches give almost the entire daily donations of the Sangat to one of the most corrupt political machines in the world.  A machine that uses the donations to destroy Sikhi and support the worst Anti-Panthic cults and political organizations. There is exactly only one way to break the death grip.

Needless to say, without the service of the Sikligars,  Khalsa Raj would have been impossible to achieve. The debt owed to this community is immense and cannot be over-stated.









History Of The Sikligars 

Rendered with great affection





By Their Grace Have I Been Adorned

Now kindly listen to the incandescent shabad by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in adoration and love for the the Sikligars and others considered the lowest of the low in the Hindu system. They who sacrificed everything they had for the Guru, left their children and families behind, gave up everything they ever possessed, fought in battles vastly out-numbered, were burned to death, were flayed alive, boiled in cauldrons, were scalped,  were ripped apart by threshing machines, but never abandoned the divine faith of the True King Nanak



By their grace have I been adorned
If it was not for them, there are millions like me
By their grace have I won battles
By their grace do I rule as a Sultan





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