Sikhs In Canada Score A Major Victory, Canada Refuses Punjab Government Request For State Security For Deputy Chief Minister – Accused Of Complicity In Mass Murder By Sikh Groups

Prakash Singh Badal And His Son Sukhbir Singh Badal

Prakash Singh Badal And His Son Sukhbir Singh Badal : Shop Of The Thugs (Cartoon Headline)

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We thank our patrons in Ottawa, the Capital of The Dominion Of Canada, who are gracious enough to visit the SikhArchives and are in sympathy with the Sikh cause.  J. Dhaliwal of USMediaCanada puts it very simply: ‘Proud To Be Canadian

This is an on the ground report of the events narrated below.



Prakash Badal is the Chief Minister of The Punjab. He has ruled The Punjab with an iron fist for the last 25 years. Sukhbir Badal is his son and the Deputy Chief Minister of The Punjab. Sukhbir Badal is also the head of the SGPC (Shrimoni Gurdwara Prabandhak Commitee)  which receives all of the donations given by the Sikh Sangat to Gurdwaras administered by the SGPC in The Punjab. Those donations are rumored to amount to  six hundred million  to one billion dollars per annum.  An audit of the finances of the SGPC has never been permitted by the Indian Government.  The SGPC, a creation of the English colonial power to control Sikhs, reports directly to the Prime Minister’s office, in camera (latin legal phraseology for in secret)

Sukhbir is guaranteed to take over the reins of power once the fat old old anti-Sikh cobra dies.  Prakash Singh Badal is believed to secretly be a Nirankari.   Recently he tried to visit the United States but canceled his visit as Sikh groups mobilized to serve him with warrants compelling his appearance in Court on charges of complicity in genocide and mass murder.


Give Me Total State Security

Sukhbir Badal was scheduled to visit Canada for a ten day visit starting on September 13. He requested the Canadian Government to provide him with state security. The Dominion Of Canada  refused the request and in consequence  Junior Badal canceled his visit.

This is what the Junior Badal had to say:

 “It is unfortunate. I am the deputy chief minister of Punjab and also the head of my party. If they (Canadian government) cannot show due courtesies there is no point in going.”

“When the Prime Minister of Canada came here we provided 5,000 Punjab Police personnel for his security. When their chief ministers come to Punjab they are given adequate security in accordance with their position. It is unacceptable that when it comes to repaying a courtesy the Canadian government is looking at the technical difference between a chief minister and a deputy chief minister,”

He further added:

“Threats issued by Sikh hardliners in Canada is the least of my worries. I am not going to stop visiting Canada just because someone has said something or is planning to do something. For a personal visit I can have enough of my own security-men. But this is an official visit. The Canadian government should have offered to make adequate security arrangements,”


The threats that he is referring to pertain to the mass murder of 200,000 Sikhs by the Indian Government and it’s lapdog in the Punjab. He should be afraid, really afraid.  The charges are complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity.   Canada is not India, Boy Badal better learn this.

Badal and his son never present themselves in public unless they have an extremely heavy security detail surrounding them.  On one occasion over fifty armed paramilitary personnel have been counted in Junior’s entourage, many carrying AK-47s. Junior is just loved by the common Sikh folk.  


Invoking Universal Jurisdiction For Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity

The proposed visit of Junior was met with vociferous opposition by Sikh groups in Canada.  The Canadian Sikh Coalition met senior Parliamentarians and senior officers in the Ministry Of External Affairs, demanding that Canadian law barring the entry into Canada of persons responsible for crimes against humanity be applied to Sukhbir Badal.   

Sikhs For Justice prepared to carry out a citizen’s arrest of Junior; we are advised in particular that :

An emergency ex parte motion for the issuance of a Writ of Mandamus by The Superior Court Of Ontario (Divisional Court), Queen Street was prepared;  the object of which was to compel the Canadian Government to apply it’s law of universal jurisdiction enabling the government to arrest any person within it’s jurisdiction who is accused of genocide and for which accusation reasonable poof exists. The motion was scheduled to be heard as soon as Junior disembarked from the plane and set foot on Canadian soil.  


Sukhbir Sinha Badal wisely decided to not come to Canada. Junior would have been arrested.


A Vicious Cyber War And A Ferocious Media War In Toronto

 As Sukhbir Sinha Badal prepared to come to Canada,  a vicious  fight erupted between the Khalistan ideologues and the local Punjabi press in Toronto; most of which is on the payroll of the Indian Intelligence Agencies.    Dhaliwal of USMediaCanada who is an outspoken proponent of Khalistan was subjected to threats, intimidation and a concerted campaign to discredit him. The attacks were personal and vicious.

In  cyber space, the Indian Intelligence Agencies  launched  a systematic campaign to  give Sukhbir Badal a clean image. This Internet media disinformation campaign fell flat on it’s face as it met a new generation of young Khalistani cyber activists who are very cyberwar savvy. 

Overseas units of the Akali Dal in England and Canada were completely ineffective. At one time, the Akali Dal had strong influence in  England and Canada but those days are gone. The leadership of these organizations is old and dying. Their  time is up.

In Toronto, the media campaign launched by the local Punjabi media fell flat on it’s face. There are a number of reasons for this. The prime reason is that the owners of this media are un-educated and they are virtually illiterate in the English language. Asides from being on the the payroll of the Indian Intelligence Agencies, the narrative that they are peddling is absurd and patently false. Their readership consists of the old dying Sikh generation, which is essentially uneducated. In contrast, the Sikhs who made a difference are all university educated and fluent in English. They do not read the ‘Punjabi’ media. One young Khalistani lion just dismissed the Indian Agency controlled Toronto Media as crackpots.  

The new Khalistani generation have the education, brain-power and  credentials to reach into the corridors of power in Ottawa. Not only is knowledge power, but knowledge is respect. 

Sikhs have a deep reach into the corridors of power in Ottawa.


The Old Sikh Guard Fails, The New Educated Sikh Generation Forces India’s Hand

 Another fallout from the Sukhbir Sinha visit was a demonstration that the old Khalistani guard in Canada is dying. Many personages in this guard control Gurdwaras or sit on Gurdwara committees. Their tenure   has been marked by continuous  internecine fights for the control of Gurdwaras and sangat donations. They love to put on suits and give photo-ops.  Aside from paying lip service to the  the cause of Khalistan,  they have done squat. Aside from being functionally illiterate, the main problem is the conflict of interest that each and every one of them has.  That conflict of interest is enough to enable the Indian Intelligence Agencies  to make them sing like little yellow yard-birds.  


A Compliment From The Hindutva Enemy

In the wake of the Canadian campaign which forced Boy Badal to turn tail and run. The Indian media commented (undoubtedly upon the information provided by the Indian Intelligence Agencies)  that a new generation of Sikhs had grown up, particularly in Canada, which were carrying out an intense struggle on an ideological level.


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