A Spurious Appointment Of Satpal Singh By The Akal Takht


Satpal Singh - Yogi Bhajan Cult

Satpal Singh – Yogi Bhajan Cult


During the last week, the fake jathedar of The Akal Takht appointed a committee to address Sikh grievances in North America. Let me be absolutely blunt, this appointment is a dispicable sham because it does not represent the collective will of Sikhs in North America. Sikhs in North America recognize the installed Jathedar for what he is, a shameless puppet of the Hindutvas. And for this reason alone, this so-called committee is pre-destined to fail. This so-called committee is a sellout of legitimate Sikh interests by the puppet Jathedar of the Akal Takht on the behest of his Hindu handlers. The convenor of this committee is one so-called Satpal Singh, a leading member of the vile Yogi Bhajan cult. You can see him in the picture above attending at a hindu temple wearing a married hindu woman’s dot on his forehead (‘the eye of Shiva’). He is the second man from the right.

Take a good hard look at him. There he is at a Hindu temple with his hindu married woman’s dot on his forehead (the eye of Shiva) participating in some weird hindu ritual. When I was young, we never ever entered into Hindu temples. It was ubiquituous, every Sikh knew the rule. Sikhs respect all religions but do not enter into the places of worship of other religions. Sikhs respect all religions but Sikhi is superior and destined to rule. We all knew this. But we came from very chaste and proud families. What type of family does Satpal Singh come from? I have no idea. But his father-in-law was the creator of the Yogi Bhajan cult. Yogi Bhajan was a rapist, a sodomizer and urinated on females. This is the type of man Yogi Bhajan was. But beyond this he tried his utmost to destroy the Sikh religion. When the day of death came for this cur, he directed that he be accorded Hindu rites. Now think about this for a second, he gave all of the wretched inmates of his cult the surname Khalsa, but he himself never took amrit, never wore a Kirpan and when this scavenging jackal had to die, his last wish was to be accorded hindu rites. Was he an agent of Indira Gandhi? was he a RSS and intelligence agency asset? Time will tell. Was Yogi Bhajan involved in a plot to murder Sant Jarmnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale? Time will tell. Satpal Singh is Yogi Bhajan’s son-in-law. Will Satpal Singh rise above his surroundings?. The prognosis is not promising.

 What must be clearly understood is that the jathedar of the Akal Takht is a sock puppet of the Hindutva political apparatus. He can do absolutely nothing that his masters disapprove off. Do you want proof? This stooge stood absolutely mute and did not issue any statements in the wake of the recent spate of salvador option style killings in the Punjab by the Hindutva intelligence agencies. And what did his predeccesor sock puppet Jathedar do? He called himself Vedanti (the one learned in the Hindu Vedas); just to ingratiate himself to his hindu masters. And he translated some of the most pornographic portions of the Hindu Puranas into Punjabi so that he could pollute chaste Sikh girls. That is the measure of these beasts who bark with a million man army behind them. The Jathedar of the Akal Takht is supposed to stand in his office on the basis of the consensus of the entire Sikh Nation and is duty bound to represent the will and aspirations of the Sikh Nation. This vile and uneducated toad is nothing more than a puppet of Hindutva India.

Nothing is known about how these appointments were made by the Akal Takht stooge. The Derry Road Gurdwara Sahib in Mississauga, Canada has the largest Sikh Sangat in North America, it was neither consulted and nobody connected with the Gurdwara is on the committee. The Same goes for the Gurdwara Sahib on Malton Road, Canada. There are Gurdwaras with extremely large sangats in British Columbia. They are not represented. But what does this fake jathedar do? Install as the convenor of the committee, a member of the Yogi Bhajan cult. A cult which has no more than 7,000 “fake white Sikh” members in North America (the voting sangat at the Mississauga Gurdwara is over 52,000 by court records). The Yogi Bhajan cult sells it’s langar. Nothing is free when you deal with this cult which not only sells langar, but magic stones, astrology, Sikh names and Kundalini sex yoga. A painting of Guru Ram Dass is plastered on tea boxes that they sell. The list goes on and on. They should attend at the Mississauga Langar which feeds over a thousand people every day (and at least 10,000 on week-ends) all from the generosity of devout Sikhs. The Guru’s langar is not for sale, it is a privilege to sit in the Guru’s langar. This cult is acid on the Sikh Religion.

 There are many highly educated Sikhs who are well versed with the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh history, speak multiple languages and are well travelled. But none are on this committee. If you espouse the true Sikh cause, you are automatically barred from the committee by the Akal Takht stooge who has a grade six education. Did he even manage to pass grade six? Personages like Dr.Amarjit Singh and Dr. Ajrawit who are founts of knowledge on Sikh History are automatically barred because the Hindutvas hate them. Dr. Amarjit Singh can recite large portions of the Guru Granth Sahib off the cuff. Can the appointed fool jathedar do the same? The most important quality that a stooge can have is a lack of intelligence.

 Were the appointments made by greasing the fake jathedar’s hungary palm? Time will tell.

 The mainstream Sikh Gurdwaras and many prominent activist Sikh institutions which are furthering the Sikh cause in North America disagree with the appointment of this committee. Among them are Sikhs for Justice.

More information about the Yogi Bhajan cult is available on Gursant Singh’s YouTube channel:  Gursant Singh’s YouTube Channel. Information is also avaialble here : SikhArchives dossier.


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