War Corporatism – Mussolini’s Definition Of Fascism Revisited


Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini



By Sardar Vazir Singh

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini  defined fascism as the merger of the State and the Corporation. It is that social system in which the interests of the State and the corporations merge together  This is the quintessential characteristic of a fascist state. Contrary to popular belief  the defining characteristic of a fascist state is not a charismatic leader.

We are seeing the on-going transformation to a fascist state  occurring daily in the nominal liberal democracies of the West. What is being architected is a completely new form of fascism.  A state where there is pervasive surveillance and freedom is being redefined as the  freedom to consume and follow the official line.  A sycophantic legal system, bowing at the alter of raw and naked power,  is veering ever closer  towards  soviet legal realism. And while this is going on,  brutal genocidal wars are being waged abroad where millions of  innocent men, women and children are slaughtered with high-tech weaponry.

The mind recoils with horror but the voices of dissent are muted. The cowardice  and the moral ambiguity is staggering.  The age of Rousseau, Jefferson, Fermat, Voltaire, Paine and Thoreau is nothing more than the embers of a dying camp-fire in the woods.

The following  factors are at play:

(i) The Mass Media in the West which is essentially controlled by six big corporations. These corporations are selectively disseminating news.  The corporate mass media is a propaganda warfare apparatus that is waging a silent war on the minds of men with the  object of  permuting their perception of truth.  I personally believe that the corporate media is using these big weapons in this silent war : (i) hiding relevant news and completely distorting relevant news items which are published; (ii) distracting people with trivia – for example, what dress is Brittany  Spears wearing today (as if intelligent people really give a hoot),  (iii) stratospherically amplifying the importance of  sports – modern sports events  are nothing more than the contemporary version of Roman circuses,  (iv) divide and conquer – dividing public opinion so that a credible opposing consensus never materializes, and  here is the big one (v) the Hegelian  Dialectic.

(ii) People are distracted – we are living in an age of pathological narcissism. There  is no community and there is no brotherhood.  Look at Twitter as an example and survey the posts on Twitter. The majority of the tweets are horribly brain dead.  Who cares if you have just brushed your teeth five minutes ago. There has to be something weird and completely unnatural about  people  who  tweet this type of information. Certainly people imbued with  such a high degree of narcissism will never ever be their brother’s keeper.

(iii) The Bell Curve – intelligence is normally distributed in accordance with Bell’s probability density function. Perhaps the masses will never get it.

(iv) The Vote Has Become Useless. People realize, though they dare not admit,  that their vote  is completely useless.  All the mainstream political parties have been taken over by the elites and there is only one agenda regardless of which party is in power. Vote all you want to, the flight plan will not change. Just research how many multi-millionaires and billionaires there are in the U,S. Congress. Do you really believe that they give a hoot for the common man? Do you really believe that they are in Congress for any altruistic and high moral purpose?  Do they do look noble browed to you?  Do they have any sentiments of patriotism or  honour.  Realistically the fact is that the elites have only  their own self interest to pursue  and they do not care a tinker’s damn for you.

(v)  The Role Of Christianity in the West. Christianity  is essentially a very, very morally reprehensible, infinitely permutable  and superstitious religion ( witness the Spanish Inquisition, genocide of Indians in the  New World, the catalogue could go on forever and the count would run into the genocide of hundreds of millions of innocents). Look at mainstream Christianity’s  response to the ongoing slaughter  of innocents – there is an icy and stony silence from the religion of love . The rank hypocrisy of  Christians is revolting. When Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the masses; he was completely right in the context of Christianity. This is one religion that always bows obsequiously  before the alter of  naked power.

(vi) Authentic History Is Dead. History nurtures civilization and provides continuity to civilization. History connects people to their roots. The  new fascism wants  to construct an ahistorical  world order where the recollection of people is no more than a few days. Authentic History is the deadly enemy of  the global police state.

(vii) A Cowardly Intellectual Elite And The Rise Of Pseudo-Science: Almost universally the intellectual elite in the West is a cowardly,  sycophantic  and materialistic  collection of  misfits. If anyone should know better and speak up, it is this misbegotten bunch of  conceited intellectual cowards. The exceptions are few and far in between and sadly their voices are lost in the wilderness. Along with this pervasive intellectual cowardice is the rise of Psuedo-Science. Psychologists with their unholy and murderous approval of the torture of innocents,  political scientists who never  had any love for humanity building mathematical models of terrorism; economists babbling about  models which have no correspondence to reality, sociologists who must be deranged,  psychoanalysts who are sick themselves. Climatologists lying with glee.  The whole unholy lot of them trying to use Mathematics to prove the divinity of their false knowledge.  Quacks brimful with conceit,  hubris and vulgarity.  And absolutely not  a molecule of  humility in them. It they ever saw real freedom they would die of fright.  And you guessed it, this lying, mendacious mob of conceited hypocrites is not afraid of God, after all they will be saved when they desire  up their unholy deliverance.

(viii) The Big Kahuna – all power is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Vulture capitalism is at it’s zenith.

“With stunning insouciance, Americans have given up the rule of law that protected their liberty. The silence of law schools and bar associations indicates that the age of liberty has passed. In short, the American people support tyranny. And that’s where they are headed.”

John Craig Roberts was the  under-secretary of the Treasury in the  Reagan Administration and the inventor of Reganomics (Supply Side Economics)

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