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Bhai Gurbaksh Singh  - Hunger Strike To Death

Bhai Gurbaksh Singh – Hunger Strike To Death


This episode goes through the draconian laws in place in The Sikh Punjab, which laws are designed to impose a regime of tyranny on Sikhs. These laws which deny Habeus Corpus. They are also used  to try and convict  Sikhs before special ‘terrorism’ courts which are presided over by executive magistrates who are also  also police officers. In these courts, Sikhs are convicted on  the evidence of secret witnesses. This is akin to Star Chamber.  Forced confessions are routinely induced under torture  to secure convictions. This is part of the fabric of the continuing terror regime  which has been put into place  by the Indian Regime.  In the Punjab, there is a criminal regime which uses terror to cower Sikhs into submission.

The outcome of this continuing reign of terror is that thousands of Sikhs are languishing in prison, on false charges and in fact for many such prisoners, charges have not even been laid.  Many prisoners have spent over ten years in jail without any outstanding charges.

This state of affairs has compelled Bhai Gurbaksh Singh to undertake a fast onto death.





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