Confessions Of A French White Sikh

Sardarni Sikhander Singh And The Ideology Of Sikhism

Sardarni Sikhander Singh And The Ideology Of Sikhism


Editor’s Note: This is the confession of a French, White Sikhnee who was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult and who now follows true Sikhi and appears to have become a devout Sikhnee. I have taken the liberty to clean up a few grammatical errors.  Notice that she mentions that the leader of the Yogi Bhajan cult in France was a member of the Freemasons (please refer to the author’s clarification in her comment) and that a Black was and may  still be a member of the Rosicrucians. You are all encourqged to study the history of the Freemasons, there are abundant materials on the Internet. The leaders of the heretical  fake White Sikh cult, are principally  Jewish

 Please see the author’s correction in her comment below.


I Join The Yogi Bhajan Cult


i started kundalini yoga long time ago with a sister in law who used to do there,in France. it pleased to me! the teacher was interesting and very funny! I was spiritually in search, all kinds of Western Religions or Practices,  I found them false!

One day,in 1996 or 1997,  Yogi Bhajan came at Paris; I had not a lot of money but paid the course to see him, to know him. and i was very disappointed to hear how he treated us, that we are”idiots” and things like that! Many women were massing his feet as if he was God,every body so in veneration for him! I came out, couldn’t stay!!! but i still continued to go to my Kundalini classes, because it seemed to me good for my well being.

Then I decided to learn to be a teacher. I had no money and it was very hard for me to pay as it was expansive ! So I paid little by little and nothing to eat, coming back home! The teacher was very hard with me because I used to criticize unjust things! for instance we had a seminaire about men and women; he invited women teachers from England to teach us women topics and “secrets”; men had to be “initiated” by him. He never give time and space to let the women teachers to search their things: he took all space and time for him so at the end of the week-end, I told him that the”mission” is not accomplish because we paid for a teaching for women with women and we had nothing!!! so he must give us a new seminaire about the topic or pay back!  All French people with me agreed! He was vexed! and I don’t know what he did but we never succeed to have students, to have a good business, since all his German or others followers have plenty business, succeeding in every thing with him, behind him!

He is like a guru!and he has plenty money! plenty people making “seva” for him!!!! He is adored! that man was (still is?) a free mason! and I guess he uses magic things to succeed! I used to go to the Kundalini Yoga festival some time long time before and I saw many things very choking for me: in the Gurdwara,women following Yogi Bhajan, American or German were together always at the front and they never mixed with new people like me, who was trying to understand! They were walking proud too proud and never smiling; yes we must be proud of ourselves but still humble,that the way Nanakji tolds us ; they were “Khalsa” and the others nothing!!!!

The year after ,same way: no smile,no welcome… a man who was rasta before and took Amrit in India treated me very bad, insulting me in front of all his friends, outside: many people were there and hearing! Just because during the “tantra”, I was “facilitator” and asked him, just with a sign of my hand, to stay behind his line, as it is required. He was full of hate and nobody told him to respect me! And now, that guy shows his face everywhere, build a site on internet about the gurus, explaining kirtans ; it ‘s only to build his business!!! to draw people to him! he used to sing(not good!)and his favorite is ADI SHAKTI; we can see him on” You Tube”! and in every festival now, he is always with” ADI SHAKTI” to show to every body that he is a great devotee to the feminine (editor’s note: author is referring to the black) …. at the Gurdwara, he used to take more and more place to become the first!!! He also was (or is still???) a rosicrucian.

Sikhs Manipulated By Free Masons

And 2 years ago, I went again to this festival, and in a video, among many images, i saw a “checker board”! I was schocked! Wahoo! are we manipulated by the free masons and rosicrucians (and others) and I decided to go back home and stop with them all! It was the sign that they are manipulators! (I mean, some people must be genuine of course, but we must OPEN OUR EYES!).

I Become A True Sikh

Now, I am just hearing Kirtans (on “you tube”) sung at Amritsar or in other Gurwaras in India, reading the Japji Sahibji, trying by myself to learn to be Sikh ( I am far from any Gurdwaras) and one beautiful day I shall go take Amrit with the true People of The Guru!

I have many details to say about 3HO and their manipulations! They “look” so pure ! it’s easy to fall in their plan! you know, During all that time i was so needy, no one never helped me! no one! on the contrary! all what they want is MONEY AND POWER ON US!

The day i went to “BOBIGNY GURDWARA” Sahib near Paris, I started to understand that the true SIKHS give, help: I was eating every day at The Langar, they gave me a room to stay several days, some women gave me beautiful indians Penjabi clothes: May they be blessed by The GURU: they showed me true Love!

The people who showed True Love in the Kundalini yoga festival are not 3HO people, generally!!!! . So we must analyse, when we are around 3HO, analyse quick and well ALL SIGNS! We must let them down! We must not follow those Karta Singh, Ram Singh, Shiv Charan Singh (editor’s note: find out the religion of these persons and a lot will be answered)  and all those businesses wanting only MONEY! Money we need of course !! But not on the GURU! It’s manipulating the teachings of GURU! It’s manipulating the faith or search of some people! They USE and ABUSE !

In Europe I AM CALLING all the people loving Yoga and spirituality to stop going in their festival (they bought a CASTLE, in France, at ST PIERRE DE MAILLET) A CASTLE!!!!and stop doing seva for their business! They have plenty money and we must not be their slaves! SEVA IS FOR THE GURU, helping the poors,  needy, women alone, kids, fighters for The TRUTH! Stop to give what we have for their FALSE teachings! JUST GO TO THE GURU, BOW TO THE GURU, reciting and singing the NAAM, meditating on WAHE GURU!




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  1. WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA,WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH! i wrote those”confessions” but there is an error: as i am not english spoking,may be it’s a misunderstanding, but i was not talking about Yogi bhajan when i said he was freemason; i was talking about my kundalini yoga teacher(who has been initiated by yogi bhajan)that teacher behave like a” guru”,people giving many sevas in his house,his “ahram”,and all courses are expensive; now,he is considered in the world as one of the greatest kundalini teacher; he is “a star”!!!! he was (and still is?i dont’ know) free mason! and as i saw a symbol of the free mason during the festival,of course,i am thinking that maybe those sects are manipulating all 3HO behind!!

    • Thank you for your interesting contribution. If you submit more articles on your experiences, we will be sure to print them.

      • Simranjit Singh January 2, 2014, 07:07


        Sat Sir Akal!!

        I love this website and visit it daily. I even love the redesign of it that was launched on the 13th of December. However, few days ago, you have made all the letters “BOLD”. I cannot even read some of the letters as for it becomes difficult for us to read. Can you please change this? KHALISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!

        • Thank you for your very kind appreciation.

          We are aware that the font display is very poor. The system is primarily developed on Linux, which means that our primary view of the site is different than yours. We are working on this issue. As discernable changes are made, could you please provide your feedback

    • Welcome to Sikhi!

  2. This article smacks of subtle German racism and anti-antisemitism very much like the Hitler period!

  3. nice artical, on doit faire attention avec ces sectes et ce business sur le Sikhi en France, nous sommes à Bobigny, venez nous rendre visite


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