Sardar : Saffronization Update : The Coming Partition Of India – The Creation Of Khalistan

The Coming India China War

The Coming India China War




India is no more a country than the Equator is    – Winston Churchill

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. A nation cannot cross a desert of organized forgetting. The struggle of man against power is the struggle against forgetting. – Milan Kundera

History gobbles up people who become rootless – Sardar

Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy –  Sun Tzu



November 2, 2015: Saffronization Update

The win of the BJP in the polls in India has ushered in a hardline Hindutva government. Their strategy is the step by step ethnic cleansing of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians as well as the aboriginal peoples of India. There are increasing incidents of the wanton murder of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in India.  Sectarian violence is increasing.

In Nepal, political events are pulling Nepal into the Chinese sphere of influence. This has important implications, since a passage through Nepal gives China direct access to Uttar Pradesh which has a Muslim population estimated to be over 100 million. Access to Nepal also gives China indirect access to The Punjab.  It is important in the strategy to destroy Hindu India to clearly understand that India cannot be maintained if the Muslim population rises up against the tyrannical rule that India imposes upon them.



This is a continuing article which is updated as geo-political events progress. The underlying premise of this article is that India will disintegrate by 2018 or be an unsustainable entity by them. In this update we analyze the ISIS factor and it’s dangerous implications for Pakistan and India. Both of these countries are frightened. The article also corrects an analysis of Pakistan and Afghanistan which is incorrect. Pakistan is finished.


 Editor’s  Forward

Though there are a multitude of voices  in the Sikh Diaspora clamoring for the creation of Khalistan, no one has as of yet produced a detailed geo-political analysis of the circumstances  which will lead to the creation of  Khalistan. One gets the distinct impression that Sikhs, even those raising their voices for Khalistan,  do not harbour a sincere belief that Khalistan can be created.   This very important article sets out the precise geo-political sequence of events which can lead to the creation of Khalistan.  As far as we know, no Sikh intellectual has as of yet done a detailed analysis such as this. We believe that the geo-political sequence set forth  infra  will play itself out within the next five years.   The author was a ranking police officer, now a Khalistani



The  Background

The McMohan Line When the British vacated India, they established the McMohan Line as the  boundary between India and China. This demarcation ceded large portions of traditionally and historically Chinese territory to India. China never accepted the demarcation and  in 1962 China launched a war to  obtain her  lost territories.  These territorial claims of China remain unresolved. The Chinese claim includes the state of Arunachal Pradesh ( called South Tibet by China) and portions all along the 3,000 mile China-India border as well as parts of Assam.



The Nagas are a mongoloid race who are Christians.  Their territories were never historically a part of  India. The British incorporated  Nagaland into India without the consent of the Nagas and a war was immediately initiated by the Nagas to assert independence. That war continues today: see Betrayal Of The Naga Nation.




When the English vacated India, the issue of Kashmir arose. This principality was over 95% Muslim  but it had a  nominal Hindu ruler. The Muslim population wanted to join Pakistan.  India assumed control of the area with the written assurance that a U.N. directed plebiscite would be held within five years wherein  the inhabitants of  Kashmir  would freely decide the future of Kashmir.  India has never permitted this plebiscite to be held. Two wars have been fought over Kashmir. Kashmir is the most densely militarized area in the world. There are over one million Indian soldiers and para-military forces in  Kashmir. Almost one soldier for every seven civilians.  The Indian State has a policy of using mass rape as a policy of terrorizing the civilian population.  Person X  was invited on a tour of the Kashmir and assured that he could have any girl he wanted for his carnal pleasure.


The Sikhs


The Punjab was a Sikh territory with a Sikh Kingdom.  The Indian Congress provided solemn assurances that the Sikhs would have semi-independant status within India. These assurances were never implemented. No Sikh signed assent to the constitution of India. There has been constant violence and turmoil in the Punjab since 1947.  In 1984 the Indian Government launched a campaign of genocide to break the backbone of the Sikhs.   The Sikhs have a separate religion, language and culture. There is a very large Sikh diaspora which is committed to Khalistan and is politically active.


Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura


These are tribal areas which were never historically a part of India. There is constant turmoil in these areas


The Naxalite Insurgency India has over 750 million people who live in conditions of  indescribable poverty and despair.  The Naxalites are leading an armed  struggle to assert their rights. The backbone of the insurgency are tribal people in the Indian States of Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. There are persistent reports of Tribal women armed with bows and arrows fighting heavily armed Indian paramilitary forces. China has been attempting to provide arms to these beleaguered people through heavily guarded borders.



The Untouchables : A Nation Within A Nation

Hinduism is apartheid in the guise of religion.  At the bottom of the totem pole are approximately 150 million untouchables.  There are approximately 500 million people in India (if not more) who belong to the untouchable caste and other low castes (sudra castes).  These people hate India. They want to create a country for themselves called Dalitstan.


Tamil Nadu


The state of Tamil Nadu is situated in the extreme south of India. It is inhabited by a negroid race called Dravidians. These people have weak bonds with the Indian federal state. There is a latent movement in Tamil Nadu to create a country called Tamil Eelam.



The Holy Warriors Of Islam: 

This is the great factor. The potential catalyst.  India has 190 million people of the Moslem faith. They have no allegiance to India. Islam is a warrior religion  and India is frightened by the possibility that they might rise up.  The Moslems are not integrated into India in the least. If you travel through Moslem areas in Uttar Pradesh (as I have in district Saharanpur)  you will enter a completely different world.  Sikhs in India can  traverse though this world with ease and respect  due to the historical bonds of friendship between Sikhs and Moslems. Moslems appreciate that Sikhs are involved in a common struggle against the Hindu oppressor. Hindus are not accorded the same respect. India treats Mulims very carefully since it is aware that a Muslim insurgency in India will not be containable.


The Nature Of The Political Structure In India


India is not  a true  Republic with a tri-partite division of power. It is a highly federalized state where all of the important power is concentrated in the Central Government. At the time that the British vacated India,  the Indian State simply assumed all of the colonial laws and many of them are still in effect today. The states are essentially colonies of the Center.  Over the course of time, the power in the Center has become concentrated in the hands of the Brahmin caste of the Hindu religion.  


Hindutva Fascism


The concentration of power in the Center in the hands of the Brahmin caste has given rise to the demand  for Hindutva, which means  that all institutions and peoples must be Hinduized.  The election of Modi as Prime Minister unmasks the fascist face of India. Modi’s hands are drenched with the blood of the Godhra massacres. Like Hitler, his ascendancy to power has been jubilantly applauded by caste Hindus.

Despite the formal trappings of Indian law, the real policy of the state is Hindutva. Hindutva as a policy to engineer an Indian state in which non-Hindus are de facto second-class citizens will intensify under Modi. As Justice Wendall Holmes stated: often the minor unstated premise is more important than the major stated premise.  Religious and ethnic minorities correctly perceive Hindutva as being tantamount to cultural genocide and in some cases physical liquidation.

Preparations For War

India India is arming itself heavily for armed conflict with China. It is important to understand that these expenditures and preparations are for a conventional large-scale war with a external country.  In Pakistan, India is involved through it’s agents in destabilizing Pakistan. In Afghanistan,  India is supporting the regime of Karzai. Karzai, an erstwhile officer of Unocal,  dare not step outside Kabul.




Pakistan has stated that it cannot win a conventional war against India and it will use nuclear weapons in a first strike on India if attacked by India.  This is not merely bellicose talk. Pakistan has incorporated the nuclear first strike doctrine into it’s operational military plans. Pakistan has been strenghtening it’s ties with China. These include  the construction of the  highest highway in the world connecting China and Pakistan; and granting China a naval base on the Arabian Sea. China China is the rising superpower in the World. It is racially cohesive; 95% of the population call themselves Han. China appreciates that war with India is inevitable. India also appreciates this and  is using Chanakya Niti (the medieval Indian doctrine of statecraft by deceit and deception) to buy time. For example, the Indian response to the Chinese incursion into Ladakh is predicated upon India’s intrinsic weakness: see China Army Crosses India Border



The United States The United States is arming India and intends to use India  as a proxy in a war against China. It is conducting joint war simulations with India and has entered into numerous military pacts with this country.  The United States has entered into a nuclear treaty with India wherein it it transferring advanced nuclear technology to India.



Russia Russia is supplying India with armaments and in particular with technology for cruise missiles and ICBMs (inter-continental ballistic missiles). India is close to acquiring the coveted three strike capability – ICBM strikes from fixed land positions, ICBM strikes from the air and ICBM  strikes from submarines. The arming of India by the United States and Russia appears to be aimed at strengthening India against China.  In the case of the United States there may be the implicit presumption that India can also be used as a proxy against Russia when the appropriate time arrives.



India’s Achilles Heel And Color Revolutions


As indicated, India is arming itself heavily to fight external enemies. India through it’s controlled media portrays India has being united but the reality is otherwise.  India is an extremely divided nation internally. This is India’s Achilles heel. India has serious internal enemies. Winston Churchill summed it up aptly when he asserted that India is no more a  country than the Equator. India is for all practical purposes an administrative creation of England.


Though India has on numerous previous occasions not hesitated to use it’s Armed Forces on the civilian population, it must be realized that an army is not that effective against an armed internal insurrection.  It is worth noting that India has had two courses of action to solve the internal discord: (i) devolve powers to the states to create a loose federation of states; or (ii) centralize power and reduce the states to mere vassals. India has chosen the second path and that path is not reversible. One thing to bear in mind about India’s fundamental weakness is that it may be possible to topple it in a strategic color revolution. This is a topic worthy of a separate discussion.



The Nature Of The Coming War


This coming war between India and China will not be a conventional war. Both countries are nuclear armed and if Pakistan is involved in the war, it is indisputable that it will use the nuclear option.  The war will be asymmetrical warfare where China will support the  Naxalites, the Nagas, the tribals in Manipur, Tripura,  Mizoram;  the Kashmir armed struggle, the Sikhs and the untouchables.  The issue for China will be the provisioning of arms for the considerable portion of the Indian population which is opposed to India. India cannot survive a simultaneous insurrection across the country. Note that India has no countervailing  assets in China that can be activated. The Taliban The Taliban who are racially Pashtun,  have vowed to turn their attention to Kashmir once The United States vacates Afghanistan.  In this coming eventuality,  it can be anticipated that China will be providing the Taliban with arms and logistical support.  India cannot hold on to Kashmir.



The Holy Warriors Of Islam


To use Zbigniew Brzenski’s apt term, the grand prize is the dismemberment of India.   The actualization of this objective needs the support of the 190 million Muslims in India. The actual strategy that China will most likely use  to actuate this result  is to supply the Naxalites though the so called Red Corridor of India which stretches a 1000 miles from Nepal to Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and into Andhra Pradesh; see: the red corridor.


Converting the Red  Corridor into an area where arms can flow through will let the moslems obtain the arms to partition India.  Anecdotal evidence from Sikh truckers who travel through the Red Corridor  indicates that it is extremely dangerous at night. China understands that the dismemberment of India requires the 190 million Moslems in India to demand the partition of India so that they can enjoy liberty in their own homeland. Such a partition will require the transfer of large segments of the population. This scenario will present the Sikhs with the golden opportunity to create a Sikh State (and transfer out these Hindutvas once and for all).



Naxalite Insurgenc In India - The Red Corridor

Naxalite Insurgency In India – The Red Corridor

The Response Of The Indian State


The Counterinsurgency Strategy Asymmetrical warfare is instrinsically different from  conventional warfare between nations. The fundamental rule of insurgency is that an insurgency cannot survive without the broad support of the underlying population. The fundamental rule of counterinsurgency is that an insurgency cannot be contained without the use of State Terror.  We can therefore expect India to use torture, drones and indiscriminate killing to cower the population into submission. The media in India, which is under the control of Brahmins, can be expected to hide the terror.  India has already flexed it’s terror apparatus in the Sikh Punjab, albeit on a small scale: Death Squads Unleashed In The Punjab



Understanding The Brahmin Psyche


In any confrontation with Hindu India it is vital to understand the Brahmin psyche which is grounded in their religion. This psyche has no understanding of honour, integrity or the warrior spirit. India been founded on deceit and the willful subjugation of peoples who wanted no truck with the newly formed state.  Treachery is fundamental to the Brahmin psyche.  This is a lesson of history. In the Kashmir uprising, the Indian State sought negotiations with the insurgents.  The response was that the insurgency had no  leaders. In actuality the insurgency had discreet leaders but the insurgency had a clear understanding of the trap sprung by the Hindutvas.  By refusing to meet with the Indians the insurgency denied the State with the opportunity to probe for weaknesses among the leaders of the insurgency.   The insurgents had a clear understanding that the Brahmins had no genuine interest to negotiate a settlement. In contrast, the Hindutva State used the same strategy on the Sikh insurgency and then tore the Sikh movement apart by it’s limbs by exploiting the differences among the leaders of the insurgency.



The Psychology Of The War


The Indians have no belly for a fight. They are treacherous cowards. It’s all in the Hindu psyche.  The only people in India who can fight wars are the Sikhs. The Chinese are aware of this and it would be best for them to court the Sikhs. The best units in the Indian Army are Sikh.  In any large scale combat, aside from the Sikhs, these people will turn tail and run. The Chinese geopolitical experts should study  authentic Sikh and Indian history to understand the psyche of the Indian at war. The word authentic is important.

The Rise Of The ISIS

The ISIS is a portion of al-Quaeda which has been financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar,  the United States as well as Turkey with the objective of causing a regime change in Syria. This initiative is at present stalled due to the assistance that Syria has received from Russia. When this stalemate was reached in Syria, the most extreme faction of al queda which was called ISIS, broke away and attacked Iraq.  The attack was disciplined, ferocious and highly motivated. It was a blitzkrieg which caught the Iraqi Government as well as the US intelligence aparautus completely off their guard.  The fighters  evidently took solemn oaths not to yield any ground and not return alive from any losing battle. In the attack on Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, the soldiers of the Iraqi army threw their uniforms away and ran.  The main highway from Mosul to Baghdad was strewn with discarded uniforms. The videos prove this. Guru Gobind Singh Ji asserted that in war it is not numbers that count but the hearts of men. ISIS proves the point. It is worth mentioning that the United States spent over twelve billion dollars equipping and training the Iraqi army. It was money wasted. The Maliki government is a charade. It has an air of unreality about it. Maliki is a venal and brutal coward. He is a murderous and petty bureaucrat in a nation at war. He comes on global television in his  monkey suit. A pathetic little phantom of the opera.

Worth recounting is this anectode. After Mosul was captured, killer squads descended upon Baghdad to hunt and kill the judge who had presided over the trial of Saddam Hussein and who had the temerity to sentence him to death. YouTube videos of the hanging of Saddam Hussein show that he died very bravely.

The leader of the ISIS is charismatic. He is humble and talks in a medieval poetic tone that reaches deeply into past history. That message resonates; and as I will indicate it vibrates in far away countries. The objective of ISIS is to establish the Ummah or Islamic Sultanate. This is roughly the collective of all Muslim people under one flag. The Ummah is to stretch from the Atlantic Ocean over India to Indonesia.

The map of the Middle East is a consequence of the Sykes-Picot agreement whereby the great powers carved up the decayed Ottoman Empire as colonial spoils after World War 1.  This division into countries in the Middle East is completely artificial. The rise of the ISIS destroys the Sykes-Picot agreement and it’s artifice of arbitrary nations.

The rise of the ISIS is a game-changer and will have serious and long lasting effects unless the United States steps in to confront the enemy. ISIS is dangerous because it is highly ideologically motivated. It’s message resonates very strongly with people who are tired of suffering under the heel of murderous installed dictators and potentates. Countries where torture and brute force are routinely used. For example, torture is specifically permitted under the Turkish constitution.  The threat that ISIS poses is so great that Russia is actively supporting Iraq and Syria in their fight against it. Iran has deputed officers to help the Iraqi Army. So we have the quizzical circumstance where Russia, Iran, Syria and potentially the United States will join hands to fight ISIS. Now think about this for a minute. The Axis Of The Good and The Axis of The Evil will join hands to fight ISIS. Russia is rightfully afraid that the ISIS effect will spill over into Russia which has has many Muslim majority republics contained therein.

The issue for the United States is whether it will step in to destroy ISIS. Here are the factors.  The American public is very wary of involving itself in Iraq again. The war in Iraq was ill-advised from it’s very inception. The second factor is that Saudi Arabia is a backer of ISIS and is at loggerheads with the United States over the correct course of action. The third issue is a matter of great importance in the theory of warfare. ISIS is fighting an asymmetrical war. That war is being fought by highly motivated fighters who are completely drenched in ideology.  The issue is how effective American conventional warfare would be in such an asymmetrical war. The fear is that it would be a quagmire.  A number of years ago an Indian Journalist trapped in Mosul during the ‘burn to the ground‘ American attack on the city, recounted his analysis in an article reproduced on this site. The article called The Limits Of Conventional Firepower. was reproduced on SikhArchives almost four years ago. This article also examines the conventional war versus asymmetrical warfare equation..

I was asked why could drones not be used to destroy ISIS. It appears to be ineffective strategy for the following reason. Drones have only been used on small targets in very specific locations. It has never been tested where the enemy controls over a thousand miles of territory.

Finally of course the United States is trying to kill the ISIS leader with a drone attack and is also most certainly there is a  back-channel dialogue between the  United States and ISIS. This is realpolitik.

The long-term consequences of not check-mating ISIS now could be drastic and not anticipated.


Pakistan Is Frightened

Pakistan is a corrupt and backward state. It is disintegrating. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is called Mr. 10%. You want to do business in Pakistan, then you better be ready to pay him his 10%. He is venal and corrupt, which apparently is the common denominator of all world leaders. Pakistan has been busy fighting a hidden and brutal war in Waziristan and the North West frontier provinces against the Taliban (racially Pathan). Pakistan is busy supplying the United States with intelligence to carry out drone attacks in the North West Frontier. The conduct of Pakistan is heinous. The reason why Pakistan is facilitating thse drone attacks and engaging in this war with it’s citizens is because it is well aware that the Taliban can overrun Pakistan. The United States may also have reached the same conclusion. These drone attacks are of no consequence because to use Bobby Sands words: ‘You cannot put a noose around the neck of an idea’.  But beyond this, the attacks are very ill-advised because they are killing women, children and members of wedding parties. This is a very deep wound and Pakistan will pay a heavy price for it. In case, history is of any consequence, it must be recalled that the North West frontier provinces were guaranteed a constitutional arrangement wherein  they had semi-autonomy with only nominal federal control. India had made the same type of arrangement with the Sikhs but had with cunning intent refused to embed it in the constitution.  The federalization of the United States began with Abraham Lincoln and the federalization of India as well as Pakistan began the very day these sorry excuses for countries begged independence from their colonial masters.

The Taliban will destroy Pakistan, but it will take time. The recent attack by Pathans on  the Karachi International Airport proves that the first target that is in their cross-hairs is Pakistan. The KIA is the largest airport in Pakistan and services over fifteen million passengers every year. In the attack on this airport, fighters held the airport for two days. This attack on the KIA was inspired by the ISIS. The attack on the KIA proves that the Taliban is cognizant that  it is necessary to destroy Pakistan to lay hands on the the demonic state of  India.


The Theory Of Future Warfare

ISIS proves the theory of future warfare. The theory that will break Pakistan as well as India.  This theory has two main principles. The First principle is the aphormism of Bobby Sands, You Cannot Put A Noose Around The Neck Of An Idea. Guru Gobind Singh Ji  articulated: I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and I shall make one man fight a legion and then only shall I be entitled to be called Guru Gobind Singh.  In order to enable this, the fighters have to be completely drenched in ideology. Core ideologies that are deeply rooted in religion and history cannot themselves be destroyed, the extermination of their adherents is required. When the young Sahibzadas, Jujhar Singh and Zorawar Singh, elected to be entombed alive at the tender ages of seven and nine years of age, rather than convert to Islam; it was not happenstance. The young Sahibzadas were completely drenched in the ideology of the Keeper Of The Falcon. If the Sikh Nation is to get off it’s knees then it is of prime importance that the young Sikh generation be completely immersed in the ideology of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Now the second principle is that conventional warfare is at it’s peak and cannot advance any further.  In other words, asymmetrical principles of warfare applied properly by disciplined fighters can bring brutal tyrannies like India and Pakistan to their knees. If the military of the United States cannot prevail in asymmetrical warfare, can a better result be expected from a nation such as India. Notice one thing, when conventional warfare fails to prevail on the asymmetrical battlefield, the controllers resort to progroms and genocide. This is well proven. The Phoenix and Agent orange programs in Vietnam, the genocide of the Sikhs in  India and the mass murder cleansing in Gautemala. The examples are far too numerous to enumerate.


When Will The War Start

The linchpin to the war is the Taliban, this is the catalyst. The key indicator is the point in time when the United States vacates Afghanistan. There will then be a period of time when the Taliban consolidates it’s hold. Now before we proceed, take note that the Taliban  claims the North West Frontier of Pakistan,  these are historically Pashtun lands which properly should be incorporated into Afghanistan.

With the Americans gone and the drone killings halted in the Northwest, the Taliban will turn their attention to the disintegration of Pakistan.. To counteract this scenario, Pakistan may steer the Taliban towards Kashmir and begin supplying them with logistical and arms support.   This strategy is doomed to failure. It is now clear that in order to free Kashmir and the Muslim populations in India, Pakistan must be destroyed. The strategy will be to engage Pakistan  in asymmetrical warfare with hardened and highly motivated fighters. Once Pakistan has been put into a state of chaos, the fighters can turn their attention to Kashmir and Northern India. We will see what type of belly these genocidal Hindus have for a brutal fight to the finish.

With the Taliban attacking Kashmir, if Pakistan is able to hold onto it’s nuclear arsenal, it will  hold the draconian sword of a preemptive nuclear strike on India if India dares to launch a conventional war against Pakistan. If Pakistan loses it’s nuclear arsenal, any Indian attack on Pakistan will be a quagmire for India; it’s going to be asymmetrical warfare against militants.

With the Taliban involving itself with the liberation of Kashmir, it will rely upon it’s established connections with China to obtain arms. Since India has no geo-political or economic clout whatsoever with China, China will be more than ready to fill the Taliban wishlist. So therefore the actual countdown for the death of India will start when (i) the Taliban opens it’s war in Kashmir and (ii) China begins supplying the Taliban with arms in large number.  The second condition is important since it is an indicator that Chinese policy recognizes the strategy  to dismember India.

With  arms flowing into Kashmir and with Sikh relations with the Taliban in Kashmir friendly, the Sikh movement will be revived as the Taliban begins supplying the Sikhs with arms.  The Taliban will be eager to supply Sikhs with arms and support since it will ease the pressure on  them in Kashmir.  Aside from historical relations between the Pashtun and the Sikhs, the main incentive for the Taliban to pour arms into the Punjab will be to use the Punjab as a buffer zone. The Indian Army can only reach Kashmir through the Punjab. The Punjab will become embroiled in a deadly insurrection. With the genocide of over 200,000 Sikhs fresh in their minds, the Sikh insurrection is guaranteed to be one of extreme  brutality.

In Kashmir, the Taliban will have the assurance that time is on their side simply because over 95% of the population in Kashmir  is Muslim. On the other hand because the Sikhs are few in number, the Sikh insurrection will be a matter of biological survival.  It will become a matter of the survival of the Sikh Race and the Sikh Quom.  These circumstances will create the impetus for Sikh insurgents to try to acquire weapons en extremis in order to break the spine of the Indians before they themselves  are liquidated. As I have just indicated, the circumstances of the Sikhs seem to point to a Sikh insurgency of unparalleled  brutality.   The Sikhs are a martial race with a long and proud history.


NoteThough not germane to this discussion, it is worth noting that the relationship between the Pashtun (also called Pathan or called Taliban by the Americans) and the Sikhs have always been very close.  It was Pir Budhu Shah, a pashtun who arrived with 700 holy warriors to aid Guru Gobind Singh Ji in the very first battle that Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought (The Battle Of Bhangani Sahib). Two of Pir Buddhu Shah’s sons attained martyrdom in this battle against the Hindu Hill Rajahs. It was two Pashtuns who carried Guru Gobind Singh Ji at the risk of their own lives through the Moghul forces encircling the Castle Of Chamkaur Sahib.  It was a Pashtun who killed Guruji.  At most times up to 30% of the Army Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was pashtun. It was a pashtun, Ahmed Shah Abdali who tormented Sikhs. I recently had the opportunity of meeting one of the direct male descendants of Ahmed Shah Durrani, who still owns a portion of the Palace of Durrani in Kandahar. He treated me with great respect and expressed great admiration  for Sikhs. Ahmed Shah Durrani is one of the heroes of Afghanistan. The point is this, the relationship between the Pashtun and the Sikhs is historical, it is cordial and both entities know and respect each other. 



Now we come to the critical point.  The cusp of the fundamental transformation. The point where India is so fragile that it can be destroyed with ease. This is the condition required for the cusp. If the Taliban succeeds in converting Kashmir into a brutal insurrection barely under the control of India and the Sikhs convert Punjab into a death trap for the Indians,  India will pour even more soldiers into Kashmir and the Punjab. There are already a million Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir and about a 100,000 in The Punjab. India will now be weakened on it’s eastern flank. China will now realize that the handwriting is on the wall for India. It will start forcing the red corridor open and establishing logistics for the supply of arms to the Naxalites.  It may send highly trained special armed forces to hunt and kill in the red corridor.


This large scale  flow of arms will enable the Naxalites to suppress the Indian forces in Eastern India. The Naxalites have been fighting India for over 30 years and are highly motivated.  With arms freely flowing through the Red Corridor,  the 100 million Muslims in the State Of Uttar Pradesh, just north of the Red Corridor will obtain access to Chinese arms and an insurrection involving a 100 million people will flare up. A  clear likelihood as Moslem preachers call for partition and freedom.


In the North east frontier of India, Nagaland, Tripura and Mizoram will fall out of the grip of India. After all they are inhabited by Mongolian races. With an insurrection in Punjab and Kashmir,   a Naxalite insurrection in the Red Corridor and a religiously driven muslim insurrection in Uttar Pradesh,  India will start to crumble. It will be forced to relinquish as indefensible, the vast   Mongolian state of  Arunachal Pradesh (a synthetic name invented by the Brahmin Hindutvas) to China. This is the end of India. This will be Carthage and Rome repeated 2200 years later, albeit in another context. And if the Chinese are wise they will like Rome pour salt into the fields of India. Hindutva India must be crushed forever. Chinese geopolitical experts are aware of this event sequence and it can be expected that they are running simulations on these events.



Why Would China Get Involved?

The prime reason is to dismember India. Why would China want to dismember India?  Firstly at an abstract level we have a circumstance similar to Carthage and Rome. There cannot be two super powers adjacent to each other; this appears to be lesson of Carthage and Rome. But beyond this, a nuclear armed India acting as a proxy for the United States constitutes an existential threat to China. China has to weigh this factor into it’s calculus to dismember India. China has to also weigh the fact that it has many proxies in India which are allied with it: The Naxalites in the Red Corridor, the Taliban, the  Moslems in Kashmir, the Sikhs in The Punjab as well as the 100 million Moslems in Utter Pradesh who would be glad for any help they could get. In other words,  China can fight a proxy war against India very cheaply.


China also has Pakistan as a nuclear armed  ally at this stage (as a gift of American Hubris). In contrast,  India has no proxies that can be used against China. The essential question for China is this. Given the nuclear threat that India poses, is it in the strategic interest of China to initiate a proxy war through the Taliban as indicated above?  What is essential for China to understand is that India despite all of it’s bellicosity, is weak at this point in time and is buying time to the detriment of China (Chanakya Niti); see:  China Army Crosses India Border.



 Can India Stop The March To War?


As I have indicated the linchpin to the start of the war is the Taliban. The intense conflict in Kashmir will roll over into The Punjab where a ferocious insurgency is expected to ignite. This time, with the Sikhs fully armed with state of the art weapons supplied by The Taliban, China and Pakistan.  This is the initial sequence that then expands into a much wider conflict along the Red Corridor and then  to the 100 million strong Muslim population concentrated in the State of Uttar Pradesh north of the Red Corridor.  India can avoid this scenario by ceding Kashmir and hence removing the incentive for the Taliban to attack India. This will not occur because the hubris and bellicosity of the Hindutvas is now beyond the pale. The  cession of Kashmir is beyond the imagination of Hindutva India.  Even if India cedes Kashmir. it must be borne in mind that India still  has deadly enemies.



China Calculus

We must consider the China calculus vis a vis implicitly assisting the 180 million plus Muslim population in India.  Firstly what must be realized is that Russia as well as China contain significant populations which are Muslim. 14% of Russia’s population is Muslim and some of the Republics that constitute Russia are entirely Muslim.  China contains approximately 15 to 20 million Muslims. The semi-desert province of Xiankiang in North West China is almost entirely Muslim.


One of the linchpins of US foreign policy is to de-stabilize  the Middle East by  empowering  fundamentalist regimes. Aside from fractionating and weakening  conventional regimes in the Middle East, this strategy aims at weakening Russia.  The idea being that  fundamentalism in the Middle East will spill over into the bordering Muslim Republics of Russia such as Dagestan, Chechnya and so forth. These republics are already experiencing considerable turmoil. This turmoil can lead to the further break-up of Russia.   Though China’s Muslim population is not significant, China will nevertheless consider the impact of helping Indian Muslims on it’s domestic stability.



American Position

By the time the above scenario starts, the domestic public sentiment will be against  America wasting it’s blood and treasure on another war which has the potential of turning nuclear. India has harmed the United States and drained it’s  treasury and impoverished it’s work force. There is no strategic reason for the United States to involve itself. America would be wise to heed Winston Churchill’s statement: India is no more a country than the Equator is.



American Role Reversal


As indicated above, America is supplying India with advanced nuclear technology and India is very near to achieving three strike capability. This means that very shortly, perhaps within one and half years, India will have the capability to launch a nuclear attack on the United States or Europe.  India is already a proto-fascist state or perhaps a country with inverted totalitarianism. As indicated above, India is highly unstable. The media gloss concerning the nature of India is facile as well as false. If in the future, India’s instability rises and it’s nuclear arsenal becomes a threat to the West, we should expect a rapid role reversal by the United States. In which case, the United States will take a leading role in instigating the sequence of events outlined above.


The United States  has always had implicit relations with the Taliban; and these started during the tenure of Zbigniew Brezsinski.  It is worth speculating that there exist scenarios where the United States and China work cooperatively to partition a highly  nuclear armed India. The relationship between the United States and India is fragile and an American role reversal is a real possibility especially if the United States concludes that China’s ascension to world dominance is not containable. This one factor will lead the United States away from India.  Right now the entire US China strategy is based on the containment of China. This is what the US Pacific pivot is all about. A microscopic view of the fragility of the US-India relationship can be studied here: India Unmasks Herself A Little.



Dr. Paul Craig Roberts On  The India China War


This is an another analysis of the coming war.  Dr. Craig Paul Roberts was the under-secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. Dr. Roberts is the inventor of Supply side Economics (also called Reaganomics),  he was responsible for the last great period of American prosperity.  Dr. Roberts is one of the last great thinkers in the classical mold of  The Age Of Reason;  the web site is at:






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  1. Dear Sikh Brother
    I value your opinion about Indo pak subcontinent. Hope Kashmir and Khalistan soon
    be liberated according to wishes of the people…not because of other others.
    I only disagree on one point…Pathans joining Afghanistan. Im Punjabi myself from Ludihana
    and i found Pakistani Pasthuns very patriot towards Pakistan.
    take care

  2. Joginder Singh Foley January 15, 2014, 14:14

    It is not a case of “IF” but “WHEN” that failure india like the former [and not missed] USSR comes apart hopefully the Sikh Vultures will have gathered for their share of the spoils

  3. i think the website displaying the stratagy of distroying india isnt from Sikhs,it may be a desprate pakistani who sees no chance of distroying india,he him self is convincing his hopless mind to be little hoplessly hopefull, this Paki now seems in his writing begging china the help which he thinks indian distruction is not possible

    • Simranjit Singh February 21, 2014, 19:32

      It funny how every time Sikhs talk about Khalistan you hindu indians always deem them to be a product of Pakistan’s ISI. Sikhs are independent and you Hindu Indians will always face resistance from the. There are over 15 freedom movements in Shitty Dirty Hindu India are not all the product of ISI. Fuck Hindu India!! Khalistan zindabad!! Pakistan Zindabad!!

      • Fuck yourself and your pakistan. Why don’t you go to pakistan and die from your brotherhood. The way 140 people died in Peshawar attack. Asshole

        • sukhchain singh cheema June 20, 2015, 03:11

          why we go to pakistan we got the freedom for the india. study about us and then talk with me we give 87% in the freedom of india .

      • Calm down. The British offered to make Khalistan a country at the same time Pakistan was created. Sikh leaders at the time declined the offer because they wanted Unity, so don’t blame others for our own mistakes.

      • sukhchain singh cheema June 20, 2015, 03:31

        they have no ans of our quesation therefore they called us isi or pakistani agents

  4. Sikhs in India are patriots and seamlessly part of India. They are entrenched not just in Punjab but all across India. You entitled to your opinion and dreams but the fact is that they are absolutely untrue.

  5. One requires absolute freedom in order to be Sikh. We need Khalistan in order to survive and thrive. We will not ever forget the atrocities of 1947 and 1984. Just like the Soviet Union fell apart, so too will India. It’s just a matter of time. For Sikhs “india” ceased to exist in June of 1984. The only way to end the genocide against Sikhs is by having Khalistan recognized. The current whittled down state of Indian Punjab is not the future Khalistan. We will have the original borders of Punjab (Himachal, Haryana etc. plus “a passage to the sea” that was promised in 1947 for our Khalistan. There is no law and order in the failed state known as “india” – it will always be third world – for the sake of development, we must have our own separate state.

    • lets assume that u are right and ur khalistani dream of breaking india comes true and everything that u want , comes true as well. this means khalistan has big territory the kind ur imagining. (I am saying this just for the sake of the argument and for humoring ur ridiculous dream)

      so here is ur khali-stan = Punjab+ himachal+haryana (ok? or u want even more? let me know if u do)

      now lets come to the population of this area

      Punjab = 40% Punjabi hindus
      himachal = 95% hindu
      Haryana = 90% hindu

      so…adding up, ur state of khalistan will be having 80% hindu population and 20% Sikh.

      now, my stupid lad, u really think those 80% hindus will secede from Hindustan and allow u to break their hindu homeland?? answer it urself. u really think those 80% hindus living in Haryana, Punjab and himachal will allow themselves to be dominated by a bunch of khalistani day dreamers? u think Haryanvi jats wont respond against civil war and aggression? come on, think again, stupid lad. there are numerous factors at work here. I am not even including others.

      I am a Haryanvi jat and I am a major in jat regiment. come , try to make ur khalistan in Haryana, we will go bullet to bullet with traitors of india who try to break india. I have fought in kargil and I have killed 5 Pakistani soldiers in war. come test war with someone who has actually seen war and doesn’t day dream about it.

      I know, I know candian khottay day dreamers are known for not taking too many factors in. they just live in past glory. keep living there.

      anyone who dares to break the hindu homeland, will be dealt with accordingly.

      • sukhchain singh cheema June 20, 2015, 03:16

        these region under the afghans in 18s we win these regions from afghan and atblish the khalsa raj therefore we have the right on this region

  6. what an idiotic article at its best. this is the kind of stuff one comes up with when one is really really high. Islamic state could not even enter turkey or iran and this idiot is saying they will overrun india by 2018. worlds third largest military?? nuclear power??

    this morning, Islamic state has just lost the captured kobani. they cant even defeat kurds holding up against them on their own.

    paaji, take my advice. stop drinking so much liquor that it clouds ur brain.

  7. i want to ask a question to these khalistani NRI khottay who still use indian passport and dream of an imaginary “empty land”.

    yeah yeah we have heard tons of Sikh bravery this and Sikh bravery that. and how we hindus are a coward. nevermind that indian army all of it , is actually 90% hindu.

    so apart from all that tough man macho talk, let me ask a simple question….

    …how many scientists have the “brave chest thumping” Sikh khalistanis have ever produced till date in their history??

    I will answer that for u….zero!

    how many nobel prize winners in science ? …zero!

    so u see, Sikhs are too much brawn and too less brain and this is 21st century wars are not fought with bravery anymore but with hardware, logistics, technology, strike capability and research.

    chest thumping has no place in 21st century warfare. if it had, then Kashmiri mullay wud have won. and india wud have lost Kashmir. the fact that india has crushed Kashmiri insurgency and made a bitch out of noisy Kashmiri mullay after hindu genocide of 1989 is a fact to acknowledge.

    u think we hindus are cowards? take a long look at gorkhas, rajputs, jats, gujjars,ahirs, its a long long list. take a look at number of hindus who have won param veer chakra. take a look at our history of prithviraj chauhan, bappa rawal, shivaji maharaj.

    I have heard enough nonsense from NRI khalistanis and after talking all that war talk they return back to driving cabs in UK , “kanedda” and “amrika”.

    me? I have fought a war. kargil 1999. I am a hindu soldier, still paying my dues to my nation.

    ur trying to threaten hindu community and Hindustan?? think again. there is a reason why hindu society has seen a 10,000 year existence , we have seen many many storms from islam and Christianity and we are still here and we will always be.

    this thulla , former cop author thinks we are yellow belly. chances are this thulla author is in a foreign country and when he comes to india, he keeps his mouth shut and his tail between his legs.

    I will tell u how stupid this thulla sounds like , he keeps on saying that Taliban are Pashtuns or pathans (poor guy doesn’t even know the difference between the two) , he probably thinks pakhtoons are pathans as well and next he says, Taliban has deep respect for Sikhs.

    he shud take a look at condition of Pakistani Sikhs in NWFP and Taliban inflicted areas. they pay jaziya to Taliban and are made to wear orange bands on wrist. they are attacked at will and used for extortion. take a look at how Sikh population has fallen in Pakistan.

    but like I said , Sikhs are not really known for being “scientific” or “intellectual”.

    fighting ….good

    that’s how it is. plain and simple.

    • mr Hindu meaning of this is Thug,Chor,lafanga,
      these people been slave to muslims for 0ver thousand year and to british for
      two hundred years.where your brain was was the Sikhs who liberated you ass hole. Sikhs don’t need india. india need Sikhs. if no Sikh army.india shall be another province of Pakistan don’t forget the book by maj gen fazal khan

    • Sandeep Singh Kharoud May 13, 2015, 12:32

      @ Punk.. Oh Really??? u Think U hindus Are Braver Then Sikhs.. Ok, Call Back Sikh Regiment and Keep Ur Hindus In Front Of Bullet Den U’ll Realize Dat U has shit… asshole… Keep Up Facts Right… If U have Won Paramveer Chakras.. Much More Sikhs Have Also Received.. also U hindus Are Just Meant To Stay In A.C rooms.. Go at Borders… Keep Up Ur Chest High in Front Of Bullets.. Den u’ll what is the Role of Sikh regiment.. Also Talking abt Kargil 1999, alot Of Sikhs Got Saheehdi In This War, more den ur dumbass hindus… i generally don’t hate hindus… what iam againt all those People who so ever will try to Say anything bad about my religion.. Furthermore, The Topic of KHALISTAN… Khalistan Will Surely Be Made… U r here… we r here… Lets See Brother… Keep Ur Facts Right …

    • sukhchain singh cheema June 20, 2015, 03:26

      why your hindu army not won 1857 war with british. they have much large force then british army if the hindu army is so strong

    • The reason why muslims never win in kashmir is not because if tactics , weapons ir strategy. It is because indian army was 3 times as jarge as pakistan with huge number advantage. If it was an even number contest pakistan would have anhiliated india. However now it has nuclear missiles . That’s easily possible.

    • MR. PUNK ….. U are Jaat….. U know well that who are ” Khotta” donkey….. And rest of ur debeate u always play with or on paper … Mot real …. In reality u and ur ### ” chuttiya”

    • Punk…whatever you are. I am a Jatt boy. Sikhs are aprox 2% of indian population and check out their contribution in tax, army and sports too. A minority people are giving a ton to India and where your hindu majority stands ???
      Sikhs freed india from British, Mughals. We gave 85% for this. Go and then read the history, you Hindus are under control of Brahamans fulfilling their desires by following fake rituals. You talked about intelligencey how fool you are not even know the supreme one God… how many gods you are worshipping???
      Ok…just give answer of one basic question if Hindus Muslims Buddhist can have their own country ….then why Sikhs can not ?
      Another thing we don’t follow the Hinduism ….we are unique and Guru g are above of anything for us whatever it is….India too its constitution too. We have no problem with India or any other country….but we want our empire too….that is Khalsa Raaj.

      Sarbat da bhala howe..

  8. Here is a name of one of ours – Piara Singh Gill – Khalistan Defense is not a laughing matter – we will, of course, be nuclear armed – and create newer and better arms – miri/piri – and there will be no loss of ancestral lands – we Sikhs will not lose any land that is already ours. This will not be 1947 or 1984.

    SIkhs: become fully self-sufficient.

  9. What is the background of the author? Some of the information cited is slightly archaic.

  10. sukhchain singh cheema June 20, 2015, 03:52

    The strength of the army in Malaya was 86,895 troops. Sikhs represented more than 60 percent of the total Indian force that fought against the Japanese invasion why 90 percent hindu not take part in the that battle give me the ans on mail id

  11. Great article. Pakistan will work with the taliban and the Sikhs to give independence to kashmir , Sikhs of khalistan and muslims is UP.

    India can no be allowed to exist. It’s a barbarian primitive cult . War criminals like mobster midi and rapist amit shah will we tried fir Wat crimes and given death penalty.

    Free kashmir, free khalistan ,Fred uttarkhand pradesh..

  12. You South Asians are so sad. Reading these comments, you’re like a bunch of unruly kindergardeners. Maybe it’s time for the British mother to return…?

  13. Due to sikhs only today hindus are alive other wise mongols would have killed all hindus and due to sikhs only india got freedom … india was ruled by britishers for 200 years and sikhs homeland was ruled by britishers for only 98 years……. so who were brave sikhs because britishers felt very much difficult to conquere sikhs because sikhs were fearless warriors ………….

  14. I am a Pakistani and i know well for why Pakistan was made. Pakistan was made because the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent deserved freedom exactly the way the Hindus of India did. If (GOD FORBID) Pakistan wasn’t made, the 200 Muslims of Pakistan would have also been discriminated as the Sikhs and Muslims living in India. The Sikhs and Muslims share a special historic bond as our culture and for the most part, the language is the same. Therefore, i support by all means the creation of Khalistan and IN SHA ALLAH Khalistan will be made. Hopefully Pakistan will provide full support to the Sikhs of Khalistan as they deserve freedom for themselves and homogeneous state ( RELIGION, CULTURE,HISTYOR wise) of their own. DOn’t lose hope SIKH brothers, we are with you. This stupid Hindus and so called Jatts can’t do any harm to you.


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