Dr. Amarjit Singh : Speech Outside Madison Square Gardens

Dr. Amarjit Singh Khalistan Affairs Center

Dr. Amarjit Singh Khalistan Affairs Center





A warning on the the RSS fascist, Narendra Modi, prime minister of India. Modi is directly implicated in the RSS engineered Godhra massacres in India  where Muslims were butchered in the thousands in the state where Modi was Chief Minister. Modi ordered the Police and security forces to stand down while RSS thugs butchered thousands with complete impunity. The year was 2002.  In the wake of the mass killings, the United States banned Modi from ever stepping foot into the US. During the killings, some of the Muslim women had their fetuses torn from their wombs while they were alive. The evidence implicating Modi is clear cult.

The Obama administration has now given this killer of Muslims a clean chit and is in fact feting him.  Muslims should understand with undivided clarity  that Modi constitutes an existential threat to Muslims in India and the policy that he is using and will use to accomplish his end  is chanakya niti. As Sun Tsu observed, in order to defeat the enemy, you must understand him. This requires as a first step,  a clear understanding of chanakya niti. The second step is understanding the psyche of the Brahmin. The second step is especially important.













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