The Govind Ram Killing

Blast That Killed The Torturer Gobind Ram

Blast That Killed The Torturer Gobind Ram


This is a news clipping pertaining to the killing of the notorious torturer, Govind Ram.

Govind Ram was a brutal torturer who was promoted and protected by K.P. Gill. the Director General Of The Punjab Police. A sadistic torturer, Gobind Ram, would mock his victims by saying that he was greater than Gobind Singh Ji. His reputation as a perverted torturer became so great that the Central Government was forced to request K.P. Gill to transfer him out of his post. Gill refused on the grounds that it would harm the morale of the Police force. Some of the tortures inflicted by Govind Ram were (i) cutting the genetalia of prisoners, (ii) raping daughters in front of their fathers, (iii) torturing family members in view of each other, (iv) spitting tobacco into the mouths of prisoners. And so forth.

As Govind Ram’s  reputation became more extreme, he started to protect himself with private, hand-picked security. This tactic,  mirrored the tactic that K.P. Gill followed. Gill surrounded himself with hand picked security; many of whom were killers who were with him when Gill was on a murderous killing spree in Nagaland (China take notice) and Assam.

This torturer was finally killed by the Babbar Khalsa who were able to penetrate his inner security. He was killed in the Punjab Armed Police Campus in Jullunder.


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