Sardar : The Night Of The Assassin


This is a morality play only. Any similarity with any actual event is coincidental and re-imagined for the sake of this morality play. This story will be presented in Saskatchewan before years end. If you are unable to comprehend this dictum please view another page.




The Balladeers So Recite.

“O’ Great Sardar, It is forbidden. You will be cursed forever”

“I care not. For I shall do this. I am compelled to do this. I care not that I am consigned to ignominy. I care not that my progeny are utterly damned. I must do this.”



Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the great Emperor, built a great Gurdwara in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Guru Gobind Singh had in his last sermon before his absorbtion into The Name, commanded that no Gurdwara or deification be erected in his memory. For if this was done, he would utterly denigrate such a person and his progeny.

So recite the Sikh Balladeers.

The Empire was destroyed. The great Emperor was destroyed.  His progeny were destroyed.

The last remaining descendant of the Great Emperor is an English half-breed. Living his damnable, accursed life  as a servile Christian in the land of the Angles. Unable to rise to a higher moral purpose.

Afraid to let his locks grow long. Afraid to wear the turban of the fugitive.

A damnable coward afraid to say :

“I am your Emperor, wrongly dispossessed by deceit and perfidy. I am the Slave of God. Follow your Emperor, I beseech you. I command you. I have crossed over into the realm of death. Follow me for we are all commanded to realize the dream of the Keeper of the Hawk. Follow me for all is lost otherwise and we shall all perish.”

The Sikh Lion lies mortally wounded. Few clasp the Sikh Lion to their bosom. Fewer still provide succor. A few with the stoutest of hearts lift up their sword arm. There exists only one Gurdwara in commemoration of the Keeper of The Hawk.






Can You Go To The Market?

Shoot To Kill

Teach This Boy Everything You Know

Kill Him

Bring His Head To Me, But You Must Come Back Alive

The Falcon Has Landed

The End: A Prince Valiant Crosses Over Into The Realm Of Death




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