Sardar : The Sikh Appearance And The Theory Of Enslavement

Shaheed General Labh Singh

Shaheed General Labh Singh


ja badshah, ja baggi
(Saying of the Sikhs which means that when you wear the Sikh turban you are either a King or an fugitive)


Rapproachment And Enslavement

In the wake of the detente with China, in 1972, the Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau visited China. Mao Tse Tsung feted Trudeau in the Forbidden City of Beijing. On his return, Trudeau made an off the cuff remark, perhaps inadvertently. The remark was this effect: first the politicians then the missionaries.  In this remark, Trudeau unmasked his deep knowledge of history. Trudeau was referring to the pattern that Europe had used to bring China onto it’s knees in the nineteenth century.

Firstly the Europeans forced the emasculated Emperor to grant European colonists the right to trade in certain cities. Then came the missionaries to tear apart the social fabric of China. And finally Europe flooded China with opium through the agency of the British East India Company, the Sassoon family in Bombay and the numerous cahorts of Empire. India became a leading exporter of opium and the cities where the Europeans had gained trading rights had giant warehouses to store the opium that was flooding China. This criminality resulted in the Opium Wars (mis-named the Boxer Rebellion with deliberate intent by Europeans). China was brought to it’s knees and the West began the task of devouring the sleeping giant. China which was by any fair standard of judgment, the center of world civilization until the fifteenth century was thus brought to it’s knees.

This pattern is repeating itself in Afghanistan  but the drug du jour is cocaine, a derivative of opium. However instead of the drug being imported into Afghanistan; it is exported out of the country. Afghanistan can never be free because it it’s black money tree is too valuable to the Europoid. Which explains in part why the Taliban deals with such extreme brutality against opium growers; who by the way need the constant protection of the vassal state.

Sikhs need to be aware that the game of the Americans and Europeans is world domination and cultural annihilation.


The Three Steps Of Sikh Subjugation

My daughter tells me that her friend a Sikh advises her that he is an atheist and that Sikhi (the Sikh religion as Sikhs calll it) is nonsense. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I am offended. When I was young, we were taught that it is a privilege to be born into a Sikh family. I reply to her: first they took his country away from him, then they took his hair away from him and then they took his religion away from him.  This has been the pattern for the enslavement of the Sikh nation.



The Sikh Quom, The Sikh Appearance

The theory of the Sikh Quom originates with the creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. Quom  means race and nation. The theory is that one becomes a part of the Sikh nation and the Sikh race when one becomes a Khalsa. One’s allegiance is to the Sikh Quom. A purview of Sikh history clearly shows without any ambiguity whatsoever that that Sikhs have been on a deliberate course over the last four hundred years  to create a Sikh Quom.

Firstly the conscious creation of a language alphabet by a Sikh Guru. The mandatory requirement that all Sikh men have the common surname Singh (which means lion)  and all Sikh females have the common surname Kaur (which means Princess); the religious requirement that Sikhs be armed at all times and the attempts to establish the Nanakshahi date system in opposition to the Hindu and Julian calendars. The Nanakshahi calendar is the invention of a Canadian Sikh Physicist. Then there is the Sikh flag of sovereignty, the Nishaan Sahib (The Respected Mark).  Then there is the tradition of  true Sikhs  wherein their sons and daughters are taught that the are the children of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (the keeper of the falcon). The implicit requirement that every Sikh is supposed to emulate to the best of his or her ability Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who is considered the beau ideal of the Sikh Quom.  And last but not least, all of the wars through the expanse of history to establish the supremacy of the Khalsa.

Only the most deluded of boot-lickers of the oppressor would assert that Sikhs do nor want the sovereignty of the Sikh Quom.

But the greatest invention to create the Sikh Quom has been the turban. This is the requirement that all Sikhs wear turbans (the Sikhs refer to the turbans with the honorific word dastaar or sometimes saafa.  Emperors were deemed to not wear turbans but dastaars). Sikh females do not have to wear turbans if they so desire, but for men it is mandatory.

Despite all of the metaphysical differences between Sikhs and the rest of the world, the Sikh turban makes it clear to even an imbecile that Sikhs are different. This is the impact of the  gift given by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sikhs say that a Sikh can be recognized from far away; and this is directly a consequence of the Sikh turban.


The Deceit Of Christian Missionaries

In the Sikh Punjab, the Christian missionaries have realized that the Sikh turban constitutes a serious obstacle to the conversion of Sikhs to Christianity. Suppose that I want to become a Christian. I have to cut off my long locks, take off my turban, remove the iron kara (protector of the sword arm) and finally renounce Singh as my name. And since the name was given by Guru Gobind Singh, it means that I have to renounce my father. All of this is for many Sikhs a bridge too far. The missionaries realize this and thus advise Sikhs that they can become Christians and still keep their turbans. This is a deliberate attempt to poison the well of Sikhi. It is a testament to the impotence of Sikhs that white pedophile devils preaching about an illiterate god who came through the vagina of a prostitute (as recorded in the Jewish Talmud) and who ended up writing a book in the sixteenth century;  have the utter audacity to attack Sikhi in the land of the Sikhs. The world cannot enter a higher level of enlightenment until the world-wide plague of Christian and Islamic missionaries is eradicated.

Christianity, a constant historical hand-maiden of oppressors,  is the greatest mind control system that has ever been invented. Christianity is all about colonizing the minds of the oppressed and keeping them perpetually bound into a system of enslavement. The master-stroke of Christianity is that after sufficient Christian indoctrination, the slave enforces his own enslavement and then indoctrinates his off-string. You may say to yourself, why would a person enforce his own enslavement? The answer is simple. He must do this in order to grab his share of the pie in the sky. And furthermore if he does not enslave himself he is doomed to burn forever in hell-fire.  Christianity is a fiendishly clever application of Orwellian double-think; or as the native Indians remarked when they first encountered white colonizers; white man speak with forked tongue. All of this applies mutatis mutandis to Islam. Colonizing minds is the fundamental goal to all Abrahamic religions.


Saint Soldier Divine

I was told a very long time ago by an acquaintance that Sikhi would have spread all over the world if the Sikhs did not have the requirement to be adorned with a turban. I kept quiet because I did not know any better. I may also have agreed with him.  But I always kept the statement in mind. Now decades later I know that the statement was false. The Keeper Of The Falcon (Baaj Guru) also called by Sikhs Saint Soldier Divine (Sant Sapahi) bestowed the Sikh Race with the greatest gift of all (the Sikh turban).  Beyond  creating the identity of the Sikh Nation it is also the greatest protector of the Sikh Quom. As I have said in the past, The Sikh Nation stands up in it’s turban.

So finally, to all my friends I say. Even if you cannot participate in the struggle to establish the Sikh Nation and Race, hold the line by wearing the Sikh turban. Ja Baagi, Ja Badshah (either a King or a fugitive). Some of you will be Kings, others will be fugitives.  I will always be a fugitive.


More on the politics of the Sikh turban: Stand Your Ground: Fear Processor Update


So what if you kill me, we will come back in millions
(last statement of an Indian Chief Tupac Katari, upon being  tied to a post and strangled to death in public,  by Christian missionaries)

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