Dhadrianwale Assassination Attempt

Attack On Dhadrianwale

Assassination Attempt On Dhadrianwale



An Early History

I confess that when the preacher Dhadrianwale arrived on the scene, I did not like him.  I did not like the way he dressed, the all-whites, the white turban. He was a mere boy. There were more serious accusations. He preached ‘kaachi bani’, meaning that he was unable to recite large portions of the Guru Granth Sahib verbatim when preaching.  It appeared outlandish that he would have the temerity to preach and call himself sant (‘saint’).  When he was invited by a prominent Khalistani Gurdwara in Toronto, I declined to appear.

But times changed.


A Preacher Attacks  A Violent And Corrupt System And It’s Puppets

Dhadrianwale changed. And somewhere along the way he became more and more strident in his critique of the violent, murderous poisoners who had appropriated the institutions of Sikhi and were intent upon the destruction of Sikhi.

When that mischievous  pygmy, the Jathedar of the Akal Takht, a miscreant controlled by the RSS and the Intelligence Agencies,  dared to pardon the blasphemer of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sirsawala,  Dhadrianwale spoke up to bring this servile boot licker and puppet of the enemies of Sikhi to task.  Then Dhadrianwale preached against the installed puppet of the Damdami Taksal, the psychotic and violent state appartchik, Harnam Dhumma. The Damdami Taksal is the theological seminary started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to propagate Sikhi. This institution is totally controlled by Indian Intelligence Agencies.

The list of denunciations made by Dhadrianwale was long. And his congregation was large and growing.


The Assassination Attempt

One does not critique a violent and throughly reprehensible system  which engages in a war against religion, a war against the conscience of devout men without expecting reprisal. That is what happened to Banda Bahadur, that is what happened to the Lion Bhindranwale and as Dhadrianwale was about to find out, this is what lay in store for him.

The assassination was immaculately planned. The intricate design of the assassination plan has the fingerprints of the Indian Intelligence Agencies all over it. The assassination group consisted of three teams. There were ten to fifteen persons in the assassination group.  The assassins knew the route which the   preacher was going to travel. It was a early evening.  As Dhadrianwale commenced his journey from Malerkotla, he started the recitation of the Rehraas Sahib. Dhadrianwale and his companion Bhupinder Singh were seated in the back of the car.  As the car approached the city of Ludhiana, Dhadrianwale was near to the closure of the Rehraas Sahib.

Near a canal crossing, the assassins had set up a false police checkpoint with a tent. When Dhadrianwale’s car stopped at the checkpoint, the first team of assassins ran up to the car and sprayed the windshield with an opaque, sticky  liquid to prevent the driver from seeing. Then the second team ran up to the car, slashed the tires and broke the windows of the car. After this the third team moved in to shoot the preacher down.

By some stroke of sheer fate, Dhandianwale was not wearing his signature white dastaar but a saffron turban. Dhadrianwale’s companion, Bhupinder Singh,  was wearing a white dastaar. The shooter mistakenly shot down the companion believing it was the preacher. Dhadrianwale’s driver, who showed great presence of mind, drove the car out of the trap even though the tires were damaged. He was pursued by the assassins following in two cars. By the grace of providence, Dhadrianwale escaped. He was provided with sanctuary by a group of migrant farm labourers.

Who Has Motive

The purpose of this assassination attempt was to silence the preacher once and for all. There are two prime suspects. Firstly, the puppet Jathedar of the Akal Takht and secondly, the psychotic Harnam Dhumma, the Intelligence agency installed head of the Damdami Taksal. Both are agents of the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Harnam Dhumma is a particularly reprehensible scoundrel. He is directly  linked with the mass murderer, K.P. Gill. He is also linked with the RSS.

Since this is a state sponsored murder, the assassins will never be found.




Attack On Dhadrianwale 2

Attack On Dhadrianwale




Dhadrianwale’s speech at the funeral of his murdered companion: Shaheed Bhupinder Singh.




Professor Mohinderpal Singh on the Dhadrianwale Assassination attempt and the continuing murder of Sikhs by the Indian Government.





A group of preachers are interviewed. They state that the Hindutva and RSS agents  have moved from desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib to the killing of preachers. The underlying idea is that under no circumstances must the doctrine of Guru Nanak Sahib be allowed to advance. And this can be accomplished by killing preachers so that the rest become fearful.





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