Depravity And Murder In The Bible

Depravity And Murder In The Bivle

Depravity And Murder In The Bible


Debunking The Greatest Religion Of Peace

Christians believe that the Bible is the revealed word of God. In fact it is a work of Elizabethan England. It was constructed from various sources and  stories. It was revised many times. It was vetted by many so-called experts and approved by various Kings and political authorities. It was then published (the Bible Forgery).  It embodies the morals and scientific beliefs of the day (such as that the earth is the center of the Universe and man is made in the image of God).  It tells the story of God who came to earth as a man, performed miracles, was impaled at the insistence of Jewish priests. After his death he rose from his resting place to prove his power to his cultist followers. No mention of him is made by any Roman writer, even though there were numerous prolific Roman writers.

The religion is completely wedded to state power and is a hand-maiden and pillar of state power. It uses this status to bring more adherents into its fold. It’s most odious aspect is it’s ability to biblically justify bad and vicious conduct; a consequence of it’s  contradictory nature. It’s adherents are believed to have killed millions of people through it’s persecutions. The most glaring example of this is the Spanish Inquisition. In North America, Christian settlers are believed to have killed over 9 million Red Indians (Bruce Dee – Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee). Because the Bible is so contradictory it is subjected to highly selective readings – virtually no one reads the Bible in its entirety. Secondly because it is so contradictory, it spawns sects and cults with a monotonous regularity. The third consequence of the contradictory nature of the book is that it’s adherents are hypocritical. The last consequence of it’s contradictory and ambiguous nature is that it changes over time to suit changed circumstances. It is actually a very clever piece of work.


The Phineas Priesthood

In the Bible, a man named Phineas kills an inter-racial couple. He is then rewarded by God. The Phineas Priesthood refers to Christian terrorists who believe in the biblical Phineas. A Phineas action consists of killing a Jew, or a black, or a mud race married to a white;  or those whites associating with jews, blacks or  mud races.  Vice News reports: In November 2014,  a 49-year-old man named Larry Steven McQuilliams, who identified himself as a high priest of the Phineas Priesthood, went on a shooting spree in Austin, Texas. He opened fire on a federal courthouse, the Mexican consulate, and the Austin Police Department before the cops shot him dead. Inside McQuilliams’s rented van, officers found a copy of the book Vigilantes of Christendom: The Story of the Phineas Priesthood, written by white supremacist Richard Kelly Hoskins (see:


The Roman Catholic Inquisition In India

The Catholic Inquisition in India has the dubious  distinction of being the longest inquisition in the world, lasting from 1650 to about 1812. As the inquisition was terminated, all records were burned by the Catholic church to mask the mass murder. The numbers killed by the Catholic Priesthood is unknown (the papist Vatican archives would know),  but estimates of a million or more murdered Indians is not unrealistic. The Catholic Church is infested with pedophiles and it always has been.













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