Dr. Gurdarshan Singh : The Nightmares Of Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister Of India

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh





Popl Jakar was a close confidant of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who wrote a biography on her.

In this lecture Dr. Gurdarshan Singh talks about a confession made by Indira Gandhi to Polp Jakr about recurring nightmares that she was having after visiting the Darbar Sahib. Indira Gandhi had visited the Darbar Sahib shortly after the attack on the Sikh Shrine by the Indian Army. At the time of this visit the carnage and gore caused by the attack was still visible. Indira Gandhi confessed that she was having recurrent nightmares that a huge bearded Sikh would climb onto her chest and kill her. She then told Popl Jakr that she feared that she would soon die.

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh expounds on the metaphysics of fear and death. How Indira Gandhi was consumed by fear and how she viewed death with terror.  And how Sant Jatnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale facing almost certain death, viewed death sanguinely.











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  1. in what way does this article further understanding.
    indira gandhi was not the problem.
    the hindu estblishment called in arms as a function of shiva.
    ie they declared sikhism illegal under their dharma.
    thats the real reason sikhism was attacked starting in 1947.
    sikhs need to understand,hinduism considers it to be illegal to their dharma.
    having discussions is wasting time.


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