Sacred Verse : God, God; Chant God’s Name (English Translation)

Darbar Sahib

Darbar Sahib




From the Guru Granth Sahib, Raam Raam Bol, Raam Raam. Performed in a modern style.


The translation is impeccable but for a few errors.  The translation contains an error, it says  “to find him devote yourself to the service of the society of saints (sant)‘. The actual word in the Shabad is ‘sant-sapahi’  – soldier saints. This Shabad in it’s orginal form carefully avoids the use of gender in addressing God. The translation uses the masculine gender. The Shabad uses the arabic word jann Nanak which means slave Nanak in Arabic. The translation translates jann to servant.

The problem with the last translation is that a slave has no free will. A servant though indentured to his master has a free will to some extent.



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