Criminally Insane RSS Members Write To SikhArchives

Modi In Cahoots With The RSS - State Sponsored Mini Genocides

Modi In Cahoots With The RSS – State Sponsored Mini Genocides




We get a lot of hate mail from adherents of the Hindu ‘religion’; which we typically delete right away. These hate mails average two or three a day. They all rant about the mass murder and genocide of Sikhs and Muslims.

We thought that it would be instructive for Sikhs to have knowledge, not only about the type of hate mail we receive; but to have exposure to the type of vicious hatred that these people have for Sikhs. The comment was written in response to the article: The Extinction Of Sikhism In India:


Asshole ur fckin piggy antenae carriers sikhs were slaughtered in 1984. Complete generation was anhiliated. Go to Pakistan who raped ur mothers and sistas and converted into islam. U fckin sikhs terrorists never forget 1984 holocaust. In India dont even think of Khalistan we will butcher u the way we did in 1984. And talk about Shivaji u terrorists gaddar back stabbrts


The details of this potential mass murderer are:


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A reverse DNS lookup indicates that this insane person lives in Mumbai:

Here is another hindu fanatic:

Motherfuckers…Khalistan will be a dream not only for the pagdis..Also for the Muhammad ass smellers speaking out..First u half penis Muslims like MUHAMMAD stay out of this and Sikhs may forgot the 1984 this time we make sure there will be no Sikh left in India we’ll fuck u one by one by opening it smelly towels u tie on ur head….This time crores of Sikhs will be slaughtered..And we will change it breed by fucking ur filthy wives….This time we will also not give the time to were ur gamcha in head before the purge start……Akhanda Bharat …Where only Hindutva rules….Free from Muhammad ass smellers and towel heads………Jay shree ram

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Afterword: If you have read the article: How India Carries Out controlled Small Scale Genocides To Ethnically Cleanse Minorities, you can draw the conclusion that the writers of the hate mail above are the lumpen proletariat referred to in the article.




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