Dr. Amarjit Singh : The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult And Nidar The Fake RSS Nihang

Nidar The RSS Nihang

Nidar The RSS Nihang




This is a long analysis of the Yogi Bhajan RSS affiliated cult which is trying hard to hinduize the  Sikh religion and Nidar the fake Nihang who has openly declared his affiliation with the RSS. Nidar like Yogi Bhajan is a liar. Yogi Bhajan claimed that he  was the only master of Tantric Kundulini Yoga in the Universe;  Nidar claims to be the last Sikh Warrior.

Nidar is being funded by the RSS to the tune of a large sum of money. Dr. Amarjit Singh’s analysis shows how the RSS is setting up fifth columns like the Yogi Bhajan Cult and vicious enemies of Sikhi such as Nidar. Nidar is very well funded in his odious campaign to destroy Sikhi.


By the way, this fake Nihang Nidar has been challenged by Mixed Martial Arts Masters and instead of confronting them; this coward reports them to the police and complains that they are harassing him. He is nothing more than a yellow bellied coward. In a way I don’t blame him. If he were to enter a tournament with a Mixed Martial Arts Master, he would be thrashed to an inch of his miserable life.  A fake and a coward par excellence.






Real Nihang Singhs in India  talk about the pseudo RSS Nihang Nidar and how he ran away in fear when he was confronted by real Nihang Singhs







Nidar The RSS Nihang

Nidar The RSS Nihang


He is a worshipper of the hindu god shiva. The red caste mark that he sports on his forehead indicates that he is a high caste hindu who is a worshipper of shiva. The red caste mark is the eye of shiva.

Hindus practise Shiv Shakti Pooja, which is the worship of Shiva’s penis.





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