Sardar : The RSS And The Desecretion Of The Sikh Ardaas

Sikander Malooka, Minister In the Badal Government

Sikander Malooka, Minister In the Badal Government




The Ardas is one of the most important prayers for Sikhs.  It has it’s antecedants in the seventeenth century when Sikhs recited a supplication to God prior to the commencement of battle. The Ardas was formalized in 1946 by the English constituted SGPC – a government formulated body purporting to act in the good stead of the Sikh Quom (race and nation). 

The previous year (2016) has been anno horribilus for Sikhs.  The year was marked by increasing attacks on Sikhs by the RSS. The Guru Granth Sahib was burnt, pages torn out or thrown  onto the street over one hundred times by Hindu RSS fanatics. Sikhs who protested were met with beatings, bullets and imprisonment. The RSS which has the government as it’s protector is emboldened. Their object is to acclimatize Sikhs to a form of  serfdom or second class status. A condition where Sikhs come to accept the desecretion of the Guru Granth Sahib by the thugs of the Indian Government. If Sikhs come to accept these acts of calumny, their faith in the supremacy of the Guru Granth Sahib will over time be severely impaired. The Guru Granth Sahib is not only a living religious ‘text’ but the central pillar of Sikh political supremacy.  The enemy knows this, that is why these government sponsored thugs are desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib.


The Three Percenters

The American revolution was preceded by at least ten years of intense pamphleteering by some of the greatest philosophers and political ideologues in Western history. Foremost amongst them was Thomas Paine who can be faithfully characterized along with Che Guevara as one of the few personages produced by Western culture, who is beyond time and space. But despite the presence on the stage of history of illuminated personages who appear  only very rarely in any epoch, ninety seven percent of the colonial population preferred to remain  subjects of the Crown. This is an historically accurate observation. The American 3 percenter patriot movement is founded on this observation. Guru Gobind Singh said the same; in any battle it is not numbers that count but the hearts of men.

Sikhs are fighting a historic battle for the survival of their culture and religion against a cunning racialist enemy determined to destroy Sikhi and smash Sikh aspirations. And an assemblage of some of the greatest Sikh philosophers and political ideologues are opposing this enemy. Dr. Amarjit Singh, Sardar Ajmer Singh, Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke, Dr. Gurdarshan Singh,  Sardar Gurtej Singh, Prabhsharanbir Singh to name only a few.  But as statistics from the Virtual Sphere indicate, no more than 3% of Sikhs are affected by these incandescent  thinkers. Like the American revolution, at the end of the long day, no more than 3% of Sikhs will count. This is a lesson that Sikhs who are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh must learn to keep their hearts stout. Only a few have the privilege of wearing the badge of courage and honour.


The Desecretion Of The Sikh Ardaas And Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

In late December as the year drew to a close, the RSS and it’s cronies performed a ceremony where they anointed  {{{Sikander Malooka}}}, a “Sikh” minister in the Badal government as their preferred candidate of choice for the forth-coming elections. During the ceremony, a Hindu priest recited a blatantly plaigarized version of the Sikh Ardas. A version where hindu gods and goddesses were substituted for the Sikh Gurus. The meanings of other parts of the Ardas were altered to fit hindu mythology.  Make no mistake, this is a direct attack on the Sikh religion. These cowardly hindus would have never dared to attack the Sikh religion if they did not have the entire machinery of government repression at their beck and call. The Ardas is one of most important prayers of the Sikh religion.

Malooka wearing the  high caste mark of a devotee of the hindu god Shiva, stood there basking in glory.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale remarked that  he was not afraid of death but that the death of conscience was a sure death. Malooka is a man whose conscience has died. He is a paramount enemy of the Sikh nation and must be chastised.

The video below records the event:





TV84 on the desecretion of the Sikh Ardas. Jaspal Singh Heron, editor of the newspaper Pehredar (Watchman) analyzes the situation:



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