ViralVidz : Indian Security Chief Says ‘Murder The Relatives Of Kashmiri Militants As Was Done In The Punjab With Sikh Relatives

Nuclear War

Rogue Nuclear Attack On India







  1.  From 1984 to 1995, the Indian State murdered over 200,000 Sikhs in a calculated progrom of genocide.

2.  In this video, an Indian security chief, Anil Kumar, comments that  he is very happy that DNA tests are being conducted on Kashmiri Freedom Fighters so that their relatives can be murdered as was done by K.P. Gill and the Indian paramilitary forces in the Punjab during the Sikh freedom movement.

3. The Hizbul Chief in Pakistan has announced the probability of a rogue nuclear attack on India to stop India’s plans for the genocide of Kashmiri muslims.



Prominent Afghans and Pathans are quite open about the neccesity  of a nuclear attack on India.




Journalist Robert Fisk examines the dangerous Kashmir situation:






Afghan Warriors on the Kashmir border:








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