ViralVidz : Khalistan Buffer State And Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe

Pak Army Patrol

Pak Army Patrol




India is involved in battling multiple freedom movements. In northern India, it is involved in the brutal suppression of the Kashmiri freedom movement. From 1984 to 1995 the Indian Government carried out a progrom of genocide in the Punjab in which it murdered over 200,000 Sikhs. Since then the quasi-fascist Hindutva government has been involved in an aggressive ethnic cleansing program against Sikhs.

At present, the Hindutva government is also battling a freedom struggle in the Christian state of Nagaland, as well as separatist movements in Tripura and Assam. There is an on-going Naxalite insurgency in central India. In the North east, there is latent tension with China over the weirdly  named state of Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet). A racially Mongolian state.  In addition, over 150 million Indians live in a state of extreme destitution.

There is a significant probability of a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan and a serious likelihood of a rogue nuclear attack on India. Such an attack is likely to emanate from Afghan fighters once the U.S. is forced out of Afghanistan. This factor explains India’s desperate meddling in Afghanistan as it tries to prop up the puppet Karzai regime and as it tries to embed its intelligence apparatus in Afghanistan. India understands that constructing a low yield nuclear bomb is not rocket science but implementing a missile delivery system is a complex endeavour. A rogue attack on India would use a “sneaker net” as a delivery system. This explains why India is also trying to totally seal it’s western border. India realizes that in the event of a rogue nuclear attack, it will be forced onto the negotiating table.

Despite the fawning attitude of a morally bankrupt Western neo-liberal press who can see India as doing no wrong; India has serious and committed enemies within and externally who are determined to advance the break-up of this state. The ground reality of India is that it is a murderous state advancing a hindutva agenda.

This ViralVidz documentary presents the thesis that a  nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan can be averted by creating Khalistan as a buffer state.









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