Sardar : How To Identify Sikh Traitors With The Jackal Detector

Sikh Warriors Poster

Sikh Warriors Poster


Traitor Detection Made Easy


Surinder Singh Waheguruji Ka Khalsa

Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Thank you for coming this evening, Doctor Sahib


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Waheguruji Ka Khalsa

Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Thank you for inviting me, it’s a pleasure to be here.


Surinder Singh I loved your discussion on how memes can be used to attack the Indian invader. I have already seen a few Sikh memes circulating on the web. The propagation of Sikh memes is bound to increase.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Yes. Memes are an excellent way to attack the false group consensus created by the invader’s media structures.


Surinder Singh I understand that you have created an Internet tool to identify Sikhs who are traitors to the Sikh cause. If you could expose this device for us.


Dr. Chengiz Singh Most certainly. The presence of sikh traitors has been a serious and persistent problem throughout Sikh history. It is said that the enemies of Sikhi stood up the very first day Nanak Sahib delivered his first sermon.

But the most egregious example of betrayal in Sikh history was the betrayal of the Sikh empire of Maharajah Ranjit Singh by the hindu dogras, who collabarated with the English to kill all of the lineage of Maharajah Ranjit Singh with the exception of Duleep Singh, who was kidnapped by the English and kept prisoner his entire life. It is worth recalling that the hindu Dhian Dogra, who held the high position of State Minister in the Sikh Empire killed the two year old infant son of the Emperor by crushing the young child’s skull with a stone.

This is the nature of high caste hindus. You can never trust them. There is a reason why Arabs called the inhabitants of the sub-continent hindus, it means thief in Arabic.

Turning to our present day, the Indian intelligence agencies are applying all of their skills and resources to the destruction of the Sikh religion and the Sikh race. The techniques used by them run the gamit of creating and funding heretical sects such as Ashutosh, the Ram Rahim cult, the Yogi Bhajan cult and so forth; to promoting the so called dasam granth, and to buying ‘sikh’ traitors. The entire Sikh nation is infested with traitors.


Surinder Singh It’s a terrible state of affairs.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh So in such a poisonous ambient environment, it is very important to be able to identify Sikh traitors and disseminate this information widely.


Surinder Singh Very much so.


Dr. Chengiz Singh One of the problems facing us is that events are occurring  so rapidly. It’s literally a flood of events and we quickly lose track of all but the most egregious events. For example, recently a minor ‘Sikh’ politician Sikander Malooka committed an outrageous sacrilege by attending at a RSS function where the Ardas was deliberately hinduized. He is a traitor to the Sikh cause.

There are two aspects to this outrage, firstly Malooka has not been flagged unambiguously as a traitor and secondly, given the rapidity with which events are transpiring; this event will soon be flushed down the memory hole. Therefore, we need a mechanism to clearly identify Malooka as a traitor and disseminate this information widely. Secondly we should be able to efficiently interrogate the web as to whether Malooka is a traitor (or any other Sikh, for that matter).


Surinder Singh Very interesting indeed.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Therefore I came up with what I call the Jackal Detector. This is a very simple but powerful tool. Let me give you an example of it’s use.


Surinder Singh Please.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Say that you are writing a blog post on Sikander Malooka’s supremely heretical conduct. In some spot in your post, you simply symbolize Malooka’s name as: {{{Sikander Malooka}}}. That is it. You have identified Malooka as a traitor and your article describes the anti-panthic conduct of this miscreant.


Next suppose that someone wants to check whether Malooka is a traitor. She or he simply enters {{{Sikander Malooka}}} in the search bar. The google search engine will return all articles referencing Malooka as a traitor. The effect of the parens triplet is to filter out all other posts pertaining to Malooka, such as for example, a visit to a hospital.


Surinder Singh This is a neat technique.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Very much so. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the tool. We need only three opening parentheses and three closing parentheses.

It can also be used with memes. A traitor can be exposed not only through a blog post but by a image meme.


I had considered using the triplet [[[…]]] but the parens triplet is more robust; google would have much more difficulty if they decided to ban parens triplets,


Surinder Singh Wow!, just wow! How did you come up with the name Jackal Detector.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Jackals are scavengers that feed on dead animals. In Sikh lore the enemies of the Sikh Quom have always been characterized as jackals. Think of traitors encircling the Sikh Lion lying grievously wounded.


Surinder Singh Yes.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh It’s time to ramp up the information war against the genocidal invader. We must never forget that this devilish beast has killed anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 Sikhs. We will never know the exact number. This beast murdered an entire generation of flowering Sikh youth. It has taken us a generation to recover from this genocide. But now is our time to shine. We have a new generation of educated and committed Sikh youth to carry this battle forward and realize Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s dream of Khalsa Raj.


Surinder Singh Nicely said.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh We need to stay vigilant because these butchers can try a stunt  like this again for their whore bharat mata (sita).


Surinder Singh But of course, there is no other alternative.


Surinder Singh Thank you doctor sahib.


Dr. Chenghiz Singh Thank you. May Sarkar-e-Khalsa Jio live forever.






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