Dr. Gurdarshan Singh : Critical Lecture : Sikh Academics Who Are Enemies Of Sikhi

Professor Gurdarshan Singh

Professor Gurdarshan Singh



Dr. Gurdarshan Singh, one of the jewels of the Sikh Nation exposes Sikh and non-Sikh ¬†‘intellectuals’ in Western Universities who are with deliberate malice undermining well-established Sikh theological doctrines.

This is a very critical expose which should put Sikhs on alert for the deep rooted animosity against Sikhi that these  enemies harbour.

Prabhsharanbir Singh whose articles are reproduced on SikhArchives is castigated by Dr. Gurdarshan Singh. We will examine these seriously and remove them if they appear to the slightest RSS leaning. Dr. Gurdarshan Singh is a scholar of absolute and impeccable integrity. Every true Sikh needs to stand with him and support him.




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