White Supremacist Devil Teaches Gurbani Tantrik Kriyas To Sikhs

Yogi Bhajan Tantra

Yogi Bhajan Tantrik Yoga – The Western Picture


The above is what Europeans and Americans think tantra is. The picture below shows what it actually is.




Tantric Yoga

Tantrik Yoga – The Reality



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White Supremacist Devil Teaches Gurbani Tantrik Yoga







This white supremacist devil is the world’s leading expert on the Guru Granth Sahib and has personally met with Guru Ram Dass Ji who taught him Gurbani Sex Tantra. He is also the world’s leading authority on the Punjabi language.



Trantric Yoga Being Performed  By White Devils In Darbar Of Guru Granth Sahib








Yogi Bhajan Tantric Sex

Yogi Bhajan Tantric Sex



Select Your Answer:

(a) let’s chip in and buy him a pair of pants

(b) Yogi Bhajan’s tantric sex yoga is really cool, where are the Sikh girls




Yogi Bhajan Tantrik Kriya

Yogi Bhajan Tantrik Kriya


Basic Yogi Bhajan Tantric Sex Kriya to be taught by white supremacist devils to Sikh girls.


Select Your Answer

  1.  Sikhnet.com is my favorite website. I like being taught by white supremacist devils

2. White Supremacist devils never tell a lie and they really know Gurbani and Sikh history

3. I only know how to play checkers

4. I don’t follow sikhnet.com I follow dailystormer.com


More about white supremacist devils here: White Supramacist Devils On Killing Spree – Diaper Heads Targeted



Rule: Don’t play checkers when the enemy is playing chess: Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess






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