Sargon Of Akkad : Analysis Of Cults, Yogi Bhajan Cult

Sargon Of Akkad

Sargon Of Akkad



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Sargon of Akkad examines the characteristics of cults and in particular how cults  attract  children from the white middle class. Notice how this analysis  fits the Yogi Bhajan cult perfectly. The Yogi Bhajan cult is a virulently anti-Sikh RSS funded cult which in it’s online web presence hides it’s anti-Sikh agenda perfectly.





Yogi Bhajan Sexual Pervert

Yogi Bhajan Sexual Pervert



The court deposition of Katherine Felt on the rapist and sodomizer Yogi Bhajan


You may be interested in our extensive dossier on this RSS cult:  Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult



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